May 9, 2021

Best Budget Home Gym Equipment Deals (GET FIT AT HOME!)

– Today, huge deals thatship quickly to help with your in-home workout routine.

(rhythmic bells) Hi guys, I am the YouTubedeal guy Matt Granite from “mattsdailydeals.


” I'm excited to be with you, but I really wish it wasunder different circumstances.

So many people affected bycountless things right now and if you are no longer ableto work out in your local gym as most gyms are shut down in communities throughout North America, and you're trying to work out at home and you're limited ontime, money or space, I wanna help you today.

If you've never seen me before, I work as a consumer advocate, I hunt down deals.

I also host programming for Amazon and national broadcastingtelevision stations.

And I wanna show you dealsright now that are available that ship quickly that will bring you the most bang for your buck.

We're gonna cover everything from great pieces of fitness equipment, to the perfect pair ofstreaming headphones, to where you can find someawesome workout routines.

So first things first, if you head over to “mattsdailydeals.

com” right now, you're gonna find all of mybig deals, blogs, coupons, you sign up for my email newsletter, I give most of what I test in person away for free to subscribers.

So that is something youcan take advantage of.

But you're gonna find all of my most recent deals on this page.

So first things first, the XTERRA Fitness FoldingTreadmill which has an incredible set of ratings tied to it.

It's $349 right now, thisis shipping in time quickly for most Amazon shoppers, that's going to change thelater it gets into the season.

And with Amazon, obviously rightfully, prioritizing shipping so peopleget their essentials first, the treadmill might not be on the list.

But this treadmill's gota good running surface, it has a motor that will handleup to 250 pounds of weight, and I'm really impressed byhow quiet the treadmill is and then also how easily you can store it, which is all phenomenal.

One thing to keep in mindif you are looking for a non-manual incline and decline, it does not featurethat but at this price, the fact that you are gettingit delivered in time for free with Prime shipping is great.

The average local fitnessstore might've charged you a hundred bucks to get this delivered and the three manual incline settings, obviously you have todo this from the base.

That would be the only downside but, if I were able to tell youthat $349 will get you a solid treadmill that's well-ratedfrom a reputable brand, that might be worth something to you, and you can score this right now.

The next deal also folds, this has up to 300pounds of weight capacity and it's the ExerpeuticFolding Magnetic Upright Bike.

This is the Men's Editor's Choice, it's on sale right now atthe time of recording this with delivering in my areajust a few days from now, $149.

This folds under a bedand it's a serious bike, it's got the pulse monitor, which is wonderful, you can take a look at this right now.

And if you are lookingfor a way to stay active and those online fitness videos aren't doing the job for you.

Let's see, it's really, actually a nice design on here.

The only downside if you look closely, it is a flat LCD display, which means you can't put a smartphone on any type of ledge or, you know, sometimesthey have an indentation where you can work outwith your smartphone.

You can't do that easilyon this specific device but let's face it, you'renot using this at a gym, you can position this neara TV, or an Echo Show, or something along those lines.

Take it out when you need itand still enjoy your content.

And I've spoken to many fitnesstrainers who will tell you that the best workouts are the ones where you're listening to music, and you're focused onsomething other than a movie, because you're actuallypaying attention to what your body is doingwith the actual machine.

So that's just oneperson's opinion, but hey.

If you were looking to spend a little bit more money on a brand name, the Schwinn Upright Bikesare going for about 350 bucks and they are shippingrelatively quickly right now.

With this at double the price, you're getting a much fancier bike.

It has speakers, more resistance levels, just throwing that in as an alternative.

This is also a time with manygyms completely shut down, they're flexing their video muscles and you can actually get access to many great free video workouts.

For those of you that are looking for some of the fancier workout programs, Exhale Spa and I believethey're actually owned by Hyatt Hotels and Resorts, has a free 30-day trial right now, 30 days of workouts.

For the average person, if you've got a weightloss goal or a toning goal, you could probablyaccomplish a lot in 30 days.

And they have anything fromwedding bootcamp videos, to yoga on-demand andall sorts of challenges.

And again, 30 days free.

Many of their videos would typically have a buy price of about sixbucks or a rental price of $3, which is really high.

I don't know if youguys are aware of this, but “amazon.

com/live” actually has a great free fitness section.

Like, “Get Fit at Home, “you can see right here.

You can actually enjoy workouts on-demand and all of the productsfeatured in the video are also for sale.

So these are interesting in different ways to target your body, free, completely free.

And I don't know if you guys know this, but if you look at the Featured Creators, yours truly right here! I host a lot of programmingon Amazon both from their production headquarters and then also from this same studio.

That's a really weird shot, that's me on top of me.

But with that being said, let's move on to the top streaming earbuds that youcan find in stock right now, I love the Samsung Galaxy Buds for $149, you get 22 hours ofbattery life out of these.

So you get 11 out theheadphones themselves, and then another 11 out of the case.

A little bit bigger thanyour typical pair of AirPods, they are sweat-resistant, they are water-resistant, they do have audioengineering provided by AKG.

If you guys are familiarwith what AKG does in terms of audio, these work with bothApple and Android devices, but the AKG sound engineeringgives you a tweeter and a woofer and an unbelievablelevel of sound accuracy, and far superior soundto the Apple AirPods.

Still, I know a lot of peoplelove the Apple AirPods, and I should mention that the Apple AirPods with thecharging case, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Yeah, these ones, they areon sale right now for $129 and they are also in stockwith a quick delivery time so I'm not here to tell you whySamsung is better than Apple or vice versa but, if you are looking to stock up and save, and grab products whilethey are available, these would be the top onesyou can find right now.

As I break down my fivefavorite ways to save today.

Now this was just a tipof the fitness iceberg, there's so many otherproducts that I could feature from exercise balls tothose gym-in-a-bag kits.

I'll do a more in-depth breakdown of that, but I really wanted torush this video out to you while these products are still in stock, while these sale prices just appeared.

Because that could changein just a matter of days, and everything seems tochange so drastically in a matter of days, these days.

So, thank you for watching, I would love to explore more content that's the most beneficialto you while you're at home, so feel free to drop me a line.

Don't forget to subscribe, like the video, turn your notifications on soyou know when I'm live next.

And more importantly, Iwish you a safe, healthy, and as stress-free of a week as possible.

Thanks for watching, bye.


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