May 12, 2021

Chanel West Coast's Most Memorable Moments | Best of Ridiculousness

– Ladies and gentlemen, welcome Chanel West Coast! (applause and cheering) welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome how's it going? (audience applause) Chanel I have a feeling that you laugh, both when you see somethingsketchy or dangerous, and when you see something funny.

– Yes.

– Is that true? – Pretty much.

– So if you're about to like, ya know drive a car off acliff you're gonna be like, (laughs) this is crazy! – Not if it's me about to die! – If it's somebody else you laughin'? (laughter) – You guys put me in an awkward situation.

– But is it instinctually? – There's certain situationswere its a bad accident, or something that is veryfunny to watch usually.


– I did not see her going there! (censored beep) – If it's a bad accident it's hilarious.

– We just voom.

– Funny to watch, when it endsand you see that their okay.

If I don't see the end ofit, and don't know for sure, that's when I probablywon't laugh as much.

– He's like lemme get inon some of this action.

Oh whoa! (laughter) – He's having a good time! – Wait! How did I get here? – He thought his wifewas still at the mall, shopping she got back from Sephora early and was like eh nah! (audience laughing) (cat meowing) – Awe, what is this he's so cute! – Awe, come on man.

– Look at you! – Look at him struggle.

(cat meows) (laughing) – What does your hearttell you when you see this? – It's really cute (giggling) – My heart aches forthis little fat, wet cat.

– I thought you were goingto say something about – Nope- like about.


– I thought you were goingto say something like, awe I love wet (censored beep) (giggling) – And God because we have pigs.



There's chitlins today on our tables God.

You're so mindful of your people! – I get like this whenever I find a, Taco Bell open at four a.


(laughter) (lions roaring) – Whoa, whoa whoa, hey hey, hey! – Are they playing? – No he was trying to get some, I think, and she was like uh uhn.

– wake yo ass up.

(laughing) – (Rob) Here comes Brittany! – Little Dora the Explorer.

(glass bang) – Come in! Dora the explorer! – You're not explorin' no more.

– Chanel, let's talkabout life in the future and where it can take you.

– In the future?- That's right.

One day do you plan on being a mother.

– Yes, definitely – Okay, what are you most afraid of in that journey to motherhood? – I guess I'm scared of dropping it, like.

– Oh my god, you don't trust yourself? – You don't wanna drop your baby.

– That's a fact.

– Their fragile.

(baby crying) – What the (beep) – What?! (audience laughter) – Wait! That was amazing.

That babies body language was like, well sorry you say it allthe time I didn't know jeez.

(many voices at once) – Can you hear silence? Can you hear silence? – Can you hear silence?- yes.

(laughter) – Yes! I love.



uh yes – Well no you don't hear anything! – Well! – Silence is technically a sound right? – It's not technically a sound! It's silence! – I think there is.


– But you! Okay!- You guys! If everybody, hold up! If everybody shuts up, and it becomes completelysilent you can hear that right? – No, no you don't hear anything you don't hear anything! – Oh my god! Imagine being swol andthat's the sound you make.

– He sounds like a weird bird! – Awe, yeah! Oh godother side, other side! Oh yeah! Oh, oh oh! Oh! – That's the life right there.

– That's obviously not a good vacuum it's not even sucking the cat up.

– Do it chris! (yelling) – He knocked him out man! – The guy in the backgroundlooks like a gnome.

Like, what is he wearing on his head? – You finally said something.

– These have been short clips today.

– It is.

– My mouth! – Oh my god! – Oh my god! Oh my god.

– I'm scarred from that.

– Chanel do you own a GoPro? – No, I wanna get one though.

– What would you film if you got one? – I think I could have my own show, just about road rage.

– Road rage? – Like one time I just (beep) you, and this guys like, Yeah West coast! I was like, he took that really well.

– I just wanna talk, I just wanna talk.

Ya know, Fine go! Go back to that dirtyfreeway whore of yours.

– I thought, does it have horns? – Tusks.

– I thought those were extinct.

