May 13, 2021

5 Moist Cake Tips that work Every Time – Never Dry Again!

Hi YouTubers welcome to another top five.

We've all heard someone say how nice a cake looked at a party but that maybe itwas too dry.

In this tutorial I'm going to show you my top five tips on how tomake and keep your cake moist and delicious.

(music playing) Actually it's probably the best option.

Okay, tip number one.

Let's dispel thefirst myth and biggest mistake a lot of us bakers tend to do.

When they tell youto bake it until the toothpick comes out clean (glass break), it's already too late.

You'rehalfway there to having a dry cake.

Now, we all grew up with this hard and fastrule, so don't blame yourselves.

The trick is to take out the cake as soon as themiddle is slightly springy.

The cake continues to bake for at least another10 minutes or so after you take it out of the oven so that'll give it that lastlittle bit of heat that you need for the center of the cake to come out spongy.

Itwill take you a few times to get to know your cake batter, how it bakes, where thesweet spot is in the baking time to master it, but trust me.

It will help yourfinished product.

And by the way no fans Not those kind of fans.

This kind of fan.

Now I prefer a conventional oven which means that from the top and the bottomyou've got continual radiating heat that heats very evenly inside of the oven.

Even heating, even layers.

When you've got a fan.

What it does is itcirculates really hot air very quickly everything bakes a lot quicker and cakestend to dome so when they dome like that, that means that maybe it's a littlebit too high in temperature.

If you don't have a choice in the mattertake your oven temperature down 10 to 15 degrees in heat and the chances of thathappening.



not so much.

Alright tip number two.

After your cake is out of the oven, you'll need to give it enough time to cool down to set up and be firm enoughto unpan.

We usually unpan and wrap all of our cakes in plastic wrap at theCakery just before they reach room temperature.

The reason we do this is sothat little bit of heat that radiates while it's wrapped up andcirculating will keep all of the moisture inside of your cake and notdrying up and evaporating away.

So tip number three this might be a bitcontroversial but if you're baking the cake to serve the next day or even a fewdays later don't refrigerate it.

Freeze it.

Why you ask, because the cool air fromthe fridge will gradually dry out a cake but when you freeze it, teeny tiny iceparticles form inside of the crumb of the cake and when you take it out of thefreezer and defrost it all of those lovely ice droplets will be the moistureyou've longed for in a piece of delicious tender cake.

Don't take my wordfor it try it.

Okay so tip number four.

This is my mosttreasured tip that I can't wait to share with you guys about how to keep a cakemoist most of the cakes that we sell at the cake shop are three layers with twolayers of icing in between and lashings of icing all over but before the icinggoes on each layer, something else goes on before it.

Ladies will know what Imean when I say you have to put moisturizer on your face before youapply foundation right.

Well it's the same for cake.

If you brush your layerswith simple syrup.

Simple syrup also known as sugar syrup.

Equal parts sugarto water, heat it up until it's boiled and then cooled.

It's almost likeprepping your cake for its foundation, the icing.

Now this is a very handy trickto know when you already have a cake that maybe you've over baked or you'rescared it's too dry to put some sneaky moisture back in and your guests willnever know it could have been a very different eating experience.

Okay guystip number five.

The last one.

Now this is about keeping your cake moist afteryou've already decorated and cut into it.

It's really hard to keep a tastingdelicious and moist when it's been in the fridge for a few days of eating onit, but if you apply this one trick you can get a few extra days eating from it.

Take a strip of plastic wrap and use it to seal off the exposed cake layers.

Then wrap the entire cake in plasticwrap too.

This does two things.

One, it keeps the cool dry air from dryingout the cake.

And two, other aromatic smells from your fridge such as cheeses andonions and things like that won't infuse into the flavor of your cake.

So thereyou have it my friends, my five top tips to a moist cake.

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