April 15, 2021

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[Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] so i did this intel gig in quadrant 54 for about 30 g's right so hot shot senator who was bribed to rig the bills to get the water privatized for a quick sell with decton waterworks so to guarantee that the guy didn't flip to the competition i was sent in to get these photos of this guy's private sex life real hush-hush stuff right this cat's got some fucking gnarly fetishes especially when they binge on his weekend blow fests so i show up at this posh hotel had to take out his guards about to pop these pictures right i ambushed the door to take these pictures the guy's got some dude with him naked and he's wearing fake tits but get this the guy's got two dicks plastic surgery or some shit i don't know can you fucking believe it dude hold on this is unit 7 sector 56 off the bridge point fault near the testing facility how many four transponders flatline lost contact about 30 minutes ago uh has the area been secured uh that's a negative no units in the perimeter satellites confirmed the scene's clear no hostels copy 93 were on it no no no no they're supposed to send in their own grunts before anyone does a sweep here's what it is at least the money is decent right now everything's about to bite okay it looks like it's uh just up about four clicks [Music] fucking bloodbath check out town united yo got another one [Music] holy shit yeah [Music] see this actually it's [Music] all right scan it we need schematics of everything anyway let me check out the compound [Music] from zamakoski i found something man holy shit the goddamn setup you need to set up get the fuck out of here oh shit this is unit seven we need immediate evac please copy you see the light for time and maybe it's focused on me forgot focus you're gonna be all right no no no don't you fucking die on me this is unit seven i have a man down i need immediate impact please copy [Music] you're lowballing the deal we originally discussed breitmore this is shit it clearly states in their contract prior to any investigation that all locations examined are to be reasonably secure they did the investigation they felt like the situation was recently secured a few thermal readouts and some photos given the circumstances secure let's define that shall we that means securing by physical force applicable in clause 9.

5 under security provisions in this case no physical force was applied only risk assessment there was no need to send in ground units compromising my client's ability to do his job nothing in that contract states that a physical person had to be on site to secure the area does it say that what about the inconsistencies in his account of the events someone whom you can't recall attacked you and your colleague you experienced high-pitched sounds and migraines did i miss anything mr frost our video logs show no suspects your colleague my friend was trying to remove a media device your friend accidentally ignited an explosive that was attached to an armor belt from one of the victims i'd say that places the error on him wouldn't you that is not what happened according to jsok's video logs it is if there was actual security none of this would have happened if you are not happy with the settlement that sea and earth gave you you are more than welcome to start a fist fight with the largest conglomerate in the world i mean what hollister you think your client's special we hire adjusters and freelancers like him on a weekly basis in operations all over the middle east shit happens they know what they're getting into right i'm fully aware what kind of business you're running here are you making a threat an observation may i remind you mr frost the weight of your non-disclosure agreement hey mark wait bitch mark wait this fucking bullshit they are lying i know what i saw mark i've seen the footage too and they manipulated it you have no proof of that craig i'm not crazy i know you're not sorry i couldn't pull it off yeah there's no no sense trying to reason with someone that covers up facts fucking pricks so what are you going to do now figure it out hey thanks for being here of course hey mark be careful it's been slow i didn't really realize that it was going to be so difficult to take care of mom's house by myself but i've done a couple sculptures so we'll see you know if you're strapped you can always work here i appreciate it but i'm good ladybug watch out honey so i did one of those random questionnaires online just asked me you know thoughts i had about things um movies music favorite colors i did this all the time so this one paid me 300 wow i mean i think i did one last month and i got a gift card oh sorry this is so beautiful you can have it it's a hosta hybrida thanks this what about me um you can have this one it's a cabriolet what do you say thank you lizzy you are welcome join me to take it thank you honey so how's paul paul is good he's out making his routine rounds hey sheriff wilson here copy wilson the words out again on sycamore and they're blocking traffic there's shit everywhere well then fix it sir i don't know anything about cows clinton called big man at the ranch he's got him tagged he'll help you with it should i sign him no wilson you don't got to say for every little thing just go ahead and give the guy a hand all right copy that sir sounds good i'll get that for you right away oh hey sure hey connie one sec go get your coffee oh rush hey david how you doing here you go cher oh thank you connie of course yeah got you slaving away huh double shifts i guess my scholarship doesn't cover books or lab all