May 10, 2021

AMAZING COLLEGE HACKS || Funny Hacks Every College And School Girls Must Know by 123 GO!

College life is the absolute best! Well, most of the time.

But being on your own for the first time does pose some unique challenges.

But with college hacks like these, You’ll be back to having fun in no time.

That party last night was sick! Oh no! The exam! How fast can we make our cheat sheets? What are you guys doing? Ah, forgot about exam day, huh? Good luck! This will have to do! It’s in fate’s hands now.

Yikes, that guy looks strict! This is rough! Uh…yes, I found it! Why’d I write these so small?! Did the teacher see that? Close one.

There’s no funny business going on, is there? Hide your notes, he’s coming over! I’ve never been so stressed in my life! Something you wanna hand over? Oh man, this is so bad.

Oh yeah, I also have these.

Be gentle on me, sir.

Just a pretty girl doing her best! Thomas? Fine! Take ‘em all.

I’m disappointed in you two.

That hurt.

You’ll be lucky if you pass the class.

But why don’t you try guessing for now.

He’s not looking anymore, right? Gotta adjust this bad boy.

Every answer’s a sweet nothing in my ear! Or rather, Betty’s sweet voice.

At least someone’s passing this exam! Catching up before class, are we? That fun’s about to come to a screechinghalt.

Hope you ladies are well-rested, Because we’re having a surprise test! Sounds fun, right? You have 25 minutes.

Begin! I don’t even know where to start! Focus, girls.

Hello? Is he leaving? YES! He’s almost out of the room… And boom, we’re alone! I’m gonna try to find the answers! I’ll be on look-out! I can’t memorize all this! But I can write it all down pretty fast! See this little strip of paper? It’s gonna save our butts today! Still good! Oh no, I didn’t wear long sleeves! But I do have long hair! And yep, it’s the perfect length.

See this double-sided adhesive? Place it along the back of the strip.

Cut it away from the roll.

Then take the backing off.

I hope these answers stick! Quickly stick them right onto your braid.

Don’t forget to turn it over! MAYDAY!! OOF! That’s okay, I’m alright… We pulled it off! Sorry about that.

We can continue the test now.

Thanks to this clever hack, All the answers are right under your nose.

And he doesn’t suspect a thing! Is this trick genius or what?! What’s college without some partying?! We can always study tomorrow, right? It’s getting pretty late, Betty.

Hey, we’re getting really tired over here! See you ladies in class tomorrow! I’d better hit the hay too.

Make that buzzing stop! Why does my entire body hurt? GAH!! I look like absolute death! I gotta hydrate.

WOAH!! What’s wrong with this thing?! Now I’m soaking wet.

I’ll hydrate later.

That feels good.

Maybe that’s just what I need! Need to look more alive in the morning? A bowl of cold water can do wonders! We’re talking ice cold, people.

Make sure the bowl is extra large.

Then fill it up with plenty of cold water.

Once that’s done, Pour in a bunch of ice cubes.

In you go! Once the water is good and chilled, The magic begins.

Ahh!! Make sure your whole face gets in there! Man, that was refreshing! Goodbye puffy eyes! And I’m fresh as a daisy! It’s a beautiful day, isn’t it? I can barely stay awake.


WOAH!! I look good, right?! My head hurts.

Yes! We finally get a break! And that only means one thing.

I get to chow down on my leftovers! I made the yummiest soup last night.

Just one whiff of it and you fall in love.

Oh yeah, that’s the stuff! Spoon’s in here somewhere… A fork? I can’t eat my soup with this thing! I coulda sworn I brought a spoon.

Anything? I guess no one’s eating soup today.

At least I have some juice.

I’m outta that too?! This lunch is turning into a real dud.

This cup is made of paper, right? And I do have a fork….

Need a spoon? Cut the bottom off a paper cup.

Then stab its side with a fork.

Keep going through the bottom too.

And just like that, we’re back in delicious soup city! Ahhh!! This stuff is seriously so good! Turns out, I’m a genius in the classroom, and in the kitchen! Catching up on the latest memes, Lana? Mom’s coming to visit?! This place is definitely not mom-ready.

What am I gonna do? Cleaning’s the last thing I wanna do.

Well, no time like the present.

Why does my mom care anyway? It’s just some dirty clothes, right? Why can’t she get off my back? She’d better appreciate all this! Now where do I hide all this?! I should have some extra room in here.

Just gotta open this thing up… It’s gonna be a tight squeeze.

Phew! Hopefully it’ll stay closed! Mom will definitely approve of this! Yep, I’m a cleaning whiz.

Move the meeting, I’m visiting my daughter at school.

I do’t care if you don’t like it! Well that’s done.

Is Lana’s apartment clean? Could be worse.

At least there aren’t clothes everywhere.

When’s she coming back anyway? I’ll put my scarf in here for now.

AVALANCHE!!!! OOF! GET THESE DIRTY THINGS OFF OF ME! This better not be underwear.

Oh, thank goodness, it’s not.

I can’t leave this place like this! I just have to employ my quick-folding method.

See? Just takes two swift moves.

Ta-da! And before you know it, This handy trick will turn your mess Into neat, folded piles.

Ah, it’s looking way better already! Isn’t Lana lucky to have such a helpfulmom? That girl will never learn! Do you think these college hacks can comein handy? That morning-after ice-cold water trick sureis a lifesaver, huh? Be sure to share this video with your friendsto help them get through college as smoothly as possible! After all, they’re supposed to be the bestyears of your life, right? Have you clicked on these videos yet? What are you waiting for? Don’t forget to subscribe to 123Go’s channel!.

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