May 12, 2021

7 SIMPLE Shower Hacks That Will Change How You Wash *Life Changing*

what if i were to tell you that you are showering wrong seriously you're probably wasting time and not getting as clean as you could be gentlemen in today's video i'm going to teach you how to upgrade your shower game shower hack number one the navy shower the navy shower came about as a way to ration fresh water when you're at sea you see most boats have a very limited amount of fresh water to help deal with the issue a number of the shower systems aboard ships only turn on for 15 to 30 seconds at a time the way it works is you enter the shower and then turn the water on you're focused initially on just getting your entire body wet once the water turns off you take your shampoo you lather up your hair you take a bar of soap and you lather up your body now this entire washing process takes about one to two minutes and no water is coming out of the shower head now it's time for the rinse you put your shampoo and soap down and turn back on the water focused in on your hair about 30 seconds and then you're gonna move over to the neck shoulders and then the torso working your way down in total you probably have spent about a minute and a half rinsing off your body and with practice you could probably get it done in 60 seconds the result well in a period of about three to four minutes you took a very effective shower seriously by taking a navy shower you only use two to four gallons of water compare that with a regular shower that can use anywhere from 14 to 40 gallons of water shower hack number two use an exfoliator now some of you gents may have already been exfoliating your face but did you know you can exfoliate your entire body you see exfoliating your skin removes dead skin cells it unclogs pores and prevents acting in ingrown hairs it also improves your overall skin tone and softens your skin texture now tied to this hack of exfoliation is the use of a loofah now the use of luffas originated in asia and africa and the earlier versions actually came from a plant called the luffa gourd nowadays we don't see many natural loofas out there most of them are going to be made from synthetic materials they've got a rough sponge-like exterior that helps to exfoliate the skin now a lot of guys don't use loofahs as they view them as feminine guys that's not the case luffas are a great tool when you put a little bit of soap on them do a good job of allowing you to exfoliate your entire body that being said the biggest mistake i see people making with luffas is that they think that they last forever and they're not properly cleaning them seriously at the most you should only continuously use a loofah for about six months and weekly you should be cleaning it some great ways to clean your loofer to throw it into the dishwasher or spray it down with an anti-bacterial cleaner now another tool that's great for exfoliating the skin and not enough menus is the back scrubber me personally i love a back brush with bore bristles it does a good job exfoliating it's not as rough as some of those plastic nodule ones can be now all these tips and tricks are great but what products to use especially when you want natural products with organic ingredients well gents i'm going to make it easy for you because all the products you're seeing in today's video are brought to you by body man this is my company and i stand behind every product that we put out seriously i think we make the best sea salt body scrub exfoliator on the planet so if you're dealing with ingrown hairs on your back if you've just got pimples popping up on your shoulders if you have flaky skin and you want to get rid of it guys this is the product for you we list out the ingredients to show you guys what we're using in this case natural mineral rich australian sea salt mixed with a variety of oils macadamia nut oil that's really great if you've got dry skin sweet almond oil this is perfect if you've got a bit of acne and we've got a cedarwood bark so that brings in a really nice aroma if you're just looking for a natural face scrub something you can use twice a week to exfoliate just the skin on your face but you don't want to deal with plastic microbeads which are bad for you instead use ours which actually leverages bamboo or maybe you're dealing with a burning face after you shave you've got shaving bumps check out our soothing aftershave that leverages aloe vera and if you've got thin hair you've got dry hair you've got dandruff we've got you covered with specialty shampoos and conditioners which deal with the issue naturally i'm linking to vitamin down in the description of today's video with the best deal you're going to find out there on the web use it or lose it guys and this is my company i stand behind every project we put out with a money back guarantee shower hack number three shave in the shower using a shower mirror now you may have heard of a shower mirror these are designed not to fog up but most guys don't know there are actually two types of these mirrors now the first type is the pre-treated shower mirror in a nutshell this is a very thin layer of polymers that are put onto a regular mirror that prevent the steam from sticking and fogging up now the issue with these pre-treated shower mirrors is that they don't last too long maybe you'll get a couple years of use out of them but over time the polymers that's going to break down that film is going to wear off and all of a sudden it's just not going to work as well as it did when it was new now a permanent solution is to go with a water heated mirror a small amount of water from your shower will circulate through a copper coil embedded in the shower mirror what this does is it raises the temperature of the mirror to match your shower's temperature making it very difficult for the fog to stick in any case the purpose of having the mirror in the shower is to give you the ability to shave in the shower shower hack number four shaving the shower now if you've watched my channel enough you've heard me talk about how you should shave right after taking a shower your hair has been exposed to warm water for multiple minutes and therefore it's going to be softer and easier to shave but to be honest if you're taking a 10 minute shower that isn't doing really much more to make your hair softer in fact your hair is probably soft and ready to be shaved after one minute so you might as well get the job done especially if you're in a hurry and as an added bonus you don't have to worry about making a mess in the sink the next shower hack rinse off with cold water now when it comes to water temperature i personally like warm to hot showers we're talking 90 to well over 100 degrees and that's fine for a couple minutes when you're washing when you're lathering when you're cleaning yourself but when you go for your final rinse try the 60 for 60.

for that last minute that last 60 seconds turn the water down to about 60 degrees we're not talking freezing cold ice cold water here but it's cool it's colder than what i would like and that's what we're shooting for that cool water is gonna make you feel more alive it's a great way to end the shower and then you're gonna jump right out and dry yourself the next shower hack moisturize your skin minutes after getting out of the shower so this hack is based off a study conducted at the boston center for cosmetic surgery what they found is that when you're fresh out of the shower your skin is damp and it's nice and warm you apply that body moisturizer all of a sudden your skin is going to more deeply absorb the lotion and it's going to lock in the moisture once your skin once the pores start to close so the process is simple as soon as you get out of the shower once you've patted yourself dry go ahead and one of the first things you want to do is apply your body moisturizer and guys remember your skin is the largest organ on your body so any product you're going to put on your skin that's going to be absorbed you want to make sure it's natural so look for natural body moisturizers that won't damage or irritate your skin make sure the company is really clear about what is inside the product the next shower hack cuts your nails within 10 minutes of getting out of the shower similar to your facial hair your nails become much softer when they're exposed for a few minutes to warm water now the key here is to have a quality manicure set you want to either use scissors nippers or a file to trim down your nails those tools will all do a great job cutting through the soft nail and giving you nice manicured trim looking fingernails the one tool you want to avoid though is the cheap nail clipper now the issue with nail clippers is they don't actually cut your nails they crush your nails when the nails are soft and wet it can do an incomplete job of going through the nail and can lead to actually you tearing the nail on the edges that just hurts i find this hack is most useful for cutting my toenails those nails are tougher and this hack really makes it easier to cut them now gents i know you've got an opinion i want to hear from you down in the comments what hack did i miss what would you have added to this video to make it better let me know down in the comments so what video to watch next how about how to cut your nails properly yes so many guys are messing this up and in this video i show you how to cut them properly.

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