April 15, 2021

Day in the life of a doctor I My exciting outing I The Junior Doctor

good morning everyone and welcome backto my channel for those who haven't watched me for a while or anyone who'snew to my channel my name is Ezgi and I'm a GP trainee who's working in NorthLondon I'm currently 27 weeks pregnant due tobe 28 weeks pregnant soon and for that

reason when I go to work I do nonpatient facing roles so basically I'm working remotely in an office in thehospital doing remote ward jobs in addition to a few other things whichI'll show you today so it's Wednesday morning I've just come downstairs tohave breakfast let me just open

the curtain I've got this really nice treein my garden this blossoming it's got like these um I don't you can see a barshow you later it's got these um purple flowers and it just looks so lovely andI know that in a few weeks it's probably gonna go back

to looking green again soI'm gonna try and enjoy that on the weekends I'm gonna make myself somebreakfast now which is something that you probably see me making all the timeyes I've got my blender bottle I'm gonna make an oat smoothie which is just easyto have in the morning

so for that I have my oats I'm going to use my peanutbutter and a banana a gross-looking one from my little pile and my sweet milk sotomorrow I was meant to have something called a glucose tolerance test this isbasically a test to identify if anybody has gestational diabetes

and the testinvolves basically having like a really sugary drink and then you have yourblood taken before the sugary drink and then two hours after and you measurewhat the blood sugar was before and after and basically it's a way oflooking at how the body is metabolized glucose the sugar

and if this has beenimpaired because you're pregnant because sometimes the pregnancy puts a strain onthe metabolism in such a way that you areless able to metabolize the sugars and therefore become diabetic for theduration of your pregnancy however this would involve me sitting inthe department for two hours so

apparently they've scrapped all theirglucose tolerance tests and instead they're during fasting glucose andanother blood test which is called the hba1c which basically looks at yourblood sugar over the past three months so I'm gonna have that tomorrow so thatmeans I won't be able to have breakfast tomorrowI think I'll

still make my smoothie to take with me so once I've had my bloodtest I could have my smoothie afterwards there's been lots of changes with mymaternity care because of all of the outbreak that's happened but luckilyI've not been majorly affected or I haven't had any major pregnancy issuesI'm

just hoping that things will get better by the time I'm Jew especiallythe situations on the ward and my biggest worry is once I do deliver am Igoing to be able to have my parents over and said as parents over its come andsee baby I've had so many stories

recently about grandparents looking attheir grandchildren through a window or like two meters apart not being able totouch them not being able to hold them and it's just really heartbreaking Iknow it's a temporary period but it's just so surreal to think about this andlike how this has ever happened

so hopefully by July which is when I'm GUthings will be better but we'll see I'm just going my bag ready putting my lunchaway um yesterday we made chicken and rice so I've put some of that aside totake away as I'm no longer doing patient facing roles I've swapped

my vet scopeout for my maternity nights so basically I am booked in the hospitals I work outpregnancy wise so now that I'm a few days away from my third trimester Icarry my maternity notes with me all the timeso if anything happens at work then I've got all my

notes and bits and pieceswith me which is what I've been advised to do so I carry that around in additionto all my other usual pieces I just come in to work pucked upthere's lots of construction work happening because our hospital isbuilding two new wards I think the plan

for building these two wards hadhappened before the corona virus outbreak but I think with the newoutbreak they've basically escalated the building plans and they've been wellunderway for quite a few weeks now so I've just come up and parked in front ofthe bereavement center before I head into the

office to start work for theday basically because we have so many deaths that are happening and doctorsare falling sick or they're just not available because of the rotor they'veallowed other doctors to fill out death certificates for patients that ourfamilies can start the proceedings for funerals so what I

do is if I have timein the morning then I pop over to the bereavement center and do any deathcertificates for the burials so that the patients can the family sorry can haveall the certificates processed in time for planning ahead the more tree iscurrently full we have an extra

