March 6, 2021

Coronavirus: Your #1 Absolute Best Defense Against COVID-19 – Holistic Doctor Explains

Hello Health Champions.

Today I want to talk about the number oneabsolute best way to defend yourself against the coronavirus or any other pathogen thatmight come around for that matter how do you get your body to the optimal state where itcan defend itself to whatever comes around coming right up hey I'm dr.

Ekberg I'm a holistic doctor and a formerOlympic decathlete and if you want to truly Master Health by understanding how the bodyreally works make sure you subscribe and hit that notification Bell so you don't miss anythingwe have learned that most of the victims of the coronavirus are elderly and it's alwaystragic when a young person dies.

Jonathan Coelho was 32 years old a cancersurvivor but in good health when his wife says he began showing early symptoms of coronavirusabout a month ago he underwent a series of treatments was intubated doctors told hiswife Katie they expected him to survive he didn't.

But the question is these young people whoare being called normal and healthy and without underlying conditions are they truly healthyis a person who recently had cancer truly healthy these are some of the questions we'regoing to explore and before we're done you're going to have a totally clear picture haveyou ever really, really ask yourself what is the difference if two people get infectedand one will live and the other one will die what is the difference if it was the samepathogen the difference is that one person's body had the ability to defend itself andthe other one didn't that's called an immune system and some people get infected they don'teven notice and that's what we're finding now with this coronavirus that as many as20-30% of certain populations already have developed immunity and they didn't even knowit a lot of people when they talk about an immune system they're talkin about a cell-basedimmune system with the white blood cells and the things that support the cell based immunesystem like the white blood cells they have to have vitamin A and vitamin C vitamin Dand zinc and calcium for example to support to activate to make possible the activityof the white blood cells if we don't have enough of these then the white blood cellsdon't work the way they're supposed to but again these are nutrient it doesn't mean thatif you take a thousand times as much of these that you're going to have a thousand timesmore white blood cells it doesn't work like that we also have something called specificimmunity that if we've been exposed to a specific pathogen we can develop antibodies which isthe body's memory it remembers what that pathogen looked like and it developed an antibody that'sfit specifically to that pathogen and it remembers and this immunity could last for many monthsor many years or even a lifetime and that's what we're not quite sure about with the coronavirusis it just going to last the season or is it going to give us lasting immunity but morethan just a cell-based immune system we want to talk about the body defenses the wholebody defense because the immune system the way they talk about it it's not really a systemit's just certain body parts okay but your whole body is the immune system you are theimmune system you have 40 trillion cells and the healthier those 40 trillion cells arethe better their nutritional status the better their ability to make energy the better theirability to do what they're supposed to do the healthier you are the stronger your defensesis and some of these cells provide physical barrier so your skin is a physical barrieryou can get the virus on your skin and not be infected you can wash it away and you'llbe okay cuz you have a barrier you also have a physical barrier in your intestinal liningand your lung shining and there's many different types of physical barriers then you have cellmembranes like a virus can only replicate inside a cell so it has to penetrate a cellmembrane so the healthier and stronger and better working your cell membranes are themore difficult for a virus to make entry you have mucus membranes that secrete mucus totrap and move pathogens away you have chemical defenses you have cells that spew out freeradicals and toxic substances and hydrogen peroxide that act as poison on these microbesand you have detoxification because these microbes produce toxins in turn and then youneed a liver and a kidney and so forth to filter out and neutralize those toxins andthen you have a spleen that can filter out cellular debris and residue so all of thesecells all of these organs are part of your immune system you are the immune system andof course your white blood cells the cell based immune system is also super importantbut they're only part of the total defense what are the official US spokespeople is dr.

