April 11, 2021

BEST Live Streaming Tips for ENTREPRENEURS from 14 Experts!

Hey what's up guys it's Rob Balasabashere! I've been thinking about doing this video on how to livestream and sortof my top tips for business owners and entrepreneurs out there on how tolivestream and just sharing a bunch of my tips all in one video and I think Imight still do that video let me know in the comments if that's something youwould like to see if that's a video that you would like for me to create let meknow in the comments but the more I thought about this video the more Istarted dreaming of this cool collaboration that I could do with abunch of my live streaming expert friends where I would essentially havethem share their top tips with you on how to livestream it specifically foryour business and so in typical Rob Balasabas fashion I guess I reached out to abunch of my friends and made it happen and this video is a product of thismassive collaboration with a bunch of live-streaming experts that you willrecognize including Adrian Salsbury, Anya Razina Daniel Batal, Dean Reynolds, Diana Gladney, Jeff Bates, Justin Brown Kelly Noble Mirabella, Kevin Kolbe NickNimmin, Rich Benares, Scott Simpson and Stephanie Liu, but before I introduceyou to these amazing live-streaming experts and professionals I'd like tosay a quick shout out to my friend Jeff Bates for supporting this channel onPatreon.

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All right guysI'm really pumped for you guys to meet all of these experts so before we getstarted let's roll the intro and I'll see you on the other side my name is Rob Balasabas, hey! All right so before we meet our firstlive stream expert here if you're new to this channel my name is Rob Balasabas and I create a lot of content around live streaming video creation video marketingand really helping other content creators out there get their message outand to reach their target audience using videos okay so now meet Diana Gradneyshe is an incredible content creator I've learned so much from her actuallyshe was introduced to me by Rich Benares who you'll be learning from in thisvideo as well and she has an amazing YouTube channel she has an amazingcommunity she's awesome on Instagram so make sure you connect with her on allthose channels and so here is Diana Gladney hey what's up Rob one tip that Iwould have for an entrepreneur that's trying to get started in live streamingfor their business is you want to create a live stream around the topic that'snot just something that's gonna be a monologue but something that's gonna bemore easily a dialog consider something that's trending in your niche or yourindustry especially like if you have something that's like tech or there's abusiness law that just came out that's gonna impact your industry createsomething that's not just a monologue but it's gonna be a dialogue back andforth awesome advice Thank You Diana actually I don't know why I have myheadset here I've been listening and doing some editing as well okay anywaysand also just realized to have two pairs of glasses with me anyways okay awesome I love that create a conversation using your live streams with your audience nowyou're gonna learn now from my friend Daniel Batal who by the way at the timeof this recording just hit a hundred thousand subscribers on his channel soDaniel congratulations again now here's Daniel hey Rob how you doingwhen it comes to live streaming the one tip that I would offer is live streamingisn't just all about the moment while you're live live streams can actuallydrive a lot of views afterwards if you build them in a way that they have valuein the replay if you spend too much time just shouting out everybody in the chatthen the people who watch in the replay might feel like this really wasn't madefor them it was really only made for the people who were there at the momentI just live streamed yesterday and there was about three to four hundredconcurrent viewers at any given time at the live stream but I built it in such away that the replay actually drove over 7, 000 views just in the first day aloneso think about your live streams as actual content that can provide valuelong after the stream has ended back to you Rob awesome advice thank you so much Daniel now if you guys don't know I actually get to work with Danielhere at TubeBuddy because Daniel is a very good friend of TubeBuddy we workedwith them we're partners with Daniel actually got to be roommates with Danielin San Diego during social media marketing world just an amazing guy justso generous with his knowledge and his time and so make sure you go check outhis channel all the links by the way for all of my friends here are down in thedescription so go check out their channels subscribe and say hello nowspeaking of too buddy our next friend here is no stranger to YouTube probablyno stranger to you his name is Nick Nimmin and at the time of this recordinghis channel is at six hundred and twenty thousand subscribers so Nick does notmess around he knows the stuff he actually does these massive weekly livestreams with his brother Dee so Nick take it away what's up Rob and friends myname is Nick if you're not familiar with me I help people grow their YouTubechannels make videos and all types of other YouTube related stuff and foranybody that is interested in live streaming my advice to you is make surethat you know why it is that you're streaming in the first place because theapproach that you're going to take if you are streaming for the sake ofbringing attention to a product or service is going to be completelydifferent than the approach that you're going to take if you are trying to havelike a community that you're trying to build just like the approach is gonna bedifferent if you decide that hey I'm trying to make a piece of content that Ican upload to my youtube channel as a piece of actual content and it's gonnabe great on the video replay as well because we've structured everything sothat it feels just like a video right so make sure that you know exactly what itis that you're trying to get out of your live streams so that you can make surethat you're doing the right type of stream that will help you get therethank you so much that's really good advice with really having a game planwhen it comes to your live streams now speaking of having a game plan and beingorganized you guys are gonna really enjoy this next guest of oursKelly Noble Mirabella she hasn't really dominated the messenger marketing spaceshe's actually an ambassador for Manychat which is the leading messengermarketing tool out there in the world right now and they actually got her toteach the course so she knows what she's talking about when it comes to messengermarketing so check out her channel about that to learn more on what she's doingthere but when it comes to live streaming she's also amazing at it soKelly you're up next Hey Rob one tip that I have when itcomes to live streaming is to have a plan make sure you have a plan for preand post marketing your live stream also organize all your assets links andanything that you might need during your live stream so that you do not have towaste time searching around and everything is right there at yourfingertips finally have a plan on how you will get people to engage and howyou will capture users information I personally like to use a messenger botto help me with this but you can also do some kind of offer with a call to actionand a landing page and always remember practice makes progress so don't beafraid to go live all right thank you so much Kelly there was really really goodadvice to be organized to have all your things all set up before you livestreamso awesome thank you so much now our next guest is probably the person that Ican give credit to for really opening my eyes to the power of live-streamingStephanie Liu thank you so much you were probably the first person that I startedseeing really killing it on live stream and I started noticing that you wereusing it for business building make sure you go check out her Channel and hercommunity on Facebook Stephanie you're next hey Rob my one tip for livestreaming is to create a run of show a runner shelves a document that lays outthe timing the program and the content for every segment of your show and it'svery very helpful if you plan on having a guest or if you want to work withbrands and sponsors in the future thanks Stephanie that's really good advice nowyou guys got a run of show or some type of bulletpoint of all the things that you want to do and say and cover during their livestreams especially if you have guests make sure you do have a run of showthanks again Stephanie now for our next friend here Kevin Kolbe amazing guy justas such a good heart go check out his channel he's startingto really blow things up on YouTube and this advice is for the people out therethat are a little bit nervous about live streaming a little bit nervous about howthey're gonna show up on camera and on live so Kevin take it away hey Rob oneof the things that I do before I go live and I would recommend you always alwaysalways do it is to do a test run so like if I'm gonna go live on FacebookI do a test run but I just make it private if I'm going live on YouTube Ido the same thing I just make it private and what I do is I kind of do a a reallyshort version I mean just maybe a minute or two of what my live stream will beand I can test my animations or if I've got any movies or anything else I'mgonna roll in and I can just make sure everything works I kind of get it in myhead so think of it as a truncated live version then I go back and I just watchit to make sure everything's working then I press that live button hey italways works for me hope it works for you thanks for asking me now back to youRob awesome thank you Kevin that's really good advice now you guys aregonna be hearing from my friend Justin Brown who is one half of the PrimalVideo team Justin has some really good advice here on how to avoid someheadaches that you will face if you don't pay attention to this one tip thathe is about to share so Justin you're up next.

