May 8, 2021

COOL DIY CLOTHES HACKS || Girly Clothes Transformation Ideas by 123 GO!

Ahh!! Ooh, is that me? An outfit change will fix that! Now that’s better, don’t you think? Nothing like a good outfit transformation! Hey, how’d Jake do that? I wonder if I can do that too! All I have to do is fall on the bed, right? AHH!! These hot summer days are no joke! I’m sweating like a pig in here! Why didn’t I get a place with air conditioning? Phew, that’s better.

Who am I kidding, I’m melting! Okay, I can get through this.

But my throats all dry now! It’s like a desert in my mouth! Wait, I have a cold juice in the fridge! This juice is about to save me! Oh, sweet, chilled relief! What was that?! A nail? How’d that even get there? This shirt’s brand new too! Talk about horrible luck.

But perhaps I can turn it around… It just may take a little craftiness.

Ruin your shirt? Then simply cut it out! Cut in a straight line above the hole.

Then take away the top half.

And cut into the strip like this.

That’s perfect! Now use it as a tie for your top.

Put it through and tie it in a bow.

Make sure it’s tight.

Pretty cute, right? And perfect for this hot weather.

I wonder where my date is! No worries, I could use a minute to capture this adorableoutfit.

Stuck at home? Then why not do some online shopping? How cute are these? Yikes, a little pricey.

But the purple one’s so cute, see? GAH! Who has that kinda cash? Mind if I do some ironing? Today’s a major laundry day.

I’ve gotta have some loose change.

This won’t even buy me a sleeve! What? This didn’t have a mark before? Looks like the work of bleach.

What do I do? Actually, wait a second! Betty’s bleach! Think that could look tie-die? Well, there’s only one way to find out.

Take a bright-colored item of clothing.

And twist it with a fork.

Put a couple rubber bands around it.

Then spray it with some bleach.

After a couple minutes, you’ll see things start to change! Cut off the rubber bands, And check out your creation! Not too shabby! No more boring sweatshirts here! Why pay a fortune, when you can make this yourself? And with good old bleach? I can’t get this stuff out! Is that my bleach? Turn around.

That looks amazing! Thanks.

Think this could help? Is this too yellow? This blue isn’t quite right either.

None of my clothes are right! Why is everything so ugly?! I don’t remember buying this.

Did I shop online in my sleep again? No, it's my shirt from when I was young! We’ve had such fun times together! Like when my dolls got their new car! That was awesome.

And don’t get me started on the tea parties.

I even learned to read in that thing! No talking with your mouths full! How could I forget about this shirt? But it does seem a little outdated.

Think I could make it modern? Have an old shirt that needs a change? Cut it! See these extra pieces? Sew them together like this.

Do it on both sides.

And you’re already done! Now this is more like it! Wow! That top is so adorable! For some girls, It’s all about the accessories.

What’s an outfit without some sparkle? Hey girls! Um, where’s all your bling? You allergic to it or something? Well, this is a little awkward… I don’t have any fun accessories.

Doesn’t take a detective to see that.

But maybe we can help.

Thank us later.

Hair ties? My hair’s up! They’re for your shirt, silly! Oh, I get it now! Wanna take your look up a notch? Lift your shirt, and gather it like this.

Once it’s secured on both sides, Pull it down, And tuck it under.

Cute, huh? That’s beautiful! We’ve never worn that before! Look who’s setting the trend now? SELFIE! I’ve gotta capture this glow-up! Cheese! Muah! Now bring on the likes! Nothing like a night with my Cheetos and videos! What haven’t I watched yet… Kevin? What does he want? I totally forgot about our dinner date! I gotta get ready! What do I wear? And my denim skirt saves the day! Man, this thing’s cute.

But for a top… This isn’t good… I knew I should’ve done laundry.

What’s this? It has a giant stain on it! Maybe I should call and cancel.

Unless I wanna go in this… What’s taking Lily so long?! Hey, Kevin! That’s an interesting outfit… Laundry day, you know how it is… Should we order? Nope, definitely can’t wear this.


Wait, I have a plan! See this old thing? Turn it upside down, scrunch it, And put your head through.

Pretend to put it on like normal.

Pull it down as much as you can.

Fold the extra material down, And pull it down a bit.

Hello, gorgeous! That top looks brand new! Off to my date! Hi, Kevin! Hey.

Woah, you look incredible! Is that new? Kinda.

It’s an old fave of mine.

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