Anthony Fauci and he has said repeatedly he is convinced there will be a coronavirus inthe fall and he also said not just him but the general consensus is that if we have avaccine in 12 to 18 months that is happening really fast that's the quickest we can expectit and it might take longer than that so the things that we have done in stopping the spreadall of the social distancing and the quarantine has been important it has been critical essentialto not overwhelm the crisis Healthcare System but it may not be so much of stopping thespread as delaying the spread that has been the purpose and the goal all the time becauseif we’re going to have a coronavirus in the fall if it's going to come around anywayand there won't be a vaccine then it wasn't so much about stopping as it was delayingit so we may not be able to avoid it altogether and if we all sort of protect ourselves butthe virus is still around then as soon as we open up again then we risk a second waveanytime there is a crisis like a pandemic there are things that we can learn it's alearning opportunity and depending on who you are you can learn different things sothe healthcare officials the government and the CDC and the official agencies their jobis to learn contact tracing and good hygiene to learn how the virus spreads so that theycan teach us good hygiene and good protective measures like social distancing and they learnhow to optimize the crisis care system so that we have the capacity when we get a wavethen we have researchers and their job is to study the viral strain study their genomesand study their pathogenicity and their receptors to figure out exact how it works so that theycan develop a vaccine that's their job and then what about you your job is to listento the good advice of the authorities on how to prevent the spread but other than thatyour job is to get healthy your job is to optimize your body to optimize your chancesto have a positive outcome to beat the virus if you should get infected and what is soastounding to me is that there is no talk of getting healthy there has been millionsof hours and millions of miles of writing on the topic of the coronavirus and yet Ihaven't heard anyone talk about health about how to strengthen your body to increase yourchances and I think the reason for that is that we have a passive medical Model we aretold to just do whatever you do eat the standard American diet eat your processed food eatyour sugar I haven't heard anyone say to reduce your sugar consumption for example and thenwe're told to take pills to compensate for the symptoms and the problems created by ourdeficient food and our toxic food and then to get the flu shot and wait for the vaccinethat's a passive model there is nothing about health in that passive model then why is itthat no one talks about health and I believe that it is because as a culture the entiremodern world we don't know what health is we have completely equated health with theabsence of symptom and once we have a symptom we think we're sick and then the system Themedical model their job is to treat the symptom not to get you healthy.

As a matter of fact we don't even have a healthcaresystem in the modern world what we have is a sick care system and at least where I'mfrom in Sweden and I don't think it's because they're nobler or anything that just happensthat they call it a sick care in Sweden it’s called “sjukvård” it's not called healthcare because it isn't health it's about treating sickness and that's not a bad thing but they'redifferent questions being asked in a healthcare model or in a sick care model they're askinghow do we treat this symptom what sort of chemical or pill or medication do we giveto suppress this symptom in this crisis situation and that's not a bad thing that can be veryuseful in a crisis but it has nothing to do with health we've all heard that there arecertain risk factors associated with the coronavirus covid-19 and one is obesity if you have abody mass index over 40 your risk of dying increases dramatically if you have diabetesor if you have one or more of the things associated with metabolic syndrome such as cardiovasculardisease type 2 diabetes high blood pressure chronic lung liver or kidney disease mostof these are associated with insulin resistance some of them directly and others more indirectlythen we have people who are vulnerable we've all been told to shelter the vulnerable andthese are people who in addition to the first three they might have had chemotherapy theymight be weakened from from smoking or chronic steroid corticosteroids or any other chronicdisease or neurodegenerative disease and the greatest risk factor of all is to be old beingover 70 years old and why is that because by the time you get to that age you tend tohave a little bit of all of the above you have more cardiovascular disease you havemore type 2 diabetes more high blood pressure more arthritis you have accumulated a lotmore of these in short you are less healthy most of the risk factors of covid-19 are associatedwith insulin resistance so what else does insulin resistance do well every year aroundthe world it claims 17 million lives from heart attacks seven and a half million fromhypertension 5 million deaths from stroke 1.

