May 11, 2021

HIT A HOME RUN ! FOUND GOLD! $850 STORAGE LOCKER ~ ! I bought an abandoned storage unit

like I always say you can't hit ahomerun unless you swing the bat is an actual military trunk I'm very excitedbecause this you've already profit on the unit ladies gentlemen boys and girlspirates of all ages it is Saturday morning I am on my way real quick toshop the flea market do a quick pick and route see if I can make any money off ofsome pickin and then I'm off to pick up this storage unit with mr.

Locker nutswe are about to pick up a 17 years stored storage unit woman passed away Ihave good feelings I have good good feelings about this Wowthat was the biggest turd bucket of a storage unit ah flea market that was thebiggest turd bucket of a flea market I've been to in a long time I'm tellingyou guys it's getting worse people don't understand that I see this going oneverybody's back to buying storage units are trying they're going hog-wildbecause of the desperation to make money after quarantine not understanding thatthe flea markets are dead and this is the trend that's gonna transpire I toldbut in telling everybody people are not gonna want to shop social distancing isa psychological effect now people do not want to come to the market because incorona they want to go and buy something online if you're not running an onlinebusiness right now you're going to probably fail the flea market is on itslast legs unless your front to come cure for chronic comes out and there is nomore fear the economy has not really I don't think had the ripple effect thatit's truly set in yet so I'm telling people the best I can prepare prepareheavily is why I've been making the movies I have is why than buying thetype of units I've been buying it's why I've been hoarding all my stuff savingit I don't really have like just tons of money to throw around but I know thatthings are gonna get worse again they're gonna get worse before they get betterso I'm stockpiling for the internet etc etc this is proof positive all myfriends out there buying storage units pay attention guys hi-ho hi-ho it's offto this deceased tenants unit we go look who showed up what is it always aphoto moment it's alright you're not too late ladies and gentlemen boys and girlsthat's em pirates of all ages we are here we're about to go through you knowyou excited I am yeah we took a little tiny peek the other day just a littlebit we opened up one box on his on his channel and we just kind of like wentlike this all inside of there standing there going oh and huh but anyway that'son the unit Brenda since 2003 deceased and at an average of 250 a month rankcuz this is pretty high after so many years they elevate the rent she probablypaying 400 here towards the end or so over 60, 000 a rent paid does keep whatis inside of here the treasure were about to pillage little smile makes lifeworthwhile it's pretty cute smile Oh major gloomy there oh it's kind of likethe Google thumbnail analyzing see yeah that's how we would tell you you familyhas a little gloomy it's a little fairs a little warmer yeah that's nice alwaysright Henri's as older stuff I told you theother day I felt like it was like maybe a husband passed away first got all hisstuff in the storage all tools all stock what's in hereOh imagine that it's tools I had a feeling it was too late and gentlemenit's kind of like the green totes have this tool II feel it could be somethingneat there like that was that no what's this drills drill bits nice drill bitsthough thanks guy was in the shop what's this Roach routing attachment to cool alittle bit of money in there couple bucks right yeah where we got him electric security engraver all rightthat looks like a lease at 30 40 hour total – nice jack talk around the watercooler at the office says it's gonna be a good unit Bobby doesn't other thoughtto be funny everyone see that with people at the like on office spaceJefferies at the water-jug and they're talking yeah nice I wasn't even gonnathink to film this box and then I open it up and right away it's 100% film evillook at this Jack Jack what's your favorite word that I can't pronounceright what's your favorite word I can't pronounce right he's ignoring me ladies gentlemen heshows up late and okay Jack what's your favorite word I can'tpronounce right yeah look yeah okay yeah that's all right it's a whole bunch ofit just these are um probably mainly portraits so I can't just open up eachone of them right now like that but that's still cool this is ample a daykeeps the doctor away this time hey Mike nice to meet yapost car and one of that's a Martinez or something that's what all the homes areclaimed for my dreams look at this bag it's all effeminate we went to the beach we had a dog oohrailroad scene look at that Oh a cable car we had a babythis is oh we went to the beach first palm tree in California pier 39 windowsfirst bill I'm just kidding I really don't know the answer that that's a niceone some good photos here Jay um I'm 99.

