March 3, 2021

How to Start and Grow Your YouTube Channel from Zero — 7 Tips

so all of us want to grow our influence here on YouTube but how do you do that if you're starting from scratch with zero subscribers in this video we'll be sharing 7 tips on how to do that and one of the biggest reasons why most challenge aren't growing

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passive income with YouTube to register for free just go to learn video dot live hey what's up Sean here benji here and this is video influencers help you build your influence income and impact with online video on this channel we have weekly tips videos as well as interviews

with some of the top influencers on this platform so if you're new here consider subscribing so we asked what your biggest challenges were with YouTube and Mike's question was asking for tips for starting from zero so let's jump into it tip number one just get started it's so

important not to wait for all the answers we're flattered that you're watching this video but you need to upload your own videos so you can have something for us people to subscribe to and secondly you need to learn what it takes to make compelling content that will get

people to want to be going to your channel totally and always remember that your first videos are gonna be your worst videos you know I remember the first video on Benjamin TV hi everybody or the first video on Sean thanks alright so this is I guess the first

Sean thanks vlog and while those videos weren't that great we think they're awesome because they were part of our journey to learning YouTube so just get started and get your first video uploaded as soon as possible tip number two tell people about your channel you know your friends

family those are gonna be your best supporters when you're just starting out and you need to share it with them that you're starting a YouTube channel you know oftentimes people have at least a couple hundred friends on their Facebook page which would be perfect people to be your

first subscribers when you're just starting out absolutely and your goal here is not to spam anybody and not all of your friends or family are even gonna care but think about starting with your network and also think about putting links to your YouTube videos in your Instagram bio

posting on social media you need to let the world know that's our posting YouTube videos do this a lot do this everywhere talk about it all the time put some passion around your vision for YouTube and tell some people another example of this is going to clubs events

even places that you go to to shop for example I'm really into food and when I first started my food channel the supermarket I went to I would tell the clerk about my channel because I was vlogging it and they're like oh that's so interesting let me go

check it out so oftentimes people physically in front of you in the places where you're content makes sense could be your first subscriber tip number three when you're starting from scratch is really understanding that having a focused niche is a lot more powerful than having a general channel

the reality is if you try and reach everybody you're gonna end up reaching nobody and so you really want to define who is your target audience you know what are they interested in if you have a gardening channel then it's people interested in learning gardening but people who

are not interested in gardening won't care but that's good start small in order to get big and really take some time maybe even pull out a piece of paper or a phone and write down an answer this question why would people be interested in the content like what

value will have to a specific audience the second thing you want to define is what is your value proposition of that audience now if you have a cooking channel you want to deliver valuable cooking tutorials to that audience right so what is your value proposition you know so

many of you are trying to emulate some of these more famous youtubers these creators who have been around that have millions of subscribers not understanding that it is hard to be them right away you want to focus on a niche type of content that's very specific because it's

gonna be the easiest for people to find you as a new channel because they're interested in that same type of content and that's where you're gonna have the best success the quickest success to gaining subscribers and you know I think this is a great example of this there's

a recent article in Bloomberg that was actually describing this struggle of smaller creators trying to make it on this platform and it talked about a vlogger named Asher who decided that he was gonna vlog every single day about his life at college and blah his you know opinions

his day-to-day life what he's eating and we can actually look at the numbers after a hundred and eighty uploads Asher has a hundred and seventy four subscribers and ten thousand views so he's grinding but it's not really growing that fast because it's general it's trying to reach everybody

and it's just kind of a vlog you're trying to get people interested in your life I'm not that interested I can't watch a thousand people's different lives personally but let's look at Rene who's actually somebody who's been a part of the video influencers community he started a focused

channel on cooking and not just cooking on whole thirty recipes so the power of having multiple niches in fact we have a video talking about double niching will lick that up on the YouTube card and put it in the description below when you really get specific that's where

your power is so Rene actually only uploaded nine videos he's been busy so as an uploaded in like six months or almost a year yet he had nine videos three hundred and twenty three subscribers and twenty two thousand views and guess what his channel keeps growing because people

keep finding his videos and keep seeing his content because of focus tip number four engage this is so important to do it and remember to do because it's not necessarily about the video that you upload this is something you do after you upload your video or maybe before

during go to other people's videos comment go on social media find the people that are interested in your type of content and vibe with them comment back reply back answer questions don't like just straight up ask for the subscribership add value some way you know one of the

important things of a YouTube in the early days was it was a small community and people were supporting each other and that's how people grew so quickly because you're supporting other people they might want to support you if you do it enough times people to be like I

wonder what this person is all about especially if you have a dope avatar your name is compelling they're going to your channel and if you got videos uploaded that are interesting specific they're more than likely to subscribe or at least watch our videos and we kind of like