right connie can i get some more coffee please yeah i'll be right with you have a good one chair have a nice day trevor cher how you doing your toy oh yeah finally got rid of that old shit box i was driving yes you did big payday or something no i got rid of the old house up on uh ryer just closed escrow yesterday where's the buyer there's some guy doesn't speak much for the whole thing in cash did you have that uh town meeting this morning shit i do thanks forever see you later thank you [Music] [Music] uh [Applause] this is just a waste of [Applause] easy time let me talk all of you i assure you everything's fine it's just a matter of how they're going to do the payouts all we need you to do is get in a line in the hallway by the table we'll go through each contract one at a time so let's do that all right come on thank you sorry i'm late forget it what else was there to discuss really so what's the hold up legal bullshit takes weeks to get through 10 pages yeah things gonna change around here once peridor developed all this land down's gonna grow from 800 to 8 000 if you just watch in less than a year yeah now people around here aren't going to change especially uh corporate expansion what i'm saying yeah but i know another thing they're not very fond of and what's that poverty of course you're right there but you know what uh what scares me about this whole thing what you know the people doing the deal have a little face here got this [Music] i've slaughtered multinational corporations and teamsters unions relax hi can i help you i'm here about the order yes um mr branate right yeah that's me 35 35 briar road oh you live up there yeah i just moved in oh it's so nice that place was on the market for like five years i got lucky is this uh this your business yeah from the ground up all right your tally is fifteen thousand three hundred and fifty four dollars and fifty six cents and we take everything um card check money order um while you're trading well looks like stetson's gonna close the deal i'm assuming cash is okay yes cash is perfectly fine thank you and then just a lot of cash yeah uh mr renate just bought that house up on briar road oh okay you're the guy yeah i'm the guy you always paying cash like that um old school best customers too honey you're right honey i just want to know a story what's your story um you used to do homicide and you know other things used to and other things yeah i'm retired so you moved out here all by yourself don't have any family no just me i guess we're done you're right um yes yes we are and then i'll have this sent out to your house um probably tomorrow you know it's a tight-knit little town very tight um what do you think honey should we invite him over for dinner why not no it's okay i i'm i'm busy up at the house and i've got all these plants to deal with nonsense besides we really like meeting new people um so if you could come over like tomorrow at 5 30 unless that's too soon uh no i think i can make that work great [Music] uh so get the help hello who's there [Music] ah hey t sheriff where's connie no clue tried her home purcell she had been late that young lady defines the word punctuality dude this is easy oh gosh oh youtube's close man go get it hobo post more than maybe 18 hours the neckline appears to be sliced open manually wait so you're telling me somebody somebody slit her throw it open with their bare hands yes look at xango of the lacerations there's also burn mark on the cornea the hinge here is ruptured her eyelashes are also singed how is that something burned the entire eye not enough to burn choose a tissue just enough to destroy the cornea where we do that you tell me never seen anything like this that doesn't make any sense looks pristine yeah the only tracks i found were from the kids so i'm okay you sure you're all right [Music] wilson [Music] [Music] [Music] reasoner the long trek for an errand mark it's a satellite dead zone come on word on the street is that you're no longer in the game that's right where's my merch in there i had to kick open a lot of unfriendly doors what's that all about anyway [Applause] world has its secrets mark secrets everyone wants to know wants to keep maybe should ask your friends over at sea and earth that's just it i can't strange things have been happening over there information's been tight figured if they can't carve out a slice of the pie for me might as well go straight to the source well i appreciate your service reasoner sean earth doesn't like inquisitors mark be careful looking out into the sun you might go blind i like the hair [Music] there we are [Music] fuck [Music] god damn it he what no no no no no no no brett you know me listen to me i'm asking for some help here okay that's it if it was yet i understand i do no backup huh this is a state of emergency we're on our own i overheard you say something about the mayor that son of a bitch he called state he called state and told them we had it all under control sheriff i know i don't have a lot of experience but i did go to the academy i'm sorry well it's enough it's not personal it's fine it's i'm just saying whatever you need i'm sure i can handle this sir and i appreciate it [Music] [Music] it's nothing fucking lucky lose hi mark hi how are you i'm okay i made this i brought that thank you that's very nice um paul's not here yet but please come in mark this is my sister jenny hi mark hi nice to meet you so you just moved here uh yeah yeah a couple days ago yeah jenny actually lives down the road from you oh and she's single too this is why you always have to do that because i love you so much sorry my sister's dealing with this tourette's