March 2, 2021

How to Help Overwhelmed Doctors | Thich Nhat Hanh, Stanford University CCARE, 2013

one of the challenges though I think for many people is that there is so much suffering and as an example I'm a doctor and one of the things that happens to doctors and especially people if you will in the current professions is they get overwhelmed with suffering as

does the average person and they say there's so much suffering but what can I do people afraid of being overwhelmed by suffering and they lose the hope there must be a way to live for you to be strong enough in order to handle a suffering inside of you

and if you don't know how to handle the suffering inside of you you cannot help another person to suffer less and that is why the practice of mindfulness first of all is to help you yourself to suffer less first of all you have to learn how to release

the tension in your body how to reduce the pain in your body and the practice of mindful breathing mindful walking sitting meditation total relaxation can be very helpful in reducing the pain in your body and then with the practice of mindfulness you can you can learn how to

create regenerate a feeling of joy hope and of happiness of happiness and this can be done by anyone if we want to learn fortin's when you breathe it and if you focus your attention on your in-breath and then you can bring your mind home to your body and

there is the energy of mindfulness concentration in your in-breath and you realize that you are alive because someone who is already dead doesn't breathe in anymore so one interest that may last three or four seconds can create mindfulness concentration and insight and when the body and mind are

together you are established in the present moment in the here and the now and you can get in touch with the wonders of life that are available in the here and the now and and with that time mindfulness and concentration you realize that you are lucky enough luckier

than many people you have enough conditions to be happy right now right here and you don't have to run into the future to look for happiness and that happens after three or four seconds of practice of mindful breathing you get the insight that there are conditions of happiness

that are available in the here and now you are very lucky your life inside can can happen just after a few seconds of practice and if you recognize that these conditions of happiness are there available so you can create a feeling of joy and of happiness right away

so a good practitioner of mindfulness can create a feeling of joy a feeling of happiness for him for her and for the other person and that is easy enough and then mindfulness practice can help you to go home to yourself in order to to get in touch with

the pain the suffering the despair the anger violence the inside and with the energy of mindfulness and inside you know how to handle the suffering within yourself you are compassionate do it yourself because love for another person depends the capacity to love yourself if you don't know how

to love yourself and take care of yourself how can you love and take care of another person so the practitioner learns how to suffer how to handle the pain suffering inside of him or her and because he knows how to do that with compassion with inside with mindfulness

he can suffer much less than other people who do not know the practice and he can he can go further he can make good use of the suffering in order to create something more positive like understanding and compassion it's like people who grow or lotus flowers they know

how to make good use of but in order to grow Lotus no more no Lotus no suffering no happiness no compassion so so the practitioner generating the energy of mindfulness and concentration recognize the pain in him or in her and embrace it tenderly and the fact that you

can recognize and embrace your pain can bring you a relief because the pain is a kind of energy and mindfulness is not the kind of energy this energy embracing the other energy will make produce a kind of change like a mother holding her baby the baby suffers the

mother does not know yet what is the cause of the suffering of the baby but the fact that is holding the baby tenderly can make the baby suffer less right away because that there is the energy of tenderness from the mother penetrating into the body of the baby

that that brings relief and if she continues with my fall honing and she will find out the calls that make the baby suffer and then kisses she can change the situation so the practitioner while holding his pain anger is like holding how old baby we had to to

handle the suffering in us tenderly with non-violence we should not try to suppress the pain we should not suppress our baby our baby and you get a relief and if you know how to practice you can gradually transform the pain the anger and despair in you so the

practice of mindfulness help people to to suffer in a such a way that they suffer much much less than other people who do not know how to do this to get a relief and to make good use of the suffering in order to create understanding and compassion that

are the very foundation of happiness there is a deep connection between suffering and happiness it's like the connection between the bed and the Lotus if you have the time to listen to your own suffering to look deeply into the nature of your own suffering understanding go awry understanding

here means understanding of the suffering and when understanding arises compassion is born that is the mechanics of compassion when you look another person if you have the time and if you look at him or her mindfully and with concentration you can recognize the suffering in that person and

if you are more concentrated that you can find out that that person does not know how to handle the suffering in him and that is why he remains victim of his own suffering so far no one has helped him to handle the suffering in him and if since

he suffers he makes the other people around him suffer even if he doesn't want to do so so with mindfulness in concentration you can realize you can recognize the suffering in him and understand the suffering and if that understanding arise you are not angry at him anymore and

compassion because compassion has been born in your heart and when compassion compassion is born in your heart you don't suffer anymore it's like a miracle and instead of trying to punish him or her for having make me suffer you want to say something or to lose something in

order to to help him suffer less and that can be done in our daily life with the practice of mindfulness and concentration so if we understand our own suffering and then it would be much easier for us to understand the suffering of another person and happy and that

is why the meditation compassion and suffering should begin with yourself because of suffering carries within itself the suffering of our Father our mother of our ancestors maybe our father suffers so much and he did not know how to have to transform and handle the suffering he has transmitted

to you and they are in gorge in and that is why you are a receiver that transmission you had to accept it and if you know the practice you will transform on the suffering of your father in you which is also your own suffering and your suffering also

reflect the suffering of your society of your nation and if you understand your own suffering you understand the suffering of your community of your nation of your people that is why understanding suffering is very important for compassion to arise and once compassion is there you suffer much less

and suffering has a positive role to say to to to to do we can speak about the goodness the usefulness of suffering it's like the goodness the illness of usefulness of the map in happening producing in lotus flowers that's why my idea of the kingdom of God is

not a place where there is no suffering if there is no suffering there is no happiness either that is the teaching of interbeing intervene you cannot be by yourself alone you have to intervene with us the left cannot be by except on the left has to be –

in the big with the right if you remove the right the left disappears right away if politically you are on the left don't wish that the rain will disappear if that right is a PSU did disappear disappear on Isola so that is the teaching of interbeing intervene means

you cannot be you can only intervene and I think compassion is like everything else compassion compassion cannot be myself when you look into a flower you see the flower is made of non-flower elements like a crowd I can see a cloud and I can touch a cloud in

the flower because all of us know that without the cloud there will be no rain and no flower can grow so when I look into the flower I see non-flower elements including the element of a cloud I see the sunshine I see the minerals the earth the garden

and so non-flower elements coming together in order to help the flower to manifest as a wonder of life compassion is a flower and compassion is made of non compassion elements

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