March 2, 2021

Best April Fools Trick Wins $10,000 Challenge! (Tricking w/ Fun Diy Crafts Vs. Hacker Friends)

– Let's get this prank challenge started.

– Why did you do that? – Oh! – Oh! – Are you kidding me? – Ahh! Ahh! I think I'm freaking out for no reason.

Matt, look, someone's in our house.

– [Matt] What? – Guys, stop doing TikToks.

This is serious.

– [Matt] Oh, no, there is somebody.

It's the Shining! – Oh, no, not the Shining! I'm gonna have to go backto the Lake of Secrets.

Wait, they're walking in.

– It's over there, it'sover there, it's over there.

– Hurry, everybody.

There's four of us and one of them.

– They're right there, right there.

– Oh, no, no, no, no.

– We can watch on thesecurity camera maybe.

I don't know.

– Where are they going? – [Matt] They're coming around.

– Okay, everybody overthere, everybody over there.

Go, go, go, hide over there, go.

– Get down, get down, get down.

– Behind the couch.

– Soon as they come in, on thecount of three, face reveal.

– Just like I said, just like I said.

It's locked though.

Oh, no, they're coming in.

Okay, three, two, one.

Ahh! – April fools! – [Matt] Oh, come on.

– You guys were scared.

We pranked you.

– Are you kidding me? Why would you do that? – April fools! – Not cool.

– You guys pranked me.

And Matt, you prank me all the time.

And guess what.

It's April fools.

So I talked to Zoe.

She had found one of the masks, which, by the way, is not any one of ours.

– Yep, and did a DNA analysis, and it's no one here.

And I almost forgot I can't see.

– All right, yes.

So we thought thatwould be the perfect way to start today's challenge.

Guys, come on over here.

Hey, Zam Fam, it's Rebecca Zamolo.

And today is April Fools Day, which means we are competing, and the best April foolsprank wins $10, 000.

– Yeah! – It also means that youwill be able to learn how to prank your friends.

– Oh, speaking of that, Agent S, a snake, oh, no! – Ahh! What happened? – Come on, Matt.

– I just wanted to make sure that that was the real Agent S.

– Well, since you did it already, that means you cannotuse that prank today.

So no more snakes, Matt.

– I got many more.

I'm the prank king.

– No, I mean, the girls justpranked the guys pretty well.

– Pretty good.

– So the way this challenge will work is, we're gonna be competing in three rounds of different prank challenges.

Round one will be food prank challenges.

Number two will be the funny pranks round.

And finally, number three will be the awkward situations pranks, which you guys will not wanna miss.

We'll be voting each round, and whoever has the bestprank will get a point.

And whoever has the mostpoints after three rounds will win $10, 000.

– What if we tie again? We keep tying.

– Then the Zam Fam, you guys are gonna have tovote in the comments section.

So make sure you keep track ofall three of the challenges.

– All right, I love prank day, but I actually came here for a reason, to help Daniel with something.

So I'm gonna be working on that.

– What are you working on, Zoe? – Well, you know, like.



And then the .



And then you .



– Like a piece? – Basketball, basketball.

– Volleyball.

– Are you talking about the device? – Yes.

– The agents already know.

– Oh! – Find the last piece, yeah.

– My bad.

– By the way, Zoe, you've been missing.

Where have you been? – I told you, I was doing the DNA analysis on the Shining mask.

– Okay, can we just start this challenge? 'Cause I wanna win the $10, 000to decorate the tiny house.

– Sure.

So, Zoe, get back to thehacking that you need to do so we can find the fifth andfinal piece of the device.

And you guys, let's get thisprank challenge started.

I saw this prank on One, Two, Three, Grow, or Troom Troom, or one ofthose DIY craft channels.

I can't remember, but I wanted to try it.

And I'm gonna do it on Agent R.

He's definitely gonna fall for it.

So the way this challenge works is, I'm gonna bake cupcakes, but not just any cupcakes: Water balloon cupcakes.

So I'm gonna fill this water balloon, put it in here, put frosting all over it, and when Agent R goes tobite into the cupcake, it's gonna splash water all over him.

It's gonna be a huge mess.

– Okay, so the personI'm pranking is Rebecca.

And I know that she loves donuts.

So I'm gonna put some vanillafrosting on the donuts which is actually gonna be mayonnaise.

I forgot the mayonnaise.

Okay, follow me.

