March 4, 2021

How to Pack Lighter | Minimalist Travel

i've been a one bag traveler for severalyears now and believe it or not this is how i used to packfor a long weekend trip i'm sure there are a bunch of people out there that arein a similar situation to this here so i thought it would be a

funexperiment as i round out month three of being at home to take you throughkind of a basic long weekend travel loadout and some easy ways toshave weight and save space so you can get startedwith one bag travel or pick up a few new tips and tricks if you

alreadyare so without any further ado i'm just going to kind of go category by categoryhere and call out all the stuff i don't need sostarting off with clothes as the first category thisimaginary trip we're planning is for three nights and four days so think athursday through sunday long

weekend trip that's often what i doa couple times a year to go back to michiganand visit my family so assuming i'm going to have on you know a basict-shirt jeans and a pair of shoes for the planeuh a lot of people like to pack an extra pair of

shoes say youthink you know maybe i want to wear something nice out one night out todinner you probably don't need a second pair ofshoes i'm just gonna get rid of this immediately try and find a pair of shoesthat are going to work for a wide array of different

scenariossomething that is going to be casual enough to wear with jeans on a t-shirtbut might look nice enough if you want to go out to a nicer dinner or somethingand if you have to pack two pairs of shoes pack the smaller pairand wear the bigger bulkier pair on

the plane so getting rid of those shoesfirst off easiest biggest thing you can cull outof your pack next up we have pants so we're going weneed to pack for three days essentially so i have here three pairsof jeans on top of the ones i would normally wearget rid

of all of them hear me out i'm someone that likes to wearmy pants multiple times before washing fora number of reasons one it's gonna make your pants last a lot longertwo your pants really aren't getting dirty if you're wearingunderwear and bathing on a regular basis and people think

they need to changetheir wardrobe out completely on every trip every day and sometimes evenpack an extra pair of pants just in case you want to change things upi have recently started getting into some more technicaland travel friendly fabrics these are the slim dungarees from outlier youdon't have to

have you know a fancy or pair of pants like this to wear butthese are my first pair of travel pants and they're amazingthese will get me through the whole trip without having to change pants sofour days is totally reasonable these are stain resistant and odor resistantand even if

you have a regular pair of jeans you really should be able to getfour wears out of a pair of jeans and and pack one extra if you need but youknow something like this i would wear on the plane with me and i wouldn't packany other pants and then

moving on from there you knowsay you're someone that likes to work out and you want to have a pair ofsleeping pants so i have two pairs of um you know just basic gym shorts idon't know about you but the chances of me going to a gym andgetting on

a full sweaty workout while i'm on vacationis pretty slim a lot of people like to think you know i'm going to work outthis trip and i'm going to pack this stuff just so i can be prepared and behealthy if you're not going to work out don'tpack the stuff

be realistic and honest with yourself when you're packingthe other thing you know i am someone that sleeps in basketball shorts usuallyor has them around the house in the eveningsyou know maybe you can work out in these and sleep in these if you're somethingthat's not getting very sweaty when

you're working outso this is really all i need extra that i'm not going to be wearing on the planefor that short of a trip we're gonna put these back up here nextthing is a sweatshirt you know it might get coldi better pack a sweatshirt wear this on the

plane with youinstead of packing it it's big it's bulky the nice thing withwearing it is that if you want a pillow ora blanket while you're traveling it works as a great double purposeoutside of getting rid of it out of your pack so just put this on before youleave

for the airport or before you load up your car if it's a road tripmoving on to shirts so we have three daysplus workouts plus sleeping plus you knowa what if nice dinner type of shirt so you don't need very many of these eithera big thing that i have

recently started to get into with those more technicaltravel pants is merino wool merino wool is anamazing fabric it really is odor resistant and is going to lastmultiple wares between washes so you can really get away with probablytwo merino wool shirts if you have them for the entirety of

thetrip it's also something that's really greatfor insulating and staying cool or warm in different climates so the merino woolstuff if you can get your hands on it is amazing this is also from outlierthey sell those together in what's called a travel packthis isn't sponsored by them but they