thing it's hereditary would you like something to drink um some water is fine it's not alrighty i like that so liz said you're retired um yeah jesus paul you scared me how long you've been standing there [Music] what's wrong honey i feel like you've given me a handicapped spoon i don't think you have to do it with more finesse wait what [Applause] are you okay no no no connie hendrix [Music] she was murdered oh my god do you have any leads [Music] no let me start our investigation what are the friendship reports saying excuse me i'm sorry it's out of line i'm just have it no mark that's okay yeah mark it's okay i'm intrigued how do you tired it's hot just leave it alone no please i am intrigued i comes into town out of nowhere pays in cash for everything doesn't it sound strange to you kind of strange what do you think jenny what do you think it's kind of strange really just me used to work homicide and other things what are the other things mark for i know jenny you could be a nice dealer you know i stealer mark that's enough hell he he could be a a goddamn suspect i said that's enough i think uh i should get going um why mark where are you going because i really appreciate the invite thank you you don't gotta go warm hey nice to meet you it was very nice to meet you good luck [Music] i love you so much i love you too sis when are you gonna come to the store and check out my paintings i have a couple new ones um probably not till tuesday because i have a lot of work to do okay thank you for dinner you're welcome bye paul good night good night jenny you want to talk about it not really i know you're angry and you're emotional but we invited that man over for dinner and the way we treated him that's not acceptable i know she was so young and i just hadn't seen anything like that that's chicago [Music] hi there what can i get you bourbon meat so you heard what [Applause] about the murder has to do with me how forget it so deals almost done three more signatures i have new contract files for you tomorrow just email me what you got no you put them on the hard drive that i gave right okay forgot about this [Music] you haven't plugged that in anywhere other than your own terminal have you no all right jesus no it's not alright you know in seventh grade we had a science fair it's a chain reaction competition thing the idea was to create this domino effect with a bunch of stuff to let a hamster application in that sequence so i created this elaborate setup with mouse traps water balloons matches bunsen burners track all kinds of crap but there was this one spot i always got hung up on a paper clip where the cage was the entire effect would completely fall apart probably shit couldn't get out i'm creating an entire universe to free this hamster goddamn paperclip keeps don't be the fucking paper clip stetson [Music] stetson what's going on touch your agreement over your wife what was it cancer are you judging me stetson hey why'd you cut me out of that little deal yours because you're not a very reliable guy your mayor okay oh by the way congratulations on that property it's gonna be kind of tough selling anything else [Laughter] it's gonna be tough getting elected next year isn't it i'll be a goddamn here come on oh let me see your driver's license the hell is that oh some stupid online test i took i'm amazed i even got anything for me let's see what do we got here what you look like a dirty old burger thank you very much give me that hey big man at least you're my dirty old pervert hold on hello fireball okay yeah yeah worked every light [Applause] rocky i got at least another hour huh sorry babe i guess we got to go to another place babe what jackie where'd you go [Applause] jack what's going on what are you doing [Music] what the fuck [Music] [Music] oh hey sheriff yeah i'm getting all kinds of calls about that situation yesterday and what did you tell him that it's under investigation there's no cause for immediate concern we have yet to determine anything at this time that's perfect [Music] [Music] classified you sure copy yeah i'm over at the victim's house and only prince i could find were the victims there was nothing in the house either except the mothers nothing else picked up a couple unusual fibers some black ones in the living room but uh still gonna keep looking what about witnesses i checked your work no leads but i still have a few more people to talk to all right come back when you're done all right copy that is that it no i found these size 15 dress shoe it could be work boots from a cable guy no no what about the box could be from the internet company no company name no serial number could be reaching here logging anywhere all right witnesses nothing she left work and a story and believe me i asked everyone all right it's getting kind of late why don't you go home get some rest okay i'll see you tomorrow hey wilson yeah good work thanks [Music] good evening mr graham status report property values hold a much higher yield by year three the contract's equitable and the project's already underway encountered a few minor issues but nothing we can't handle please keep us updated on the situation with the local police is everything it's my pleasure collective let me know if there's anything else i can assist with initiatives remain status quo i appreciate the precaution my employers don't take kindly to insiders understood do you have the first installment yeah how do we know you can deliver the goods i'm working on it remember there are no guarantees can't you just lift it from their facility that's impossible they'd know it was me looks good when i get back you get what you've asked for as long as