– I'm here because Danieltold me I need to hack into these three individualtowers within the main tower so we can find the signal to the last piece of the last device.

It was really awkwardseeing Agent S, by the way.

Agent S is basically Billy, but not Billy.

And there's just absolutely no chemistry.

Oh, yes, I got into the first tower.

– Filling up the water balloon.

Please don't.

It worked.

Usually, I pop waterballoons before I start.

– So Zoe said thatshe's hacking right now, and everybody else issetting up their pranks.

So I don't trust her.

I'm gonna go spy on her.

I'm going in the tunnel.

– We're making a cupcake.

Does frosting have dairy in it? This might be a prank on myself.

I'm not really sure.

You guys, comment if frosting has dairy.

I'm just gonna stay away from him the rest of this prank challenge if it is.

This could be a huge fail.

– Supposed to be somehacker room or something, but I can't find it.

I'm just in this tiny tunnel.

What is that, what is that? – And back to decorating, you guys.

The GMI agents put up ablack sheet with GMI on it.

That is not decorating.

Obviously, I'm happy Zoe's back, but she keeps going missing.

And I know she was doing theDNA, but it's been a few days.

I wanna trust her, but whydoes she keep disappearing? There must be something more.

Is there something I'm missing? Or do you guys think she was really just doing DNA the whole time? Ahh! Nail came off! I'm just gonna put my nail right there.

It's a fake nail.

But if he eats it, ew! I am actually so impressed.

This looks so good.

DIY cupcake-making machine.

Sorry, Agent R.

That's weird, Zam Fam.

I just got goosebumps again, like someone's watching me.

Okay, Zam Fam, so it is all set.

There is a nail here, which is so gross.

So basically there are two pranks in one.

– Oh, hey, Rebecca.

Is that a cupcake? That actually looks really good.

– I knew you liked cupcakes, Agent R.

– Man, I thought we werepranking each other.

– I'm just gonna set it right over here.

– Where is the mayo? I mean, where's the water? – I have a great prankthat I am going to do.

Super simple, all Ineed is ketchup packets, which I think they havein the fridge, and tape.

– Okay, I made it a littlemore pretty because, you know, Agent S would be proud of me.

Put a little more sprinkles on this.

Looking good.

Okay, I saw the cupcake that Rebecca made, and it had sprinkles.

So I already know thatshe likes sprinkles.

I'm just gonna leave it right here because she loves donuts, and I know she's not gonna resist this.

If I saw this at apark, I would eat it up.

– No way, it's a Quadrant mask.

Do you think the Quadrant hasbeen inside of our tunnels, in our house? That makes no sense.

I could use this as a prank.

If Rebecca's pranking us right now, the ultimate prank would beputting on one of these masks and surprising her.

Guys, comment down belowif that's a good idea.

I think I'm gonna become aQuadrant and prank my wife.

Get out of this tunnel.

– Let's see if they have any ketchup.

– Okay, Zam Fam, sothe pranks are all set.

There is no way I'm gettingpranked today for April Fools, but I'm about to do it to Agent R.

Hey, Agent R? – Yeah, what's poppin'? – Hey.

Obviously you're in the tiny house now, and we're basically, you know, roommates, but not really in the same room.

– Sure.

– You were mentioning that you really wanted a cupcake of mine.

– Yeah, I love cupcakes, yeah.

– There's one right here.

– Oh, is this your nail? Nice try.

Take your nail back.

– April fools, that's the prank.

I didn't get you, bummer.

Oh, come on, it exploded right in my face.

That was– – Best April Fools prank wins.

– Whatever, I got a littlebit of the frosting.

So I got a silver lining on that.

– Wait, wait, wait, no, no, no, no.

You did not really eat it.

– Yes, of course I ate the frosting.

– There's dairy in the frosting.

You shouldn't have ate the frosting.

It was a prank.

– Okay, what kind of cupcakewas this, by the way? – No, it's not a real cupcake.

It was a water balloon.

It was a prank.

Oh, man.

– So I think I'm gonna haveto save this mask prank for a later round because, this round, I need to prank Agent S.

– Matt always goes in the freezer for ice.

So this prank, I'll beable to tape ketchup on the freezer door, so when he opens it and shuts it, it's gonna splatter allover their new fridge.

Smash the thumbs up if you think I am going to win this round.

– All right, so this isgonna be the best prank.

What we're gonna do is, we'regonna be pranking Agent S.

What does Agent S love? Diet Coke.

