April 14, 2021

10 Popular Foods that are CLEARLY OVERRATED

We all have at least one friend who follows all the trends today we'regoing to talk about all the foods these people love secretly we all love themtoo but we're too shy to admit that we allsometimes follow trends blindly when we should stop and think if we actuallylike it with that in mind here are 10 popular foods that are overrated I wantthe double cheeseburger but I'm gonna go healthy and get the fish and chipspumpkin spice do you remember when the pumpkin spice craze started a few yearsago it was nice to see that there was something flavoured with the spice thatyou associate with not just Halloween but all of the fall season then out ofnowhere everything began to be taken over with pumpkin spice person survivessolely on pumpkin spice products the oddest thing is that it hit storeshelves long before a chill hit the air you'restill sweating and drinking lemonade out on the back porch when the pumpkin spiceflavoring is everywhere and for all to see every aisle you go in the storeseems to have pumpkin spice flavored stuff there's enough coffee made pumpkinspice flavor for one more cup rock paper scissors you can't even enter thealcohol and beer aisle or visit your favorite coffee place without being hitright in the face with pumpkin spice products you might love pumpkin spicebut by the time autumn is over you're going to hate it pumpkin spice lattesthe coffee that tastes like a candle you will thank your lucky stars once thesnow starts to fly and all the pumpkin spice products are retired until nextyear guacamole guacamole is good as a condiment on many things it's also goodto dip corn chips in what ruins guacamole for most isn't anything withthe avocado paste itself no that stuff is good the thing that sucks aboutguacamole is the people who call it guac with the guac from my chip hatyes you know who you are you don't ask for guacamole and you don't call it thatwhen you talk about it with friends don't you realize that you're makingeveryone not want to savor the flavor of guacamole how can we get back tocivilization from here the way we do it is by starting to call it guacamole it'ssimple really try your best not to call it guacseriously give it a try it's not that hard just think of all the people whoyou'll be helping no one wants to hear you say guac throughout the day go aheadtry it say guacamole just one time whilewatching this do you want to do the world a favor if so then you'll stopcalling it guac low and no calorie carbonated beverages Diet Cokeare you my mom yes we're talking about soda here who doesn't love a cold sweetand bubbly drink these sugary drinks can be the perfect snack in themselves andthey pair great with a lot of different foods after all nothing goes togetherbetter with pizza than a fizzy drink so what's the big deal about diet soda wellit's how much people drink it rarely does anyone have one diet soda per daytween the two of us you're probably skip the diet cokessome people might drain an entire 12-pack of the stuff the logic here isthat they think since the diet Pop has no calories that they can drink anunlimited amount first off large doses of sugar substitute aren't good foranyone second if you're drinking something with caffeine you're getting ajolt from it drinking anything diet in moderation is key to being able to do itand stay healthy here's my new zeroI am thirsty cupcakes take a bite it's hard to rant on something asdelicious as cake but cupcakes are a little differentdo you remember a few years ago when everyone went crazy over cupcakes it hadto make you think you were back at a grade school bake sale goodcaramel number six one of the worst things about cupcakes is the price whilethey seem to be cheap you actually end up paying a whole lot more for them atthe store than you would for an entire cake what's up with that also it's somuch more work to make cupcakes at home though it sure is fun peeling thecupcake away from its cute little wrapper you don't need to admit that youeat all the crumbs that stick to the cupcake paper you don't need to admit itbecause everyone does it just as everyone licks the mixing spoon andgoopes up all that cake batter mix it's clash of the cupcakes rice cakes haveyou ever been offered a rice cake by someone who thought they were the bestsnack on planet earth did it come in a particular flavoryou know like sour cream and onion or barbeque there seemed to be all kinds offlavors of these rice cakes you don't know what those flavors are and most ofthe world doesn't either because usually most people don't want to go anywherenear those things you want a snack not something that resembles styrofoam let'snow turn our attention to the taste of rice cakes or the lack thereofthe rice cake itself has almost no flavor at all there is usually somedusting of powder on it to remind you that you're eating food then there's thetexture of the rice cake we were probably generous to call the texture ofrice cakes like styrofoam it's like you're eating compressed packagingpeanuts you try your hardest to find some flavor in each bite of the ricecake the hardest part is trying to act as if you enjoyed it you want to berespectful and let the person know that you're thankful they gave you a ricecake however you don't want to appear to enjoy it so much thatask if you'd like another these are a fundamental part of my lunchtime regimeand mine to seafood what's the freshest they're all freshhow about the halibut is it gamey Jamie seafood is one of those thingsthat people seem to go crazy over have you ever looked at what you're eatingthat thing on