we agree on the final price [Music] sheriff bart can help you nice place that's coming why apologize real asshole had a shit day that's all right [Music] tell me the truth your wife sent you she wasn't very happy with me now i could use a i could use a break i want some water or iced tea or something there you go does that word yeah thank you so why move here i guess i wanted to escape the noise mom plus what my place went for in the city you know here was five times the yield so it's kind of a no-brainer you didn't gotta tell me buddy that's why we moved out here too i used to work vice chicago once upon a time so uh looked up your files you weren't lying about your experience change your name to renate also found a file classified what's that all about i guess it's classified isn't it right well thanks for the drink you know maybe after uh this whole case thing you saw we can uh try that dinner thing again yeah sheriff how is that coming along anyway it's coming amy please be careful [Music] hi mr boo-boo please be nice to cynthia [Music] okay [Music] [Music] amy honey it's time for bed [Music] you scared me where'd you get that in the bushes oh okay well go upstairs and brush your teeth and get ready for bed okay mommy's got to drop you off a little bit early tomorrow mommy can you leave the light on we need to save money in our electric bill and you would never go to sleep besides darkness isn't always a bad thing sometimes it can be a really good thing why because um it helps us dream i know you like to dream and it tells our bodies when we're supposed to go to sleep believe it or not not everything scary is in the darkness sometimes the scariest things are right out in the open right in front of us that's why it's so important to be brave crazy huh yeah yeah all right little munchkin let's get you into bed okay i love you sweet dreams and if you need anything i'll be right around the corner okay okay fluffy mommy okay can i get some kisses is that a cavity that's a cavity yes can you bring me my pliers haven't just gone far enough fuck it i'll do it myself mommy sure mark what's going on i found another victim oh no sorry you don't think it was me no i put a call in the state they said they're a little stretched but i uh i need you to see this sure yeah let me just change she had enough photos yeah did you tell this no yeah stay off the radio regardless might be listening dr hannah this is mark he'll be helping us with investigation [Music] [Music] can you bang this where's amy she's in the other room she won't talk to anyone [Music] you have two two perps two very tall and very strong [Music] first perp bend her by her throat against uh princess wong she retaliated with the maze she fell she crawled she was intercepted by the second perp herp 2 lifted her up did something to her eye crushed her neck with one hand [Music] they were interrupted because they got out of here in a hurry yeah apparently the neighbor she came over when she was strange noises [Music] what's your theory for the eye the eye yes [Music] they place some sort of object over the eye with a heat source see the burn marks on the cornea i saw that reveal the victim never come across something like that yeah it's it's pretty advanced r d stuff and that's something you find every day huh no she told me she was an artist yeah yeah mostly paintings sculptures mostly stuff that they sell to tourists over the gallery until about this stuff is there any difference yeah pretty much everything in here she's talented what about the other victim connie yeah she was a student she was working on her degree in the university of russellville was she studying biochemistry or something why they're really particular about their target that's why amy lived she wasn't on their list how do you figure [Music] we should be lying right here next to her whatever reason they were only interested in the mother sheriff they were really clean about this whole thing um i couldn't find any prints we're gonna have to speak to amy [Music] hi sweetheart [Music] this is my friend mark it's gonna ask you a few questions okay yes [Music] remember that time we had dinner with mr salamander wasn't he nice amy it was tea it was tea and cupcakes remember amy my name is mark it's okay if i sit here and ask you a couple of questions [Music] paul you have a flashlight [Music] yes [Music] she's partially blind in this eye no do you want some teeth mr salamander i would love some tea maybe after we're done okay maybe do you think you can tell me who was here today with your mom there were two people right there are many they want to see what do they want to see tea cupcakes friends walks in the field riding my bike they want to see you think you can tell me what they would look like [Music] mr salamander would you like some tea [Music] all right kiddo i need you to go to the hospital right now okay all right lizzy and i gonna come by and see you in a little while i need a hug [Music] take care hey you all right yeah yeah i really appreciate you doing all this i don't mention it i think it would help to see the rest of those case files just say what do you think she meant by they want to see well it could be anything she could have dissociated found a an imaginary friend like a protector now it's common we see that a lot with people that experience you know drama especially kids it seemed like you thought it was something else no it was not the night it's nothing that's bullshit i just don't like to jump to conclusions okay okay so then what were you thinking hey that's my goddamn niece right there and i'm gonna find out who did this i'm going after who did this so i need