April 14, 2021

1 ROADHOG TIP vs EVERY HERO ft. Cyx (2019)

Hey what's going on guys my name is KarQ, and welcome to another 1 TIP SERIES remake.

this time we're featuring Roadhog, with an up-and-coming content creator.

Hey everyone my name's Cyx.

I'm aRoadhog main that hit rank 3 on the NA ladder, and I also do contentcreation for Twitch and YouTube.

So let's start off with a general tip.

When you hook someone as hog, you can turn your crosshair either left or right to displace them further than you intended.

Many people know about this because it’s extremely useful for pulling your targets off the map.

However you can also pull your targets around CORNERS, then body block them from returning to their teams’ line of sight.

Don’t be afraid of these corners and walls, most of the time they’ll get dragged right through.

And with that out of the way let's get started! Against D.

Va, you can pull her bomb away from your team then tank it with your “take a breather” ability.

Remember to use the general tip of turn-pulling to toss it out of line of sight where applicable.

Additionally, when D.

Va re-mechs, you can de-mech her immediately if you ult because she can’t matrix and doesn’t get knocked back, which causes all your pellets to connect.

With Orisa’s shield now at 600hp, it breaks after 4 secondary fires so upon the fourth shot, immediately follow it up with a hook so Orisa doesn’t have time to Fortify.

Make sure you look at the visual cue of Orisa’s shield cracking, because if your team is also contributing damage to it, you might be able to go for a hook one or two shots earlier.

If caught out of position in the Orisa/Hog mirror matchup, walk in front of your Orisa shield to break line of sight of the halt.

Enemy Hog’s in theory WOULD be able to hook you, but 99% of the time they’re focused on looking at the halt instead of you.

Against Rein, you can hook him out of charge to save a teammate and in the middle of his firestrike.

Additionally, the Rein buff that makes him harder to move around is actually beneficial for Hog, specifically during his ultimate.

You can now destroy his shield and kill him even quicker because he doesn’t fly away from the knockback anymore, meaning more pellets connect.

Against another hog, you generally don’t want to hook first early in the fight.

Keep firing until they use the self-heal, then hook them out of it.

In the case where you and the enemy hog are thinking the same and trying to bait out each others heal, you CAN go for the hook first if he gets down to ½ hp because that’s the kill range.

If you're caught in Sigma's ult, Use your “take a breather” just before you’re dragged down to maximize the healing upon landing.

A friendly reminder that as of patch 1.

41 you can now hook Sigma when he uses kinetic grasp, so look to do that whenever possible to prevent his shield gain.

Winston is pretty vulnerable to Roadhog, so it's a matter of playstyle adjustment.

Stick near your backline to protect them when you see this matchup.

Additionally when Winston pops primal rage, you can Whole Hog him to prevent him from playing the video game.

Against Hammond, save hook for when he piledrives.

If you know hammond is going for a piledriver, play out of range so you don’t get knocked UP, and you can go for an easy hook when he piledrives into the ground.

The riskier option depends on how mechanically confident you are so you can gamble and attempt to grab him at the apex of his piledrive if you get the timing right.

A bonus tip is to take damage from Hammond’s mines when the coast is clear to feed yourself ult charge or for your supports.

There are no downsides because the enemy Hammond doesn't gain ult charge from the mine damage.

If you’re in a Zarya duel, close your distance and spam her with Primary Fire.

Once she uses her self-bubble, take this time to heal up while following her, then go in for an easy hook kill.

In some situations, you actually want to shoot her bubble to pop it – like if she’s already low hp or your team is assisting you.

Note that Zarya bubble has 200HP and Scrap Gun deals only 150 damage, so an additional 50 damage must come from teammates or an extra shot from you.

Against Ashe, if BOB is contesting the point, use either Hook or Whole Hog to displace him.

Sometimes you can catch BOB just as he’s called down to stop him from ever getting to the point to begin with.

Hooking Bastion out of Sentry Form is the best thing to do.

Like the Orisa tip, you can break the shield then immediately follow up with a hook, or have friendly Mei wall up Bastion for a hook.

If Bastion is unaware, you can still hook him when he’s behind the shield by either hooking his nose or finding a weird opening.

After Doomfist lands with Meteor Strike, he is an easy kill.

Shotgun + Hook Combo will do the job.

