May 10, 2021


It's a beautiful day out in Colorado the sun is shining there's a lot of other bikers and hikers out It just feels really good to be outdoors again Right now we're taking a little road trip and we are driving up the mountains in a Colorado or going to a Brainard Lake We made it up to the trailhead and it is a bit chilly, it's about 55 57 degrees out We're going to head out on our hike and hopefully we'll get a really pretty view of the lake We've officially begun our hike and I think Luna is enjoying being outside and all the different smells Right now we're about 10, 000 feet in elevation and I'm starting to feel it a little bit I'm a little bit short of breath But it's about a two mile hike and then we will get to the lake and it's really cool.

They've closed off this road So it's just us and other hikers.

It's a beautiful day out in Colorado.

The sun is shining There's a lot of other bikers and hikers out.

It just feels really good to be outdoors again We found a smaller lake that's called Red Rock Lake that we're gonna go and check out you Would always find somewhere it's fine Birkett so we could see the tears of water from rivers gonna cry on your car It is so beautiful out here I am definitely a beach girl, but I also love being up here in the Colorado mountains Someone just told us that there is a moose up here on the left.

So I really hope I'm able to see it That's cool, huh amazing.

I've never seen a moose before So I think that we are getting pretty close to the second lake we're gonna let Luna swim again Hopefully I can get the GoPro on her so that you guys can see a little bit of the Luna cam.

Will she go swimming? The temperature definitely dropped and it's windy it is much much colder out now, but I do think we found the lake I Don't know I Apologize it is so windy out but we did find the second lake and now we are walking Trail that we found so we can hopefully get closer to it.

And youkai as my hands are freezing I should have brought gloves, but I really wanted to make sure that I've logged this because it is absolutely stunning As a wave passing by The rivers called a crap on your god Weaver's gonna cry called god We let Luna go down towards the lake and play in it a little bit But it was really rough and it's cold and windy So I just didn't feel safe for me to let her go out and swim in the water The weather is much warmer down here.

We're about a five-minute walk We think from the first lake that we found so as long as we can find it and everything's good We're gonna strap the GoPro on Luna and let her swim again.

Alright you guys we got the Luna cam on her That was really fun Oh my gosh those views on that hike were so beautiful think we walked around five miles round-trip So now we're gonna drive back down to Boulder and head to lunch We're about to walk into one of our favorite Mongolian restaurants whoo hot is actually where Eric and I had some of our first days Good morning, everyone just got done playing outside with Valona ran her a lot with her frisbee So now I think I'm gonna go back inside and make some breakfast take a shower and get my day started.

I Think for breakfast, I'll make us some eggs bacon and an English muffin and I am just munching on some strawberries I Don't know how but this was my first time ever using a Nespresso machine and the coffee is So good and I just reminded Eric that I do have a birthday coming up in July So hinton I laid out my clothes for the day and Luna has taken my socks It's mid-afternoon now and it just started pouring right now I don't know how easy it is to see it But you guys might be able to hear the rain at least it looks like it finally stopped raining outside So that's good.

It is quite chilly though It's in the low 60s, which I know for a lot of people that's not really cold But for me, that's definitely cold and we're all getting ready to go to top golf I've never been there before.

I have a lot of friends that have gone though and said that it's really fun So I'm excited to give it a try We just got to top golf and I've enjoyed that Eric is going to be very good I Have never felt before I've only ever gone mini golfing.

So I really need Eric to teach me how to do this TopGolf was really fun.

So now we're heading back to Eric's parents house we're gonna let Luna out make sure she can go to the bathroom and then we're gonna head to 95a which is one of our favorite restaurants here in Boulder, Colorado.

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