did send me those out to test and tryi've been very impressed so far but rounding back to the rest of thet-shirts here you don't need a new t-shirt for every day plus a sleepshirt plus a workout shirt plus an extra you know plan on wearing yourshirts out a

couple days in a row so we have you know four daysi'm gonna pack one shirt and i'm gonna wear one shirtand i'm gonna pack one extra shirt to sleep in i'm gonna get rid of theworkout shirt and i'm gonna get rid of the extra shirts just in caseand

i'm gonna be honest with myself i'm not going to want to dress up when i goout to dinner so i'm going to get rid of my button-up shirt as wellso culling down here we have a sleep shirt anda day shirt you have the one on your back plus

the extrait's going to be more than enough you can re-wear them twice and they'll besmelling just fine moving on from there we havesocks and underwear socks again merino woolis going to wear multiple times without smelling or having any odorit's also going to be able to wash out really

quicklyand dry really quickly so if you do need to wash them really quickly in a sinkfor some reason you can these are both two different styles ofsmart wool socks i'm going to be packing theseand getting rid of the extras you know if i'm not out backpacking i'm not

goingto be super cautious about socks just for normal like city travelingyou know couple pairs of merino wool socks are going to do youamazingly same goes for underwear except i don't have any fancy technical travelunderwear so i am going to pack one pair for each day and i'm going

toget rid of the extra all the years i've been traveling i'venever needed my extra pair of underwear so i'm gonna ditch this and go down tothe three that i actually need these are from tommy john they're amicro modal from what i remember i bought theseyears ago they have

held up incredibly and they're verycomfortable but they are not that merino wool so i want to be able to wearand switch these out every day so calling down all of that clothes this isall you really need for that long weekend sort of tripit seems crazy but i promise

if you give it a shot it's going to bea much more pleasant travel experience not to have to lug around all that extrastuff so it's kind of the first category therewe've cold most of what we're going to call though i'm going to shift this overhere and move on

to the next category and thatis tech i run my own business i'm on my laptopquite a bit if i'm on a really short casual trip i've been recently trying togo more with just using my phone much mucheasier and a lot less cumbersome than having mylaptop so i'm going

to bring my phone with meand i'm going to skip out on the laptop this is going to be something that'sdifferent for everyone you might not have the optionbut more and more as technology advances we can do more and more work onour phones so i'm gonna leave this at

homeas crazy as that sounds and uh just focus on this and i didn't put thisin the layout here but same goes for dslrs and bigger cameras like thislately on my normal vacations you know i'm not doing a ton of photography soi've just been leaving at home and it

makes it for a lot lighter morepleasant experience so i'm gonna pack this andi'm gonna need a charger for that as well and then moving on from thereheadphones you know people like these big noise-canceling headphones for theplane they're so big and bulky i just travelwith airpods the sound quality

is not quite as goodbeing completely honest but the size difference is just insaneum i just can't put myself up to wearing these out i usually edit my videos inthese they're not that great of video editingheadphones they're more meant for travel but they're just so bigand bulky i haven't

ever brought them on a trip with me they're justtoo big so i'm gonna bring these and i can also use the same charger for myphone for the headphones i'm going to bringand then outside of that you know i bring a kindle sometimes buti don't half the time end

up getting the chance to read so i'm going to leavethis at home too a lot of this quick side step a lot ofthis is about being honest with yourself you knowmaybe i'll wear this outfit maybe i'll get a chance to readbe realistic if you're not going to use

it don't bring itso leave this at home too and because of that we canleave some extra chargers i'm going to pack my external batterythat's still a pretty important piece for me so we're going to downgrade thetech to these few items here insteadand because of that we don't need

to bring all of this extra junkso getting rid of all the extra chargers and dongleslook at how much we've pulled down see how easy thisis it just takes some experience and practice andyou live and you learn and you kind of test and try the more trips that you