to know where you're coming from or we can't help each other here so let's start with what's in those classified files i worked homicide for five years and i got burnt out and quit so i traveled i took a job with the military sid i got offered a gig doing black operations you know it's like dark market shit i had no idea what i was getting into till i saw the paycheck paycheck and look on their faces when i joined i bet a lot of guys they don't give a shit it's good money i thought i'd seen corruption nothing like this this was unlike anything i'd seen that was unreal i mean some of these businesses fucking ruthless men and i realized uh war isn't an ideology yeah it's it's a business it's weapon sales and corporate acquisitions that's the it's the game they play we we're just pawns is that why he bailed i barely remember i get these flashes but it but what we weren't supposed to go in until this area was locked down uh they sent us in anyway he said it was clear based off some goddamn satellite images there was someone there i don't know who it was but killed my friend what do you mean it whatever calls that mayhem paul there's no way he was human i'm gonna help you find these people and give you my work i i'm really sorry about this me too oh my god paul i have been calling and texting you i know what's going on cause jenny i know it's jenny i've been listening to the police scanners and she's not answering her phone jenny jenny what's this i'm sorry [Music] [Music] [Music] jesus are you gonna move move out of the way what are you doing you want to play we'll play turn around put your hands on the vehicle now [Music] the little girls over at telling community priest gonna be a long night graveyard huh i'm the only one here so okay we're gonna put her over here and head out thanks guys [Music] [Music] so yeah you scared me what are you doing here [Music] fatigue where's everybody you tell me can't see anybody at all just some truckers from the moving company howard [Music] so unfortunately my equipment i didn't pick up any dna or prints but i was able to analyze that thread we found electric nano carbon fiber what's that it's a microscopic fiber that creates electricity when it's shaken i mean clothing made of this stuff charge a tablet phone all sorts of stuff what's interesting the outer layer is laced with kevlar well it's not common in theory in the real world we're still 12 years away from this you know wilson found some black thread at connie's house which reminds me hey terry have you heard from wilson no sir what about hanny she drop off the uh reports no sir i haven't heard from her either god damn it everyone go it wall today wilson can you copy wilson do you copy that way um wilson found these at the victims homes wilson do you copy god damn it hey wilson it's paul can you please call back also check in with dispatch i think you're on the wrong channel again sheriff these are splitter drives uh they hijack internet phone uh really any signal within a two mile radius these things can shut down power lines if the wrong person has them you're like nearly impossible to hack you need some sort of special equipment just to get access but they can't be hacked anything can be hacked so who around here would have access to something like this someone with deep pockets and access to classified r d you know i saw some guys out on sycamore a couple days ago they were installing something on those communication lines we should check those out why don't i go follow my deputy track them down you check out the black boxes all right sheriff mayor tragic i had that incident last night fellaini you want just curious to meet this pi you've been talking so much about so is it mark grenade or frost is it surveillance a little above your pay great mayor that's right son coming from your line of work so sheriff what's the story here we've got our leads in there okay yeah well hope you're keeping it on the dl graham is closing the last contract right now one more day and someone will rise from its sunken shithole to reach your prospects so you're working with peridot corporation no i'm just cash flowing the town that's all i wouldn't involve any kickbacks now would it no no that would be illegal but i'm sure he'll do just fine in the trade lines i'm just doing my job son always a pleasure to see you sheriff i don't make a mess of things okay boys have a good day now [Music] two are all packed and ready to go right yes sir what about the others they already gone so we just leave right correct what if they sold your property you moved understand do you understand good [Music] when the time comes he will tell you what to say and when to say it [Music] you will receive a wire for the purchase amount of your property in full three days and a bonus for your troubles [Music] have a safe trip [Music] [Music] sorry i'm late fucking tractor so so that was the last one yes why are you here i'm getting a little nervous i got that private dick snooping around now it's all under control you don't know that just play the game stetson you said nobody gets hurt keep running that mouth of yours i assure you that will change [Music] stick to the plan stop being such a pussy god damn it fucking pp sheets [Music] so [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] so [Music] yeah mark guess what found one of those black boxes i'll swing by my place see what i can make of it what's the story with this warehouse compound out by the 43 overpass i'm in the mirror ground we're setting up all kinds of things with paradorus contractors it could be one of their facilities housing utility equipment i mean mary's been kind of elusive about