April 9, 2021

Dr. Leana Wen: ‘We’re Going To Overburden Our Public Health Infrastructure’ | Deadline | MSNBC

and doctor when a lot of people watch that that that Trump spectacle in Tulsa on Saturday night different people had different reasons for watching as a public health specialist expert you're watching it I think with a prism of is this a disaster in the making in terms of

public health as you watched it what did you think well I saw people John who were standing shoulder to shoulder and we're not wearing masks in close proximity for a prolonged period of time and I thought about all of these individuals some of whom are older some of

whom probably have chronic medical illnesses how they could be infected themselves how they could go back to their home communities in fact their family members in fact everybody else around them and also thought about how overburdened our public health infrastructure already is already we don't have the contact

tracers that we need in order to contain this infection or frankly the testing that we need to contain this infection and how as a result of this one event we're going to overburden our public health infrastructure even more so the question of whether Trump actually told the administration

to slow down testing or not you know we did the there there claimed the people around Trump is enablers their claim is that it was just a joke I'm not sure how they could possibly think it would be funny to be joking about such things at a time

120,000 Americans are dead from kovin 19 again as a public health matter talk about both sides of this right one if he actually did tell the administration to slow down testing what is that what are the implications of that and second if not if he didn't and he's

just joking about it what are the implications of that from again from a public health perspective well testing is the reason why we're in the disaster that we are in now or frankly a lack of testing is how we got here if we were able to do testing

back in January we actually had a chance to contain Co by 19 and prevent the 120,000 deaths we're coming close to having here in the US virtually every public health expert in fact that will say every public health expert agrees that we need far more testing that we

need a national strategy for identifying every case of individual whom has Cova 19 contact tracing and I really then raining in the infection at that point we had a chance to stop that infection we still have a chance to identify clusters before they become outbreaks outbreaks before they

become epidemics testing is key to that and it really defies science it defines public health and frankly it defies common sense as to why we would want to do something intentionally to reduce testing when all along we've been saying that we need a national strategy we need a

coordinated effort so that we can get from hundreds of thousands of tests a day which is where we are now to millions of tests testing is the key to reopening our economy to getting schools back open and we need to see the president speak the truth about what

actually has been happening here all right so think about speaking the truth to senior administration officials Peter Navarro and Larry Kudlow yesterday on CNN Navarro said when asked about whether the administration's preparing for a second wave of up covered 19 I'm not even sure the first wave is

over yet I don't think it is but in any case he was asked that question Navarro said of course we're preparing for it Kudlow this morning on CNBC says there is no second wave coming so these are two senior administration officials saying it diametrically opposed things about what

is happening and what the expectations are going forward how disconcerting is it to you that there is that kind of mixed messaging coming out of the White House and what's your sense to the extent you know what actually is going on in terms of the administration which of

those two is the presumption they're operating under currently what's your first question clear direct messaging is everything that's what was key to containing koba 19 in other countries that have successfully fought it public health depends on public trust and you can't have government officials who are politicizing this

tragedy and completely at odds with a scientific community and in terms of where we are we are not anywhere close to being past the first wave of koba 19 we're at the steady-state now of hundreds of deaths a day and this is increasing we're seeing surges across the

south and the southeast we're seeing hospitals getting full ICU is actually getting full in parts of Texas Alabama Arizona Florida really concerning trends and that's before we even hit the fall when we're going to get the confluence of influenza and flu season on top of Cova 19-2 so

what we really should be seeing right now is preparation for if something like that were to happen we need a national strategy again for testing we also need to make sure that we don't run out of PPE the masks and gals and other things that we did last

time we can't again have tens of thousands of health care workers on the frontlines being exposed and getting infected that's what we should be focused on now hey there I'm Chris Hayes from MSNBC thanks for watching MSNBC on YouTube if you want to keep up to date with

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