May 7, 2021

1 REINHARDT TIP vs EVERY HERO ft. Shock (2019)

Hey what's going on guys my name is KarQ and today I'm remaking the old REIN TIPS VIDEO, with the slav Rein Godhimself, Shock.

Hey, my name is Shock, I’m from Croatia and I have been the rank 1 Reinhardt for multiple seasons and I'm a streamer.

So we're gonna start things off with the general tip, The Reinhardt charge and I know there's a meme in the lower ranks to unbind it because you usually feed but.



Shock's got you covered Listen up! The general rule is IF you charge, you should always look for the shortest possible path to a wallbecause it gives the enemy the least amount of time to cancel it or burst youdown.

You should also look to charge if you're close to your target because thefarther they are, the easier it is for them to move out of the way.

Stop going for those charges on an enemy 20m away! For example on King's row if I seean enemy Rein move up close to a wall on the right here, I will go for the Chargeif his teammates aren't nearby And with that out of the way let's get started.

If D.

Va is in front of your face, you can feel free to swing at her if she doesn’t have any teammates nearby.

You only need to put your shield up to block her Micro Missiles ability because it actually does a lot of Damage.

Other than that, D.

Va is a really bad pick into Reinhardt, especially in the current meta.

When enemies play Orisa, the goal as a Reinhardt is to close the distance on her by taking the least amount of damage to your shield.

It sounds like a simple tip but people don’t know how important this is in this matchup.

For example on this Nepal map, If the enemy has an Orisa and has captured the point, you usually don’t want to go “main” or the side with the elephant because you lose too much shield tryingto get close to her.

you're supposed to You're supposed to go inside but up top in this building as these are the best paths without taking too much poke.

An additional bonus tip is that you can block Orisa’s pull with your shield which is very useful on maps with environmental kill potential.

The Rein vs Rein matchup is all about the mindgame.

you need to anticipate and react to the sound cue of an enemy shatter to block it.

The best tip is to watch his movements because they almost always play differently when they have shatter available.

If it ever feels like their playstyle just changed compared to how they were playing the past few minutes, you can almost assume they have shatter.

If you know their Rein doesn’t have shatter, you can go for an aggressive play by going into his shield, almost as if you're kissing him and you areable to shatter his back line because the because the ability comes out in front of you.

With the Rein changes, you are much faster now and you're able to backpedal and jump while flashing your shield to block his primary fires because previously, you'd betoo slow and Hog would be able to walk past your shield and shoot you.

A big tip with your new passive is that you don’t get blasted in the air anymore from the Whole Hog and you’re able to 100% guarantee an earthshatter on him everytime.

If you get close to Sigma you can hold your shield to the rhythm of hisprimary fire and then swing between each shot.

Don't forget to block his rock if you see him start the animation.

As Reinhardt feel free to swing at Winston as much as you want if he is close range and if there is not too much pressure on you and your team.

If playing against Snipers when the Winston jumps, you should mostly just focus on shielding the snipers and let your team deal with the Winston.

Against Ball, it’s usually not your job to deal with him.

If he dives into the backline, try to keep your shield up to block the follow up damage and healing from the Ball’s team instead of swinging at him When he goes for a piledrive, you can charge if he’s alone but 99% of the time you usually want to block it with your shield instead so you and your teammates don't take damage or get knocked up in the air.

Against Zarya you can easilybait out bubbles by faking a firestrike meaning use a Firestrike, but aim somewhere else, preferably one of her teammates or over her head.

Against Ashe, try to block her dynamite with your shield by looking up when she throws it over your head.

Additionally if the dynamite blows up on your shield, you can drop and re-shield tostop the rest of the ticking damage to conserve your shield health.

With Reinhardt against Bastion it’s all about positioning and trying to get to him as fast as possible without taking too much shield damage.

You can give up some openspace if there is no cover, then engage around the corner instead.

Playing Highground against bastion is really important and if you see an opportunity to charge him, go for it when he's not shooting at you or else he will melt your shield.

Against Doom, countercharging his rocket punch is very useful, but don't do it too muchbecause eventually the Doomfist learns and just does a fake punch which can leadto you feeding into the enemy.

Whenever you hear him use his ultimate, stop swinging and keep your shield up and look to protect your teammates by blocking thedamage when he lands.

Against Genji the most importantthing is to be careful of his deflect with your firestrike.

I usually don't go forfirestrike until I hear him use it beforehand.

If in a 1v1 up close, I will miss the firestrike on purpose to bait out the deflect because he will usually react to it.

Against Hanzo, there’s legit nothing you can do against him because if you get close enough to swing he can burst you so fast with storm arrows and just leap out of range.