goon because i moved out to portland a fewyears ago like i said i go on a lot of these long weekend typeof trips so i've had a lot of experience for the shorterstints of travel to know what i need and don't needso next up we have dopp kit

this is another one this pack here is myold toiletry dopp kit bag that i used tohave i got this when i was like 12 years oldbut i have in here a ton of stuff i'm just going to kind of dump everythingout and explain and i thought the best

wayto demonstrate this was just to show you my new dock kitand explain how i uh swap this out so this is all the stuff thatyou know a regular person might want to bring with them on a trip you know youhave your toothbrush and toothpaste and deodoranti don't have

shaving equipment but i have beard oil and a brushshampoo body wash sunscreen ibuprofen in case you get headaches youknow allergy medicine i have really bad allergiesyou know just in case i get a hang nail i'd better bring my nail clippersyou don't need most of this stuff grabbing my

new dopp kit let me justmove some of this stuff out of the way so deodoranti still have deodorant um i haven't gotten the chance to really test the drydeodorants i've tried to go without deodorant and ijust can't do it i've tried the crystal deodorants and i couldn't do

that eitheri end up just thinking too much so i still do travel with regular deodorantinstead of bringing a big thing of ibuprofen and a big thing of allergypills get one of these smaller reusable pillbottles you can put a couple of ibuprofen in here you can put a coupleof

vitamins if you normally travel withvitamins put some allergy meds in here this nice little tubeis going to be able to house all of the pills you might need for your tripso you can ditch this stuff i'm going to pull thisout as well off to the side and instead

of if you're a beardedgentleman um instead of this big brush you know go with a little bit of asmaller comb here the form factor is just much easier to pack so we'regonna move that out of the way and this next one is big so this is drbronner's this

is one of those like 18 in one type of soapsand i absolutely love it for traveling becausethis bottle of soap here is able to replacemy toothpaste my shampoo my body wash all of that stuff is gone for this onelittle bottle you know you can get these smallercontainers and

then you can get a big one to refill it so you're not having tobuy a bunch of little plastic bottles all the timethey're refillable and great moving on from there we have sunscreeni burn in like 10 minutes out in the sun so you might not need sunscreen buti

am constantly worried about sunscreen when i travelinstead of bringing the big bottle nalgene makes these little onein two ounce bottles that are like a dollar fifteenand uh they're much smaller you can refill them again and travel with thismuch lighter much easier so you can get that out of

the way tootoothbrush this was a newer purchase of mineseveral months ago that i'm just stoked ona foldable toothbrush toothbrushes are big and bulkyand annoying to travel with and yeah this one's just really lightweightand foldable which is very nice beard oil is another one of those thingsi normally like

to use this when i'm at home but realistically three or fourdays i can go without without any real badrepercussions i can still comb my beard and i'll justcontinue my oiling regimen when i get homenail clippers you don't need nail clippers for three daysjust skip it big toothbrush you

can skip that soall of this stuff is all this extra junk that you probably don't need to packwith you so just skip all of this i'm just gonna that was really loud oh sorry to myneighbors below me so let me get this pack backup here so those are

the main categories i feltlike would have the biggest savings on what you can skip as you cansee here it's just much easier and smaller and this is going tofit in a backpack really nicely you know this is barely anythingpractically you can fit a 15 liter backpack you can

travel forthree days with it and i am missing a few things like my water bottle buti just wanted to focus on those categories that had the biggest impactyou know the less that you have with you when you travel the less burden you'regoing to have to deal with and

the less hassle you're going to have to deal withwhich will allow you to travel more freely and move aroundmore freely explore the city that you're in orexplore the country that you're in and it just makes things a little bitmore enjoyable it's a more extreme version of minimalism ineveryday

life the less that you have the lessresponsibility that you're going to have to deal with with having and owningthose items so these are some of the ways i saveweight when i travel hopefully you learned a coupleof new tricks i'd love to hear though what you do down in

the commentsthank you so much for watching and i will talk to you next weekhave a good one you

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