May 8, 2021


A long time ago, long before Earth was created, the universe was plunged into the Dark Times.

A period of chaos where the first traces of life appeared.

Most were monstrous, terrifying.

The Dark Times saw the reign of the Beast, the Carrionites, the Vampires, the Eternals and the Racnoss.

It was also during the Dark Times that one of the first humanoid species in the universe developed, on a mysterious planet with an uncertain future at this time: Gallifrey.

These early Gallifreyans, the Shobogans, were a thriving species.

Despite the harshness of their largely desert planet, they built a society based among others on science, eventually developing space travel techniques.

Without knowing it, the Shobogans had just marked a decisive turning point in the history of their planet.

A Shobogan adventurer, Tecteun, crossing the universe to discover its secrets, found a child abandoned under a temporal vortex.

Bringing her back to Gallifrey, she discovered that this child had the ability to regenerate her cells when her body was too damaged.

Tecteun isolated the gene responsible for this regeneration and injected it into a handpicked Shobogan elitewho became the Time Lords.

Improving their space travel technologies and developing a powerful transmat technology allowing them to teleport further and further, the Time Lords began to make allies on other planets.



But also enemies.

Among their greatest supporters, the Time Lords can count on the Sisterhood of Karn, a sorority responsible for protecting the Sacred Flame, helping to produce the Elixir of Life.

Elixir heals almost all injuries and prolongs life.

Since both have solutions to counter death, they made the decision to form an alliance.

The Time Lords protect the Sisterhood of Karn and they provide them Elixir to assistwith regenerations that do not go as planned.

The Time Lords continue to expand across the universe, conquering territories, allying themselveswith those they cannot conquer.

They are not the only ones to set up this type of conquest.

Everywhere, the universe begins to be full of various alliances, of stammering empires: the Fledgling Empires.

These empires compete to dominate the universe.

The Time Lords find themselves particularly bogged down in their fight against the Racnoss, leading to the annihilation of the latter.

But this whole historical period, from the creation of the Time Lords to the Fledgling Empires wars, was more or less hidden over time.

The Black Scrolls of Rassilon contain this forbidden history and will be banished thereafter, sealed and sheltered in the depths of the Capitol, or even considered destroyed according to certain sources.

They are also hidden in certain places of the Matrix, a gigantic database containing all the knowledge of the Time Lords.

The famous Rassilon who wrote these scrolls is a genius in many ways.

He and Omega, his stellar engineer colleague, set up the whole of Gallifrey society as it will remain for millions of years.

Rassilon established an oligarchic social structure, supporting even more than beforethe social differences between the Gallifreyans.

Omega and Rassilon created the majorityof the fundamental inventions of this rapidly growing society.

Many weapons, the most powerful being hidden in an arsenal.

The Moment, which can erase whole species from existence.

Validium, a living and destructive metal that can reform after exploding.

The Eye of Harmony, harvesting the energy generatedby the explosion of a star frozen in time.

And a whole variety of objects of all kinds intended to ensure the protection of Rassilon while supporting its power: the Sash of Rassilon, allowing to survive in a black hole or even to absorb the energy of the Eye of Harmonyto obtain unlimited regenerations, the Rod of Rassilon, allowing to open the Eye of Harmony, the Crown of Rassilon, offering the possibility of controlling the spirits, or the Glove of Rassilon, which can both repair temporal alterations or create them by erasing snippets of time from existence.

But their experiments were not without risk.

While trying to detonate a star to offer Time Lords the ability to travel back in time, Omega was dragged into the black holegenerated by the explosion of the star, finding himself trapped in a universe of antimatter with no way of signaling that he was still alive.

Rassilon finds himself alone to reign, even more determined to consolidate his positionas great founder of Gallifreyan society, immortal and with unlimited powers.

He put in place a policy of non-interference following damage caused to other peoples due to the use of time travel.

He had “The Book of the Old Time” written, putting down on paper the official history of the Time Lords.

He also organizes the Games of Rassilon, a bloody competition organized in the Death Zone and in which compete beings takenfrom their home planet, fighting until the death.

Rassilon ends up prohibiting these violent and cruel games, but the Time Lords are fed up with his omnipotence.

They imprison the immortal Rassilonin the Dark Tower, located in the Death Zone.

Gallifreyan society must now learn to manage without its Founders.

The High Council, divided into six chapters directs the society.

Their technology stagnates, as their social progress.

The class differences between Time Lords are growing.

Some leave the Capitol for the Drylands, in order to find a way of life in line with nature.

There are also always non-Time Lords people on Gallifrey.

Shobogans are now considered rebels, committing acts of vandalism against the Capitol.

Outside Gallifrey, the peoples interestedin Gallifreyan technologies are increasing, and the Time Lords are withdrawing into themselvesmore and more, in an inexorable routine.

Some troublemakers and dissidents disturb their peace.

Morbius, an ambitious Time Lord, wants his fellowsto abandon their policy of non-interference.

He also mounted an army of mercenaries to conquer other planets but was arrested in time, before being judged and executed on Karn.

