April 10, 2021

1 WINSTON TIP vs EVERY HERO ft. Bogur47 (2020)

[Music] hey what's going on guys my name is car key and today we're gonna be rebooting the old Winston video with newer tips newer tricks and a new face on the channel Boger hey guys my name is Bora I'm an ex-pro player who playing naked the next almost

a year I'm from Bulgaria and I have a top 10 rank to eat so let's start things off with the Winston general tip my most important tip for Winston s cos animation cancel using melee just before landing after a leap here is an example of just leaping on

an enemy and it's damage here is an example where you press Mellie just before you land you don't even see the animation but you can see the difference in the extra damage and with that out of the way let's get started against Eva you can use your bubble

to block the bomb whether it's on the ground or even in the air in general though did not take 1v1 because she can easily chase you down with the recent buff give very little damage against her armor and her primary fire with micro missiles and chunky down if

releasing has her fortified try to baited and then look to climb over to displace her or Boop her seeing as she wants to keep her position displacing her and her ability to shield her team brings a lot of value always be careful when 94 move as she can

pull you back if you try to jump away you can use your bubble to block the line of sight of hold if it's appropriate to do so against Ryan I would suggest to not try and pry Malaysian as his new steadfast facet ability will negate most of the

boobs instead I'll just keep a distance from him and his team and try to look for chaos or dies on the back 9 and ignore him however if he ever do end up in a 1v1 use your bubble against them your first action is like wild boar is

a nude Pablo doesn't block his fangs dummy but no I'm just a big brain and thinking two steps ahead and stopping his helix like an ax from healing him asleeping me against the road hog save bow for the cook so you can safely block it and run away

guy – not prime on your hog when he has the damage palates do insane damage in Winston's huge hitbox and can easily drop you into a corner the lack of armor and Sigma and the fact that your melee and pestle cannon could go through his kinetic grass makes

him a great target to focus if he is half HP if you're close to or below 250 HP you die from Sigma sowed so you should use your primal to survive otherwise if you're relatively healthy and will survive the impact I would suggest you to put after you

land because that way you negate his own fully and D foo help against Winston in a 1v1 I try to not use my bubble unless they have a healer in L OS and instead focus on trying to fit in as many melees because that way out deal more

damage to his armor and win in the long run if I see a Winston jump me first I just jumped straight up to dodge his damage then land on him and do the jump melee combo to get a burst of damage headstart if for some reason an enemy

Winston uses primal against me personally I don't even win since the best target but in any case I always tired save my jump if you once it focused me on his primal I always try to use my job at the very last second that way you waste the

most amount of time focusing me and not my team and I can easily jump back if you panic and jump early during his primal he might be able to poop you off the map but if you save it for when you actually need it either cannot fold them

up or to escape near the end it's usually a lot more valuable against ball you can double his power drive if your teammate needs it but be careful because without your bubble you have to play more passive to its backup one thing I can recommend is that he

can very easily destroy his mines with yours up because you primary fire actually can hit around motive amides azaria is a great target to dive if she uses herself bubble beforehand the lack of CC and self-sustained can easily be punished if she's not careful if you use a

primal don't forget you can still goop her water bubble is active it blocks damage only but doesn't block Winston's knock back specifically unlike other heroes whenever I look to dive ash I always started to save my bubble for his shotgun so that I don't get sent backwards which

leaves me in a vulnerable situation never tried to soul queue a bastion it's literally impossible unless he's low HP of course if he is in time for him you can look to crime on him to keep him on shooting your backline but other than that the only time

to dive and focus him is when your entire team goes it's a full team effort doom is a very hard here to kill as Winston his CC and sustain deny the ability to kill him even in primal as a matter of fact he can easily deny your world

value by displacing and messing up your jobs in general the most you can do is feel with your bubble and use it to deny history as Mick slam or meter strike and help finish him off with the help of you team against Genji type save your jump until

after he dashes so you can follow him if your team doesn't have a defensible you can try to use primal rage against his blade the 9 km value and displacing him so he cannot gather leiseth Hanzo is your job too you can test but you should be very

careful in doing so try to jump where you take he will leap and set up on top of him again jean-claude always look at the ground and search with traps because if you get caught in one your face when he's using this grip tire you can try to

deny it by bubbling at the right moment or who look to primal just before to save yourself again smokey his flash bank is very deadly always look to dive him after he uses it or if you're unsure bubble it at the night his stun when he's using High

