April 13, 2021

Five Sleep Hacks That Can Help You Lose Weight

Did you know that the quality ofthe sleep that you get can affect whether or not you loseweight.

I'm John Byrne from Byrne The Fat, and in this video, I'll be sharing five sleep hacks that can help you lose the weight you want to lose right here, right now.

Come on! The quality of sleep you get isall-important to weight loss.

For instance, just a couple ofnights of bad sleep can increase your insulin resistance by about40%.

That's phenomenal.

That means that you go right into fatstorage mode.

So what you want to do is keep your insulin leveldown as low as possible.

And one of the ways you can do that isby getting the right amount of good quality sleep.

So let'stalk about Hack number one.

Hack number one is all about gettingthe right amount of sleep.

So how much sleep do you need?Well, if you're a teenager, you probably need about 10 hours, believe it or not.

I know.

And what does that mean? It means ifyou've got a shedule that you have to adhere to in themornings, you've got to go to bed early.

I know that's crazy.

But you have to in order to get the amount of sleep, it's simplemathematics.

So calculate from the time that you have to get upbackwards 10 hours if you're a teenager, so that you know whattime you have to go to bed.

Now, if you're an adult, your mileagemay vary.

You might have to get about, well, somewhere from maybeeight hours to seven hours of sleep, but you'll find the sweetspot and the way you do that is by setting your alarm so thatyou get different amounts of sleep and find out which onemakes you feel the best.

because believe it or not too much sleepcan actually make you not feel so good or perform well the nextday.

Hack number two is all abouttemperature.

When you sleep, the temperature in your room shouldnot be warm.

I know on cold nights it feels beautiful tohave a nice, cozy bedroom.

But you know, the best sleep you'llget will be around about at 18 degrees centigrade.

That'ssomewhere around 60 to 67 degrees Fahrenheit.

So make surethat your room is cool.

Now that has an added bonus.

Not onlywill you sleep better, but you'll also at that temperaturestart what's called brown adipose tissue, or brown fat, that's inyour body.

It'll start to burn glucose.

In other words, it willheat up your body.

It will burn energy.

You'll burn calorieswhile you sleep.

You can't get a better deal than that.

Hacknumber three is all about light.

When you sleep at night, you wantto make sure there's as little light as possible.

And thatmeans even things like if you have a television in your roomthat has a standby light, you want to have a piece of blacktape over that light.

Take your alarm clock, face it away fromyou, I promise you during the night while you're asleep, youdon't need to see what time it is.

If you sleep with your phonenext to you turn it over so that the screen faces down.

And thatway, any light that comes on your screen won't just won'tdisturb your sleep, it won't wake you up.

So look for andshut out any light that's in your room.

Maybe you could lookat putting up a block out blind or some other way of blockingany light from coming into your window.

You want to make sureit's as dark as possible.

This brings us to another point.

Youwant to make sure that you have as little exposure to screens IEmobile phone or computer screen or even television screen, within about two hours of the time that you got to bed.

I knowit sounds boring, but you need to get that happening.

And thereason is those screens give off a high amount of blue spectrumlight.

Blue spectrum light actually wakes the brain up.

Soyou see blue spectrum light in the morning light, it's anatural signal to the brain, it's time to wake up.

What youwant to do instead, is have red LED lights.

So some exposure tored LED light can actually help you get to sleep a littlequicker in the evening.

So cut your screentime two hours beforeyou go to bed and make sure there are no lights in your roomwhatsoever.

Now this is a problem.

If for instance, yousleep with a partner who likes to have the television on orsome light source.

The way you get around this is by wearing asleep mask and make sure it's got a comfortable band.

A lot ofthem come with thin bands that are not that comfortable.

Typethe time so a little piece of elastic on it, something that'scomfortable, a wide band, so that it doesn't pull against yourhead, something that's comfortable and let's you sleep buta sleep mask will easily block out all the lighting in yourroom immediately.

Tip three is about noise.

Make sure thatthere's as little noise as possible bothering you duringthe night.

Look, if you're a light sleeper, and all of uscycle through light phases of sleep during the night, ifthere's a noise, it will wake you so you want to try and avoidas much noise as possible.

Look, if you can't avoid the noise, then simply get yourself a white noise machine.

Now you don'thave to go out and spend hundreds of dollars to buy oneof these things.

You can just use your phone.

Your phoneshould be able to download an app which will give you Whatnoise.

If you happen to have a Google Home system, you can askit to play sounds like rainfall, or other sounds that will relaxyou.

And that will drown out other noises around you.

Hacknumber five is all about routine.

Routines, whenit is to do with sleep, is called sleep hygiene.

I know funnyname, but really important.

So what sleep hygiene is all about.

It's about having a specific, repetitive routine every timeyou go to bed.

And what that could look like is you head intoyour bedroom, you turn down the shades, you go into thebathroom, you brush your teeth, you wash your face, you changein your pajamas, and then you get into bed.

It could be assimple as that.

And that simple set of behaviors repeated everynight.

Lets your brain know it's time for sleep.

It gets thingsmoving in that direction.

So sleep hygiene is a very powerfulthing to do.

And it's probably the first port of call that asleep therapist will do when you're having trouble sleeping.

Bonus hack! I know I didn't tellyou were gonna get one, but here it is.

If you hung on till he endyou get it.

The bonus hack is all about relaxation.

So there'sa particular type of relaxation, which is so easy to do, and Iwant to explain it very simply now, it's called a progressiverelaxation, progressive relaxation works on the idea of, of contrast.

So what I mean by that is this, you'll work ondifferent parts of your body progressively up your body, youstart with your toes and your feet and you scrunch them astightly as you can, and feel it and hold it and hold it for alittle longer than you feel you should and then release it andfeel the relaxation in your feet and then breathe in.

And breatheout.

And let all the tension flow out of your feet.

And then you dothe same thing with your calf muscles by pulling your toes uptowards you knees and feel those calf muscles tighten.

And as youdo that, then you feel it and hold it and then you release.

And you take a breath and you let all of the tension drain outof your calf muscles and out of your feet.

And then you do yourthighs and so on, all the way up your body, down your arms, yourupper arms, your forearms, your your fists and your wrists, yourneck muscles.

You can do that by pushing your shoulders up.

Youpush your tongue up against the roof of your mouth and that'llrelax your jaw when you let it go.

Scrunch your scalp, Do everypart of your body bit by bit and with a breath in between everytime and every now and again in the process, go back and check thoseparts of your body that you've already done and relax andrelease all tension from them.

Before you know it, you'll be ready todrift off into a deep deep sleep.

I really hope you enjoyedthis video.

I hope you got some value out of it.

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And you know it's just so powerful onceyou know one or two little things that can make a bigdifference to the rest of your life.


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