May 11, 2021


– Hey, good morning, everybody, and welcome to the vlog.

I hope the start of your day is as incredible as it possibly can be.

One of the jobs I'm excitedto get finished today, of course, is the newCaiman lizard enclosure.

Started to work on this yesterday.

As a matter of fact, if youdidn't see yesterday's video, I'll put a card right up here.

You can actually see that, where we started to do it.

Obviously, we added a ledgehere, we added a ledge here.

We need Lori to comeback and seam all this.

This just pushed away a little bit, so I have to foam thison just a little bit.

Let that dry.

Then Lori can come seam, I can start putting some vines in here, start putting some greenery in here, and then, ultimately, we'll be able to put water in here, and actuallyput the animals in here.

I'm excited.

Hopefully, this can be done by the end of the day if everything goes well.

We'll just have to see how things go.

But, in the meantime, we havea lot of other things to do.

I'm going to film this up really quick, get that dry so Lori can comeback and fixture this up, and then we'll move onto whatever else we have because it's going to be an amazing day.

Let's just make it amazing together.

Continuing to update you guys on Ivy.

Oh, my gosh.

And, again, what I said yesterday is the fact that once ananimal eats a really large meal that animal inside, as they're digesting, kind of bloats up a little bit.

Then they kind of blow up.

And, today, she's probablyin the largest phase.

Probably by tomorrow, it'll start to shrink down, but it looks painful right now, and it's like, “Oh, my god.

” Now, this is, again, typical for what anacondas do in the wild.

There's nothing that's dangerousabout this or anything.

It just looks really painful.

Ivy is an amazing snake, and I want to get a male.

I told you guys about that, and I've actually evenfound a couple males online that seem to be relatively tame.

Lori's not a huge fan of it, and the reason for that is is that, real rarely, but sometimes when you breed a snake, itcan change their disposition.

Ivy is super tame, and super awesome, and Lori's worried if we breed her, will she become a little bit aggressive? There's always that chance.

I don't know.

What do you guys think? Should I take the riskand try to breed her because I think itwould be really amazing, or should I just say, “You know what? Just leave her alone” andjust don't even worry about it and keep her as sweet as she is right now? Let me know in thecomments what you think.

I'm torn, but, boy, it'dbe so amazing to see in this environment what apair of anacondas would do.

(upbeat techno music) Before Lori gets goingwith all the seaming, I want to make sure I cangive her a full palette of things that I want hereso that she can seam things.

I think I'm going to put this right here if I'm not mistaken.

I think that's what I'm going to do.

I can screw right into this here because this, of course, isthat Polyurea background.

I'm going to go ahead, see if I can't get a screw in here to kind of keep it here, and then she can actuallygo back, and seam this.

(drills loudly) I think this'll be good.

I'm going to probably.



Gosh, she might be mad at me for this because I got her messed up over here, but I want to, again, havemore opportunity for them to climb, which I think willbe really good for them.

I'm going to screw this one piece in down here to make surethis is secured in place.

(drills loudly) Like that, and then she can, hopefully, seam all around this, and I think that's good.

And then, the only otherthing I think I need to add, as far as finishing thecage, is the foliage.

You know, greenery and stuff like that.

But now she can comeback, seam these edges, and then I have to think of where I might want to put plants.

But, again, another little climbing area so it has a little jungle gymof areas, lots of options.

Get really close to the heat lamp up here.

Get as far away from it as it wants to.


Now, it's up to Lori.

– You know, Brian was doing all the work, trying to put the enclosure together for the Caimans, so I figured, (laughs) I got to do the fun stuff.

Got my little red-headed Caiman here, and I'm going to feed him snails because snails are one of the really huge points of nutrition for these guys.

We really got to make sure he's able to eat these things, and these guys' jaws, when they're older, they're so strong, and they canactually crush through them.

It's pretty cool.

(upbeat techno music) He holds her there like a dog.

Like, “Oh, look, I'm so proud of myself.

I'm so proud.

” These guys are actuallya South American lizard.

You know, the Tegu is the largest one, but these guys, they're pretty close to being one of the bigger ones out there.

Now, these guys are actually found in pretty swampy, morewoodland-type areas.

This is actually probably a mixture of a more semi-arboreal lizard here.

What really makes themreally cool and unique is that they're actuallykind of an aquatic lizard.

That's actually why we're setting up our cages where they're at.

These guys are from Ecuador, Guyana, Peru, you know? The Northern part of South America.

There are pretty warm climateswhere these guys are from, and, man, some real humidones, that's for sure.

It actually makes sense why snails are one of the more main partsof these guys' diet.

If you really thinkabout it, the swampier, nasty, mucky areas is exactlywhere you find snails.

Trust me, I know.

I lived in the South for a long time, and you find those a lotin swamp, that's for sure.

– As usual, it's my job to go behind, and clean up Brian's messes.

He went and foamed a bunchof these rocks and things in here for this new enclosure.