6 million from diabetes and the list goeson and if insulin resistance already kills this many people is it really so surprisingthat it would also have a tendency to kill off more people with coronavirus infectionif we want to put it in the simplest possible terms then I would say that these people dieand the people from the coronavirus die because they are less healthy their body has lessability to defend itself but then the question is what is health and who is perfectly healthywe'll health is a continuum it's like how much a capacity How much cellular capacitydo you have to defend yourself on the one and it would have Optimal Health when everythingis working perfectly and on the other hand nothing would be working and we have deatheverything in between is a spectrum it's a continuum and the large portion in the middlewhere probably the majority of the world's population are is called functional illnessand people they're not super healthy and they don't have a disease they're just sort ofon their way there so perfect health would be over on this end and I don't think there'sanyone on the planet that has perfect health because there are heavy metals and chemicalsand depleted foods and hormones and so forth there's there's enough interference alreadythat we probably don't really have perfect health but the people who do their best totake care of themselves and who are really sort of examples of of health I think they'regoing to be somewhere in this range over on the other end we have people with a diagnosisthese are the underlying conditions the cardiovascular disease the high blood pressure et ceterathese are people have made it far down enough that they have been diagnosed with somethingthen what about the people who don’t have a diagnosis right now but who are being calledperfectly healthy like the person in the clip in the initial clip in the news anchor saidthat this person was a cancer survivor but otherwise healthy if you had cancer than you'realready way over on this side of the spectrum cancer is not something that happens overnightto perfectly healthy people so even if this person was a cancer survivor then he mighthave made it across the line and gotten a little bit better but most of the factorsthat caused the cancer will probably still there and that person was probably not overhere and that's what we have to understand that I'm not saying that anyone is perfectlyimmune I would never be arrogant enough to think that that I was way over here becausethere's so many things we don't know but we know that there are certain things we cando to improve our chances so in my opinion I believe that a lot of the people who arecalled perfectly healthy actually a probably over here and you can be here even if your20 or 25 or 30 years old so in their current sick care system the question they ask ishow can we treat the symptom what kind of chemical can we give and what kind of bodypart can we remove and those are good questions in a symptom care system in a sick care systemnow let's switch around and start asking health questions let's start asking what is requiredfor health so if we had a five-year-old and we asked what does a plant need to be healthywhat are the requirements of a plant I think the five-year-old could get it right I thinkthey would say that the plant needs water and if the water isn't making it healthy thenit also probably need some sunshine and if we giving it water and sunshine and it stilldoesn't thrive then you probably needs some good soil and I think the five-year-old couldalso tell us that it has to have all three of these at the same time we can't depriveit of one of these three for any length of time and have a healthy plant we have to haveall the things that are required so that brings us to the next question what are the requirementsfor human health well we have a chemical aspect to our body we have a structural aspect orbody and we have an emotional aspect to our body and there's some of those aspects thatwill increase life that will provide more life that will enhance Optimum Health andthere's some of that will subtract that will interfere when it comes to chemical or nutritionalwe need fuel but in addition to fuel we also need essential fatty acids essential aminoacids we need vitamins and minerals this is called nutrition and whole food provides itwhereas processed food does not on the downside of the chemical we have sugar and frequentprocessed carbohydrates that cause insulin resistance that clog up the body that hasa congestive and toxifying effect we have pure toxins that are chemicals and pesticidesand so forth and then drugs are another form of toxins they are chemicals designed to interfereand it doesn't mean that they're always bad they can save a life in a crisis but it meansthat they can never make you healthier they can never create a long-term solution theycan never raise you from a lower health state to a higher health state in the long run Thebody is structural you have a mechanical aspect your body moves and movements is necessaryit's a requirement movements provide the majority of the signals to keep your brain alive thereis virtually no physical no physiological mechanism no system in the body that doesn'twork better with movement and that works less with a lack of movement movement is requiredfor every system in the body and good posture is a requirement for proper signals good posturefacilitates it normalizes movement if you have poor posture if your posture is stuckthen you're not going to get the proper movement or the proper signaling and if you have poorposture if you have areas of your body that aren't moving then chiropractic is a greatway to jumpstart that movement but it's not a total movement solution it's just gettingyou to the place where you can move and then you take it from there the opposite of goodmovement is a sedentary lifestyle where you don't move and if you're trying to move butyou have poor posture or if you've had a lot of trauma that restricts the motion now youalso cannot get proper movement humans are also emotional and when we have peace andwe have joy and we have purpose everything that feels good makes your body work bettera little bit of short-term stress is fine but for the most part we have to have somegood emotions we cannot have only bad emotions because then the body prioritizes to defenditself instead of heal itself the opposite would be anything that feels bad like stressand anger and fear and frustration and overwhelmment to the absolute best way to defend yourselfagainst the coronavirus or any of the pathogen is to make your body stronger so it can defenditself take an active role in rebuilding your health in restoring your body and giving yourbody all the things that it needs all the things that contribute to more life and avoidas much as possible the things that interfere with the building of health it looks likethe coronavirus might be with us for some time and if it goes away then who knows whatcomes next in the long run your best defense is always going to be strong health so whynot use the current epidemic as a really really good reason to start doing something aboutit if you enjoyed this video make sure that you also check out that one thanks so muchfor watching I'll see you in the next video.


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