April 16, 2021

My Thoughts on Breast Reduction? | Responding to Your Comments #8 | Doctor Mike

– Why is your red meat video offline? (upbeat music) Victoria, thanks for asking.

A lot of people have beenspeculating about this actually.

The reason I had to take the video down is because there was some confusion between the sponsor and myself about what they werecomfortable with having within the video as far as content goes.

And they wanted me to change something once I posted the video.

Me being a person who standsbehind my medical ethics and didn't want to changemy medical opinion, we came to a mutual agreement that we just take the video down.

What I want to sayabout the red meat video is that I still very muchstand behind everything I said.

You should dramatically reduce, if not remove entirely processed meats, and if you have them once in a while, that's not a major risk that you should be really worrying about.

Yes, overeating red meatsis not probably not ideal, but eating them in moderationalongside vegetables, and especially preparingthem in the right way like I said, marinatingthem, not overcooking them probably reduces a lot of thesenegative effects we've seen in some of the research.

And if you choose not to eat meat because of ethical reasons, more power to you, that's your decision.

But it doesn't meanthat you have to come at and yell at other people who don't necessarilysee eye to eye with you.

Whenever I make a video, sponsored or not, I wanna give you my true, honest opinion.

I take that trust yougive me very seriously.

I will never tell youwhat someone else wants me to tell you, unless I stand behind it.

Now that being said, I willwork with all sorts of sponsors as long as they areletting me say my message that I would say if thevideo wasn't sponsored.

Stop just doing dumbbell curls.

You need to work outthe rest of your body.


Johnathon, I actually don'tdo dumbbell curls at all.

I'm a firm believer indoing compound lifts.

In reality, the way thatthese guns come about.

I'm just kidding.

Pull-ups, weighted pull-ups, I do rows.

Those are the ways Iget my bicep workout in.

I don't think you necessarily need to do nor is it tremendouslyeffective to isolate the bicep and just do curls.

Krissy Pooh: I wanna knowif this is normal or not.

When I get sick my skingets painful to the touch.

Normal, the reason it's happening is probably because you have a fever.

And when you have a fever, yourskin becomes hypersensitive, so anything touching it will feel like a weird, gross feeling.

And this probably evolved as some sort of survival mechanism.

Totally normal, nothing to worry about, as long as it's onlypresent while you're sick.

Lea Fa: What's your thoughton breast reduction? I mean, it depends why you'regetting breast reduction.

I have a lot of patientswho have very large breasts, and because of that theydevelop serious back problems 'cause they're carrying so much weight.

Also, it can affect theway that you see yourself as a person, so it can hurt you mentally.

I agree that everyone is beautiful, but I also think it's unfair to say “Everyone should just betotally happy with their bodies, as is.

” If someone has a bad scar and they're feelingself-conscious about it, lying about it and justsaying that it's beautiful, trying to convince them otherwise, a little bit unfair Some things make peoplefeel self conscious.

So it's about getting an honesthistory, a true physical, figuring out what therisks and benefits are of each procedure, and making an individualdecision for yourself with your doctor.

Rashiekah Love Toshinori Yagi: Is it normal for your lower rib to pop? No, I'm not even really surehow your lower rib would pop.

The lower ribs are called false ribs 'cause they're actually notattached to your sternum, they're just sort offloating in your backside.

Maybe they're rubbing against each other.

Maybe there is a tendon or ligament that's getting caught there.

But if it's causing you discomfort, please go see your doctor because you really shouldfind out what that is.

I've noticed when I get extra tired, I snore a lot and then Iwake up with a sore throat.

Should I see a doctor about sleep apnea? Lindsay, you shouldabsolutely see your doctor about sleep apnea, because while sleep apneaisn't an immediate threat, it's one of these conditions that causes chronic hazard to your health.

So you develop other medical problems like high blood pressure, chronic heart disease.

If you can control yoursleep apnea early on, the less of these otherdiseases and complications you're gonna develop later.

My thing as a family doctor is about preventing problemsbefore they become one.

And that's something you can totally do if you truly have sleep apnea.

It sounds like you have sleep apnea, especially if you're snoring to the point of getting a sore throat.

Dana Habib: Hey Doc.

So I'm about to graduate from high school and my dream is to work at either the ED or be a paramedic, but everyone is sayingthat it's too traumatizing.

Is that true? Ah, Dana, I don't wantanyone to dissuade you from entering a particularfield you're passionate about because in this life passion is hard to find at times, and especially in a fieldthat is incredibly rewarding and a field that's incrediblyneeded in our society, I don't think you shouldlet anyone dissuade you.

