March 6, 2021

How To Do Crayola Calligraphy – My Tips, Tricks & Hacks for Beginners

hey YouTube thanks for watching itsChelle with The Lemonade Store, and I wanted to take a minute and go over someof my lettering tips and tricks for using the Crayola broad line markers andyou can do the same thing with you could do the same thing with the super tips aswell because they all have any of them that have like that cone shape can kindof like they're different it's not like a normal brush tip pen so if you'retrying to figure out how to do it I thought this would be a good time tokind of go over some of the very basics and things to help you out.

so let's getstarted with the number one thing that helped me learn how to use Crayolas todo the lettering was it's all about the pressure with a brush tip pen – let'suse this one right here – I have this momento pen with a brush tip pen it'sgot a brush tip so as soon as you push down you get a thicker stroke you don'thave to press down super hard to get a brush tip to work the way you want it towork with the Crayola if you want to get the thicker line you need to do a coupleof things the first is you need to really put down a lot of pressure andthe second thing is you need to hold your pen more at a slant so sometimeswhen you write you'll write up and down like this like normal writing right butwhen you're lettering you in order to get likeprobably a better grip on your pen and to get more of the thicker line with thebrush tips or with the Crayolas it's more like this and fine you can hold itany way you want I see people hold it like this I seepeople hold it like this just do its whatever is comfortable here is that thekey for me so you're gonna hold it at an angle and when you push down hard ashard as you can push down look at that beautiful thick line now the trick iscan you kinda keep getting it straight so if you watch what I'm moving I'm notgoing like this with my wrist I try I'm not always successful but I try as oftenas I can to move my whole arm look at how much straighter it can be if I dothat I'm just using my wrist it gets wonky right away so let's just kind ofgo over some basics downstrokes thick up strokes then and if it helps movebecause it's a different tip you know you can move it a little bit so you canget a thinner thinner stroke so what do you do when you're writing you go reallyslow so like there's on my Skillshare class which I totally encourage you guysto sign up if you have it I have I go over all of the basics on Skillsharewhat pens I like for just starting now what paper I like for just starting outand because I'm a skill short teacher I can give you guys a link below for Ithink it's like two months for 99 cents and then there's no obligation to staywith it so in that skill share class I have my girls worksheet and my alphabetworksheet but like for example one of the drills is just going you know justdoing straight lines across and then you knowby doing like use and things like that but look just if you go slow and youpractice you gate you get more control when you see like if your when you seepeople writing really fast like myself or anybody else those are usually spedup videos it really takes a long time just to write one word out so let mejust give you a couple of tips I like using this is thicker paper you cantotally use to practice regular copy paper it could be the cheapy stuff butif you want to kind of get it to glide a little bit betterI like this 32 pound premium choice LaserJet paper I think is what it'scalled so I'll also link to that below but like it just kind of seems like itglides really good so take your time heavy pressure going down and we didfocal ich or fee on the last video so I will link to that above and that reallyis gonna help you know where does your downstroke go and where does yourupstroke go so that's why I like to start with the folk calligraphy first and then you start to learn how to wheredo you put your your your downstrokes it took me a long time here's my here aremy words of encouragement it actually took me a long time for the Crayolamarkers to click but I loved the look so much and they were so inexpensive youcan get like a huge 40 pack or a hut like even more than that I think liketen dollars and the colors are so vibrant there's so many different thingsthat you could do with them and I'm gonna show you one of the things thatone of my favorite things to do so using a watercolor piece of paper let's pick aname from the jar and we're gonna do one blending option Julia okay so I'm gonnashow you one of my favorite ways to blend with the Creoles as we go throughthe different process alright let's do let's do two different greens and I'mgoing to use watercolor paper dirty water cuz that's what I got here and I'mgonna grab a paintbrush so we got two greens a paintbrush some waterwatercolor paper here we go I'm gonna write Julia and I'mgonna start with my lighter color and we're gonna go through the process oflight look at how I'm holding my pen light pressure going up heavy pressuregoing down so let's do Julia light pressure heavy pressure and turning andgoing back to light have you pressed Charlotte down haveyour pressure going down and I have a tendency to just kind of flick my penand you don't have to do any of the you don't have to do any other things that Ido but it's just kind of what makes me me and makes you you okay so then we'regonna take our darker color and I didn't test these out ahead of time but I'msure it'll be fine so we're gonna go in with our darker color and add somepigment so I leaned it on the bottom and the top and since this is a water-basedink we're gonna get a little bit of water on our brush we're gonna blendthose two in we're just gonna start here and drag them down or in this case dragit up until we don't really see too heavy of a line and I sometimes go allthe way back and I'll just do the whole section because sometimes if you're notcareful you'll get that bleed mark like go get a line from your where your waterwas so I usually will put water on the whole thingand this is kind of like an endless you can use any colors you canoh all over the place with it you knew so many cool things with this and itdoesn't have to be just letters you can do this with designs as well if youwould like to get your name lettered all you need to do is leave a comment belowand tell me your name and I'll add you to the jar and um I randomly like willpick you guys as I'm doing different tutorials and stuff to try to get nameslettered for you yes so thanks for watching I actually I really appreciateyou guys liking the video if this helped you at all any likes and comments Ithink help I don't really understand all the algorithm stuff with YouTube and allthat but I think it does help to get my video more play if people like it so Itotally am thankful for all of you that support me.

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