Oh, it's his last one.

We're gonna take this diet coke right here and put a little bit ofthis grease around the edge.

A little bit of water.

– We have ketchup packetsright here, freezer.

Wouldn't suggest doing at home, maybe just at a friend's house.

– Now, you take a playingcard, create the seal.

You just need to slideout this playing card.

So when Agent S comes overto pick up the Diet Coke, nothing but water's gonna go all over him.

Make sure to give this video a thumbs up if you think this is a great prank.

– Listen, if she thinks that's bad, wait until she seesthe prank I have on her because it's gonna top this by a lot.

– Agent S, oh, hey, I got you a Diet Coke.

– Are you trying to prank me right now? – No, I'm not trying to prank you at all.

– So it's a lie detector serum.

You're trying to give me another lie detector test, aren't you? – No, look at it.

It hasn't even been opened yet.

– Okay, that's true.

Maybe I need some ice.

– We got this new freezer, it's awesome.

– I know you love ice with stuff.

– My cups are right up here.

Agent– – Oh, what's up? – Hey, what's .



Something .



Okay, nevermind, you look happy.

– Zam Fam, I know that we're in the middle of this pranks challenge, but Maddie just texted me.

It looks like she's inquarantine right now.

I'm gonna see if she can Facetime us.

I hope she's doing okay.

– Oh, he's gonna love this so much.

– Okay, what was that? – What was that? Oh, what? – Oh, it looks like Matt just got pranked, Zam Fam, with ketchup.

– There's ketchup everywhere.

– They're all getting pranked, and I'm the only one thatis not gonna be pranked for this challenge.

– Are you kidding me? – I'm the best at pranks, and I will never get pranked.

– You look like a fool, Matt.

– that ran out.

Was that you? – No, it wasn't me.

– Rebecca? – Maybe? – Are you kidding me? I love my freezer.

– I think Matt just got my prank.

– Are you kidding me? Tell me you just pranked me out there.

– I thought you, well, maybe you need to catch up.

– Oh, come on.

Was that you? – Prank! – It's like my favorite thing.

– Are you serious? – Yeah.

– I'm sorry, I thought– – No, it's okay, I have your ice.

Enjoy your Diet Coke.

– Thank you, Matt.

– Zam Fam, I kind of feel bad because Matt seemedreally upset about that and he wouldn't prank me.

Oh, my Coke's leaking.

What is that? – Prank! – It's on now, Matt.

– Prank wars.

I have to turn this thing up.

I have to do way better.

I had the worst prank, I think.

I just got pranked.

– Yeah, me too, me too.

I think we're all gettingpranked right now.

– Yeah, I got pranked.

Do you have, like, real Diet Coke though? 'Cause I would like some.

– Go along with me with this, okay? – Okay, what? – Just play along.

I want that donut.

– No, I want the donut.

I want the donut.

– Listen, I got this frosting.

I need a real donut.

– Hey, guys.

– Hey, hey, Rebecca.

– How's the prank challenge going? – It's going.

– But we really want this donut.

– You guys all got pranked, and I didn't get pranked.

– I guess, that's true.

– [Matt] But I want the donut.

– No! – No, guys, I'm having the donut.

– No, you don't have to– – Oh! – Ahh! Ahh, what is that? – Mayonnaise, baby! – What? – Ahh! – And that's spicy mayo, too.

It's extra gross.

– That was the worst.

– Pretty good, huh? – I just ate so muchmayo, you have no idea.

All right, Zam Fam.

And that concludes round one.

But you cannot pick yourself.

Ready, set, go.

– Oh.

– Oh! – Two for Agent R.

– That means that Agent Rwon the prank, you guys.

– That's right, you just got pranked.

They don't call me Agent Rstanding for awesome for nothing.

– Wait, I'm pretty sure thatR doesn't start for awesome.

– R-R-R-R-some.

– Now, we are moving on to round two, which is the funny pranks challenge.

So now, we get to pick a funny prank, and we can do it on anyone here.

And Zam Fam, I have a really good idea.

– What happened, man? – Oh! Okay, Zam Fam, so this is round two, and I need to redeem myself.

And guess what.

I'm not pranking one of them.

I'm gonna be pranking all of them.

So when I was planning this video, I remembered that I have this.

It is a dog costume.

And you guys remember whenwe did the Mario Kart video? I have the onesie.

