May 11, 2021

5 AirPods Pro Tips and Features You Might Not Know

hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech andif you picked up a pair of AirPods Pro maybe you're thinking of getting them ormaybe you've had them for a while I wanted to share with you five tips thatyou may not know or features that you may not know so the first

one is kind ofinteresting but some of the more interesting ones are a little bit laterin the video but the first one is if we put just one airpod in our ear and I'llwait for it to pair here if we have just one in our ear we can set

up noisecancellation for just one of them so maybe we want the right side of our earto be canceled well if we go into settings and then we go to accessibilityand then we go to air pods under air pods is noise cancellation with one airpod if we turn that

on we will now cancel the noise in just one air pod andthen we can have that one canceled so if we turn it on here noise cancellationit's now blocking the noise in my right ear if I turn on transparency it willwork in one ear so before you couldn't

do that until you turn on that optionnow the next hip is pretty interesting in fact it's pretty simple andstraightforward but if you're using the wireless charging on this case let meshow you what I mean if you have a wireless charger and you put the earpods pro case on

it you'll see that it's charging now after just a moment thatstatus light will go out if the status light is out and you want to know ifit's fully charged or not just tap the case and it will show you the statusyou'll see it's orange if I tap on

it it's an orange light and it will turngreen when it's fully charged so it's just a neat little way to know what thecharge status is now before we go on to the next tip I wanted to share with youa word from our sponsor this video is brought to

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day trial I'll link it in the description below and thanks againto back place for sponsoring this video now the third tip is pretty interestingand also applies to other generations of air pods as well so this works on theair pods pro as well as the others and so let

me remove the air pod Pro andI'll set it aside for now and then we need to go into settings on our iPhonethen we need to go to control center and under control center we need to go tocustomize controls under customize controls we need to make sure thathearing is

there if hearing isn't there we just need to add it from down belowand once it's there now we can use this feature and what this feature is is wecan put our air pods in our ear or just use one well if we go into the controlcenter we have

this little ear icon here if we tap on this we can turn on what'scalled live listen and live listen let me put this one in my ear live listenallows us to listen through the microphone on the iPhone through our airpods let me turn it back off as it's

a little hard to speak over but what itallows you to do is place your iphone say 30 feet away or so and it will usethe microphone on the iPhone itself to actually project the sound back intoyour air pods and this would allow you to listen maybe in a

class where you'rehaving a hard time hearing someone up front in a college class or maybe highschool or something like that and also you could set it if you're having a hardtime hearing a TV from a ways away then you can hear it directly from themicrophone on the iPhone

right into your air pots pro or the other generation airpods I think it's a great feature and it's something that I think a lot ofpeople may or may not know exists but it's super helpful if you need to hearsomething that's a distance away or a ways away now

air pods Pro have adifferent type of control on them compared to the original air pods thisis a little pressure sensitive button so you just press and hold it to dodifferent things or double tap it to go to the next song for example you cancontrol the duration and what

this does wein your phone so if you go into settings and then you go down to accessibilityunder accessibility will again go to the air pods menu and here we can controlthe actual press speed so maybe you want to just leave it default you want toslow press it or

slowly press it you can do that you can also change the pressand hold duration so you can change it from short to shorter so if you justwant to click it and it does one action or double click it you can change thatif you're having a problem actually pressing

and holding that or clicking itat different speeds so that may be useful for some people now the fourthtip has to do with controlling your air pots Pro from your Apple watch if you'renot familiar with it you can pair your air pods or air pods Pro to your Applewatch

that's very simply done just by going tosettings if you already have them paired to your iPhone they should show up herebut just go to settings go down to bluetooth tap on AirPods Pro and makesure they're connected now once they're connected you can actually control whatyour AirPods Pro are

doing as far as the noise cancellation and transparencyfrom the Apple watch so on the iPhone just make sure you're playing some musicor maybe a podcast so we'll just make sure we're playing some music here we'vegot the music playing and then you'll see the music is playing on the

Applewatch let me turn off Siri and in the bottom left we have our airplay buttonif we hit the airplay button we can turn off noise control turn it off turn onnoise cancellation or turn on transparency we can also send it to aspeaker or somewhere else but it's a

really simple way to do this you canpress and hold on the control of the air pods Pro themself or control it directlyfrom the watch now I have one final tip and that's that you can use your AirPods Pro with any Bluetooth supported device so maybe you don't have

an iPhoneand you want to use it with say a pixel for Excel or an Android phone you can dothat so what you need to do is find the button on the back press and hold thisbutton I'll just open it up for now and what we're looking for is

a blinkingwhite light once we have the blinking white light we can go to our device thatwe want to pair it with and pair a new device and we'll wait for it here andhopefully it shows up but I have paired it successfully to Androiddevices there we go it says

AirPods pro and pairing and now it's paired now youwon't have all of the features of an iPhone with the air pods Pro on anAndroid phone but you will be able to use it for music and podcasts and alsoyou'll be able to use the cancellation features by using the

button on the sideof the air pods Pro themselves and that is really it those are six differenttips hopefully to help you get better use of your air pods Pro if you have anyothers that you'd suggest let me know in the comments below and of course checkour sponsor in

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