April 14, 2021

7 Mount And Blade 2: Bannerlord Tips And Tricks To Get You Started In Calradia

hello this is Chris Pratt from people may games and I've asked LPS if I can share some tips for getting the most out of mountain blade to bana Lord which came out in early access on Monday mostly to justify having spent the last few days straight playing it

I won't lie because yes it is janky as hell it is very very early access and it still carries with it a legacy of issues that were also present in its predecessor ten years ago now oh my god at the same time mountain blade if you know what

you're doing is such a fantastic experience and I want more people to enjoy that too so with that in mind here is a bunch of stuff worth knowing that the game does not make particularly obvious like for example and I'm gonna start with a super quick one here

if you don't know already is going to blow your mind tip numero uno horse speed so I'm gonna hazard a guess here if you're playing Vanna Lord right now this is your usual experience on horseback you hold down W to start moving forwards and if we time this

you'll see that it takes my horse just over three seconds to reach top speed and then to slow down by holding s we're looking at just over two seconds you'll be forgiven for thinking that that looks about right I spent the first ten hours or so doing this

in every single battle but it isn't right it's wrong there's actually a substantially click away and panel or doesn't do a very good job of telling you about it instead of holding down W to start moving try double tapping it instead this is what happens you shave off

about a second getting to full speed and that might be the reason your character gets out of trouble or catches a fleeing enemy and the same goes for slowing down to instead of holding down s double tap it and bam your horse slams the brakes on and you

come to a halt in about half the time seriously if you didn't know about this already leave a comment or something because I reckon most players on using this yet I don't know perhaps I'm wrong by moving on to number two if you tried to complete the never

ceases folly quest line I did not say that writes which has you traveling across the entire world map in search of a handful of Nobles who can help piece together that story for you you'll know that it's really really difficult to track them down ok so let's say

I need to find Raghav and the Grand Prince of stir gear where should I go he's probably gonna be somewhere up north right but we're at the capital city there's probably a good show but if he's not there maybe he's visiting another family or patrolling his land or

fighting a war it can be a complete pain in the arse trying to track these people down like I did when I completed the quest myself and then sometime afterwards I realized you can actually use the game's encyclopedia to find any character you like the same goes for

villages castles and cities and the easiest way to access this is to bring up the party screen and then right-click on yourself revealing your own encyclopedia page then in the top right just search for whoever or whatever it is that you're after and in our case that's recommend

and here we can take a look at all of his relationships that's an activity log and most importantly of all where he was last seen bellegarde we can then click through to that cities page and track its location on the map if you haven't spent hours trying to

complete that quest yet and you didn't know about this already I've just saved you a very painful experience no worries number free that being said when you're not traipsing about the place trying to find recommend and every other high ranking Noble in the entire world it's also a

good idea to pick an area of the map to be your sort of base if you're intending to join one of the games factions at some point it might help to do the majority of your questing leveling army building etc within its borders why well for a start

it'll mean that you're building up relationships with that factions most important characters this will put you in better standing which you want to dive more directly into the politics of that faction and it also means you'll have access to more recruits from the local population in banner Lord

you don't just hire every available recruit in a village or a city you're limited to a certain amount based on how much the most influential characters living there like you it won't help much if all of your best relationships are on the other end of the map to

the faction you end up siding with and also in my case it might have helped to spend a little more time in plunder before I their cause because if I had I might have noticed how badly they were getting Mullard by betánia and maybe I'd have joined someone

else look at the state of this map we are ruined number four and this is another quick one bandit hideouts suck they absolutely suck evade them don't go near them don't go in them don't even look at them unless you have to because they have the potential to

completely ruin your game for a start you don't get to select which of the handful of troops you're gonna take with you into that battle you think it'd be the best of the best right the cream of the crop from your army but as far as I can

tell the game just selects them at random meaning you could be walking into what will be a difficult fight early on with some of the worst soldiers in your army if you fall unlike a normal battle where the rest of your troops will carry on without you that

that doesn't happen here if your character hits the floor the whole thing is lost you end up being captured and your entire army is disbanded in one go it doesn't matter if you had a hundred troops waiting outside they're all gone it's hugely unfair and until they patch