9% sure she's no longer with us lookat this this is nice stuff believe it or not ladies and gentlemen oldblack-and-whites old paperwork like this is so this is turn the century 1800 thisone's kind of we just give that back that's recent family photos when I buystorage units this is literally one of the things I'm looking for notnecessarily because there's Nestle when I want to sell but it's the psychologyof the storage units that I hunt the things that I'm looking for themillion-dollar treasure the retirement piece the Picasso the 420 gold coins allthe things that I see it's stuff like this that I'm looking for to findbecause it goes with the psychology of what I'm seeking I profile the person Ithink owns this story that's what I do and I look at a story I don't look atthe the Box sitting in the front how much the dresser is etc etc I pickmyself in the person's shoes and I try to figure out what it is they had or diddid you say this is not bad you know it's weird though like I think this is atype of situation where like on I'm gonna say it's like 10 to 15 bucks butthen a lot of people are gonna go and comments and different areas havedifferent prices like people keep telling me in their state which is likeit seems like East Coast or almost the East Coast like a trunk is like 150 200bucks where we can't sell one for like $15to give him away saying with his chair this stuff I this is a hard to sellaround here I like this part but this was old would you take it to Alameda yeah I still see it as no more than 20bucks fee I like to see seal boxes one piston one thing it's very importantwhen you have kind of track this story is understand how long look at it sherented in 2003 right and this newspaper's 2002 when she packed up wellyeah obviously it's obviously somebody's been in this unit since it's been hereit's not just sat here I don't really get intrigued by dishes too often thisis a neat bat right here I can't says Artie Rucker parse and I said soundslike old player a Spalding number 200 Auto graph made in USA that alreadytells you right there it's free 70s nice bath toughlike I always say you can't hit a home run unless you swing the bet automotivetools let's be snap-on Matco Mack something great like that Wow that doesnot look like any of those Sun is alright but that's more than antiquatedstuff seems alright still cool little box though adds up and what do we havein here all right those are kind of cool I don't know what animal they're frombut they're from an animal that's definitely real or they think it issheep a nice vintage flag I don't know how many stars that is and see if wecould see so we always asked me how many stars they are how they saved the 450stores I think more vintage paper look at all these cups and glass and dust kind of like you went to a churchgoodwill sale look at that ginger believe it or not though this pin isworth a little bit of money it's got a tax stamp on it all of their littlebrand in there surge power block what kind of I actually think the time tolook at everything because that's actually a neat retro cup I could seesomebody maybe like in there no tomorrow million dollars oh yeah prices when youneed them more vintage stuff like that we got an interesting rug a scratch pad Matthew something Saint John's Churchit's the Bible but it is old well over 100 years old right there a parable notgood crystal I was like don't want to touch this thing what do you think this issheep ma'am what's that worth if there's a good condition Oh probably like 25 30bucks this Alameda auction they will not pay anything for in Stockton no Alamedathey might Hardy show these there they told seven that box is little bitAlameda this commercial break is brought to you by the spider in The Lord of theRings and like I think part number two or that big old spider tried to killFrodo who dang and back to our regularly scheduled program we were here with theBox brought to you by small hand tools not to be confused with big handfulthat's not bad a chisel sit okay so we've solved onepuzzle this says Taylor so the bat belonged to him maybe he had it signedstill good back all right almost sellable things like almost stepped upour game in the tool to part of this check you like these things humming yeahthat's like a 30 $40 box cleaning dowel centers my favorite thing to do is lookinto drawers hmm that looks like a piece of silver know if it's wood my silverself this is they're not picking two I learned this they're not dentist toolsthey're nuts they're locker nuts you picked the meatout of off your nuts these are almost cool we got like three little cool ohlook at this tape yeah these are almost cool toowe have more good a whole lot of those are nice crystals crystals are nice ohthere's more drawers down there look at that you see you have one long bottomdrawer we can't get to now I'm not gonna stop by see inside that bottom drawerbecause odd this is that place where people would hide their silver theirgold their you know things of that nature this is it yeah image writer toowe got a full computer system for is what banditshe says band-aids Denny's are good you know it's often in an event a bathroombox that could be true and so I wanted to make sure you check it often peopleleave their jewelry in there take off their rings and watches at the counterthat's military right there that's kind of cool what year 1942 this is World Wartwo that's nice because that makes me hope World War two stuff World War twostuff and it's actually if you think about it see if you look at that chunklook at this what's that say right there captain etc etc that is an actualmilitary trunk nice that's a great photo album or a postcard I'll do anythingJack I think it's amazing to my way you're gonna see is if you go to lockernuts channel I will let the record show remember how I told you that box isboring anyone look at it no more it was I was I saw the cookbooks and everythingI was like now glad we took the time to go through that Jack by we I mean youall right that's a cool little box therethis means the oddest item in here is a brand new echo weedeater I'm pretty sureit's unused it's just it was weird but I think