March 6, 2021

7 Eye Glasses LIFE HACKS and Glasses Tips

being an eyeglasses wearer can come withsome frustrating problems anywhere from the glasses sliding down the nose togetting bent, getting dirty or just getting in the way.

so in this video I'mgonna be sharing seven glasses tips and life hacks that'll help people who weareyeglasses let's take a look.

hey what's up this isdr.

Allen here from the doctor eye health show helping you learn all aboutthe eyes and vision and on this channel we do a lot of different product reviewsaround glasses and contacts as well as educational videos just like this one soif you're new here to the channel consider subscribing also at any pointthroughout the video I'll include additional information tips and links inthe YouTube description below if you want to check that out otherwise let'sget into the tips tip another one is that if you're somebody whose eyeglasseskeep sliding down your nose then oftentimes just getting them readjustedprofessionally could be the ultimate fix but sometimes even if they're adjustedcorrectly they still slide down in those cases I recommend a product called nerdwax nerd wax kind of looks like a tube of chapstick but it's specifically madeto put on the bridge of your nose or on the nose pads that way when you'reputting the glasses on it doesn't slide down your face anymore what's nice isthat nerd wax is specifically made for glasses so if it does get on the lensesat all it cleans off really easily without damaging your glassesnumber two is that if your glasses are feeling either too loose or too tightthen you need to get them adjusted but taking them into an optical to beprofessionally adjusted maybe just won't be that convenient for you insteadhere's a few ways you can do it at home if you have metal frames they are easilyadjusted just by bending the metal however if you have plastic frames andyou try to do the same thing you'll end up breaking the glasses so first youhave to heat them up you can first use a hairdryer or you can even heat them upunder hot running water once they're heated up you can then apply somepressure with your fingers and then you can bend them back into place for someparts of the frame you may need to use a pliers such as these special ones wehave in the optical here these ones actually have a protective plasticcoating on the outside so you don't scratch the frames but one thing you cando is wrap a lens cloth around the edge of a needle nose pliers and it'll alsoprotect your frame just the same way also if you're not sure which way tobend your frame simply do the tabletop test when you set your glasses on atable and you can kind of see which side ofthe temple is lifting up from the table and which side is down then you simplyjust need to bend it back the opposite direction but be careful if you bendyour eyeglasses too much you could break the frame tip number three is that ifthe arm or the temple breaks off and you lose the screw here's a couple of hacksto get those glasses in working order until you can get that screwprofessionally replaced the first way is that toothpick method this is not myfavorite but it's where you take the pointy end of a toothpick and jam thatinto the hinge where the screw once was then you simply snap off the edge of thetoothpick and then it'll pretty much jam that whole hands right into place againit's not my favorite but it does work in a pinch a much better way is usingdental floss you can use the floss to thread through the hinge and then tie ittightly this way you don't risk breaking the frame but at least last long enoughfor you to get into the optical to get that screw replaced some peoplerecommend using superglue to fix their eyeglasses in this way but I don'trecommend it unless you're absolutely sure that you're gonna be getting newglasses because once the superglue is on there they're toast if you still havethe screw but the hinge is just stripped then chances are you do need new glassesand some people will use nail polish to kind of gum up where the screw actuallygoes in that's another method but again chances are your glasses are gonna beruined and so you'll ultimately need some new glasses number four have youever had this problem laying down or trying to get comfortable looking atyour phone watching TV or reading a book it can be really frustrating and canactually bend and ruin your glasses but there are two products on the marketthat can help you out first is the LaySee pillow which is kindof a throw pillow that you can lay down on and it has a special groove for yourglasses to fit in so your glasses aren't being bent and adjusted and throwing offyour vision while relaxing on a couch or maybe laying down to look at your phoneanother fun product in our mirror glasses these ones I'm actuallyembarrassed to say how much I actually like these type of glasses but themirror glasses allow you to lay flat on your back while simultaneously watchinga YouTube video or reading a book without actually cringing your neck andputting yourself in an uncomfortable position the mirror glasses do fit oversmaller glasses frames and they may look a little funny but I really do likethese things number five is how to see whenyou do not have your glasses one kind of cool trick is something called thepinhole effect that's where you hold up your fingers and you look through thissmall little hole created and you can notice that everything just seems alittle bit clearer the bedroll works because you're basically eliminatingstray rays of light entering the eye and it becomes kind of a closed system whereyou just get one focal point instead of a whole bunch throwing off the entiresystem this is the same reason why your vision tends to get better when you aresquinting your eyelids funny enough you can find pinhole glasses on sale onlinehowever I don't recommend them they're more of a novelty item they are not asolution for glasses if there's somebody who's very farsighted or hyper optic andyou have a hard time seeing up close then perhaps using your phone to take apicture of a near object and then blowing it up by making the image largerthat could potentially help you see things up close or consider picking up apair of cheaters or reading glasses as they are basically just magnifyinglenses made into glasses but the six is how to clean up my glasses now I have awhole more in-depth tips and tricks video on how to clean glasses and I'llhook a link up here in a YouTube card as well as in the description below if youwant to check out that full video but the basics is that one you do not wantto clean your glasses using your shirt your shirt will have different fibers onthere and possibly debris that you can use it to clean your glasses but it'llend up scratching the lenses so it's much better to use a microfiber clothadditionally you can go ahead and just breathe hard on the lenses and then tryto clean it that way but it is also much better to use some sort of a cleaningsolution that way it'll get rid of all the extra streaks and skin oilssometimes using dish soap is another pro tip that way you can really get any sortof fingerprint smudges and other sort of facial oils off of those lenses tipnumber seven is do not leave your glasses on the dashboard or in directsunlight as direct sunlight will heat up the lenses and the frame and can ruinthe frame as well as causing what's called crazing on the surface of thelenses where the lenses start to bubble and the alda extra coatings on thesurface of the lens start coming off and this can even happen to some of thehigher quality frame coatings that are out there so eye health question of theday which one of these tips was your favorite and do you have any other Iglasses tips of your own go ahead and share and comment in the section belowhope you found this video helpful if you liked it give me a thumbs up otherwisekeep an eye on it and we'll talk to you soon.

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