Now, I got to go behind, and clean that up, and then silicone and dust tomake it look nice and pretty.

I guess, that's on my docket today.

(ambient techno music) – It's been a while since Ishowed you this girl here.

This is actually one of Lucy's babies.

This is a Citron TigerReticulated Python here.

That Citron really cleans it up, makes it absolutely gorgeous.

And, again, she has beena puppy-dog tame animal since we had her.

Pretty aggressive feeder, I'm not going to lie, but other than that, really amazing.

I don't know what's goingto eventually happen.

If she'll end up overat The Reptarium or not.

I'm not 100% sure.

Maybe in Reptarium 3.

0, we'll put her over there.

I'm not 100% sure, but she'ssuch a beautiful animal, and this is the only babythat I actually held onto from Lucy, and then a friend of mine, Corey, has another baby that's still mine, but he's raising it up, and I think that one's even a littlebit bigger than this one.

And, again, puppy-dog tame.

It's cool to have an animalfrom Lucy, and it's even cooler that she doesn't have theattitude of her mother.

Of course, a bunch of my snakesjust shed like Al Machino, and they missed feeding this week.

I go ahead and I justthawed out a few animals for these guys.

There you go, Al.

There you go, bud.

There you go.

We'll go ahead, and give him a few rats to beef him up a little bit.

We also have a couple other snakes that just shed, too, including Moo Moo.

And, of course, she islooking absolutely wonderful now that she's out of shed.

I mean, what a beautiful snake.

Here you go, girl.

Want a little rat? There you go.

That's a good girl.

She got it perfect.

That snake is so impressive.

The last python that shedthat looks beautiful, and is going to get a little bit of food, of course, is Jeffry.

Here you go, bud.

There you go.

Oh! He hit it hard, too.

There you go, buddy.

(chuckles) He's a good snake.

I figured, I'd go ahead and feed them.

Again, it's a little bitoff as far as the feed day.

We normally fed a couple days ago, and sometimes I'd waituntil next week for them, but they all look so hungry, I figured, what the heck? We'll thaw out some food, and feed these monkeys up.

(ambient techno music) – Hey, guys.

I'm actually doing afew of my regular tasks of the week and stuff like that, and so I figured we'd take you along, show you guys some of the stuff that I do.

Right now, I'm actually fillingup a little bit of water for Toothless because Toothless, like a lot of our Monitors here, are always in somelevel of potential shed, especially the way the littleyoung guy's growing up.

This is the moment I get to use enrichment to actually get these guys tobe a little bit more tamer, a little more cooler with us.

Actually, even, youknow, want to come out.

You know what I mean? These guys actually thrive in water, especially our Asian Water Monitors.

[Brunette Man] Where are you? (taps gently) – [Camera Man] Looks likethat may be her up there.

– [Brunette Man] Oh, you're up there.

– [Camera Man] Justice.

– [Brunette Man] Justice! There you go.

Hi, buddy.

Hi, buddy.

Go on, get down.

– [Camera Man] Where's he going? – [Brunette Man] Get down, get down.

What're you doing, big guy? – [Camera Man] Where you going, Mister? – Now, you can tell he'salready really excited.

When you're doing things thatthey really find enriching, they'll get so distracted, they won't even realize the lid's here.

I honestly feel like I could walk away.

10, 15 minutes later, come back.

He's still here, hangingaround, doing little circles.

This is part of one of the reasons what started anybody's love for reptiles.

Getting this chance toenrich yourself and them.

– Lori has it all fixed up.

Looks really good.

The dusting on all the edgeslooks and blends really good.

What I have to do isgo and vacuum this out, clean it up as much as I can.

There's going to besome sediment down here that I'm going to haveto fill the water, drain, fill, drain, fill, drain to get it ready, and then I'm going toput some plants in here, and then we can actuallymove the animals over.

Let's jump in.

(upbeat music) All right, I think we are done.

I think we're set, we're fixtured out.

Things are cleaned up.

I think it's going to be good.

Interesting to see howthese guys will like it.

I'm not 100% sure, butI think they really will because, again, aquaticall over the place, plenty of spots, cool side, warm side, everything to feel comfortable.

Let's go ahead and getone of these monkeys, and put it in here to see what happens.

These guys are absolutely adorable.

I love them so much, and Ireally hope that they like this.

Again, this'll be an enclosurethat they can stay in for the next year, maybe evena little longer than a year.

That is if they do well in here.

We have to let them tell us.

I'm going to put this first one in here.

Not exactly sure where I should put it to be totally honest with you.

Maybe I'll put it right uphere, and let it wander around.

Look at that.

That looks so dope! Oh my god! I am so excited about the way this looks.

That is.



Oh, my god.

I'm even more excited than I was before.

Look at how great that looks.

All right, I'll get them in here, get them settled in, and that's it, guys.

Tell me what you think about down below.

I think that's the perfect picture.

