May 13, 2021

Get a Knife! Should You Try These Wacky Kitchen Gadgets? | Hack or Wack

[Music] wait do you start with a button push today we're answering the age-old question jordan should you use a knife we're going to find out we're going to compare the knife to a lot of these contraptions that are trying to replace it you do not need a slicer

just get a knife why i love this grape slicing why do you need to slice the grapes just eat the grapes strawberry do you want it so jordan i got us some of the exact gadgets that were in the video let's start with the banana slicer slicing a

banana is so easy you can do it with a spoon you could do with a butter knife you could do it with the side of a yogurt container so i like there's i'm never like oh this is so dangerous i need something to help me with it you

sacrificed the versatility of a knife for maybe it's slicing faster but i don't even know how much faster is it going to be one two three okay didn't smash the sides boom and then to get it out you just i tapped mine out if you were putting this

on a platter or something you've got braid edges that are not going to be as good as if you were cutting it on a knife but if you were doing this for yourself then uh yeah i guess it's working and it saves you about two seconds i don't

know how much time you save because i think cutting a banana is incredibly easy i'm just gonna let's just try it for the same effects and i'm done yeah hard to beat a knife on this one hard to beat this is definitely wack i hate this yeah banana

slicer this is pretty black next test is the zip slicer so this is for cutting small spherical foods perfectly in half so let's fill up the tube with our grapes oops i'm so uncoordinated that i literally missed one i can fit eight of them in here how many

do you have in there i have ten maybe they're a little too small these are very uneven slices can you see that i've got some sides that are this thin and then some sides that are this thick uh yeah if for some reason you're making a very large

fruit salad and you're gonna be making a ton of grape tomatoes or a ton of grapes that you need to slice then i guess it makes sense to be able to do 10 at a time but even so a serrated knife might be uh just good do you

want me to show you the lid trick so you load up one lid with a bunch of grapes take the second lid put it on top upside down all the way across done and now we have perfectly cut in half grapes i think we're over two right now

i'm thinking this is equally wacky this is whack doing the two lids that's a hack strawberry [Music] it seems like something from a sci-fi movie that you would use to remove someone's brains well we're removing the strawberry's brains the huller you twist it in and then you push

this release and it drops it out [Music] oh okay wait did you start with the button pushed did you pull the leaves off oh we're gonna try this again because apparently this is not so easy that an idiot can do it cause i am failing okay mine worked

really well so you get to save a lot more than if you were the type to just for speed steak hack off the top of a strawberry which is what i find myself doing pretty often and it's also good for a really neat look whatever you were doing

this for it's better yeah so i just did one i made a tiny hole with a big knife it was doable but i wouldn't want to do that with a bunch of strawberries and it was a little it was a little bit scary with my big knife so

i like it i i want to say hack i will give it a reluctant hack as well i think the strawberry huller was the one that we would have guessed might have been the most useful out of the three and now we have a lot of fruit for

a delicious fruit salad yogurt and granola on deck you

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