So I'm thinking, if Iput this on and the mask, I'm gonna dress up like a real dog and hide in different situations.

Smash the thumbs up button if you think this is the best prank.

I hope Zoe's doing well hacking right now so we can figure out where thelast piece of the device is because, as soon as weopen that tunnel, Zam Fam, I think we're gonna find outwhat's in that back room.

I think someone's coming.

– Okay, so for thisround, I picked Rebecca.

– It must be Matt.

– You know what? I have this perfectoutfit inside my closet.

She hates it.

It's gonna be the perfect prank.

– I'm gonna go into his closet, and he's gonna be the first one I prank.

This is so good.

– Comment down below what you think Rebecca's biggest fear is.

We'll just say that the prankhas something to do with that.

Honestly, I've never thought that I would have my own closet here.

It's really cool, so check this out.

Oh, my god! What, are you kidding me? Rebecca, what are you doing? – I got you is what I'm doing.

Prank wars is on, best funny prank! – I'm doing so bad at thisprank thing right now.

I'm usually the best.

This is really frustrating.

– Okay, well, I gotta go.

– Yeah, get out of here.

She's ruining everything.

I can't believe Rebecca pranked me in my own closet.

Are you kidding me? This is gonna make this prank that much sweeter right now.

You guys know that Rebecca hates clowns.

I've been hiding thisup here in my closet.

I am going to prank her.

She's gonna come back up hereto get out of that outfit.

And we know it.

When she least expects it, Mr.

Clown's gonna come up.

Pennywise is coming back.

– All right, so for this next round, I'm actually going to prank Agent R.

Why not, right? – You know, it's really hot in here.

Let me just keep this pluggedin, see if the signal raises, and I'm gonna get a drink of water.

– I've noticed that he left his shoes.

I got double-stick tape.

I am going to put double-sticktape across the bottom.

– Hey, Zam Fam.

I see Agent S.

I can prank Agent S right now.

– What's he doing with Agent R's shoes? – I will take the shoes out tohim, put them on the ground, stick them to the ground.

And when he tries to get in them, he won't be able to move.

– So maybe I .



Oh, no, get back.

Zam Fam, this is perfect.

I can do two pranks in one.

I'm gonna prank my bestfriend Zoe and Agent S.

This is gonna be great.

– Oh, hey.

– Hey.

– Hey.

– I think they're having areally awkward conversation.

– Agent S.

– I'm going in.

Wish me luck.

Comment who you thinkis gonna scream louder, Agent S or Zoe.

Let's go.

– We were supposed to kindof go on, like, a first date.

– That we are, that's right.

– Technically, you wonthe first date with me.

So I mean, I guess, maybe it's up to you.

But I don't know if– – Ahh! – Ahh! Oh, my god, what was that? – Prank! – [Zoe] Rebecca!- Yeah! – I said I wasn't playing! – Are you serious right now? – I don't know, but thatconversation was just so awkward.

– I think I have to pee.

– You guys, though, technically, you are boyfriend and girlfriend.

– But it wasn't him, but it was him.

I'm gonna go get my water.

– Yeah, I'm gonna, uh, I'm gonna go.

– Zoe, okay.

So, Zoe, how's the hacking going? – Okay, it's going pretty good.

I've already knocked down one tower.

As soon as I knock down the second one, then there's only one left, which means that, byprocess of elimination, we're gonna be able tofind the piece after that.

– We can narrow it down.

And you still think it'ssomewhere in my house? – Definitely.

– Okay, get back to hacking, and I'll keep pranking.

That was good.

– Oh, my gosh, Zam Fam.

That was really awkward, running into Agent S again.

I am now logged into tower two.

Each tower is logged into adifferent part of the house.

So if I can find the same signal that Daniel found for the last device, we're gonna be good to go.

And I also didn't wanna freakout Rebecca from before, but Daniel told me that the Shining knows we only need one more device.

– Okay, y'all.

For my prank, I'm gonnabe pranking Agent S.

And I've seen this on YouTube, where I put this snakey snake on the inside of this lamp.

I'm gonna turn it on, andit's gonna project the snake.

One, two, three.

That didn't work at all.

Okay, but you know what? That's fine because I came prepared.

I'm gonna turn this off.

And then I'm gonna tellhim, I'm gonna be like, “Yo, Agent S, could you do me a solid? Flip on that light.

It's gonna look dark in here.

This tiny house of ours has beautiful, gorgeous, natural light from all sides.

