January 23, 2021

Fox News Host Smacked Around by Real Doctor


I have another great example for you fromFox News.

In trying to keep the prop, the propagandanarrative set by Donald Trump going.

Fox News brought on a doctor to talk aboutchloroquine.

Unfortunately, they brought on the wrong doctor.

I think you're really going to like this.

This is an interview with Dr.

William Haseltine.

William Haseltine was interviewed by Fox hostDana Perino.

Dana Perino, you might remember, was GeorgeW.

Bush's press secretary at one point.

Haseltine is a well-known biologist, entrepreneur, philanthropist.

He's a 75 year old guy now, did very importantwork on HIV AIDS, did important work on the human genome, taught at Harvard Medical School.

This is a serious guy.

He's serious in the medical world.

He's serious in the business world.

And he does not take Dana Perino's B.


whenshe now tries to keep pushing chloroquine as a possible corona virus treatment, whichis exactly what Donald Trump has been doing.

Let's get to Dr.

Haseltine starting to shutdown Dana Perino.

So can you tell me your thoughts about thisdrug? Everybody wants to find a cure or a treatmentor a therapy or a coronavirus.

What do you think about the drug that is usednormally to treat malaria? Thank you for the question.

It saddens me that people are promoting mydrug.

We know already from studies at best it willhave a very mild effect at very best.

There are studies that can fix a little bit.

One from the other one concludes it has noeffect.

The other two close has a mild effect.

The net result is whatever effect it has.

It will be very mild.

That drug has been used for years againstmany other viruses to know if.

They say that makes me sad about that story.

Some people may take it who are in early medications, who were other underlying conditions, and they have very serious life threatening consequences.

It is not something to take unless a doctorprescribes it.

So notice that in 45 seconds he refutes justabout everything that Donald Trump has been saying.

Trump says, what do you have to lose? Dr.

Haseltine explains.

You can lose your life.

It has life threatening side effects.

For some people, Trump says it's working reallywell.


Haseltine explains there are conflictingreports, but it is either mild or no impact.

And here Dana Perino continues pushing becausethis is not going well to push Trump's narrative.

And now Dr.

Haseltine straight up calls someof the claims nonsense and says it is reminiscent of quack cures when people continue to pushthis.

And what about the I don't know, you don'tgo by anecdotal evidence, but there are stories of people saying.

They've had this Lazarus effect by using thisdrug.

That is nonsense.

Complete and utter nonsense, and in any situation, there are always going to be people who promote one kind of quack cure or another.

And there are Lazaro's effects.

In every epidemic I've ever heard, it's alwaysthe case.

Let me just repeat.

We know that at very best this drug will havea very mild effect on changing the course of disease.

If it has any effect at all.

That is what the data is showing so far, andI am convinced it does what further studies will show and is not without adverse consequences.

It is irresponsible to promote this drug atthis time in absolutely the most direct terms so far.

A doctor on Fox News saying promoting thislike an exciting new product is irresponsible.

And Dana Perino simply unable to say muchelse because she's not a doctor.

In the end, and she could only reference thisvague anecdotal evidence.

And that's another Fox News segment gone wrongonce again.

So you have to understand, Fox News is investedin the Trump narrative when Trump was downplaying Corona virus.

Fox was downplaying Corona virus when Trumpstarted using the word hoax in a coy way related to coronavirus.

Fox News started using the word hoax.

Fox has been one of the biggest promotersof chloroquine, allowing one hundred and nine claims during a three day period in Marchabout how well the drug functions.

With only 15 claims during that same threeday period, which cast any doubt on the efficacy of chloroquine to treat Corona virus, theyeven bring on TV doctors, people very different than Dr.

Haseltine, including Dr.

Oz to promotechloroquine.

And so when we see a real doctor who is aserious person smack down a Fox News host, it is very entertaining.

But the most important thing is we don't goany farther one way or the other than what the science says.


Haseltine may be right.

It may have a small effect.

There are dozens of things being tested.

We should go through the process with everythingand not pick one drug to promote like a miracle cure, which is what Donald Trump has beendoing.

If it turns out chloroquine, with or withouta zero myson, works well for certain patient profiles, for example, or at certain stagesof the disease, that's great.

Remember, I've been talking about chloroquineand as it throw myson much longer than Donald Trump has.

But we've got to follow the science.

We can't turn this into a propaganda fest.

We don't pick a medication like a sports teamand promote it no matter what the facts are.

Good for Dr.

Haseltine for setting Dr.


I can't imagine he will be invited back onthe program.

We continue to cover the trials of variousmedications on The David Pakman Show Instagram page at David Tatem Show.

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