to call this hand to hand that on social media this is one-to-one and what we are not recommending is don't go on people's channels and say sub4sub don't go on people's channels and just blatantly self promote your channel what you want to do is go on channels and

add valuable content and valuable tips to the current conversation that's also why it's powerful if you have a niche if you've got a focus Cooking Channel you can go on to other cooking channels share tips share your favorite spices share your favorite perspective on how you like to

cook things not in a spammy or pushy way but if it's valuable you thought that comment will get thumbs up and you actually get discovered based on the algorithm of the Komets on YouTube the same is true search to Twitter hashtags get into conversations with people go to

the hashtags around the events of your niche if you're in cryptocurrency go into the cryptocurrency communities and engage with people if you're intact like me I talk about the latest cameras on forums on Twitter on hashtags and then people can check out my profile and see like oh

this guy reviews tech as well he reviews cameras so spend some time doing this and we mean put in the work don't just spend five minutes a day early on to people who break through they take every spare second and they do some at night they do some

in the morning they do some at lunch they put in the time to build their channels one subscriber at a time tip number five focus on the YouTube fundamentals which arise we have a quote from Michael Jordan himself focus on the fundamentals and the level of everything you

do will rise which a great quote from one of the Great's of NBA history that applies to every industry and definitely on YouTube so ask yourself are you doing the basic things are you focusing on a good title are you focusing on a good thumbnail are you tagging

your videos you know oftentimes when people start they discount things like tags and they're not properly letting YouTube know what's inside of their content so you've got to do this I can tell you this every YouTube success story starts with basics absolutely and if you didn't know about

some resources available for this there is a lot to learn but even YouTube is put together the creator Academy or the creator playbook and we'll put links to those in the description below study the basics study the fundamentals and don't just study them work on mastering them you

know we are empathetic because when you're trying to grow your YouTube channel idiot you're trying to learn graphic design you're trying to learn how to do camera work you're trying to learn branding you're trying to learn how to be on camera there is a lot to learn so

put in the time practice and work the fundamentals tip number six content you know we're talking about the fundamentals we're talking about other things you should be focused on and don't forget about your content you know one of the first things I can tell you about that when

it comes to getting subscribers is add value to someone's life is your video making someone laugh is it answering a question is this solving a problem what is it actually doing for someone's life if you can answer that and make that happen to your content you're on the

right track absolutely we've all probably heard the phrase content is king and so at the end of the day success on YouTube comes down to consistent strategic quality content and one of our biggest tips is before you press record do some research and some preparation spend some time

going to the YouTube search bar looking for video ideas as it you type in a couple words it starts predicting some you know searches that gives you some ideas for your videos and for your titles spend some time even asking questions on Twitter or on in the community

looking for hot topics that are trending in culture and then plan your videos that will improve the strength of your content lastly we can't emphasize enough about consistency so important to commit long term to be consistent we suggest at least one video a week long term because you're

gonna learn so much from those uploads you know realize as time goes on and you observe the results you're gonna learn the strategies that work you're gonna learn the tactics that really get people interested in your videos their attention on your content and ultimately subscribing tip number seven

for when you're starting from scratch is focus on creating searchable videos you know YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world and so if someone types in something that are interested in trying to learn about makeup or cooking or interior decorating or gaming whatever it is

you want your videos to show up in those top search results we call this ranking videos and when you do that it really can help your channel grow when there's hardly people watching or when you haven't got discovered yet and actually if you want to learn more about

that we have a free masterclass that we did you can go to learn video dot live or we'll link it up on the YouTube card or in the description below that goes a lot deeper into that topic and we know the struggle is real and you guys might

be hitting some roadblocks and challenges and them be asking yourself why aren't people watching my videos and subscribing to my channel well one of the biggest reasons why they're not is because you're not following these best practices right your content isn't interesting it's not compelling enough it's not

actually doing something for somebody's life ask yourself this what channels do you watch why do you watch their videos why do you subscribe to somebody you know those are things you have to ask yourself of your own content because if you don't you might be posting up hundreds

of videos not getting the subscribers I'm wondering why not so it's not just about that content and adding value but are you doing all these seven things that we're talking about in this video absolutely and at the end of the day keep in mind be patient you know

great things take time and great things take work a lot of work you know we've posted hundreds even thousands of videos online ourselves and a lot of those weren't that great right because there's a whole learning curve to this pace yourself be patient keep learning and keep uploading

and you will grow question of the day what is one of your biggest challenges on YouTube and what's some tips yet you have for other influencers in this community put in the comments down below so thanks for checking out this video subscribe if you're not subscribed and if

you want to check out that free youtube masterclass with tips on ranking your videos and growing fast quicker tap the screen right there for another video from video influencers click or tap the screen right there as always we're helping you build your influence income impact with online videos

talk to you later

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