April 11, 2021

How Long Does The Present Last? – A Time Travel Diary | The DOX Channel

this is me in Pondicherry India in 2017 trying to make friends with the local goat many people come to India to find answers to their questions it wasn't my case I wasn't trying to justify my presence inside the cosmos I was just in love yes it happens and when it does it kind of messes things up not that I'm the type to have a plan but still before becoming the professional scooter pilot and the winding roads of India like many others I was a student I thought my students were like a road a one-way road with a few bumps down the line but still the most efficient way to get from point A to point B maybe I wasn't exactly sure what my point B was but I believed I was making progress step by step where I was slowly but surely making my way to our destination yeah like a road then I took a turn and Here I am somewhere that kind of looks like nowhere well I was still somewhere especially of course Pondicherry India but my place in time had changed there were steel rods and many destinations but there wasn't any real reason to take them anymore aside from the pleasure of driving there wasn't to point a I'll point B just plenty of other points which had travelled true with each instant of every single one we continued to renew itself endlessly without really thinking about it I felt part of the present after that I took a new rod and I landed in the u.


like many others I became an immigrant my situation needed to be regularized and suddenly everything became a matter of time three months before getting the right to work six months before getting the right to stay well that's what I believed until I understood to which extent for the American administration as for Einstein time is something relative the tremens lasted a year and for a year I waited even though a whole new world was opening itself to me I felt trapped by my perpetual state of waiting limited by the spatial dimension of time months weeks days minutes seconds can become a physical entity that separate us not only from what we are waiting for but also from what we are currently living I felt like I had lost my connection with the present I was just waiting for it to pass and then it happens and the things we wait for finally come to be if you are lucky the future becomes present before you even notice and it's like waking up without falling asleep but what about all the time spent waiting all those moments been waiting for another moment and I just lost them to find the answer to my question like many people I had to return to India not specially but temporarily in my memories looking through all the pieces of present I had collected I remember Ginji a temple in Rouen on top of a huge pile of rocks to get to the temple you have to climb a long series of steps that look like they're almost part of the rocks they are built upon there are a lot of steps but there is more to Ginji the neat steps or the accumulation of stones it is composed of 10 on which it stands what makes ginzo beautiful is felt in his totality and in the forces at work – all that totality together that's when I had the feeling that every second spent waiting was also part of a whole in which they were interconnected with all the other seconds that are lived like Ginji each second was held together by a single force only unlike Ginji that force wasn't gravity it was something else maybe it was a mistake to believe in the point a and the point B and time isn't really like a road the more I delve into my memories of India the more I felt like the time I had spent was more like this mangrove its roots emerges and bumps into another one then sprouts in the opposite direction only to meet a little later in a new form overall but there is also in constant evolution and so maybe the present isn't something set in space something that we means as time pushes it forward maybe it is something that has to be felt experienced without beginning or an end something that is simply meant to last [Music] you [Music].

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