Additionally, certain Doomfist players have preset rollouts they like to do.

Save your hook and catch them mid-air during their Seismic Slam Against Genji, use Whole Hog against Dragon Blade in order to mess up his ult and save your team.

There’s an old tip where you can use your melee to bait out Deflect, but most Genji’s don’t fall for it anymore.

It’s easier to force it out by just shooting at him.

After Hanzo uses Lunge, he becomes a quick and easy kill.

Additionally, use Hanzo’s ultimate as a way to gain ultimate charge for either yourself or one of your supports, when it’s safe to do so.

Against Junkrat, spam out Rip Tire with Scrap Gun, and if you fail to destroy it, use self-heal to survive the explosion.

When McCree uses High Noon, hook him out of it or kill him using secondary fire.

Also, you can survive about 3 seconds in his high noon if you use take a breather to halve his damage.

Keep your distance from Mei, spam her with the secondary fire to force her to use cooldowns, then engage onto her (either solo with the hook combo or with the help of your team.

) Also you can just whole hog her when she’s getting out of ice block.

This hero sucks.

In general, Pharah isn’t really your job to deal with as Hog, but you can potentially get a hook if she’s not too high and has just used jump jet because of the predictable animation.

Additionally when Pharah is looking to Barrage, you can save your hook in order to cancel it or play in the distance of your secondary fire.

It’s very possible to consistently one-shot Reaper.

The combo is Hook + Walk Forward + Aim for the head + Primary Fire + Shoot + Melee.

Believe it or not, Reaper CANNOT wraith out of it if you do it right.

You can also 1-shot Reaper just with scrap gun alone, so you can walk up to him during his Death Blossom, catch him in Shadowstep, or even land a good flick, which is especially cool to do if you don’t have your hook available.

Against Soldier, just walk in front of him while he’s using tactical visor so he shoots you instead of locking onto your teammates.

Your self-heal pretty much tanks the whole thing, and the idea of walking up to his face will tend to scare him and force him to sprint away.

Sombra now has a delay before the EMP comes out, so it’s actually quite easy to hook her out of it as long as you’re expecting it.

The key here is to anticipate it rather than blindly reacting to it.

Against Symmetra, breaking her wall with Whole Hog is possible since it has 4000hp, while your ultimate does close to 5000 if every pellet connects.

If you have damage amplifiers and your team contributes some damage to it, you can reliably get rid of it quickly.

Shoot at Torbjorn to force him to use Overload.

Once he uses it, look away from him and use Take-A-Breather for the damage reduction and heals to not get chunked by his shotgun.

Once his Overload is done, turn around on Torbjorn, hook, and headshot.

Against Tracer, this matchup is relatively difficult if she’s good because she’ll space you out correctly.

You have to go for a prediction hook either from her recall, or upon a blink.

Try to read her movement patterns, because many Tracers often favor blinking to one side more frequently than the other.

Against Widow, it is typically not your job to deal with, but if she uses grapple, then go in for an easy hook kill if you’re in range.

On specific maps, sometimes what I like to do is camp common Widow spots, so for example on King’s Row I’ll start defense rounds here with an emote to 3rd person peek and wait til Widow comes.

Against Ana learning the hook combo as mentioned earlier is probably the most crucial thing.

There’s a few changes though because of her character hitbox so I prefer shooting with either primary or secondary fire before hooking, then walking forward, and aiming for her chest or neck area instead of her head, shooting, then meleeing.

Additionally, don’t forget that you still have damage reduction on Take-A-Breather even when you are anti’d.

Hook Baptiste and drag him outside of the lamp field using the general tip and perform the hook combo.

Against Brig, her shield breaks in 2 shots now, so shoot 1, then immediately hook after your second shot.

Other than hooking Lucio out of Sound Barrier, if you get booped, try to flick your crosshairs up and drag him down with you.

If you don’t have hook and you see a mercy rezzing you can just pop your ultimate and knock her away.

You can’t be too far beyond your hook range because not enough pellets will connect for the knockback.

Against Moira, there’s not much to it.

You can tank her damage but you have to focus on hooking while she’s using coalesence or after she fades.

You can still hook Zen while he’s in his ULT to take away the healing from his team or to drop him off the map.

Getsix – One Trick (background song) youtube.

com/CyxOw twitch.


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