April 16, 2021

Nerf Guns: Top 10 Best Nerf Blasters

Nerf Guns: Top 10 Best Nerf Blasters what's up guys Paul PDK films and todayI'm gonna be showing you some of the craziest nerf guns okay before we get started I want togive a huge shout out to you guys how can this reach 10 million subscribersabsolutely insane so be sure to grab yourself a nice juicy burrito smash thatlike button and of course if you haven't already subscribed be sure to subscribeturn on post notifications and let's just jump right into it this firstpackage here before I open it I want you guys to comment down below what youthink is inside we go I know you guys could probably tell what this is butmake sure to comment down below alright guys here we go this is pretty heavyactually oh my gosh so if you don't already know what this is this is a 10million diamonds play button from YouTube I got a nice letter from YouTuberight here I'm not gonna read it right now but I'll post a picture of it foryou guys to read and I'm gonna open up this box right here and show you guyswhat it looks like ok guys so this is it right here came in a really nice casethat actually has keys so you can lock it and here she isoh wow the thing is like super heavy oh my probably weighs about 20 25 poundshahaha yeah check that out and we're gonna workout in here whoo so huge shout to you guys thank you somuch for helping us reach 10 million subscribers we are gonna be filming the10 million subscriber video so comment down below any ideas you want us to dofor nerf war 10 million subscribers whoa we all know the first thing that youshould open on Christmas is your stocking so we're gonna do a littleone-two here hahaha look at this once you guys a commentbelow what you think is in this delectable package right here and beforeI open this I wanna give you guys a quick update we just enabled channelmemberships on PDK films so for five bucks month you can join P decayfeelings and become a member which gives you access to exclusive videos behindthe scenes bloopers trailers teasers all that good stuff and custom emojis andchannel membership badges which pop up next year comments down below so if thatsounds juicy to you then consider joining PDK films as a member and justknow that you'll be directly supporting our videos and helping us make awesomecontent now this is all making me really hungry so I think I should dive intothis present right here be sure again to comment down below what you think isinside whoa what could this possibly be nothing like that nice Christmas burritommm okay I'm gonna eat this real quick and we'll get right back into it wellnow that was delicious but of course we have one more stocking over here whichis actually my girlfriend's who's behind the camera babe you mind if I open yourstocking for you he's too shy but she says yes I've good feeling about this ohwhoa here we go now there's only one thing this could be for and there'sactually a lot more stuff in here I'm gonna leave it for you this juicypresent under here I got a good feeling about this one folksoh yeah it's kind of heavy comment below what you think is insideand without further ado we all know what to do now huhwell as you guys know ducks are very useful in nerf wars now I know you guys are eyeballing thisreally juicy big girthy present right here but I'm gonna say biggest for lastand best for last but maybe comment down below what youthink is inside I will however opens this one right here check this out guyshere we have a custom modified and painted nerf rapid strike super coolpaint job gonna do a firing test right now Wow here we go so not a crazy rate of fire but it doesshoot pretty hard alright so over here we have some of my birthday presentsfrom there for birthday battle comment down below if you watch that video butalso we've got this nice shiny one right here comment what you think is inside oh yeah whoa check this out so this is acustom 3d printed shotgun I don't know how do you work this thing yet we'regonna do a firing test but it looks like you prime it and then you put a megadoor in here load the shell and then it shoots this thing is nice and juicy andgoofy too we should aim at the Black Mamba time for the firing test thisworks just like a real shotgun they prime it back like so pop one in thechamber prime it forward wow that was smooth now underneath hereyou just pop in the rest of the shells one two three four it might hold more I'm notsure who is that dope so the show actually checks out now you walk justgonna push one up and feed it right through just like this boom alright sothat one looks like the dart didn't come out of the out of the shell next oneboom boom check that out last one so I gotta say this thing is probably my newfavorite nerve placer right now the spring Thunder alright purple purple ismy favorite color actually comment your favorite color down below and of coursecomment what you think is inside the purple package right here we have a long strike that'sbeen painted and this is a sweet paint job it's like green with some metallicsilver and gold on it comes with all the good amenities here such as the barrelscope your magazine boom Wow isn't this thing sweet this is a really nice highquality paint job so comment what you think we should name this plaster italmost looks like it's halo inspired comment down below onto the fire testokay so this isnt modded so shoots like a normal long strike button might aswell give the fire test here we go another present right here guys commentdown below what you think is