April 9, 2021

Doctor Plays OPERATE NOW Hospital Edition | Doctor Mike

surgeon simulator amateur surgeon plaguing biowing now comes operate now Hospital edition you recommended it I'm about to play it let's get it started in a hospital every day's a matter of life and death sounded super dramatic doctor I know you're new here but this is no time for nice ties niceties what's your name Doctor Who this is easy doctor Mike and I love that doctor spelled out I don't know if you guys notice on all my stuff I spa not on this onebut gaping wound very easy two minutes okay doctor we need to make neat stitches across the world Bam Bam god I like using the pencil for this hundred percent let's put the applicator tool good work doctor he's stabilizing perhaps now I can introduce myself properly I'm Amy dr.

stone told me you were in charge until he returned Amy why did no one why did no one let me know about the newcomer being put in charge patients lies hang on by a thread I have to wait for an amateur to sign off on my operating room and it's like Grey's Anatomy episode you don't have to talk to dr.

Mike as if they weren't here Sirona what do you say about getting things running doctor all right where should we name the hospital what about like happy and healthy memorial that's corny that's healthy spot yo here you'll find a list of available tasks such as surgeries assignments and more okay I got to build the operating room building different departments will keep your hospital running and allow you to produce the resources you need okay like that let's build it we have a level 1 operating room installed wow that's a nice operating room dangerous polyp difficulty very easy ok doctor now that we have good sanitary conditions to operate in let's see a perform a complex surgery I don't know how polyp is considered a complex surgery oh but it's in the intestines a polyp ectomy anytime you have a term in medicine where you have ectomy that means you're taking it out I've been dekhta me taking out the appendix polyp ectomy taking out the polyp you get what I'm saying first we need to apply the anti septic tool applicator which is really true this is the first thing that we do then we get the scalpel and then because I have my awesome pencil I can just do a perfect concision right there look at that it's like I've been doing this my whole life take too long or make mistakes and you lose the patient don't stop now scalpel let's go right into this is almost like an exploratory laparotomy but it's a little bit deeper than this now we could see the polyp let's laser it Oh is good promote healing by applying gel over the quarter eyes area now let's suture bam bam bam look at that good now let's close her up all we still have times like a needle tool Wow Wow Wow and we cleaned it up she said my stitching needs work but a competent job I suppose I think she's just hating that operation was a success I'm the man by the way this new game that I'm addicted to I kind of gave up on overwatch it's called apex legends if you want me to play season 2 apex legends because I'm nasty drop it down below in the comments hospital life there are three department types for you to manage an admission department admits patients these indicators tell you how much cash you have how many beds are in use tap on medical departments to collect the cash that accumulates here you'll be able to manage your staff and assign them based on their specialty thus allowing your departments to function on another see I have one angry surgeon here with Sirona size the operating room will have steady cash flow let's claim it was exciting I got dr.

ambrosia and she gives me one percent extra money and one percent extra time I don't know what that means we'll need a place where patients can recover safety is build a ward okay ward $10, 000 I have 27 thousand let's build it right there are 23 beds oh I got another ward I got John the nurse I'm gonna put my nurse in there in the recovery area build a break room let's do it I still don't get the need for that resource spending should be solely for better patient care well Sirona I hate to be the one to tell you this but in order to be more productive you need to be well-rested in order to be well-rested you need to have some quiet time silence is golden we need a break room for nurses for doctors and residents well the residents are probably not going to get access until they start complaining and all that stuff but you know down much resting will take place there's those hooligans we'll turn it into a frat house one hooligans we have like three staff and in my Hospital that's called that spot we y'all get healthy yo if a science staff member runs out of stamina Department stop working refill their stamina assign them to the break room or simply put another non tired staff member to work there okay oh my god I can give them +50 energy by giving them coffee here's some coffee buddy and look my staff is already performing better and we've got another over award this game is the most rewards I've ever seen any G drink recovers a hundred stamina points instantly there should be a little thing on the bottom but shortens your life just a bit work is relentless a patient has come in with a severe bone fracture care to take a look I don't mind taking a look Jake 21 went on a night out he fell off his bike riding home and broke his right arm ouch the scaphoid wrist bone is usually the most commonly broken bone when you're falling on an outstretched hand that's the one that's more in your wrist this the area looks like we're going into is either an ulnar fracture or a radial fracture I'm gonna go ahead and guess I'll know I don't know why I'm just where it is I don't know let's just clean it up let's go about clean incision ooh which worse than we thought yes yeah let's get the bones out of here good work I've cleaned the fragments now I need you to reassemble the bones look at that now let's place the metal support pop that's called an open reduction internal fixation procedure or if basically open meaning we had to cut open the person's body in order to make this happen an internal fixation means that we had to put metal hardware in there in order to make the bone stay yeah operation successful we could've done a little faster if I wasn't narrating the procedure I'm trying to teach you how to do a radial fracture or all no fracture I didn't really pay attention not good to say as a doctor dr.

stone judging by the hospital's reputation the new doctor is certainly living up to my expectations I guess he doesn't know what I named the hospital thank God fracture left leg your patient has a comminuted break along the tibia out that's the lower part the shin bone all right let's do it we're gonna start by cleaning yes and by scalpels BAM okay now that we're inside oh the tibia doesn't look so good we got to get these cleaned up so let's put them up there thank you okay okay okay I feel like I'm like a real doctor or something this is fun good job dr.

Mike I will say this game is extremely extremely accurate because I'm legitimately stressed out I feel like I have to deal with PR bosses patients staff members their needs their training I mean I love playing Sims back in a day but that was stressful what I want you to learn from this is a how complicated is to run a hospital you have all these things you need to constantly upgrade equipment make choices difficult choices not put a break room in upgrade a break room give a staff members free coffee don't upgrade the camp I mean I prefer bio-ink and plague inc to this one I just feel like it's more mischievous and I can have more fun playing those games this feels like work if you want to see some more of my game playing videos click on this playlist right here and as always stay happy and healthy [Music].

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