April 16, 2021

My Thoughts On Marijuana | Responding to Your Comments! | Doctor Mike

– Legitimate question:Whenever I eat apples or potato products, I sweat a little bit and my nipples get hard.

For a second I thought this was gonna be a very medical question and then it just took a turn.

(dance music) This is one of my favorite segments I do, but before we start reading and responding to your comments, I want to ask you a couple of questions.

I've seen a few commentsof people requesting me to start selling merch.

I wanna do that ifthat's what you're into.

I can come up with somepretty funny mug slogans, t-shirt slogans, I can give you a shirtthat almost looks like the scrubs with my logo on it, donate some of the proceedingsto Limitless Tomorrow or some of the otherfoundations I work with.

And the second thingthat I've seen is people asking if I have a PO box so they can send questions and letters.

I've already had someletters sent to my hospital, I just posted on Instagram, it's a really cute drawingby an 11 year old girl that was just adorable.

So if you want one of thoseor you want two of those, or you like none of those, leave it down below in the comments, and I hope you enjoythis week's responding to comments video.

Let's get started, pew woop! Whenever I eat apples or potato products, I sweat a little bitand my nipples get hard.

Why is that? I love your channel.

Officer moose, awesome username.

Your nipples get hard fromeating apples or potato products? There's a condition knownas oral allergy syndrome which is not exactlywhat you're describing but basically what itis is your mouth tingles and it feels like you'rehaving a little bit of allergic reaction when you eat foods with certain triggering proteins.

Again that can happenwith apples, bananas, but it has nothing to do withyour nipples getting hard.

Officer moose, I don't know ifyou're turned on by potatoes.

As they say, whatever floats your boat, I'm not here to judge.

Would you be willing to doa video on the word quiet in the ER.

I have heard there is a secret rule, never say for example quiet day so far.

Chaos King, you're absolutely right.

You never wanna say thatit's been a quiet day, you never wanna sayit's been a quiet call.

For some reason, every time you say that it's been quiet, and you're grateful for it, you suddenly get a lot of admissions, emergency situations, rapid responses, code blues, and you start running around like a chicken with its head (mumbles).

Now I'm not a superstitious guy, I've said the word quiet, and I've brushed people off who told me I shouldn't have said it, but I see why it exists.

Mirthe Van der Heide.

Hi I'm 13 years old andrecently I saw a video of how you can grow a few inches per week by doing stretches, is this possible? What you should focus on to grow the tallest possible is eating a healthy balanced diet, making sure you get enough protein, make sure you're eatingyour veggies and fruits, I know that sounds likeyour grandma talking, but it's true you need those minerals, you need that ability to grow.

You need to get enough sleep, because when you sleepwell you actually get a lot of growth hormone release, and when I say a lot Imean the right amounts so you're not hurting the amount of growth hormone you're getting, and then on top of that you wanna make sure you're exercising.

When you exercise it boosts your hormones, it boosts your growth hormone, it makes you process food differently, it makes your muscles grow, and all of those things will contribute to your physical appearance, including your height.

Two girls were born to the same mother, on the same day, at the same time, in the same month and year, and yet they're not twins.

How can this be? Okay give me a second Teresa.

Two girls, born to the same mother, the eggs of a mother wereartificially inseminated via in vitro fertilization, and they were born by a surrogate, so they were coming from the same mother, even though they wereborn in different women, as different surrogates.

That's my medical answer to that question.

Is that the answer you think? Is it normal to talk, or in my case talk and sing in your sleep? This is pretty cool MegI wonder if you're a good singer in your sleep.

Actually talking in yoursleep has a medical term, I'm gonna butcher how to pronounce it, somniloquy I think is theright way to pronounce it.

It is a normal behavior, it's usually a short lived occurrence.

I wouldn't worry about itunless causing a disruptance, a disturbance, to your sleep cycle.

If you occasionally chatter in your sleep, it's not a big deal.

Actually what you should do is record it, and play it back the next day.

I've actually heard of somepatients say some pretty R-rated or X-rated stuff in their dreams, so be careful you mightbe spilling some secrets to your partner.

Robert Mills, I know medical stuff, like stethoscope, tongue depresser, and suppository.

What do you know about it? I hope everyone knows whata tongue depresser is.

People hate those, and I get it 'causewhen people put anything into my mouth, when people put any kind ofmedical device into my mouth, when people put a dentalmold into my mouth it triggers my gag reflex and I have a huge panic attack I've said that before.

Yes Robert you know alot of medical words.

Doc I'm a disabled vet.

Thank you for your service, Thank you for your sacrifice.

I've been gaining weight since I retired.

What kind of cardio stuff doesn't require full use of the legs? Oh Marion this is such a good question.

Immediately my head goes to swimming.

Whenever I think of lowimpact exercise that is really good for losing weightI think of swimming.

I assume you can swimwithout the use of your legs.

I think that there might besome flotation aid devices that you can use to help you swim and allow your heart rate to go up.

I know you mentioned cardio to lose weight and while high intensityinterval training is great and you can do thatlike I said by swimming or playing some sports, do some weight training.