Hey Rob and Friends my live streaming tip is to run a speed test before you golive obviously your internet is gonna play a pretty critical role in livestreaming so you want to make sure that you have a decent upload speed that yourInternet's actually gonna be fast enough but also that it is a reliableconnection not jumping all over the place fast one minute and slow the nextso you can do that by using the speed test website speedtest.

net or you candownload the speed test app on your iPhone or iPad or pretty much any deviceout there so you want to make sure that it's consistent and there is enoughfor the provider or for the live streaming platform that you're going tobe using we're talking upload speed here not download speed this can save you alot of headaches later on now as for how fast your internet needs to be that'sgoing to come down to the platform that you're broadcasting live to but also thesoftware or the service that you're using to push out that live stream soyou can do a quick google search and find out the minimum and recommendedspecs for those but speedtest.

net and running a speed test can save you a tonof headaches while your lives see now I told you wasn't that going tobe helpful to you hopefully that's gonna save you a lot of headaches so make sureyou are checking your internet speed before you press live now our next guesthere is a good friend of mine from San Diego California I actually got to hangout with rich a few months ago when I was in San Diego now rich is a Contentmachine he does live streams he does uploaded videos he does vlogs he's got alot of really cool content creator friends as well that he collaborateswith so Rich you're up next one of the most important things that I havelearned as somebody that's either a content creator or somebody that doeslive streams is that my friends and my family are never ever ever ever myaudience because live streaming is just another facet in my life that I dobasically me as a person the whole thing the whole rich is much more importantthan that small aspect of my life or my job no matter how much you try to topromote to friends and family that sometimes don't be so disappointed thatthey're not necessarily interested in watching your live stream if my friendwas a librarian and they came up to me and they said hey rich would you like tosee a live stream of me at work I probably say no so just keep just keepthat in mind don't let that it get in the way of yourprogress just continue to create content that people are want are willing towatch that's my that's my tip so back to you Rob.

Thanks Rich, that was reallyawesome advice now you're gonna learn from Anya Rozina from the RESTREAM.

io team who goes live every single week both on LinkedInand YouTube on the RESTREAM channels so Anya you're up next.