Noon do not juggle him unless you're sure you can kill him but it's so risky if he sees even a little bit of healing you're dead you teammates are dead if you do decide to go for him like if he starts with half HP your first juggle might

pull him in the air and he'll kill your random teammate so then your team in flames you then you get sad then you tilt and then it's gg ok I hate me you can deny her fees by dancing around the bubble but if you ever up close to

her without the bubble just use your jump and I run away it's not your job to deal with Farah but you can save bubble for her rocket barrage and have her eliminate yourself with flash damage also if you're really good like me you can climb over in the

air and kill her it takes practice so don't try this unless you feel comfortable with primal juggling Reapers love winston's and you can't really fight in a 1v1 try to not use your jump to get close to him instead dancing on your bubble to deny him getting killed

from you alternatively he can bubble his old to the night value against soldier whenever he would try to look to engage in them with bubble to deny it as best as you can you can tank most of it and discover him alternatively the tip and the other Winston

bit is still the best tip where you look to jump rethink his friend to pop him in the opposite direction of working running against Sombra there's a top secret tip I'm about to share with you it's hard to do but it's actually possible to use bubble when you

get EMP when you use bubble there's a very short animation from where you put down the project out before it becomes an actual bubble if you time it just right so that the zombie in peace during that brief moment you can have your bubble activated and will protect

you and your team Symetra is down tanked by Winston in a lot of ways it can easily destroy her turrets and suffer through her ultimate not much to say just diaper is your bubble to block your damage and you win against orb it's overload ability it's hard to

break through with your primary fire because of armor so only engage after he uses it however due to Torx head box you can easily juggle him with old and try to look for a kill if you ever get postponed by tracing you can primal gauge right before it

if you're going to die to survive or right after it sweet transform to full health and effectively negate the damage in general good cases will space you out and win a 1v1 but if she is distracted use eco or a bunch of blanks you can go for a

quick jump melee combo group takes burst damage to help your team take her down against widow try to close the distance on her without using jump and then chase him down using it if she grapples away is partially your job to the order but you don't need you're

unnecessarily forcing her to grow up away by using your initial leap cooldown is also effective in the nine space and sight lines that's why diving with a bow or a diva is so powerful because once one of you forces her grapple the other dive hero can chase against

Anna your biggest enemies her sleep diet since her name doesn't affect your primal rage HP transformation anymore your oath makes you a very easy target for sleep diet and half of it will be gone by the time you wake up so try to bait it out for example

sometimes I'll jump once and dupe her then wait maybe hide around the corner then once it's used in our follow-up normal baptise is actually a very easy matchup you leave and normally and damage him and he often uses immortality feel free actively once it's out primal him out

of it for a quick kill never engaged in break on her team when she's using Rolly instead waited out your bubble is the best to against her since it can block her stun and her whip shot so dance around it and use it early during your leap when

Lucy uses deed I tried to bubble him or one of his teammates to block the line aside additionally if you have your primal and uses kazoo nearby you can ride to be transformed in primal and boots and 40 lands juggling him in the arts told a good mercy

can be hard to deal with but what I love to do is focus her and wait for her to guardian angel to somebody then after which I jump to follow her if she uses both ignore her and don't waste your time additionally if she is trying to get

somebody it is very worth it to just primal and poop her away even if she's balking doing this prevents you from having to spend more resources to kill another HP target and don't let anybody tell you it's not worth it against more it is very important to not

waste you jump too early as she can easily escape in self-heal try to place your bubble in phone number to stop him from sucking you off and surprisingly a lot of morges panic and then updating inmediately Zen is one of the easiest targets to dive the tape from

the previous Winston video is still one of the best way I can use your bubble to block off the trans healing especially in graphs or in the middle of the pipe additionally distance and makes him immune to damage but he's not immune to your boobs so you can

try to promote him out of his team or even op them up it's a bit tricky since he moves really fast and that wraps up the Winston tips 2020 thank you very much Bogle for joining me and I'll see you in the next one thank you for having

me car key you can find me at board for its I'm on Twitch Twitter and just Bober on YouTube

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