Who would wanna live here? It's the guy I was looking for.

– Oh, really? You were looking for me? – Zam Fam, this is perfect.

Both the agents are in here.

And I know Agent S will get scared again.

– Why were you looking for me? Are you setting up somepranks for Matt and Rebecca? Do you wanna share some? – Yes, could you actually hit the light? And then maybe we could– – This light? – Yeah, and then wecould write some ideas.

– What is it? What is that? What is that? – Is Agent R recycling a prank? That was the same snake Matt used earlier.

– It's the same prank.

– Why would you do that? – That's why they call methe prankster gangster.

– I was literally bringing you your shoes, and you prank me? – Yeah.

Okay, well now I'm startingto feel a little bad about it.

– Well here, why don't youput on your shoes, Agent R? An agent doesn't go without their shoes.

– Well, I mean, I did to come out to our tiny house.

I understand what you're saying.

– Yeah, well, let's go.

– Oh, my god.

– Oh! – Okay, this is perfect.

I'm gonna scare both of them right now.

I don't think Agent R'sgonna be able to go anywhere.

– Oh, prank! – Did you fill my shoes with cement? – No, but I put tape on the bottom of 'em.

– Wish me luck.

– I don't feel guilty atall for the snake anymore.

– Ahh! Agent S, why'd you leave me? – It's Rebecca.

– Happy April Fools, boys.

– You guys remember the last time that I pranked my wifewith this outfit on? Comment down below what video that was.

– Were you guys scared of a little dog? – Yes, that was the second time.

– It's like you're recycling pranks.

– You used the snakethat Matt had earlier.

I was spying on you guysthe whole time, okay? Let's not talk about recycling pranks, but I am recycling a costume.

– Who wore that? – Who did wear this? You know, this is almost done, so I'm gonna change and get out of this.

And we're gonna see whothe winner is of round two.

– I'm definitely gonna winthat 'cause you're stuck here.


– I'm not stuck.

Come on! – I'm gonna win.

She's coming, she's coming.

– Okay, momma just pranked everyone, ah! Ooh, I slipped.

– Oh, she slipped.

That was the best.

I'm gonna go over here on the balcony and scare her from the other side.

– Okay, Zam Fam, sorry you missed that.

I just fell, like, dancing around.

And this costume is hot and slippery, and it got wet when I went out.

Looking much better.

I'm all ready to go, and I am so excited because I think I'm gonna win round .



What? Did you guys see that, what? Zam Fam, I might be paranoid right now, but I swear I saw a clown, and it's not there anymore.

Did you hear that? Hold on.

Someone keeps knocking on the door.

There's no one there.

Okay, I'm going downstairs.

I think I'm freaking out for no reason.

I need to get out of here.

Ahh! Matt! Stop.

– Prank king is back.

I got it.

Best prank of the day.

– Matt, I wasn't even scared.

– Yeah, you definitely weren't scared.

– No, I wasn't.

And anyways, we have to go downstairs because we have to vote.

– [Matt] Wait, turn around.

You said you weren't scared.

Rebecca! – No, I was going to prank the agents, and I sat on the grass, and I got wet.

And my costume got wet.

When I came up here, I evenfell 'cause the costume was wet.

– I know you slipped.

– What do you mean? – [Matt] I was spying on you, come on.

– Stop, you got that on video? – Guys, just in case you missed it, we're gonna put it again right here.

– Ooh, I slipped.

Round two, the best funny prankschallenge is now complete.

Go! – Rebecca.

There's an A in there.

There's an R in there.

It's Rebecca.

– Regardless of whatever that is, 'cause that's not exactlyhow you spell my name, I still won! Zam Fam, comment whoyou think won round two.

Which of these pranks was the funniest? But right now, it is tiedbetween Agent R and myself, which means whoever wins thisthird and final challenge, me or Agent R, will bethe winner of the $10, 000.

– Or someone else canwin, like Matt and myself, and it's a tie.

– Round number three is awkwardsituations prank challenge.

You need to find an awkward situation and make that into a prank.

And guys, Maddie texted me.

She might be calling us later.

So let's hurry up withthis prank challenge so we can talk to Maddie, okay? Okay, Zam Fam.

You guys saw Matt pranked me with clowns.

Now, I hate clowns.

But really, honestly, I have been feeling likesomeone has been watching me.

And nobody believes me.

But I've been getting goosebumps.

I don't know how to explain it.

