May 12, 2021

Ask The Doctor with Dr. Dario May 5, 2020

[Music] we are back and it's time now for a nightly Q&A we call ask the doctor and we're happy to be joined by dr.

jonathan dario a family physician affiliated with adventist health and thanks so much again doctor for being with us here tonight I want to start with the latest information coming from current public health this morning they said there are 29 new cases of covin 19 and 3 deaths which means there is now 11 deaths in Kern County from covin 19 does this suggest it all to you that perhaps we have not hit the peak yet of kovat 19 in Kern I mean that's not necessarily true because with even though we have deaths that can be people who have been sick for the past couple of weeks we it's not necessarily meaning that it was a sudden death or they would have to do with how long they've been cared for this could have been a patient that was a long-term on a in ICU or having these other issues go on so we have you don't have the data to say that you know we expect that despite everything that there will be some deaths still you know from the corona virus I think from the way the numbers look overall it seems like we already kind of hit that peak and work on that leveling that climbing on that curve so we just have to continue just watching it day by day and make sure that we don't have it spikes of cases as we go along dr.

governor Newsom has said phase 2 will begin by Friday which means some low-risk businesses like clothing stores can reopen however the governor said businesses must find a new normal going forward what does that look like in your view will we ever get back to normal you know I think and I think it's like a new normal or basically they just have to follow social distancing guidelines try to make it safer for people who go to the retail store who go out to eat and make sure that people have that social distancing option so that they're not exposing others to potential virus as we kind of learn more about the corona virus as time goes we feel that we have the proper tools to protect people in the long run I think we will reach that that new that normal that we were at this war but that's just gonna take time and dr.

dario colonel has said it takes longer to get a negative test result than it does a positive test interestingly enough we've had a lot of viewers reached out and asked if you get a flu vaccine or if you're on any certain medications possibly is it possible that you could get a false positive of having covered 19 as far as we know the you won't get a false positive or the köppen 19 because the testing itself right now specifically the ones that we test to see if someone say test for the the viral antigen itself the virus itself you want to be you're not testing for antibodies or anything like that that could be a false positive and a vaccine doesn't give you a bonneville shedding that would be the positive for the coated 19 so it's very specific to that the test is very specific to that so in general just just having a influenza vaccine shouldn't give you a false possible all right time for one more quick question near NBC News doctor I did a story about some people with kovat 19 who after several weeks now test negative for the virus yet one woman has had a fever every day for nearly two months what do you make of that she previously had no other health issues you know it would be you might have to do with her they would have to be maybe some other workup regarding her immune status itself you know we're still figuring out the long-term complications of the corona virus I know like especially initially where we found that it does have that suppression on the lymphocytes that the white blood cells that actually help me fight viruses I imagine that you know there could be some effects on that maybe that she's had to herself but that would be there would be some special testing she would have to see a specialist and kind of figure that outfit it really came from the Chrome virus well doctor we appreciate you answering a lot of these questions on the fly we don't go over these questions out of time and we appreciate your candor and your insight on all the questions we bring you on a nightly basis dr.

jonathan dario a family physician with in venice tell thanks for your time tonight hey.

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