May 7, 2021

Creating the Sheffield Car Chase | Spyfall | Doctor Who: Series 12

the fear is equal dr.

yaz Graham Ryan all back in Sheffield catching up with their families and friends they're about to go off traveling again when they are essentially kidnapped end up in this car and driven by a an agent special agent to take us to mi6 was about the norm because you should know word situation with the gang again my idea is that we just let the driver take us to where he wants us to go because then we'll find out who wants us what if he kills swing-wing okay meesal isn't doing this as someone else's orders don't you want to know that is all of a sudden the mi6 agent gets killed whilst we're driving along SP your equipments not too much and then this entity whatever it is takes over the car we are at the hands of an invisible force that is reversing down a motorway this camera isn't me so tonight we're filming all of the exterior stuff with the stunt cars and then a later date we'll pick up all the stuff inside the car in a studio with our cast it's probably one of the biggest stunt sequences that the show's ever undertaken when any car sequence I always like to use my toy cars so I use my my two boys I get I go to their cupboard and I get their toy cars out and he's gonna go between Lloyd and Joel it's just a visual aid that everyone can see exactly what you're doing so I lay them out on the road on the ground as it's going to be on the day and then everyone knows what they're doing where the camera is going to be makes life a lot easier and it helped me enormously for all the rehearsals it is a big number we've had to close off the road I've got 11 stunt drivers I've got a hero car and that's driving at speed it needs to weave in and out of the traffic to a very very sharp step and then it the car gets possessed and then it starts to reverse at high speed through all the oncoming traffic through the tunnel reversing into oncoming cars sounds straightforward enough but when you add darkness headlights possibly rain it's quite a tricky one we all know that we're gonna get out of the way of each other when we have to and we know that we can leave it to the last minute before we swerve out the way and you know it has to be a mutual trust for the insight shots to sort of try and get that on the move we have the car then in studio and we use the rear projection so it's a stationary car and then we've got projections on the side of the action that they filmed with us not being there two screens go on action and you have to say lines at the right time to match the appropriate background so we have to choreograph our moves and dialogue we are told accelerate reverse brake reverse spade you've got a lunge forward and then you break the reverse you've got a London bit so we had all those guys shouting now as we were doing the scene so it's quite complicated to do so when we will reverse in backwards I was I think I'm going like that and Brad's like if we're reversing and without where we definitely like that okay cool you do whatever you're doing I'll follow you the action stuff just seems a bit more full-on there's a lot more action the stakes are high because it's potential imminent death particularly at the end of the scene where we're reversing to the edge of a precipice and we you know we don't know why it is but we can see there's there's nothing beyond those barriers a bit scary I don't know I think anybody would be in a situation as good at it I feel like ya think she's invincible just because she's got the doctor so like as much I'm scared because I've just seen something on reversing back a hundred miles an hour I always think I'm not gonna die oh my god what just happened that's what I love about playing the doctors are the need for the doctors speed of thought and ability to think in a high-energy and chaotic environment the rearview mirror and and it's there in front of the whole time you know it's turning the aliens power back on itself [Music] right at the beginning of the new series you into sort of see yeah this doctors capable this doctors proactive this you know when the chips are down and she's up against it she always finds a solution or improvises and that's a classic example of her managing to improvise in the moment I was in the front if I had more opportunity to serve food and I'm sure if Graham had been in the front or Ryan or Yas they would have done exactly don't forget to click below and subscribe to the official Doctor Who YouTube channel [Music].

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