– Ohh, horns are in fact extinct.

However, elephant tusk are not.

(air spraying) – We're gonna spray both of us, nah I guess I'm just gonna spray me.

– All that's funny, helooks like Donald Trump.

– Yeah.

But what do you want from this? – (Rob) Awe man- (Steelo) Don't touch it.

– (Rob) Oh my god! – (Chanel) Oh my god, it probablyhit somebody in the head.

He killed someone! – I got karaoke but Debbieshe shut down let's see! – Oh bruh.

– Wait! It literally lookedlike she powered down.

It looked like the batteries just died – She did.

(robot imitation) – Join the coastguardyou gotta love water, so when I think about, what branch you might end up in I think you kind of like boats and beaches that you could end up in the coastguard.

– Yeah I feel like thatbe the one I'd go with.

(giggling) (audience cheering, and clapping) and I'd obviously guard the West coast.

– This is the Canadian armless pushup! – CanaDuhh.

(audience laughter) – it's gonna be so amazing.

– It looked like hegot nervous in the air, and was just like.

– Put it in, Bring it in, bring it in! Bring it in! – What the hell are they doing? – Well, it's like he went too close.

(children arguing) – Yes, that's it fightfor your fathers love! – Hey stop it! Whoa! – You got to move! – The dads like so entertained, he does not want them to stop.

– It literally looks like Kylie and I.

– Have either of you kickedat someone and drop em.

– I took karate for a week and quit.

– You took karate? – What?- shows us what you got.

– No! – I want her to show me something (beep) (audience cheering) ayeee! She's like a(beep)ing Power Ranger, she was like.

It got real, it got real! There ya go.

– That's why I quit, Iwasn't that good at it.

– Okay, oh yeah.

– Oh my god.

(mumbling) – I know exactly whatthey're doing though, their using the box as ashield to keep him away, I have to do that with my dog, where you have to put the box.


You block them out like a little wall, a little wall of China around your food.

– All right cool that's a good catch, awe.

What was that? Big ass sea lion? That some sort of sea beast? – A walrus.

– Big ass weird sea walrus.

– Oh wait, is a walrus in the sea? I got confused, I got confused.

– Where would a walrus beif he's not in the sea? (laughter erupts) – Hello.

(laughter) – He looks like, he was sleeping in the mudand just woke up from it.

– Where did he come from? – Yeah cause I don't believein moving off of motion, I believe in moving off strategy, and my only strategy isjust to tell the truth, it's like whatever I saidabout you I'm gonna say to you and Imma continue to say it to you, regardless of how mad you get.

– But just because you say something doesn't make it the truth.

– That's true, it's just myopinion she's saying that cause, I told her she was white rappin' one time.

– Yeah.

– Oh! I think we're gonna wrap.

– That's all.

(censored beeping) – That just come out of nowhere.

– I'm just saying though, you can have opinions doesn't mean there right though.

– Uh oh! Beef, beef, beef! (audience cheering beef) (censored beeping) – I never knew, when was this? – She is right though, it's just my opinion.

– Yeah, we're all entitled to opinions.

– Have y'all ever heard her rap? Okay good for the goodpeople that said no.

– Well no! Hold on, hold on let's just get something.


(beep) Lil Wayne, who co-singedDrake and Nicki Minaj, is the same person who co-signed me, I've one a B.


T award with Young Money, I got songs with FrenchMontana, YG, Ty Dolla Sign, Snoop Dogg mind you, hold up! Hold up! Mind you I did a songwith Snoop Dogg after getting into a verbal argument with him, because he respected me so muchafter I spoke my mind to him he still came back and did a song with me.

– Why you talking with your hands though? – You don't know mymusical track record bro, – I don't need sign language.

– you don't know my musical track record, sorry I can't be (beep)funny today cause he doesn't know my mother(beep)ingmusical track record, so get familiar.

(audience clapping) – Reminder, MTV and the Producersinsist that no one sumbit any videos of themselvesor others performing any dangerous activities.

We will not open or view them.


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