more tree sort of built on the side like anextra refrigerated area and in addition to that we're having overflow to othermore trees so if that's not a motivation for you to stay indoors to keep sociallyisolated to self isolate if you're feeling unwell and I don't know what isit

really angers me when I'm out for my exercise and I'm trying to keep my bestto keep my distance from everyone I see big groups of people particularly youngteenagers I think they just can't grasp the seriousness of everything and I'vehad times where I've basically changed my path a little

bit when I've seenother people get close by and people have coughed and sneezed there's a jokeand I started laughing as they're walking past just like things like thatand it really upsets me because I'm physically coming into you know anenvironment and being in contact with people who are frontline

it just reallyannoys me that some people are taking this so lightly and think it's a jokebut in offset of that let me go over and seethey're granting paperwork for me to do before I head into the office so we've had an espresso machinedelivered to us and some quads

as a donation which is really really niceespecially as Koster is not doing any discounts or free coffee for us so it'sreally nice for the doctors to come down and have a decent cup of coffee it mightbe a bit lame but I pour my own swing lock from home

because I don't drinkcow's milk for my hot drinks and they obviously have cow's milk here I justbring my own soya milk in my keep cup to do think I'm gonna go for a row so I'm all set up now on my desk oflogged in to our electronic system

which makes everything possible a couple ofyears ago hospitals switched from paper stuff to electronic stuff and so we doall of our notes all of our ordering all of our observations drug chartseverything is online so basically I log in and I follow the ward round of thishappening and look

at the job some of my colleagues have created and try to dothem simultaneously with them so basically acting like a doctor but notphysically seeing patients but remotely doing their jobs so my first job for the day was to takecollateral history for a patient so we have a patient

on the ward who isconfused and he's got a hearing impairment so it was difficult toascertain what brought him into hospital and we needed a clear history so that wecan treat him properly so I called his wife who's at home and she talked methrough the events of the day

that led to his admission and generally how he'sbeen up until the point of admission and that's all really useful informationbecause if we figure out that there's been a change particularly in hiscognition and he's more confused and that's really important for us to knowso we can investigate into that

and then we aim for him to get back up to hisnormal level of cognition before we send him home updates so far where else I'vebeen doing so we have a patient who has had a majority of its care in anotherhospital and it's difficult when this happens because all

of their lettersinvestigations are on another system unfortunately the NHS trusts all have adifferent computer systems you can't access patients notes if they've beenelsewhere and I think this is a misconception that most patients havethey just think that they can go to other hospitals and all know exactlywhat's happened to

them but that's not the case so I had to callthis other hospital and speak to you the Secretary of a consultant to get all ofour clinic letters and scan reports all and emailed over to meso we basically get a better idea of what's been going on in addition

to allof that has been doing discharge summaries speaking to the microbiologyconsultant about a patient's antibiotic regimen and ordering tests and bloodsand everything for tomorrow and today so just been keeping busy like that in theafternoon I'll be continuing with my audit so I think I've previously saidbefore I'm collecting

data for our coronavirus patients and we're hoping topresent that next week so I'm just keeping busy with that as well inaddition to all of the other stuff that come through the ward it's half 5:00 andI'm heading home now and because I'm just sitting in front ofa computer the

whole day my eyes get really strained so I've been wearing myglasses which is probably why I've got few marks but my eyes are quite sore andif I shouldn't rub them just an update on the situation in the hospital ournumber of patients that coming in with the corona virus

symptoms are definitelycoming down the woods aren't as full as they were some wards are actually beingclosed down to be clean to rebe reopened eventually to what they were previouslywhich is all really really good news but I think we have to bear in mind thatit's the effect of the

lockdown it's definitely working but then we need tobe careful with how we come out of this situation the worry is that there willbe another second peak but if we I guess handle things properly depending on whatthe government decide to do it seems as though things should be okay

