March 1, 2021

Is Pakistan Safe For Women To Travel? | Lahore | Pakistan Travel Vlog | 208

okay we have gotten back with the groupnow, we have driven out of the city a bit and we are now at a place called Hiran Minarit is the tomb of a deer – I'm gonna tell you more about the history once weget the drone up but I'm just laying eyes on it right now and it looks reallyreally amazing I didn't think I'd be impressed after seeing the mosque thismorning but I'm impressed check this out okay so we've been here for a couple ofhours now because the content is just so damn good, what do you think bro so far?(this is for sure one of the best places) (i've been to, i mean look at this sixthcentury mobile structures, its mad) (shame about the smog, but) yeah it's actuallystarted to clear up a bit now but this is your first time to Pakistanaltogether and like probably your third or fourth city? (yeah) what do you, what doyou think of Lahore compared to what you've seen of Pakistan so far? (So far Lahore seems much more cosmopolitan) (it seems not westernised but more familiarin terms of what I'm used to) (it definitely compares to some of theother cities I've seen in Turkey and) (stuff like that so yeah, it's great butwe are just getting started so) (let's see what else has got to offer)yeah man, and you haven't seen the mosque which we're going to see yesterd- whereyou're gonna come on another trip tomorrow, which will be pretty- it'sreally epic (Badshahi mosque? Yeah it's) (it's like a pink terracotta mosque? yeah that looks insane) anyways yeah, so we got exclusive access to this bridge here, it's not normally open butthey've kindly let us in and unlocked the gate so that we could do a couple ofcool drone shots and take a closer look at this incredible palaceso enjoy the rest of the footage and I guess we'll catch you when we're on ourway to the next place here we go! okay the fun is still not over yet wewere about to leave but then we said to ourselves why not take the boats to theother side, a bit of a funner way and a bit of a new way to get across the lakeso that's what we're gonna do Pakistan, boats.

Here we go okay here we are on a boat crossing thelake (somewhere) somewhere what do you think bro? (Not Pakistanyeah and just had to run for a bunch of) (people chasing us for taking a selfiedon't worry) (Pakistan is **** safe guys, oh wow can I swear in your videos?) Yeah, I do the 'woof' This is really sick though man and now we're just cruising around these guys are jokers, the rest of the ride goes around the palace, epic epic stuff it gets better and better, I really love it let's enjoy the ride! (The boat was amazing, was super- in a super beautiful view.

It's such an honour to do that today) (I loved it) okay we are at our next stop here inLahore and it doesn't slow down from here it just keeps getting better andbetter even more impressive we are just at Hiran Minar which wasthe tomb and then of course the palace in the middle of the lake and now we areat Jahangir's Tomb Jahangir was the Mogul Empire thatruled here centuries ago and then Hiran Minar ofcourse that was his dears resting place and then this is, his magnificent tombwhich seems to stretch on for miles and miles but to really get a sense of howspectacular and how big this place is I need to show you on the drone so let'scut to it right now here we are at the Emperor Jahangir's Tombthe only Emperor Mogul Emperor who is buried on the Pakistani soil the rest ofthe moguls are buried on the other side in India in different cities this tombwas built in 1637 by Emperor Shah Jahan who was son of Emperor Jahangir and it isone of the most beautiful mogul monuments in Lahore.

Zainab what's up? (I'm good! I'm up here in Jahangir's Tomb, my boy Jahangir!) so this is your second time to Lahore and has it been better orworse than your first visit? |(Honestly, it's been better namely by the fact thatmy family's super impatient with my) (pictures so this time I got myself somegreat content) content creators heaven you did that post that was really deepabout your connection with the country how have you grown more connected withPakistan? (To be honest it's mostly by) (their actual response that I've beengetting from everything that I've been) (posting, I see Pakistanis as well asforeigners thanking me for coming here) (and I just feel like- I it's so like Idon't deserve that in the sense where) (everyone can come and do this exact samething, sometimes I stop myself like we're) (in the mists of taking pictures or doingall these things but sometimes I stop) (and I like to look around and I'm likeshit like I'm here like I'm always) (dreaming whenever I'm in Geneva, I'm like “ahh I want to go to Pakistan, I want to do this and that”) (I am right here doing it so I feel super blessed) (and more than happy and humble to be here)what would you say to other women especially you know women with Pakistani heritagebecause you know what they're gonna think, they're gonna think it's not safefor a woman and stop especially for solo travelers or even you with a group whatwould you say to them? (to be honest I (know that a lot of women would say 'ohit's very safe' this and that and those) (comments are usually coming from well-I've seen from mostly foreign travelers) (so I was also a little skeptical, I wouldthink like all right well it's because) (she's white and blonde and they treather differently but now that I've come) (and I look like this, I am Pakistani, I canspeak the language, I've actually felt) (that exact same way that was portrayedby those other women so in my opinion) (it's absolutely safe, it's actually morethan safe it's such a amazing feeling) (because people are so welcoming andgenuinely happy that you're here in) (their country yeah so come on over guys)yeah Zainab, travel buddy follow her at the link here, which I will put <--- right here this Tomb really reminds me actually ofthe - Taj Mahal, it's beautiful but it's not just a Tomb buts like a whole complex, but like it's a really cool thing to see and I definitely if you come to Lahoreit's worth the trip to come here okay I'm gonna have to close the vlogout here guys otherwise even in just this one place they can go on foreverbecause there's just so much beautiful beautiful things to see and to discoverthought the day was done but now we've been let on top of the roof of the tombyou remember from the drone shot all the the pillars on each of the corners andnow we're standing on top it's just a great great way to close out the dayit's been a full day of shooting for me but it's been completely worth itLahore you have absolutely exceeded my expectations completely I didn't thinkI'd be so amazed but I'm happy that you surprised me but let's call it a day fortoday and we'll catch up with you tomorrow peace!.

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