March 1, 2021

1 BRIGITTE TIP vs EVERY HERO ft. Violet (2019)

Hey what's going on guys my name is KarQ, and welcome to the first remastered edition of my 1 TIP series, kickingthings off with Brigitte! I chose BRIG first because I made theold video while she was still on the PTR, back when her kit was fully loaded.

Thecooldowns, damage break points, and healing numbers are all different now, but I wouldn't say she's as bad as people think.

People have been dismissing her ever since the rework and no one really tried to learn her new playstyle.

That is.



until Violet proved them all wrong.

Hello, my name is Violet, I'm a fulltime Top 500 Overwatch streamer that's solo queued my way to rank 1, 2, and 3 on the ladder with Brigitte.

Let's start things off with a generaltip first.

With the rework to Brigitte, her shield is now paper-thin at 200 HP diaand her self-healing from “Inspire” is cut in half.

This comes with a complete playstyle adjustment that many people haven't adapted to yet and for thegeneral tip I'm going to emphasize the importance of SHIELD DANCING.

This is the act of knowing when to take damage, vs using your shield to block it tosurvive in situations you otherwise wouldn't.

With this version of Brigitte, I find myself using corners, holding down my swings and looking forwhip shots rather than holding my shield up because any sort of poke damage risks breaking my shield.

I try to Shield Dance and save my shield to block importantenemy abilities rather than spam damage compared to her previous iteration.

Sobasically you have to be decisive and calculated with your approach so withthat out of the way let's get started! Against DVa, your main goal now is tonot de-mech, but to cancel missiles and potential team wiping ults.

A Dva couldgo for an ultimate combined with her boosters.



however you can bash the mech to cancel its momentum to stop it in its tracks, preventing a potential team wipe.

Against Orisa, it's not optimal but you can 1v1 her if you're patient with yourabilities and shield dance, waiting out her Fortify.

This act requires your fullshield at the start, and has little room for error.

One key thing to remember is thatif you get sucked off by “HALT, ” server- side, your shield will be pulled to theside for an instant.

Keep this in mind and I'll revisit this in the Roadhog tip.

With self-healing on “INSPIRE” being nerfed, Reinhardt can overpower you by just meleeing.

Instead of dueling, look to block shatters and counter-charge to save your team.

If you bash from the side or behind, you can interrupt the abilitywithout falling down.

Roadhog is a common tank pair for Orisa, and here's acallback to Orisa's HALT ability I mentioned earlier.

If you have yourshield up beforehand and get pulled by an ORISA.



even though your shield is upon your perspective, what ends up happening is your character gets shifted slightly, then recovers in its animation.

However even though you spring back to theoriginal position, something about the Orisa pull adjusts the hitbox ofBrigitte holding her shield, which allows Roadhog to get a hook.

My tip tocounteract that – do not hold shield UNTIL your direction has changed.

Against Sigma, be self aware of your shield bash due to it being a major escape tool versustheir Gravitic Flux.

Shield Bash jump to any one side, and you'll have enoughdistance to get out of the effective radius.

When being focused by a Winstonin Primal Rage, you're not going to be able to burst down his 1000 HP.

Maintain your “Inspire” passive with an occasional swing, but focus on usingshield bash momentum jumps to confuse him and Whip Shot immediately tomaintain space between you two until Primal's duration is over.

The timing is abit tough, but you can Whip Shot Wrecking Ball at the apex of his Pile Drive tomess him up.

Additionally, Wrecking Ball's mines proc “Inspire” passive.

Without Rally and depending on Zarya's charge, you can come out on top in a duel so long as youwait out bubbles.

Do not make this a priority unless you can focus her downwith Rally, as your low self-heals and and Shield makes achieving this, a steepslope.

For Ashe, you can block her Dynamite and Coach Gun with shield, effectively blocking the damage over time and the knockback effect.



B, save Whip Shot to push him off point to prevent him from contesting, and remember, that B.


B procs Inspire for heals.

Bastion is primarily used inpirate ship compositions where they sit on the payload.

Use this to youradvantage.

Brigitte has minor self sustain and peel for herself this allowsyou to dance around the payload while dealing damage to build Rally and contest progress.

Watch this clip of mine – you can see I'm fully using the payloadto protect me while occasionally going for swings to pressure and keep Inspireup, backing up when I need to, and then finally fully committing once my teamand Sigma in this example is going in.

Against Doomfist, counter-charging isthe best thing you can do to help your team.

Not only does this negate hisdamage but potentially could lead into a kill.

Even if you don't collide a head-onlike in this clip you can see he's actually right here – listen and react toRocket Punche's audio cue, and you can save yourself from dying.

Additionally, with a full shield you canblock Doomfist's meteor strike and follow up with a bash to secure a pick, as longas you aren't at the closest possible range to it.

Genji's have developed thehabit of dashing into the air prior to blading, even without being nanoed.

Thiscauses their next dash to be easily predicted.