with thecurrent rota changes that I previously spoke about there are plenty of doctorson the wards and I think now it's becoming it's coming to the point wherethere's probably too many doctors for the amount of work that there is whichis a great thing and I don't think I've ever

seen that happen but that couldmean that the rota needs to be readjusted so that people can havetraining opportunities back which were taken away so remember all of ourteaching training and everything was suspended so there's lots of uncertaintyahead but to the positive thing is things are slowly improving we

just needto be patient and basically watch to see what happens and another positive noteis that beat weather is amazing I think I actually have to turn the aircon onwhich is a surprise so let me get home and see what said I was up to you Ithink I'll go

for our walk today definitely need to get some petrolbecause I'm running really low and I think we've got some leftover food fromyesterday so we should be okay for dinner but let me see when I get homeso I came home saddle up and it worked was a lone sorry

if the camera wasshaking and we had dinner we're gonna go to buy some petrol nownormally I don't go with him but this is literally the only outing I'm probablyhad in like four weeks buying petrol is like the peak of my mom's right nowlike I just want to see

something that's different from work and the usual parkthat we go down for a walk so really excited about mines and petrol and thenwe're gonna go for our date walk that we do because sedale works from home andhe's sitting down all day because I'm working from an office I'm

like sittingdown most of the day as well so we really need to start like moving andplus because of my pregnancy or advice you keep well hydrated and being activeso that's one other part as well because when you're pregnant you're about highrisk of having clots in your legs that

can eventually travel up to your lungsso you need to be extra careful with drinking lots of water and keep anactive during the day I actually can't explain how excited Iam to be our petrol station the little things in life guys is the little thingsin life Sadao is just

out there and if you can see him you can King the petroland I'm just enjoying the scenery that is at work the m25 or the park theyalways go for a walk – so after that brief pelting will come for a walkthis bit slightly uphill some a little bit

breakfast bar famous what's the onething that you've missed doing since lockdown just human contact as I'm likeyeah enough for him she's lying and well I don't I'm home alone for likeeight hours a day yeah I miss like human contact and so onso I missed going shopping and I

think I appreciate that absencemore right now because we need to like do shopping for baby clotheswe can't go out and I just didn't get the same enjoyment when I do online likeI feel like I want to have a look at it just I touch it and feel it

that kind ofsexual so yeah that's one thing I'm a fan and also just the simple things likegoing down to the coffee shop on a Sunday sitting down and having coffeeand watching the world go by just because I've touched something with myindex finger outside I let you had to

hold my finger like this until we camehome and I'm not allowed to touch anything apparently until we gosattell for my hands that's right get that away from me finally home wash myfinger I can touch you now that's just the way you are shut up I wash my handsbetter

than me I remember like in medical school we actually had likewhole lesson just don't know how to wash your hands in like four seven steps andwe had like this special solution that you put onto your hands and then youwash it and then basically you look on you look

at your hands under UV lightand it shows you let all the areas that you messed and everything anyway so sadI was basically helping one of the admins stuff at work with their computerthat's your way of helping out the NHS and this crisis lots of people areworking from home

but the they using their own personal laptops and sometimesthey're not good enough to support like the hospital network or Hospital I'mproviding them with laptops that are suitable so we helped one lady with herlaptop cause she actually bought a new one thinking that her old laptop wasjust messed up

but we were able to revive it and she was really gratefullike I was born yeah like you say yeah you're my secretary yeah and then allthis other lady who we're trying to connect to our laptop her computer'sreally really slow so we're trying to see what her memory and

stuff is so thatwe can help her like get some pieces parts to upgrade a laptop if possibleanyway so it's cool past eight and I've stopped eating for the day because Ineed to fast for 12 hours to have my fasting glucose test in the morning andusually I don't like

eat after 8 o'clock anyway but now that I know that I'mrestricted I'm kind of feeling a bit peckish so maybe I should just drinksome water instead how long are you gonna be

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