I don't know if our new house is haunted.

Comment below who you think had the best– – Ahh! – Help, somebody, help! Matt? – It's totally me.

– [Rebecca] Wait, where did you get that? – Oh, you know, I just foundit in the tunnel, no big deal.

– [Rebecca] In the tunnel? – Yeah, I went .



I don't trust Zoe.

I went to go spy on her.

I couldn't find her, but I found this.

– Wait, you found that in the tunnel? That doesn't make any sense.

– It absolutely doesn't make any sense.

– That's a Quadrant mask.

– That's exactly what I said.

– Maybe it was left by someone.

– Yeah, let me go hide this right now.

– Okay.

– [Matt] Good luck.

– What just happened? And it's down to me and Agent R.

So I am gonna prank Agent R with soap, but not just any soap.

I'm gonna put nail polish on the soap so when he goes to wash hishands, he won't be able to.

The nail polish literally protects it.

It's a protective coat.

And he won't be able toget his hands soapy at all.

But I'm going one step further.

I'm gonna put Nutella on his hand.

And you know what he'sgonna think Nutella is.

He will wanna wash hishands as fast as possible.

You guys, comment rightnow, before this round ends, who you think is gonnabe the overall winner.

I just hope it's not a tie.

But if it is, Zam Fam, I'm counting on you guys to vote and to comment in the commentssection who should win.

– So I got this cockroach, some double-stick tape.

I'm going to stick thecockroach to some toilet paper.

Look at that, guys.

And shield it so you can'teven see the cockroach.

I'm gonna start sneezing, right? I'll be like, “Oh, Rebecca, can you get me a Kleenex?” So I'm just gonna hide everything else.

– I am gonna be pranking Agent R.

I know that.

Maybe if I look around here, maybe I'll find some things that I can use for a prank.

Supplies? It's not even back to school yet.

Oh, come on.

There's my wife, what? Why does Agent R have a photo of my wife.

Oh, okay.

Maddie's in it, so I guessthat kind of makes sense.

This is awkward.

Kind of looks like he's been kissing this.

Why has he been kissing this? He's been kissing my wife's face too? I'm gonna make this super awkward for him.

Hold on, hold on, hold on.

Pen and .



Here we go.

All I need is some tape, yes, got it.

What I'm gonna do is goback into the main house, put these in an empty drawer, use this pen right hereto prop open the drawer.

I'll use this tape to hold on the pen.

That way, I'm like, “Hey, Agent R, “there's a bunch of awkward stuff in here.

“What is this?” He's trying to shut it, he can't shut it.

It's gonna make him feel super awkward.

– So for this awkward situations prank, I am going to do it on Matt.

So I'm gonna do it onhis computer this time.

It's the spilled milk prank.

I'm gonna pretend like milkfell all over his laptop.

All you have to do is get a cup.

You just cut a littlecircle like this, boom.

Matt is gonna get so mad.

– Are you kidding me? – He is going to freak out.

– He's gonna lose thischallenge, and I'm gonna win.

Do you guys think I should do a song while I'm trapped in my house? What do you think? – So I successfullygot through two towers, which means there's only one tower left, and it has to be here.

So if I just figure outwhich part of the tower controls which part of the house, we will be able tounlock the tunnel system.

– I found a drawer.

Look at this, right here.

Let's go ahead and lay allof this stuff right there.

DIY hack time.

– Matt, what are you doing over there.

– I'm just fixing this drawer.

– Do you want some milk? Come over here.

Oh, no.

– What happened? – Oh, no, I'm so sorry, Matt.

I think I actually spilledsome milk on your laptop.

– What, what, what? No, no.

I'm never gonna get that out.

Computer's ruined.

All of my family's pricelessvideos are on here too.

Why would you do this? – Prank! Look, it's fake, it's a prank! That was awkward.

– Just go away.

Leave me alone.

– So I have the soap andthe nail polish put away.

I'm gonna put the Nutella in here.

– Rebecca, can you come here? – Oh, no, oh, no.

Okay, let me hide this.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm coming.

What's wrong? – I keep sneezing.

– Ahh! – Oh, god, it's going into my mouth.

– Agent R, you've only beenin the tiny house, right? I'll get a tissue.

Wait, a towel, nothing.

There's the soap block.

Okay, I'm coming Agent R.

Ahh! Oh, my gosh, there's a cockroach! – Prank! – I was getting nervoustoo because you sneezed.