Shield Bash and Whip Shot them to prevent them from getting a kill/dash reset.

Remember that while swinging athis Deflects you don't do damage or proc Inspire, but Shield Bash will work.

Hanzoonly has one mobility move that doesn't get out of your range from your flail.

Close quarters, your best way of comboing them to death with Shield Bash and Whip Shot.

Against Junkrat, Rip Tire can be blocked by Brigitte shield so longas you're directly aiming at it.

His trap and mines don't proc Inspire healing, butfor some reason Rip Tire does! Don't try to bash the tire because the stun doesn'twork, but you can definitely try to Whip Shot it from a distance to both dealdamage AND proc Inspire.

McCree's high rate of fire is a shield shredder.

Unlike Rein's shield, Brigitte's shield isn't wide enough to consistentlyblock flashbang.

Your best bet is to play corners and use Shield Bash as they'rethrowing out flashbang so that even though he stuns you.



you can stun him back and you can recover before he's able to get 2 headshots off.

Believe it or not, Brigitte can duel Mei without being frozen, as long as you're correctly shield dancing vs.

their freeze spray.

Understand the situation and you can Whip Shot her out of freeze range.

Use Shield Bash + Whip Shot combo to force Ice Block, or escape if you're low.

Pharah is not your job to deal with.

Oncein a while you may get lucky and cancel a Barrage with Shield Bash but don'tcount on doing anything other than hiding using the environment.

Your goalis to stay alive and give your team heals.

If Pharah is focusing you, that means it's a 5v6 and you focus their team harder.

Reaper can 2-shot yourshield, and 1-shot you depending on the range.

Focus on hitting Whip Shot and only use Shield Bash to cancel ULT, secure a kill, or to escape with momentum.

Whileyou win the close-range fight with shield dancing, good Soldiers won't closethe distance for you.

Soldier should not be your priority, but keep an eye out foran opportunity based on their positioning or if you get Rally.

AgainstSombra do your best to reactively turn with your shield up whenever you hearher fingers dancing for a hack.

Unless you can lead with the melee into ShieldBash to combo the Symmetra herself, don't let her get free ult charge from you beingaggressive.

Keep your distance if she's full beam charged.

Note that her turretsdo not proc Inspire.

Papa as a whole can just melt youespecially when combo with a decent placed turret versus your 200 HP shield.

Your Shield Bash does not cancel Molten Core, and your armor takes more damage to it.

Don't disrespect Daddy UwU Tracer's pulse bombs sticks to yourshields when this happens do not drop your Shield.

Doing so causesthe Pulse to stick to you instead if it's stuck in the center where your handis.

If it's anywhere else you can drop and re-shield but it's going to requirefast reflexes to recognize when it's safe.

Your shield may break but you take no damage when correctly done.

Against Widow, she can break your shield in two shots.

Similar to Hanzo, Widowmaker only has one mobility cooldown and you can cancel it with shield bash and secure kill ifclose enough, but don't make it a priority.

More often than not she'splaying way out of your effective range so flash your shield if you're in theopen but try to get out of the line of sight.

Against Ana use your shield to baitout sleep dart and Biotic Nade before going all-in.

Repair pack can only give armor when over-healing someone, so if your teammate is anti'd, you cannot give them armour.

If fighting a Baptiste in the open, WhipShot him out of his Immortality Fields' radius, then close the distance withShield Bash to commit for a kill.

You should win 1v1s if you flash yourshield to the rhythm of Baptiste primary fire every so often, swing, and let theInspire passive heal you.

Against Brig, never shield bash first.

Brigitte mirrors entirely depend on hitting your cooldowns since your swings gothrough shields.

Against Lucio, you can block his boop with your shield toprevent them creating space to “Reddit” you.

If they boop you off a ledge, a 180turn Shield Bash can save you.

Additionally Lucio's beat drop cannot only be canceled, but Whip Shot is such a fast ability now with the reworkthat you can Boop them out of LOS, or off the map.

Against Mercy standbetween her and their team to shield bash their guardian angel, preventingthem from escaping while potentially securing a kill.

Additionally whip shothas enough “boopage” distance to cancel resurrects.

Against Moira, cancellingCoalescence with shield bash should always be a potential priority.

If notyou have to do your best to keep your team alive by using Rally, combo'dwith repair packs and Inspire to out heal the Coalescence damage.

Zenyatta has the advantage at mid to long range due to your weak shields and your only chance is using environmental cover to close the gap and mace to the face! Whenever he uses Transcendence your shield bash doesn't stun but he can still be booped with whip shot.

That's it for the tips here thanks for continually showing love forthe series I've heard your feedback guys.

Which video in the series should Iremake next? Let me know in the comments Thanks for having me KarQ you canfind me live at twitch.

tv/violet, while I'm striving become an lgbtq+ Twitch ambassador as well as represent Overwatch as a streamer for anyorganization.

You can also follow me on twitter at violettwitch.


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