your plate looks like it came from outer space the mostnormal-looking thing that comes out of the sea is fish they aren't exactly themost appealing and looking creatures on the earth if you ever need to have aninstant panic attack look at the teeth on a piranha if the teeth on thoselittle suckers don't scare the daylights out of you then nothing will luckily notall fish are eaten with the head still on who gets to decide which fish isserved with the head on it that's weird in itself there aren't manyfoods that you eat where the entire animal is served from head to taillobsters crabs and other bottom-dwellers look like something straight out of asci-fi horror movie imagine waking up with shellfish covering your entire bodyif you ever found yourself eyeball to eyeball with a lobster you wouldn't findyourself trying to find a bucket of melted butter this one yeah that's myguy doesn't it tell you something when a food item needs to be dunked into a lotof butter to be edible it's a fishy it's fish you know what I meansmoothies juice drink on paper smoothies sound like a great idea who doesn't lovethe idea of gulping down a delicious creamy drink what's so bad aboutsmoothies well nothing really there's nothing wrong with smoothies if youfully understand what you're drinking the real problem is when you thinkthey're healthier than a milkshake and they aren't how many people stack thesugar and fat in smoothies to make them easier to go down with that in mindsmoothies aren't healthier than a milkshake mother Oreo smoothie now youmay find that a milkshake from your favorite fast-food joint is healthierthan the smoothie your neighbor is pounding down what about those smoothiespeople at the gym drink it's true there are many smooththese that are good for you no one is going to deny that a smoothie made rightis healthy sure you can go to your local gym and order up a frothy beverage aftera hearty workout you can also make smoothies at home with fruit low-fatmilk and ice cubes though it seems everyone who starts drinking smoothiesalways ends up going down the unhealthy route maybe tired of being with you our agency Rocca sriracha it seems thatthese days there are not enough things to put sriracha on it's hard to believethat sriracha is just a hot sauce yes that's all it is sure it's a mightytasty hot sauce no one is going to argue that sriracha isn't some of the best hotsauce out there but it's not like hot sauce has never existed you'd think thatall the new sriracha converts recently learned something newhot sauce has been around since hot peppers and chilies existed it's knownworldwide and people eat it every day of the week that's what makes sriracha sointeresting it's like the entire world just woke up one day to learn that hotsauce was a thing what do you put sriracha on now is the time to be honestand admit that you put it on some strange things people used to think itwas weird to put hot sauce on scrambled eggs lovers of sriracha are going waybeyond putting it on their eggs it's not unheard of for people to put it on theirpopcorn it's even been mentioned that some like to put sriracha on their icecream quinoa what's this stuff that looks like sand it's dope I don't eatfoods that sound like karate words no one out there is quite sure how topronounce quinoa properly if you asked ten different peoplethey'd all have a different pronunciation no matter how you sayquinoa it's been on the lips of many people for quite a whileoddly enough people shouldn't be so enthralled with quinoa considering allthe other low carb diets and foods there are we might not be saying quinoaproperly we're not really sure how to cook it but we are all eating it we'relining up so much that the origins of where it comes from are in short supplyof it the locals who grow it south of the border can't afford it these dayswe've stolen it right from their hands I brought quinoa from home that's how highthe prices of quinoa have skyrocketed what's the big deal about quinoa it hasmore protein than typical high carb foods sure but it also has way lessflavor if you're into eating stuff that tastes like nothing then put quinoa onyour grocery list next to the rice cakes seriously this stuff has little to notaste at all it has protein and plenty of it thoughtell yourself that when you're eating a bowl of the tasteless stuff while tryingto convince yourself that it's worth the efforts and economic decline thank youkale fill your child-sized kale salad will arrive at 7:37 p.


what kind offun is this you knew the kale craze was over-the-top when people were bakingcakes with the stuff in it there's nothing wrong with wanting to eat ahealthy green leafy vegetable it's something everyone should try to do moreof however people pushed kale way over the topand unfortunately the trend isn't done growing yet how would you like to washdown your kale chips with some kale soda yes kale soda is a thing too there'snothing wrong with enjoying kale you might as well add some to your favoritesmoothie mix why not add a few shots of sriracha while you're at itOh kidding aside any more healthy vegetables to your diet isn't a badthing though you probably should balance things out a bit if you're eating kalelike a cow does grass then you've got a problemdiversity is a good thing unless you're a kale farmer if you are then you'reprobably seeing plenty of green while your fields of greens are being depletedin record time this holiday season is about friends family joy and couragestick around tap on another video subscribe to ourChannel and click that notification bell.

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