thatis $200 right there guys you're gonna have to go to his locker on sirs channelagain to see this amazing finance on top of this but look what else we got to gothrough he just went to the bathroom I know he don't go to the bathroom if thee-waste place didn't get drinks so we can then go to the bathroom but I'mgonna pick one or two these right here while he's gone I'm gonna do somefilming I'm very excited cuz this look I'm just gonna give you if you know yourthings you can just see things I'm gonna do one of these three boxes right now soI'm gonna pick like I always do any meaning eenie meenie miney moe catch atiger by its toe if he hollers let him go my mama told me to pick the very bestone and you are it we're going through that one okay I'm excitedcome on ooh woohoo first off we got this lady she's like hey what up then we gotTreasure Island San Francisco 1940 look at that and it's nice oh please be goldplease be gold does that say 14-karat on it you didn'thelp me up that just look on the back of that I think that says 14 care what'sthe word before it I'm hoping your eyes are better than mine is it just sayslike the name of like sparkly or something offices this right hereliterally I think it's the name of a Cressler or something that is like 25grams of 14-karat 25 times 25 is 500 or a thousand 25 my masturbator that'sthat's 500 that's over 500 right there in gold I think 500 or sooh yeah there's another marking right there 14-karat 25 times 25 should be mybrain always draws blinks on here looking at this stuff and I'm I'mshaking her 625 see I was way off I was trying to do I do math weird like I togo 5th I know 50 times 20 is automatically a thousand so my braintries to do some weird algebraic equation to get to it instead of justdoing the math because my brain just doesn't had a function properly butthese are just costume jewelry I'm still excited though because like I'm kind ofshaking to this that pays for the unit almost oh well Wowthis looks like like a six-carat an antiqueit's got filigree work right here very handmade it's a brooch or it's also anecklace pendant ooh dude that's two and one that is probably gold too thoughright there 150 200 bucks easily right then there'sthose two items put the unit in profit right there I'm shaking it cuz we stillgot so we still got that drawer this to go through we haven't even got to thebottom drawer in this we don't you know there's something in the bottom draweryet Jack's gonna like CLP himself when he comes back and I show him I can'twait to see like the look on his face oh yes oh yes come on be something good ohyes that is and so it's smashed but it's a 14-karat reading probably about ninegrams eight ahem costume that's still cute this is nicethis looks like it's gold too well one thing is hard about this chest cam upmedical maple leaf it's like a you try to watch the camera and it's hard tomove your hands properly this watch right here whoo let's pop that bad boyopen right now okay my trusty my trusty handy dandy knife ohit doesn't hit so there we go come on scepter it doesn't say gold on it thoughit doesn't say 14-karat doesn't say it's not so this needs to be tested cuz itsure looks like it but is the Elgin National watch companyI don't see any jewels in it though no jewels still neat that's a that's a nicefind right there we're getting up there costume know is that posture this mightbe silver or gold actually to take a lookit says 14-karat doesn't it ladies and gentlemen I'm getting excited I don'tknow what this is but it still looks cool – that's it that's a tripI said cute little belt buckle these are nice right here these are like1920s looking they're a pair of them no a boat that's kind of neat – oh I'm justjuiced right now that was kind of cool almost it could be a review right thereI've taken my sweet time in this because this is good to speak everything is oh Ithought that was Jane that's a good that's a good little score I say we dosomething else let's do one more thing I just kind of weird cuz you see look atthis it looks like somebody's been through lift that one looks kind of open what's wrong would you do the white oneof the brown one you do the brown one all right rafi looking but still betteroh ho yes is that Dumbo and Jade that looks like some quality of said China sothey this is pre virus that we're good there cultured pearl I can't tell I don'tthink that's silver but it sure looks close to it it's like a silver plate ohbut that's a real pearl they're frozen as valuables they used to be there's apoint in life when that pearls are very valuable oh this one pops off please be 14 carat it says Warren said14 carats so I don't remember of that is plated or if it's solid gold becausewhat throws me off is that little bit of green but that could be from somethingtouching up against it this is American Waltham pocket watchrailroad pocket watch gold pocket watch it's believed to be I think hopeless Ikick here just now told me that it is what you say was a lawyer layer it'sheavy layered I think I think it's like quadruple plate or double plated butlook at that that's do you know why you want trunks with the upwards like thatthere good luck when they're up when they're down they're bad luck oh pleasebe gold or silver I could use a little more you know it's cost and they likelips and it's kind of sweet this is sterling silver right here thatis super nice that is over a hundred year old almost I guess it's 14k they are notsterling but it's not because of the color of it this isn't turning out to bea really good luck or just this one drawer you can almost throw the wholerest the unit away mmm all right that's cool ice I'm gonna callit a wrap on this video guys I can tell you right here we've already profit onthe unit this here this here is 14 this is 14 is 14 this puts us deep intoprofit after expenses and everything this is some type of gold here as 150roughly all sorts of trinkets and we got the rest to go I'll get to that in thenext video if not Locker nuts will so much more to do don't get the likebutton share and subscribe and say something pretty like I love.

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