this to have it make more sense I would really advise you to just ignore hideouts whenever you can or at least make sure you save the game right before you enter one ah these are frustrating things number five how to couch your lens Mountain blade warband this used

to happen automatically when she built up enough speed and horseback you character would lower their lance and you'd be good to go that is not the case in banner Lord and you might have been using your pole arm like this riding up towards an enemy and then clicking

to stab them this is not only more difficult to land a hit with but depending on your weapon it does substantially less damage so here is a normal hit right I click I stab 158 damage not bad here's what happens if I press X on my keyboard once

I built up some speed lower the Lance and couch here and there we go 695 damage it is worlds apart and it's also like I said just usually easier to land a hit with two number six trading it might seem overwhelming given the number of items in panel

Lord but it doesn't have to be when you visit a village or a city get into the habit of going to the marketplace and then scrolling down until you reach the food and trading goods the earth for sale hover over these and you'll see that the price is

either marked green or red green means that this item is being sold at a cheaper rate and than the average price across the land well red means it's more expensive hover over the number itself and your character will estimate by how much now if you get to the

habit of buying goods at a cheap price in bulk and holding on to them until you visit somewhere where they're valued more highly you can keep a steady stream of income flowing throughout your campaign if you want to go for a really big profit keep an eye out

for trade rumors like this one they're not always accurate but they're usually close and if you can buy something cheap and then take it to a city known for paying really really well over the asking price you can make a fortune you're essentially running your own Caravan at

this stage so make sure you have enough troops to scare off any bandits they might hustle you along the way and very importantly don't spend so much gold on your investment that you can't afford to pay your troops about what matters [Music] number seven and finally a quick

word on for missions strangely enough this is arguably more difficult when you're fighting looters and bandits who just charge at you on mass compared to the generals of the major factions who will hold back and use for missions of their own at least with the latter it gives

you time to get yourself organized first and so for the vast majority of battles you'll be fighting in the early game you've actually got quite a short window of time in which to get everyone where they need to be before the enemy right there up in front of

you which is why I recommend you master one or two very simple formations that you can get up and running within seconds of each battle kicking off here's one that has worked for me time and time again so press one to select all of your infantry then f12

give a position and that means you can line them up even in a straight line like this will work and if you're feeling fancy actually you can use f3 and then f2 to have them stand as a shield wall protecting themselves a little more from range attacks but

if that sounds like too much to think about right now just remember press 1 to select infantry f1 to position them then grab your range units by pressing 2 and have them positioned just in front of the inventory this gives them a clear shot enemy units and when

they finally get too close after hopefully being whittled down quite a bit you can have your infantry charge ahead and that'll ensure your archers actually stay out of any melee combats it's also good to grab your cavalry if you have them by pressing number three and then positioning

them on one of your flanks and again if you want to get fancy try pressing f3 and then f6 to have them use a wedge like formation that is perfect when charging into enemy infantry that sounds like a lot I know but if you can master that you're

set use one two and free to cycle between your different unit types and then mostly it's about using f1 to position them or have them charge forwards and you can use extra formations if you want to show off but really if you just get those basics down you're

gonna be set for a lot of those early battles that's it and with that we come to the end of this tips video if you enjoyed it and want some more why not let us know perhaps RPS will have me back to talk even more mountain blade can

you imagine it and best of all if you have any tips of your own that have not been mentioned here already let us know in the comments this game is messy and hard to understand at times so we could probably all use each other's help thanks for watching

[Music] no sorry actually before I go I need to share one more thing more people need to know about this so this turned out to be a burr gravel in a feature was the pity but on the first couple of days of mountain blade to Bangalore being out

there was a really strange thing where if he pressed aa on the character creation screen as in like press the the key are on your keyboard while making a character this happened and you could then play the game as a baby which made shields really really overpowered and

I I don't I don't know what to do with this footage so please look at it like I say it's been patched out the game now which is a shame but for a beautiful moment this was a possibility and yeah I thought you might like it okay now

I'm done for real thanks LPS for having me and I will see you soon goodbye

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