That's what I envisioned in my head that you would see these guys if they were in the Amazon and you found them.

I'm over-the-top happy with the way this enclosure turned out.

If you have any suggestions for me, let me know down in thecomments what you think, and I'll keep you guysupdated on how they're doing.

A couple things to open really quick.

This one is actually Autism Anglers, but it says “Time sensitive.

Open ASAP.

” Do you think it's.



? I mean, why would it be time sensitive? Is it maybe perishable? I don't know.

– I don't know.

– No idea.

– Let's go ahead and open it up and see.

Here's a letter for you.

– Maybe they just didn't want you to wait.

Don, and he has a son, Landon, who is now eight, and diagnosed with autism, and he, two years ago, started a non-profit organizationcalled Autism Anglers, and April is World Autism Awareness Month.

That's why it's time sensitive.

– That's awesome.

This is really cool.

This is super cool.

You could do this as a mask.

– As a thank you, yep, forbeing a part of our daily lives and being a great mentorto so many people, please accept thislimited-edition, only 36 printed of their 2020 Autism Acceptance T-shirt.

– Aw, thank you so much, guys.

– He'd love if you wear it.

– Oh, my gosh, I will totally wear it.

Check it.

This is a colorful shirt.

This is a cool shirt.

I love it.

Right size, large.

You guys did good.

That is awesome.

I will absolutely support that.

I promise you, I will support that.

That is cool.

Thank you so much.

By the way, I can't wait to get back so we can do a sensorynight here every month when we're open, and it'sone of my favorite nights of the entire month to be honest with you.

We can't wait to get back to that.

That'll be pretty awesome.

What do we have here? – Tell me that's what I think it is.

– Oh, my gosh, no, this is cool! (Lori laughs) That's awesome! Look at that.

– “I'm a peacock, dad.

You gotta let me fly!” – Oh, my gosh.

This is little Noah! Okay, I know.

– It's little tiny Noah.

– I think that it must'vecame off my Facebook page.

– Oh, my gosh.

– “We did the tour last March, and are dying to see the expansion.

Watch you everyday.

I'm down 100 lbs since November– – Oh my gosh.

– And plan on treatingmyself to another tour.

Larry Shaffer.

“- Oh, my gosh.

Congratulations on 100 lbs, and actually, I remember this.

This was at a zoo.

– Yeah, the Detroit Zoo.

– The Detroit Zoo, and we went up to a peacock that was behind us.

This was when Noah was probably like, I don't know, maybe, five? Six? Something like that? I'm not even sure.

Thank you! (laughs) I can't wait to see what.



– That's funny.

To show him.

– I can't wait to see whatNoah thinks about that.

(mumbles) And then, last thing, reallyquick, we're going to un-box.

This is from North Dakota, and it's Piper Cack.

All right, what have we got here? Oh! I hope that wasn't a note.

(Lori laughs) Oh, man! I'll tell you what, youguys are spoiling me.

You know, I tell you, Inever in my wildest dreams thought that I'd be excitedabout paper towel, but I am! I am so excited! And this'll get us throughanother couple days, so thank you so much.

It says, “Hi Brian.

Pleaseread this on camera.

In one of your vids, you said that you don't have very much paper towel, so when I was at the store, I saw some, and I thought of you.

My favorite type of snakesare Hognose Supercondas.

If you have one, please show it.

” I'll show that for you, okay? Can we show him a Superconda right now? Yeah.

We got a male.

– All right.

Thank you, and as we're cleaning cages, we'll think of you.

Thank you so much.

I appreciate you, Piper.

All right, Piper, here it is.

This is a Superconda.

Of course, it's a Western Hognose snake.

This is the Super version of the Incomplete DominantAnaconda, obviously.

And they're called anacondas because they look likethey have anaconda dots kind of like Ivy or Verdi, but, nevertheless, the Supersbasically have no pattern, sometimes a little bit of a stripe.

Thank you for the paper, Piper.

(comedic music) (laughs) Thank you for the paper, Piper, and here's your Superconda.

I've said it before.

It's important to be grateful in life.

I want to encourage you, again.

Can you, right now, think of what you're grateful for right now? I'm grateful for so many things, and I know that life isabout to get a lot better over the next couple weeks, so, together, we are going to get throughthis, and I'm so glad that you have joined me for this journey, and I hope that, as much as I can, I can be a distraction to you.

I am here for you guys, and I'm telling you things are going to be okay.

With that said, if youhaven't got enough of me, you can check out theentire playlist over here of snake eggs because we'reright around the corner from snake eggs cutting.

I know you guys love that.

Up here, you can listen to mypodcast called, “Checking In.

” Noah and Erik just did a banger.

You guys want to check that one out.

On this side, you cansubscribe to the vlog channel.

I cannot thank you enough for that.

Have an absolutely wonderful day.

Remember, be kind tosomeone, and I promise, I'll see you guys tomorrow.


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