the whole thing well i think i'm gonna swing by his place first where does he live [Music] so hi eddie no i didn't go to work today i can't believe she's gone have you found anything new in the case i find this guy paul [Music] [Music] and wilson it was on its paw [Music] [Music] [Music] yeah no i have no idea where he is his trucks here this car is not what you're cutting out mark [Music] mark [Music] [Music] [Music] me [Music] prick so i need a faster car so so [Music] [Music] there we go here we go [Music] [Music] there you go [Music] so [Music] frost reasoner i can explain you lose the piece first no you want to search me [Music] what are you doing here a few months ago i had a gig technology hunt everybody wanted it went by the nickname dream catcher okay what is it i don't know see an earth funded the project i'm bullshit me reason i'm not i have something that i think you'd be [Music] interested [Music] see this this girl was found in another small town bixby it's a lot like salon just 300 miles north of here and this girl she's still alive can't remember anything except her name her job and her id number these are all cool cases all just swept under the compliments of the sea and earth corporation yeah they're uh targeting specific people in town i mean we bought everyone in the town it's almost like uh it's like a quarantine [Music] sure dispatch [Music] sugar dispatch terry [Music] you know i never got what's your angle on all this tech's worth a lot good luck whoever's using it you can rip out throats with their bare hands if i were you i'd just check out where did they go breezer have a nice fucking day you need my help you're a hell yeah and i want something in return here's the rub if we end up killing one of these things i want the tech be my guest you use as a vibrator for all i care no i don't need any toys terry [Music] this sector 121 grid 23 solar station call on grid 23 main patrol we have an 1199 request and backup do you copy over [Music] this is sheriff colvin requesting immediate backup do you copy over station's empty the radio is down phone lines are down can't get a signal on my cell phone who are you extra hand but just trust me i found a car at the general store there was nobody around but it was a bloody mess can't find wilson anywhere either what the hell is going on there's two way radios you got him inside [Music] so they wired this whole town cool the see an earth corporation mark who is she i'm standing right here asshole oh i see that then you can address me in the first i'll address you however i feel like while you're in my station well does your station provide due process services or do you just jail whoever you fucking feel like i want to throw your ass in the tank and see how that feels oh why don't you do that sweetheart look i don't know what you think of you knock it off i don't like cops bunch of fucking hypocrites he's not like that reasoner get that gun off my throat now whatever you say i don't need this shit mark she's valuable she brought evidence leaking murders from another town similar to the victims here she's gonna help us right hey right reasoner just stay on your side of the fence and i'll play nice [Music] have scramblers all over town now i can bypass the signal if i can switch this frequency output check that out what am i looking for here i hacked that black box i found the list the two victims were on it they used some sort of psych test across social networking sites they targeted a list of 35 people here in town federal corporation oh that's just a cover for seniors so i went over to the mayor's house and i found this list of their real estate contracts jesus they paid all these people to leave town remember that tech we were talking about yeah yeah the i think it's some kind of device why would they do this i don't know just keep that on that channel okay yeah we stop fucking with him wait what is this what this list my wife's on this list [Music] spooky spooky yeah it's a [Music] i'm lockdown get liz i'm gonna go to toilet for some backup reason are you head with him okay no fucking way you're out of your depth going solo yeah she's right where are you going remember that compound i told you about yeah yeah i'm gonna go there [Music] what time is your flight oh about three hours i should have left yesterday you'd be a better at a lie better situation to play game okay set that excuse do you have your hard drive oh shit i forgot what do you mean you took care of it just kind of oh mr mrs drummond such a surprise sir what's the troll mayor what the hell is going on here the power's out everywhere we can't get a hold of anyone oh you know probably just some trouble with the lines what the fuck people just a kid what the fuck is wrong with you it's every fucking idea you're in bed with stetson [Music] if i didn't take care of that they're gonna take care of us now go upstairs to get your fucking hard drive eagle one i need to clean up crew grade six point fifty four sector three [Music] looks like somebody grew a conscience i'll just do what you told me bullshit transferring files from that hard drive what are you gonna do with that stutter what do you think you turn whistleblower go to the media our media i'm just trying to get some leverage how do i know you're not gonna fuck me over you're a real weak sister i know you were stupid wait when you look look look hey hey how about we just we just start over with a clean slate you and i sounds good [Music] careful reasoner don't worry about me [Music] liz are you in here you go that way i'll check over here liz [Music] this craze jesus paul i'm sorry all right so sorry that's all right