inside a little hint this came all the way fromGermany Wow here we have a custom 3d printed a nerf blaster I believe it'ssemi-auto I really like the color scheme on here it's blue and orange just likethe spring thunder but it's kind of a lighter color blue which i think looksreally cool comes with some picatinny rails we can put scopes on it and itlooks like she's gonna rip so I'll get this thing all set up and we'll cue thefiring test here we go I gotta say this is really satisfyingit's got a nice squeeze to it when you pull the triggerpretty dope alrighty here we have another purple package my favorite colorportion now this is a nice long one huh that's what she said so comment what youthink is inside it remember it's got to be long this is the nerf Titan I thinkthat's what it's called nerf Titan which is a minigun 50 rounddrum mag of course anyone can buy at a store but this is no ordinary Titan infact this one's been fully modified so it should rip a lot harder and fasterwithin the stock version so I'm open this up and we'll do a firing demo we'vegot this girthy 50 round drum mag here we go Wow so this thing rips a lot harder thanthe normal unmodified version and I got to say I was expecting this 50 runaround drum mag to jam but she actually fired every single round so seam ripsokay package right here nice and goofy comment down below you might see the boxand think that this is a rival Percy's and you're not not right because it isthis is a blue and the red rival Percy's but do not just stop rival Percy's thesehave been fully modified and they should be rippers here we are the red Percy'sand of course the blue Percy now I've actually this is my first time everowning and opening a Percy's so they feel pretty goodnice and thick just how we like it here PDK films now once you guys are comingdown below if you're team red or team blue I myself am actually team purple ofcourse so I might have to do a little spray painting on this bad boy mygirlfriend over there is team red I think what team are you babe we aregoing to dirt for boyfriend vers girlfriend if you guys want that commenthere for boyfriend girlfriend down below we could get kinda 100, 000 likes thenshe's gonna do it of course she's very shy but she's gonna do what 100, 000likes it's all we need all right so we're gonna slap some lipobatteries in these bad boys and we're gonna give them a little one to thehopper pop it in and of course this is a modified Percy so it probably rips oh it's not jamming it's just the ballsI stepped a lot in there the balls are getting kind of stuck up here stuff toshake it a little bit but I probably am gonna buy a third-party hopper where Ican fit more rounds in it so we're in the kitchen here we got one and we gotto comment down below what you think it's inside this – local package whoo perfect I was getting thirsty now thismango nectar here has been fully modified 3s lipo battery good rate offire and good vitamin C so now I poured one for me and one for you here you gothere it is a little 1 2 3 Cheers whoo – 10 million subscribers thank youguys you thought I was gonna break that glass now normally I would break thatglass but I really just don't feel like cleaning glass up right now sorry guysmaybe next time alrighty here we go comment down below what you think isinside this now this package came from Louisiana I want you guys to commentdown below where you're from oh actually I do want to break something don't worryI'll clean that up later this is a nerf hyper fire when fullymodified and it has a really cool paint job yellow and black black and yelloware like my favorite colors besides purple of course so anyway we'regonna pop this mag in give her a quick little fire and game out alright 22round mag here we go this package right here it's gonna be areally really juicy one I just have a great feeling about it and before I openthis I want you guys to comment below what nerf video you want us to make themost whether it be near for star wars battle or nerf war ten millionsubscribers and nerf war boyfriend versus girlfriendso us know down below so we can focus on that one alright here we go item one item two part of item one oh mygosh look at this bad boy nice and tight just how we like it nowwe're gonna be using these blasters in the nerf Star Wars video I know you guyshave been commenting when is it coming out when is it coming out we keeppromising it trust me guys it's gonna take some time we're getting legitstormtrooper outfits we're gonna get all these cool costumes in there sicklocation crazy guns so we're just shooting a lot of money on this videoit's gonna take a lot of time they want to do a really good one so just bepatient with us I promise it's gonna be worth the wait and of course if you wantto help us make crazy videos consider joining becoming a PDK Films memberwe're gonna be linking a lot of cool content and giving you guys exclusivebehind-the-scenes bloopers teasers that kind of stuff got a plot of force anywayI really like this one right here I think this is a regulator now thesearen't modified internally I think this one has an upgraded spring but eitherway we'll do a little firing test we got a mag I'm gonna prime it boom so justhave a really long barrel which might slow the darts down a little bit let'sfind out here yeah hook we've had barely even okay let's try it without thebarrel that's not good hmm well the first one worked I guess if your enemieslike two feet away you could get them okay well this one might need some workbut it still looks