I need some privacy.

You freaked me out.

I need a moment.

I'm gonna put the Nutella on my hand.

Now you guys know, you guys know he's gonna wanna wash his hands with soap after I touch him with this.

Sorry, I needed a moment.

– Listen, I'm sorry I pranked you.

– It's fine.

Oh, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

– What were you doing in there? Oh, that's so gross.

Rebecca, why is there not soap? Why did you do that? This day keeps getting worse.

– Wait, wait.

It's Nutella.

So I kind of, like, doublepranked you just now because, that soap, you'll neverget soap from there.

– Yeah, I wasn't getting anything.

What was that? – Prank! – Okay, okay, I was pranked.

– Prank, prank, prank.

– [Matt] Come here for a second.

– Yeah, I've already been pranked.

– Actually, everybody shouldcome and check this out.

I'm having a problem withthis drawer over here.

I've been trying to fix it.

– Why are we here? – Inside this drawer, there's some stuff.

– Is it, like, an awkward situation? – Pretty awkward for allfour of us right now.

– Wait, is this a stuffed animal with Maddie's face taped on? – Ah, no, no, no, no.

Wait, wait, why isn't it closing? – Why, does it look like youwere kissing all of them? – No, I was definitely not kissing them.

– I'm in one of these.

– There's lips right there on the frame.

It's over Rebecca.

– This was supposed tobe in my tiny house.

I don't know how it got in here.

Me and Mini-Maddie– – Mini-Maddie? – [Matt] Did you know about this? – I didn't.

Wait, I did hear weird noises.

Was that you kissing that Mini-Maddie? – Listen, I haven't learned how to kiss.

So I'm just practicing, all right? – [Matt] Wait, you're learning how to kiss on Maddie and my wife? – Less your wife, more Maddie, but yes.

– What? – This is gross.

– [Matt] Why would you do this? – Speaking of Maddie, she's finally Facetiming.

– This is so awkward.

– Wait a minute, did Ijust set off an alarm? How did I trigger that? What is it even alarming to? – [Rebecca] Maddie! – I'm at home.

– Come to visit us.

– I can't, I have toquarantine for two weeks.

– What? – That's responsible.

She's cute, she's smart, she's responsible.

Also, who's recording you? – It's a portal.

– Oh.

– It's like Maria.

– What is that on your chest? – Nothing, nothing.

– Funny you should say that.

– [Agent S] It's a Mini-Maddie.

– That's me? I like it.

– Obviously this is not happening.

This is the closest youguys are getting right now.

He's been using it to– – Nothing, nothing, just say hi.

– Been using it to practice kissing.

He's been trying to practicekissing on you and my wife.

– No, no, no, more romantic, like take it out on fakedates and stuff like that.

– Maddie, we have to go.

We're in the middle of a prank challenge because it's April Fools Day.

– Okay, Maddie, I think Ispeak for everybody in saying, thank goodness that you are safe.

– Yes.

And come here as soon as you can.

– Yes, I miss you all.

– Miss you too.

– Miss you! – That was definitelyan awkward situation.

– Enough with this.

You guys, let's go vote.

You ready? – Yep.

– Go.

– Boom.

– Boom.

– Boom.

– Bam, spelled it right this time.

– Wait, you voted for me? You know that I wouldhave won the $10, 000.

– Now, we have a three-way tie.

– Zam Fam, I need youguys to comment below who you think had the best prankoverall and who should win, Agent R, Matt, or myself.

Go to Instagram and screenshotand tag us so we can see it.

We'll be doing 50 percentof the votes on Instagram and 50 percent from thecomments in the comment section.

So both of them count, all right? And shout-out to youguys that got my merch and tagged me on Instagram.

If you guys go to rebeccazamolo.

com, you can get GMI glasses.

You can get this.

You can get Matt Slaysmerch, all of it there.

Guys, get down, get down, get down.

– Guys, it's just Zoe.

– Zoe, me.

I'm right here.

What are you guys talking about? Look, I've narrowed down the last tower, and I think I know where thelast piece is in your house.

– Guys, go to the Matt and Rebecca channel because we need to defendour house from the Shining.

I think I have a plan.

– It looks like he's on the phone.

– Yeah, we need to set up some traps.

– Okay, so since there'sfive of us, we should use– – Wait, where did Zoe go? – Zoe? – Zoe?- Zoe? – Where'd Zoe go? – It looks like he'scoming inside the house.


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