Experiment and explore try different types of content different formats maybe you'll do great with asolo show maybe you should invite guests and have a dialogue maybe you dosomething interactive as your community try to involve them in your conversationhighlight their comments maybe even bring them onto your video and also tryto experiment with different platforms you don't have to stick to one place youcan try Facebook YouTube Twitter Linkedin all at the same time luckilythere are a lot of great tools out there that make it super easy for you sobottom line is stay curious stay innovative and always try somethingdifferent I love that go test the different platforms guys stay curiousstay testing all the time so Anya thank you so much for that advice now up nextit's my friend Adrian Salisbury speaking of RESTREAM I actually use RESTREAM.

iowith ECamm Live which Adrian knows very very well because he is the creator ofthe ECamm Academy fantastic ambassador for ECamm Live.

I also got to hang outwith Adrian over in San Diego a few months ago during social media marketingworld got to know him really well so Adrian you're up next!Hey Rob my number one tip when it comes to live streaming is to interact withyour viewers and we do this through the comment if someone's gone to the troubleof writing something even if they're just saying hi please acknowledge themrespond to it if you've been on a call when someone's done that to you it makesyou feel great if they totally ignore you you think what's the pointultimately we're building no liken trust it's why we're doing live we're having aconversation we're building a relationship with our viewers I promiseyou this is the best way for you to do it so go apply it in your next livestream that was so good thank you so much Adrian now you guys are gonna learnfrom Scott Simson who is the co-founder of video marketing world an amazingevent I actually spoke at it this year and actually last year as well over inDallas and so Scott it's going to be teaching you a little bit about background and lighting when it comes to your live streams so Scotttake it away hey Rob so one tip that I have when it comes to live streaming isto make sure that your background is aesthetically appealing and that itlends to your professionalism and lends to your credibility as a live streamerso what happens a lot of times when people livestream they're either doinghandheld type of a camera and their backgrounds all over the place orthey're sitting down at their computer and you know it's it's like this youknow they're they're looking down like this and and hey guys welcome to my livestream the problem with that is that if everybody can do that anybody can dothat and so what you want to do as a live stream to be taken seriously is toset things up so that way it makes you look more professional so what I've gotin my background I've got these these sound dampening panels very cheap onAmazon I've got a couple of LED up lights you can see I can change thecolor right now there's sound on purple I've got blue light over hereI bought this bookshelf so that way I could have something to put all of my mypersonality like knickknacks that represents in my personality so I've gotmountains mountains up there I've got a thumbs up down here and then this isimportant if if you have any awards or anything that show your credibility orgive social proof add add that so I've got my play button there so that waywhen people know that I'm talking about YouTube that I'm a credible resource acredible source of information when it comes to talking about YouTube now andthen make sure that you've got good lighting in the foreground so that wayyou as the as the subject of the live stream are well lit thank you Scott oneday when I get that play button I'm definitely gonna put it back there inthe background but till then this is my background right here there you gothat's a familiar view now next up is Dean Reynolds amazing guy helps a lot ofartists and creatives and musicians get online get on YouTube using videos andso Dean has some advice of course being a musician he has some advice for usabout audio so Dean take it away! Audio, check your audio especially if you have a guest coming on your show you have to ask that guests to show up at least 15minutes guys at least 50 minutes check the audio of course frame the guest upin the shot and everything but check the audio make sure the audio is goodremember not every live streaming platform allows you to manipulate theaudio up or down this is Dean piece for me anytime I have a guest I make surethat they come into that broadcast studio 15 minutes at the very least Iactually send them a calendar invite that way it's actually locked down ontheir calendar and they don't book anything before that session so that wecan test all the audio and make sure it's all good so now you guys are gonna learn from my friend Jeff Bates amazing contentcreator as well talks a lot about Disney in fact so Jeff you're up next!It's vital to stay on task you've got to have a plan before your show Iuse post-it notes it's easy say you have five topics you want to talk about orfive points you want to get to or five whatever's you just get a post-it notesometimes I'll even grab the post notes and when I've done all throw to thecamera I don't know why it's a silly thing people ask me why I do itand I have a good answer but it gets me flowing it makes me not forget becausewhen you go live without a plan sometimes you're just you get lost youforget what's going on and then this shows over you're like oh I didn't talkabout that five no more than five just my opinion and post-it notes point apoint B Point C stole that from Pat Flynn.

Rob and people of Rob's world Ihope that helped, have the best day ever.

Awesome guys thank you so much forhanging out with me in this collaboration make sure you go check outall of my friends channels again the link is down in the description if youguys have any tips you guys would like to add so that we can share it with thecommunity make sure you leave it down in the comments let me know what othercollaborations you would like me to do I would love to do them with other amazingcontent creators and again if you haven't subscribed to thischannel yet make sure you hit the subscribe button and I'll see you in thenext video bye bye!.

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