that's right right right who's that she's here to help there you go i'll explain later come on fuck did you get this no you're the last one shit [Music] so freezer do something [Music] oh lizzy okay okay what the hell was that what's going on i don't know liz i don't know but we're gonna go get help okay just hang in there [Music] you're right mark we almost got killed too running out of town right now get some backup staying here check something out what no no no just wait till back up arrives mark it's a blockade they probably got every car leading up to this street blocked off how do we get out of here what about the trail what's real clear view going through the mountain oh man did you hit up the cafeteria watch out for those protein shakes i nearly shed my pants [Music] [Music] so [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] did you enjoy the taste imprints of those who've lived and those who've passed interpreters forged from a species that inhabited this planet long ago some of the dna is not entirely of this world when we acquired this solitary town we allowed them to go out and play some of the results were erratic but promising of course in the desert you were part of a field test for a memory extraction you were to target and your counterparts for an obstacle to challenge the interpreters you were supposed to forget the incident entirely unfortunately that wasn't the case but the most unexpected side effect was that you developed the site didn't you notice that your lips are not moving [Music] the thoughts visions of old and new mr frost along with your unique ability to hear [Music] the pulse sustains life brings meaning prolongs mortality without it there is void our collective faith because they lack connection with the pulse life memory experience creativity are all properties of the pulse within this technology we've been able to harvest it experience it it expands their life force gives them power feeds them purpose and desire you're a real fucking piece of work you are murdering innocent all people and your interference has gone on far enough we'd like to find out why you're hearing us perhaps through an expression we might find something to explain this anomaly [Music] how dare you challenge the established okay [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] how far is it liz it's about 400 feet what the fuck is that ram it what just do it [Music] what's happening what's up emp got the car electro magnetic pulse get outside let's go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go come on uh get down go we have to stop paul are you okay oh um uh [Music] [Music] [Applause] so [Applause] lights display call counselor graham a bit messy the collective knew that going in yes they did fortunately for you they were happy with the way you handled it so are we clean yes receive payment i did we should do this more often graham i personally wouldn't hire you to drop an invoice for a garage sale it's funny brightpaw by the way how's your watch tell her i said hello asshole pleasure doing business with you [Music] collective channel block 1.

4 encrypted [Music] counselor breitbart we recovered three extractions out of 35 operation was cleaned efficiently no issues however it will take some time to rebuild new prototypes in order to resume the assignment fortunately with the real estate values we're well into the black in our losses overall we're minimal what about mr frost still can't locate him we should have paid him a higher settlement we gave you the authority to pay him according to his wishes but you decided to play hardball it doesn't matter at this point but this does complicate things um i believe this was left for you it's for mr frost would you read it please we are not your property this is collective do you think councillor graham had any associations outside of our contractual arrangement we can always look into it very well answer their pride more the aberration will continue upon the next available opportunity keep us apprised of any new developments eating insurance reasoner did you get your car back yes i did had a couple of scratches on it but i'll live you got the cash scent and the catcher clever would have done this myself i see an earth would have figured it out eventually oh my competitors are going to be very happy about this which competitors what you like to know besides i thought you didn't like strings attached i don't good we're down here yep by the way i heard you killed the little girl gunshot to the face right you didn't hear the news some psycho kid domestic terrorist or something i had cameras put in the mayor's office ground what can i say you know it's a really fucked up system it's a real shit show about as full shit as that grin on your fucking face that's funny i don't get to make the rules okay you do what you can you just hope you don't end up somebody's bitch but there are rules even in this ugly world that you just don't get to fucking break who the fuck are you to lecture me about ethics this is business don't you get out of here you fucking cunt this is your id passport and birth certificate lisa it's the best i could do they think you're dead but you can't go back to selling remember you are on cn earth's list i miss him here it's uh it's an account number plenty of money on there enough to get you back on your feet i can't accept that please thank you you know the world it has to change i'll be in touch [Music] [Music] so sure foreign [Applause] [Music] yes foreign so [Music] coaxial [Music] [Music] tomorrow [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] you.

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