I know weight training isn'talways related to weight loss but actually if you put onmuscle on your upper body 'cause you can use your arms, you can burn more caloriesthroughout the day which will lead to moresustained weight loss.

So people that just do cardio all day long have trouble losingweight when they plateau.

Michelle Squidy, hey Doc how's Roxy? Haven't seen her in awhile hope she's good.

Michelle Roxy's amazingI actually just had her stay at my place for the last three weeks because my dad went on vacation to Spain, super jealous 'cause I didn't get to go.

Having Roxy there in my apartment is crazy because they're just on top of each other the whole time they love playing.

I try to share some stuff on Instagram.

If you're not following meon Instagram you should be.

It's doctor spelled out dot Mike.

So definitely follow meon there I put updates on me Roxy and Bear all the time.

Is one sleeping positionhealthier than others? Me the general rule thatI give to my patients is you should sleep in whatever position you feel most comfortable.

Now if you experience painin this specific position, you should change.

If you experience acidreflex or post nasal drip, there are ways to changeyour sleeping position.

So if you ever feel like you'renot getting restful sleep or you wake up feeling sore, that's a good conversationto have with your doctor.


Jason Hammer, heyDoctor Mike can you tell us what you think about weed? Ah marijuana.

Marijuana marijuana marijuana, hot topic in the press right now.

It's getting legalizedit seems like everywhere, in New Jersey where Ipractice you're able to prescribe it for a certainnumber of medical conditions.

In New York they'rethinking about legalizing it for recreational use.

Is it as bad as something like alcohol? Probably not, but do wehave firm research on that? No not yet.

Not talking about marijuanafor medical usages.

I think marijuana formedical usages should've been researched decades ago, and the fact that we haven'tis truly disappointing to me.

Now I'm talking about recreational use.

Now here's the difference.

When you drink alcohol, because it affects somany parts of your body, gives you hangovers, makes you throw up, it functions itself as a deterrent, so it limits how much you can drink and how often you can drink.

When you smoke marijuanaor you eat an edible, you can really do thatfor a long period of time, and you can do it multiple days in a row, and it doesn't have muchof a deterrent other than probably I would say smell, because a lot of people are turned off by the smell of marijuana, or at least many people that I know are.

So the fact that youdon't have this deterrent that alcohol has canreally make you consume a lot more marijuana than you can alcohol.

Also a lot of people selfmedicate with marijuana.

They have some social anxieties and instead of facing their goals, instead of achieving andbecoming better people, that they can becomehappier with themselves, they blunt that anxiety bysmoking or ingesting marijuana.

So do I think marijuana isthis horrible evil thing that people have once said it once was and I thought it was when I was younger in fifth grade doing DARE and all those other drug programs? It probably isn't if it's destigmatized and legalized it probablywon't be the gateway drug that we once thought it would be.

I think it's on its way to get legalized, but that doesn't mean that it's safe, it doesn't mean that Irecommend people do it, I do think it has seriousmedical harms that do exist, that we don't yet even know about 'cause it hasn't been studied properly.

My thoughts on marijuana, should probably be legalized.

Before we start labeling something as evil or amazing we should getour research behind that.

So that's why I'm never going to tell you marijuana is amazing or marijuana is awful because I just don't have theresearch to show otherwise.

The big danger with marijuanais young people using it and it can change thechemistry of your brain and change the development of it so that's obviously a danger.

But we can regulate that, we can control it.

There are some pros, there's also some cons.

It's about balancing that and getting your science in order before making a decision.

I'm still looking at the science, I'm not an expert, I'm looking to improve, so if you have some articlesyou want me to take a look at drop them down below in the comments and I'll gladly read them to improve my knowledge on the subject.

Why do you wear two watches? Maria thank God you asked this question.

These are not two watches.

This is a watch, classical, I love Zenith watchesI have a few of them.

I believe a gentlemanshould always wear a watch.

This is a fitness tracker.

It's a Fitbit.

This is what I use to track my steps, my heart rate, I do some exercises on a Peloton bike, so I'm not wearing two watches, I wear a fitness tracker and a watch.

Genital herpes, there'sno way your username is genital herpes that's crazy.

Hey Mike can you watch cells at work? What's cells at work? If you wanna link it into the comments so I can see what it is I'mtotally down to watch it.

Mahnoor K.

I don't know if I'mpronouncing that right.

I'm trying my best.

Hey doc I was just wondering how did that pew woop become a thing? Keep doing it, it's very cute.

So, how did this come about? My videographer DanOwens was asking one time for me to make a sound, a transition type sound so hecan move on to another clip or something like that, and I didn't know whatto say so I said pew woop and somehow pew woophas now become the thing that I do in my videos, pew woop.

And it just sounds like a cool sound.

If you guys wanna send me some DM's of you guys going pew-woop, I will repost them on my Instagram 'cause I just think it's cool, pew woop.

Thank you for submitting your comments.

Keep them coming, and don't forget to click subscribe and the little notificationbell which tells YouTube that you're enjoyingthis content and want more.

And as always stay happy and healthy.

The cow goes moo.

I'm gonna create merch witha shirt that just has me going like this that says pew-woop and people are going tocome up to you on the street and be like dude what areyou wearing on your shirt.

(dance music).

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