You mostly hold your shield up against him.

Against Junkrat, you mostly want to hold your shield against him and try to block his mines by looking up with it.

When he uses Riptire, look to firestrike it but if you miss, do your best to block it by keeping it in front of your shield.

Against McCree, they usually try to flash over your shield and most Rein’s know to block upwards.

However, McCree’s will sometimes expect you to shield UP when they get close, so they will try to flash DOWN at your feet, so you have to look back down quickly to out-mindgame him.

If Mei tries to ult and doesn’t hold her primary fire to speed up the freeze, you will have enough time to charge outof the blizzard.

Also with the new Rein changes, he’s much faster and it’s much easier to avoid getting frozen by Mei by holding your shield up the entire time, jumping, and backpedalling.

Against Pharah, it’s not your job.

You do nothing against her other than hold your shield to block the rockets.

Keep an eye out for her barrage and try to block as much as you can.

Against Reaper, the tip is similar to Mei where you have to just hold your shield, jump and backpedal and keep him in frontof you at all times.

Do not let him get close to you pastyour shield.

Against Soldier, there’s nothing you can really do against him other than hold your shield up since he sprints away if you ever get close enough to swing at him.

Against Sombra, you want to slow down her ability to build EMP so you just want to hold your shield up against her and let your team poke her out.

If you swing, it gives her time to shoot you back and farm ult charge.

Additionally, this tip from the old Rein video is still one of the best againsther where if she's going to EMP, you actually want to drop your shield! If you do this, your shield will be at full health after the hack is over, compared to if you had your shield up, the EMP would have broken it and it won’t be fully recovered by the time you’re able to use it.

Against Symmetra, you want to swing at her if she’s close because if you hold your shield down too long she charges up her beam.

If there are sentries above, you want to hold your shield down and let your teammates clear them because if you try to jump and swing at them, those few seconds do a lot of damage to you, give her a lot of ult charge, and gives the enemy an opportunity to punish you.

Against Torb, you mostly just want to hold your shield when he uses overload because he can burst you downvery quickly.

Other than that you can hold the shield to block his ultimate from going any further so they all fall in one place.

You have to backpedal a little bit to stop it from dealing damage to you.

Against Tracer, you mostly just hold your shield up to block the damage because she’s too fast to get in range for any swings.

More importantly if she’s trying to stick you, do your best to block it with your shield.

If she sticks the front, you can keep your shield up, but if it’s stuck on the inside, you can drop your shield so the bomb falls, then re-shield it after taking a step back.

Overall I would recommend you just drop and re-shield every time anyways because if it’s on your shield and you’re turning around you could kill your own teammates.

Against Widow, there’s nothing you really can do against her other than hold your shield up.

If your teammates are behind you, don’t randomly drop your shield to swing or firestrike, and give them a warning when your shield is going to crack or when you need to retreat so you give them time to get out of line of sight.

Worst case you turn around and body block for your team until they’re safe.

Against Ana, keep your shield up against her mostly and you can stand between her sightlines and her teammates like Winston to prevent the healing.

Additionally, Ana now looks for splash nades over Rein shield, so you can turn and block it.

[Gesture blocking Jjonak's nade] Against Bap, his ultimate is powerful and if you’re too far away you want to just run out of line of sight.

However if you’re mid to close range, don’t be afraid and immediately push past it so they can’t use it.

Against Brig, you can block her shield bash by just keeping your shield up.

Once she uses Bash, feel free to play more aggressive and if she’s alone in a 1v1, it only takes takes 4 swings to kill her, or 3 swings + firestrike Against Lucio, you can block his boop with your shield, but with the new changes, you are more safe to fight him near edges since you don’t really move anymore.

Don’t forget to shield Lucio’s Ultimate ability by cutting the line of sight from his teammates with the shield so they don’t get the beat.

Against Mercy, don’t be afraid to solo shatter her if she is rezzing because in an even fight, that 1 res can flip the fight in their favour.

Against Moira, you can actually shield both versions of her orb, blocking DMG and Healing.

Against Zen, the most important thing is to avoid getting Discorded as much as possible, especially in a Rein vs Rein matchup because you will lose.

If you’re discorded, play a bit safer and out of line of sight so it disappears before re-engaging.

Additionally, Reinhardt can block Zen’s Ultimate healing by shielding it, If the enemy team gets Grav'd and they use Transcendence, you can shield in the middle of the Grav and try to cut off the healing.

However, I find this isn’t really Rein’s job, Sigma barrier or Winston bubble is better for that I usually just swing at Gravved enemies to build faster shatters, charge a squishy out of it for a quick burst kill, or pin the zen himself far away from his team so he can’t heal them anymore.


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