January 23, 2021

My Take on NURSES | Hospital Vlog | Doctor Mike

tell people what's the funnest moment that we share together working together for four years what's the fun or funniest moment we had when you graduated why was that funny [Music] today's the kickoff for National Nurses Week where we honor and celebrate all the many roles that nurses play

every single day they truly are the backbone and frontline of the health care industry why was that funny because I had to give a speech and what did you say and Michael did not get I said right now I could use a nice tall White Russian people who

got to joke loved it but yeah well not everyone's an alcoholic like you kidding especially my White Russians as you can tell I'm really close with the nurses I've been working with for the past few years I truly appreciate the work that they do and that's why I

get so mad when I watch Grey's Anatomy or the good doctor and I see that their work is minimized it shouldn't be that way and I think nurses deserve more credit right of it it's late but I have a question for you what would you think one of

your duties that would surprise other people that you do as a nurse you know give me something the nurse does majority of the education when it comes to medications alone care and with the vaccines that we administer to the children right when's the last time you seen a

doctor give a vaccine only our residents when they're making their numbers exactly that's it unless you've been personally admitted into a hospital or maybe spend time with a loved one who has been admitted to a hospital it's difficult to know the entire scope of what a nurse does

day to day and those duties are really remarkable they care for your physical health they care for your emotional health they evaluate how well your treatments going and something maybe some doctors are reluctant to say but they really do alert us when we make mistakes in a reality

doctors don't save lives you save lives doctors save life as well well my team what I it's absolutely teamwork yeah absolutely yeah what makes it a lot easier to get up in the morning and come to a 16-hour shift or a 12-hour shift is that I have fun

with my nurses we have a good time like a genuinely good time we're laughing we're talking we're sharing our experiences I think that ability to take a very stressful situation a very somber situation and turn it into something light-hearted and fun and interesting is a great quality for

a nurse to have not only for patients but also for other members of the healthcare team like us doctors now I know some of you may be in nursing or considering becoming a nurse and there's a couple of points I want to make about the career it's one

of the most noble rewarding careers out there it has amazing job security for the next few decades the demand for nurses is only gonna go up and up and up on top of that you have such a broad scope of practice meaning you can work in a hospital

in the nursing home and administration the medical world is truly your oyster people are often quick to write off the nursing field based on others expectations of what the job is or they're quick to love the field based on something that they overheard or something that they projected

onto the field I think you really need to spend some time with a nurse walk into a hospital volunteer at a nursing home spend some time with nurses to find out what their day-to-day is like if you're gonna make this your occupation and you're gonna practice this for

20 30 maybe even 40 years you need to know if you truly love this field or not and the way to find that out is by diving in and stepping outside of your comfort zone so if they're curious or think that they want to become a nurse what's

a good step for them to take preliminaries should they just apply right away or should they do some more research we definitely encourage you to try to get you know experience on the bedside that develops your your assessment skills your communication skills not only with the patient themselves

with family members now even though I'm a doctor I do have some advice for aspiring nurses out there before you take someone else's advice of why you shouldn't go into nursing or why you should go into nursing you really need to figure out if it's a career that's

right for you being a nurse is a demanding occupation at times you're working crazy long shifts spending that time standing on your feet sometimes you have to give up your holidays where you would be spending time with loved ones and in that are taking care of complete strangers

and sometimes worst of all you may not receive the gratitude you truly deserve both from patients and doctors I've heard this said once before I don't even remember the context but being and becoming a nurse is hard but it's the hard that makes it special to all the

nurses out there happy Nurses Week and from the bottom of my heart thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thanks everybody for all you do you still party I know

you play Michael go right now okay [Music]

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