April 10, 2021


I am Narouxto Uzumaki(In french “roux” mean redhead, so it's like Na-redhead-to Uzumaki) I think it's works, first try * EPIC FAIL* Oh shit ! VULBIS ! VULBIS ! Oh shit ! BEST OF DOFUS ! Let a like and subscribe I never realised it before but when you are an eliotrope female you hear the female sounds Okaaaay I'm dumb it's normal *He realise what he just said before* of course they will not put guys sound, voice If I kill him I suck my dick on my own because I can do it ok ?! I just did 320 try on a jammy jack on Jahash server, an advice to untilt ? * Intense relflection * I don't know, jerk off I think it's a good strat no ? I'm serious OK I got a “god like” try I can have 502 vita I can put 9 Ra Vi on it on a rhineetle amulet nearly perfect aside from the wisdom but we don't care 1, 2, 3 Oh my god 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, C'mon please, please, please Holy cow ! Please the AP, please Someone : I found a bug.

The streamer : What's the bug ? WHAT ? what's happening guys CONTEXT: he use a vocal software to play blindfolded CONTEXT :He play only with voice, his hands are in his pocket YEEEEEES First try ! So good, so good, so good I put it in the wrong place, It's terrible ! I hurt him a lot Wow what ? ALLY OH no What is this old bad skin His skin is so ugly, it looks like a Crow.






* He realise * Why don't you try to MF with a pencil up your nose.

I'll admit, why i didn't think of it before.

I'm dumb.

The shitty hammer, who put you mid life.

Do I die ? NOO OH ! An Release kill there WAIT, a Double Release kill ? No way! Wait wait wait A double Release kill ? maybe I kill him on crit? Wonderful ! It's rare to see this in the history of dofus But we see here a double Release kill What a pleasure Of course it go down like this It worked I didn't expect it, I clicked like that Like the 21 times before I'm happy Oh shit * Haunted house * seriously, shit I swear I'm not spending the night I swear I don't sleep this night No no no Validate Come back to the website And now you will say, But Fekah how I buy kamas ? You cliked on purchase kamas, you log in the website ERROR And the page doesn't work * He thank a sub * It's the occasion to retry the train music I don't have the musical note I can't do it.

I can't do it.

So we remake the Naruto song If he find a way to make explode the Synchro between the two here It will overturn the fight It's the right time, I don't know if there is a possibility.

I don't play Xelor so.



Actually I don't play Xelor, so I don't know if there is a solution But there hope are in the kill right now I think he will try it, yes he will try it This Synchro is beautiful, really beautiful Will he use it ??? Come on Come on dragon (the player name) On the two ! On the two ! He did it ! I feel it, this one will work I kill him.

RIght here, 100 times It's good, he is dead.

Oh shiiit I'm sick of this class.

This shitty class.

How many turn i played on 8 turns ? How many turn i played? I played 2 turns 2 turns where i could express myself through my gameplay everything else is fucking boring.

Don't worry I know verry well the Tal kasha.

It's a thing I know for sure.

The Tal kasha is all my life.

Don't worry I know verry well the Tal kasha.

It's a thing I know for sure.

No no no what happened ? It pisses me off when it does that.

What ? Do you know the boss ?- A little – 1st time- Same Look this Wait, wait , wait, maybe it's my video guys ! It could be funny if It is.

It will be the cool ! Normally I'm the one with the biggest tutorial video on the Count Harebourg.

*On the tchat * -He explain so well- It's the video I saw It is me ? lmao I'm dead xD.

It's my video ! Trust yourself Of course I trust myself You know if you forget one time Kaboom we are dead All right, let's do it again.

What ? I don't have spells.

I hit only on line I understand nothing oh shit mum.

What do i do ? I don't know brother, i don't know.

Sacrifice ! Sacrifice the sword! Smart I Sacrifice me ? Only the sword ? I don't understand man.

I know nothing.

I rush .

I rush, I understand nothing dude I don't know what i'm doing, what I have done dude ? What I have done ? What is this ??? I don't know dude, I have done a spell and It put me at 2%HP.

What is this shitty class ??? Oh nooo, I wanted to mute me on discord, to speak to the tchat But my mute shortcut is on the side of my recall potion.

stream / working a few hours a day makes you more productive but prolonged standing can be harmful Yes, that's why I've been moving since earlier.

I don't know if you note it I know when i worked in the hotel business I've been on my feet all day.

And you can't move, you can't strech your legs But you do it but secretely, 1 time an hour And it was giving me leg and back problems.

So Itry to move a little and to some strechings.

the lumbar And the leg.

Look my flexibility.

I put my bag over it.

My chair.





I just snap my chair.

I just broke my chair.


We're going to assume It's part of their strategy.

He play so fast ! I didn't even see what happened.

Oh It's boring.

They take a long time to come Want to see how fast I play? Want to see how fast I play? It keeps moving on my screen.

I'm not doing anything dude.

It open my second screen too.


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