April 14, 2021

Best Replays of the Week: Episode #108

Hello, I’m Luke Knellerand welcome to Best Replays of the Week.

In this episode we have: A quest for the thirdmark versus mission impossible.

Roll out! As always in our season 10 format we will first give away three gorgeous camos to replays That were good butmissed that inspirational spark.

AdikkCZE in this happy looking VK 45.

02Ais the first to sink their teeth in one.

It’s just a VK45.

02A I hear you say.

But it’s not any old VK, ithas big sharp pointy, paint? The beast of Caerbannogis a vicious brawler.

Taking on multiple opponents at once.

‘Tis but a scratch and all that.

Anyway, the game ends withthe enemy avoiding our hero.

GG Next we have the good old Pershing driven by Bingisz, felling trees on its way to open up a can of whoopass.

And in the Americantradition, hull down is the thing to do.

Even when the oddsare stacked against our hero.

The Pershing does not fail to deliver.

Unlike this Comet.



Peek-a-boo! The sirens wail for a secondtime as our American Hero defends; Of the people! By the people! For the people! Eagle! And finally.



The world famous Carry_Barry.

Salut RO! In the not-so-famous Manticore light tank.

Then demonstrating how to do it correctly.

However, things cango wrong really quickly.

Don’t forget arty is scary for a littlelight.

One splash and it’s all over.

Barry has a reputation to prove and carry this game against JPE-100 and two more arty.



Sneak attack! Times two! Time isn’t on Carry_Barry’s side but heknows where the sneaky arty like to hide.

Securing the game with justseconds left on the clock.

GG! Congratulations to our camo nominations! And now what you’ve all beenwaiting for, our first nomination.



Hulk smashingthe guard tower to set the tone! PatryK___MvP has 2 starslooking for their 3rd here on Cliff.

The difference between a good player anda great one is knowing when you gotta go! Perfect.

Hmm, a WT is lurking here.

Better find another way around.

Well that’s not fair! An E-100!? “Don’t make me angry!” “Run like the rust-bucket you are!” At this point the strategy is clear.

Show yourself for a few shotson the left, then on the right.

Keeping the enemy on edgeas to where you’ll pound next! PatryK smashes throughwatching the tiny ant people run.

Good, we’ve reached the backline.

Not actually being a superhero forcesPatryK to cautiously win this skirmish.

Sit rep.

Ah ha, all enemies havebeen spotted prior.

Time to go west! Three verses me? I like those odds! A classy pass to prevent supportingfire puts the Obj 705A down and out.

Sneak attack! Skorps are fast but.



“You won't like me when I'm angry!” Don’t worry little man, hulk will smash for you! Oh.



I guess, even a hulk can be overwhelmed.

And as expected a tank on its side offersas much resistance as a wet paper towel.

Such a shame! PartyK___MvP did everything in their power to carry the game but it was just not enough.

On the bright side, this 12k damage game secures a well-deserved third mark along with a shiny medal and our nomination for best replay of the week.

And for our second replay.



They say that a good game will happenonce hell freezes over, well WelcomeToHell.

Driving a Bourrasque WelcomeToHell plans to blow up a storm immediately putting the 105 mm gun to work.

Even if their opponents were fooled by this frozen landscape, they’ve had the appropriate greetings! There is a weakness of this weaponhowever, and that requires a new tactic.

Wait, how did they hurt our demon? They must be the forces of heaven sent to bring justice.

They shall get no justice here.

Sit rep: What on earth!? Four minutes into the game and our archdemon is the only survivor? Time for boss mode: Raise the water! Eight remaining.

Seven remaining.

Power overwhelming! Six remaining.

Enough tricks.

Timeto show them your true power.

A one two deals withthe SU whilst a Leo swoops in.

With no shells in themag WelcomeToHell must… Do an 3000 IQ play of stopping.


Begone! The ArchAngel has arrived, but overconfidence will be its downfall.

It isn’t immune to damage at this range! Fear me! Even an archdemon will die from a thousandcuts and this one brings us to our knees.

The forces of light decide thatenough is enough and go for the capture.

But it is too little.

Too late.

In all seriousness, I can’tquite believe what I just watched.

Nine enemies failingto dispatch WelcomeToHell.

That was an example of overconfidence at its highest I’ve ever seen.

In all my time, this is the mostsupernatural Kolobanov’s medal, ever.

I don’t even care about the stats.

That was a demonic infernal battle of monstrous proportions.

And that’s it for this episode.

Those were two impressive replays, each in its own way.

But now you step in.

Remember to vote on the replay that you found to be the best replay of the week.

Click the i in the topright and cast your vote: Would it be PatryK___MvPwith the 12k damage heartbreak.



Or WelcomeToHell withthat diabolical 1vs9 win.

Last week’s best replayof the week as voted by you was.



Ivandaa – the mighty KV-2.

Boom! I'm Luke Kneller, thanks forwatching and I'll see you next time!.

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