However, his brain was removed from his skulljust before his body was vaporised.

The High Council, always determined to keep its position of leader, had no qualms in falsely accusing Salyavin, a member of the Council with powerful psychic powers, of intending to use his powers in order to accede to the Presidency, enclosing him in Shada and hawking a reputation as a troublemaker.

But their troubles with some dissident membersamong their people were just beginning.

The child at the origin of the evolution of Shobogansinto Time Lords having grown up and having accomplished many missionsin the service of a secret society, the Division, was erased from the archives, entirely modified and returned to childhood, this time as a simple Time Lord.

He embarks on this brand new life and takes the name of the Doctor, before becoming a renegade, after fleeing Gallifrey aboard a stolen TARDIS, a ship capable of traveling in space and time thanks to the technologies developed by Omega and Rassilon.

Several of his friends from the Academy, the Master and the Rani, will also become renegades: the first driven crazy by the Time Lords in anticipation of dark times to come and wishing to conquer the universe; the second banished because of biochemical experiments gone wrong.

The Doctor's attitude, meddling in the affairs of other planets, prompted the Time Lords to intervene twice to judge his actions, under their policy of non-intervention.

He was also charged with the President of Gallifrey assassination, before being acquitted of this crime perpetratedby the Master and the Chancellor Goth, and being elected President.

A responsibility that he will never really assume, making occasional back and forth trips to his planet but delegating the vast majority of the time his presidential tasks, giving gradually his place to Chancellor Borusa.

But this one, however reputed right and virtuous, is gradually eaten away by his power.

Overwhelmed by certain events, including the unexpected return of Omega, which the Doctor manages to send him to his anti-matter dimension, Borusa now dreams of immortality.

Obsessed with Rassilon's inventions, wishing to remain President forever, he will be trapped by his own ambition, locked up for eternity in the Dark Tower alongside Rassilon.

But the immobility of the Time Lords and the jealousies of many other species against them will lead Gallifrey to one of the darkest periods in its history.

Across the universe, cruel and bloodthirsty invasionsof mutant creatures, the Daleks, now equipped with time technologies, threaten the equilibrium of this universe.

The Time Lords, the only ones able to stop them, are forced to leave their neutral position, thus marking the starting point of the Time War, destroying entire sections of the history of the universe.

The disastrous consequences of this war cannot be counted.

Entire civilizations disappear in seconds.

The desperate Time Lords release Rassilon who unleashes his fury on the Daleks and the entire universe.

His plan to save his people: free them from their physical bodies and annihilate all life in the universe.

He implanted in the mind of the Master, from his childhood, the signal that made him mad but which turns out to be one of the keys to carry out his plan.

The Doctor destroys the other key and the Master sacrifices himself to prevent Rassilon from carrying out his plan.

Shortly thereafter, a previous incarnation of the Doctor, the one serving Gallifrey during the Time War, attempts to end the War, originally by destroying the Time Lords and Daleks using the Moment, before changing his mind and to lock Gallifrey in a pocket universe with the help of his past and future incarnations.

Seeking to leave this pocket universe where they are confined, the Time Lords try to contact the Doctor, the only Time Lord still present in our universe, through cracks in the fabric of reality.

But their signal is picked up by many species, awaiting the signal for Gallifrey's return before attacking them.

The Doctor therefore decides to protect them in their crack, but refuses to let them out and they are thus annihilated.

By dint of perseverance, the Time Lords finally manageto extract Gallifrey from its pocket universe, installing it at the end of the universe, away from their enemies.

They banish the Master again, finally freeing him from the message written in his mind by Rassilon.

This one is not finished with Gallifrey.

He does not intend to abandon his position and, suspecting the Doctor of having information about a myth called the Hybrid, he puts him in a prison where his mind is tortured for 4.

5 billion years.

When the Doctor escapes, the Time Lords join him, banishing Rassilon from Gallifrey.

They returned to hide in their pocket universe and life could finally resume its course.




until Master finds out about Gallifrey's hidden past.

Furious to have discovered in the Matrix that the Founding Fathers lied to establish their domination, and that the Doctor was originally the Timeless Child, used as a laboratory rat to provide the Time Lords' abilities and being a part of the Master himself, he made the decision to commit genocide against his own species, which had so often been played on him.

Arranging for a Cyberman spacecraft, a cyborg species, he sets out to transform the bodies of the deceased Time Lords into CyberMasters, a new species, half Time Lord, half Cyberman.

The Doctor, assisted by a human named Ko Sharmus, arrested him before he could fully execute his plan, using a Cyberman weapon called the Death Particle to annihilate all life on Gallifrey.

The Doctor escaped, the Master also, but it is difficult to estimate for the moment if other Time Lords have escaped, consciously or not, from the genocide of the Master.

Gallifrey is now nothing more than a deserted pebble, isolated, covered with the vestiges of civilizations as fabulous as tragic and frightening.

But does life really stop completely? Who knows what Gallifrey's future will be like, with or without the Time Lords?.

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