What I think you should dois you should go volunteer, you should go on a ride-along if you can, you should talk to folks whoactually work those jobs.

Once you expose yourself to the field, you can have a better ideaif you truly love it or not.

It's very easy to fall in lovewith the idea of something, but once you actually start doing it, you may not feel the same way.

So I always say, “Firsthand experience trumps what anyone else is telling you.

” So if you're passionate, you wanna try it, go try it, and then make your decision.

Hey Mike, can you get stretch marks from losing weight toofast? Love your channel.

Yeah, actually what can happen is anytime you have a rapid change in weight, you can get unusual marks on your skin.

I've had patients thathave had bariatric surgery, lost a lot of weight, not only do they getstretch marks on their skin, but they just have a lot of loose skin and end up needingplastic surgery afterwards to get rid of that skin.

Now that being said, you should still moisturizeyour skin, that does help, don't splurge on the100, 200 dollar creams that promise you removal of stretch marks.

Stretch marks, when yougrow rapidly in size and then shrink, actually come from a tearingor scarring of the skin.

No cream is really gonna fix that.

Hurricane Devan: Hey Doctor Mike.

So I recently got braces on my teeth and my mouth is really sore and tender.

Is there a way to helpme lower the pain quickly so I can chew harder foods again? I feel you.

You know why? BecauseI've had braces twice.

First, when I was in highschool.

I got a Invisalign.

And every two weeks, you hadto get a new plate put in and it would shift your teeth and it would be the mostpainful, excruciating.



Once I got older, my teethshifted a little bit, I had to get braces a second time, and I had to get real braces, like I had a metal mouthwhile in medical school.

And it was a difficult moment because I wanted to look my best, but I also knew I wasinvesting in my future.

A simple trick that I usedthat worked well for me is there's some numbing agentsthat work if you have like a sore in your mouth.

Thosecan work well sometimes, but in reality, the only solution is time.

And I know it's horrible every time getting your braces tightened, and it comes with a huge amount of pain.

So, first step, understand that this pain is not a threat to you.

That alone can lower thelevel of some of the pain.

But there are some numbing agents that you can go and buy overthe counter in the pharmacy.

Obviously, talk to your dentist first, but that could be a great way of treating the first day of pain that you get when you get your braces tightened.

Question: Tips forsomeone with bad posture? Tat, this is actually prettyfunny cause a lot of people in my Curbside Consult video and in my Resident Reactionvideo, where I toured the set with Manish Dayal, peopletold me I had poor posture.

I sometimes have poor posturewhen I'm interviewing people, mostly because I'm 6'3″ andmost people are not 6'3″.

So I try to get on people's level and that does hurt my posture somewhat.

But if you work with a physical therapist and retrain your muscles, you can actually improve your posture.

Is there any way to induce your period? This is an interesting question, Jasmine.

I don't know how old you are and I don't know if you'veever had your period before.

I'll give you sort of themedical background on this.

Primary Amenorrhea is someone, a girl, who has never had her period.

Secondary Amenorrhea is a secondary cause, meaning that you'vehad your period before, but now something is influencing your body to not have a period.

So I'm not sure what's causing you towant to have your period.

Is it because you missedit and you want it? It's irregular and youwant to make it regular? But this is a really good time for you to go see your doctor, have a conversation aboutwhat it is you really want.

Because its really hard togive you a simple answer, when there's so many thingsthat could be going on.

Both from a health perspective, but also in your mind, why you wanna induce your period.

So to answer your question, can you induce a period? Technically, yes.

It depends for what purposes, it depends on what stage of your life.

Go see your doctor, have a conversation, and figure out what works best for you.

What do the other doctors at your work think of your YouTube? Christopher, we don't talk about it much.

The senior doctors that I've worked with in the last five years, theyalways ask what I'm up to.

They love hearing thesuccesses that I'm having because they know how passionate I am and how hard I work, because I know you onlysee what's happening on YouTube or on social media, but behind the scenes it takes a lot of workto make this happen.

Not only does it take a lotof work to make this happen, I never let my work in the hospital or my patients sufferbecause I'm busy here.

They're a priority, I love being a doctor, and being one-on-one ina room with a patient.

So I make sure all my work is done there, prior to doing anything with social media.

So they respect me, they appreciate it, they love that I'mbattling misinformation.

And hopefully, if this podcastthat we've talked about in the past ever comes to fruition, maybe I can get them to guest on the show.

Drop your questions andcomments down below.

As always, stay happy and healthy.

(upbeat music).

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