pretty cool purple my favorite color now I actually alreadyknow what's inside this package and let me just say this is a bunch of nerf gunsone type of nerf gun – I think there's about ten of them comment below whatnerf gun you think is in here so these are a bunch of nerf stripes my all-timefavorite nerf blaster but they're different colors we have a blue oneright here and we have a custom painted one here another custom painted one battle camo and orange so we've got blueorange battle camo and two custom painted ones now as you can see from thestrife these aren't just ordinary stripesthey've been converted to full auto so I'm gonna give a huge shout out to Chrisand his team at projects nerf they hook it up all the time they must have moddedprobably over 50 or 60 blasters for us full auto these stripes are what I callsuper stress they absolutely rip now my gun wall upstairs I have a bunch ofalready fully modified super stripes from project to nerf with all their 3dprinted kits on them so these blue ones I'll also be putting kits on them andthen these ones are just painted ones that look sweet so huge shout out toChris and the boys at project nerf or if you guys could give them a comment downbelow seriously they hook it up all the timehelp us out we wouldn't have all the cool nerf guns we do if it wasn't forthose guys so cute shout out to this I want to show you guys what this lookslike in the blue kit so we have the blue strife with the 3d printed ak-47 kit andI do have to say this thing looks spicy let's give a little one-two here shallwe Wowthis thing is sick if you guys want to give this bad boy name comment downbelow oh you know what or Dori after the fish cuz it's blue getit it's a good name isn't it so over here we have our good friend bear now Ilove there he's new to the family he's a real black bear he's just sleeping rightnow so make sure you guys smash I like one leave a comment from bear he readsall the comments actually whoa oh yeah let's go okay so this right here is thesling fire that makes sense okay so I'm gonna have to screw this in but thisright here is a sling fire normally green but this is a sick paint job on itand it's been modified so this thing should rip this would be good for a nerfzombie series which we haven't started filming but we will start filming thissummer cue and the firing test so put the stalk on we're gonna prime it realquick boom whoo I gotta say it's really satisfying having a lever-action thisthing is sick okay she's okay I'm just a novice I was trying to do like a reallycool I don't even know what I was trying to do there but let's just make sure shestill works yeah next time I'm gonna go like thisShh all right isn't she beautiful sorry so this right here is a greenmodulus ECS 10 it's been fully modified internally and also painted on theoutside pretty cool looks like a some picatinny rails on theside I love the modulus one of my favorite Nerf blasters oh and of courseit comes with a banana mag and as you guys know here ptk films we love bananasit's whip up a lipo battery in this and we'll cue the firing develop 22 roundmag she gets the job done we got another one here it's been a good year commentdown below if you guys are on the nice or the naughty list check this out fullymodified hyper fire with the black and white paint job we'll be using this inour nerf Star Wars video through the fire in them out here we go why this one is really loud but she rips and before I pulled this out I want youguys to comment below what you want for christmas I'm just curious I personallywant a really large burrito oh it doesn't look like it's maybe next yearso right here we have a custom painted nerf Stampede black and gold we're gonnabe using this in our nerf war ten million subscriber video you're excitedfor that comment down below a big one right here ready to go oh yeah righthere we have a custom 3d printed blaster based off the Caliburn oh my gosh dualfed both sides my pops and drum magazines in here oh my gosh this thingis sick okay we're gonna pop two drum mags in here one I gotta say this thinglooks sweet here we go so it should shoot two at once if we do this rightokay that didn't work maybe this mag damned alright so I'm not too surewhat's going on here I think the little plunger is stuck in the back I don'tknow she doesn't work we're gonna have to do some troubleshooting we have asilver Caliburn it's what actually lights up alright so this one as you cansee as the LEDs turned on whoo alright well this one works all right guys so whoo here we have areally big juicy girthy package and of course I want you guys to comment whatyou think is inside maybe it's a bunch of Nerf darts maybe it's a bunch ofburritos maybe it's a massive nerf gun I don't know comment down below and let'sstrop anyway so guys this right here actually so guysthis right here is actually what we call the Egg Chair now we used to have oneover there but it broke we use in a lot of our videos great chair fully modifiedof course for us lipo battery absolutely rips so we're going to get this bad boyset up and yeah we'll be good to go all right that's everything thanks forwatching the video and huge shout out to you guys once again I'll search 10million subscribers and if you're interested consider 20.

pdf you don'tstumble oh stop support our beneath it and now I shall start cleaning thismassive mess so while I start cleaning this up once you guys got yourself anice burrito and smash that like fun whoo.

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