March 6, 2021

Nilsa & Aimee’s Best BFF Moments 💕 Best of: MTV Floribama Shore

(party music)- Oh, it's dripping.

I'll double bag it for y'all.

Oh my God, it is so warm.

Aimee, you know how youhave them stomach cramps? You can stick that on thereand you'll feel better.

– I know Aimee and Nilsaare best friends and stuff, but like, y'all got way too close.

– I'll sacrifice my warmpee for her stomach cramps.

Aimee, make me a grilled cheese please.

– I would if I knewhow to make that bitch.

I'm about to call pizza.

– Everything's closed.

– [Aimee] Somebody (beep) delivers.

– Just put a frozen pizza in there, damn.

– [Aimee] I'm about to call my ex and ask for two large pepperoni pizzas.

(phone ringing)(playful music) – [Phone] Hello.

– Hey, can I please have two large thin crust pepperoni pizzas? I need two large mother(beep) pizzas, thin crust.

– I am pissed.

Who the (beep) is she talking to? – I think she said she'sprank-calling people.

I don't (beep) know.

– Hey, when's your birthday? Because I got you a present.

– [Phone Voice] She got me a present.

– I'ma (beep) at your porch, bitch! (laughing) – She is talking to Logan.

She is (beep) talking to him.

She is, she is on the phone with him! Get me on there! – Nilsa, here! – You ain't nothing but a (beep) bitch! – One thing I don't get.

Both the girls talk about how they're trying to get over their ex's, but yet, they're calling to prank him.

Like, what are you, (beep) 15? (speaking in foreign language) – Bitch! – All these girls talkingshit about their ex's, but they call them everytime they're drunk.

– [Jeremiah] They call themevery time they get drunk.

Shocking, wow.

– [Kirk] It's annoying as (beep), man.

– Is she wondering whyhe put up a red flag? – Exactly.

– I have something reallyimportant to tell you.

You ain't (beep), bitch! Oh, he hung up.

(phone beeping) (laughing) All right, come downstairs, there's pizza.

(beep) that mother (beep), (beep)! All right, I'm good, I'm good.

– [Gus] What happened? – Aimee ended up calling Logan, so I just let him know what was up.

– I hope he (beep) dies.

– [Nilsa] Aimee, Aimee.

– [Aimee] I mean that.

– Well, now he knows whatnumber not to answer.

(exciting music)It's very rare that Aimee and I can have, like, time to ourselves outside the house.

– [Cashier] What would you like? – A sweet tea, I haven'thad a sweet tea in so long.

So I'm really excited that we're gonna go get some brunch today.

– [Aimee] I've never been here.

– It's really good.

– Are you gonna put it onJosh before you get home? – No, because I'm feeling bad now.

– No, you gotta hunchhim while you're sober so you can see if it's good or not.

– Ugh, no.

– If I had someone that Iwas genuinely attracted to, I would do it too.

I don't think Nilsa shouldfeel bad at all for having fun, but I think everybodygets a guilty conscience when they have a one-night stand.

– I don't want him to think that I do that because I don't, and now hereI am, feeling bad about it.

– Well, talk to him about it.

– No, he leaves, so it won't be anything.

He's leaving, so.

– [Aimee] Well, get his number.

– I struggle with the factthat I literally met Josh, slept with him, and it really surprised me that I got smitten so quick.

– Last night, Codi, we weretalking about, like, I guess, me finding a guy down here, because you know I haven't.

Well, Kirk was like, ifI wanted to (beep) you, I could, and I was like, um, no.

Even if you wanted to(beep) me, you couldn't, because I'm not attracted to you and I'm not attracted to Codi, and I love y'all as brothers, but I'm not attracted toanybody in this house.

And so then they got butthurt about me saying that and then they were like, well, if you were the last girl on the planet, I wouldn't fuck you.

(tense music) – (beep) that, dude.

– And that hurt my feelings.

– [Nilsa] That would hurt my feelings too.

– Last night, Codi and Kirk were just, like, dogging my appearance, and I thought I was totally okay with it, but I'm realizing that thatcut really deep for me.

– That is not okay atall for them to say it.

That's making it seem like you're this terrible, ugly person and you're not.

Why didn't you tell me thatthey said that before now? – I don't know, I didn'twant to talk about it.

I try, like, my best, just tokeep it all inside, you know? – I would have shut that(beep) down if I was in there.

– I don't want people, like Codi, who wanna fuck me just because they need to get their dick wet.

Like, I want someone to genuinely like me.

– And somebody will.

(tender music) Somebody will.

I feel like my ex is asgood as I'm gonna get.

– Me too.

My ex was really, really mean to me.

Like, I don't like telling people that, but he called me butter teeth and he would tell me that I was fat and the reason he cheated on me was because I wasn't good enough.

If they dealt with whatI did for like 10 years, you have to stay with them because that's the only personthat can take care of you, and you're called fat every day, and then you're blamed for.



Because he had a baby onyou, you're blamed for that, and you're just toldyou're not (beep) all day.

Like, I don't know whythey would do that to me.

I'll finally start feeling alittle bit better about myself and they just knock me right back down.

– I've never seen Aimeeget this emotional.

Like, she is such a strong woman, and it literally breaks myheart into a million pieces.

It blows my mind that they wanna sit there and knock you down when they know that's literally what you justwent through for 10 years, and then for them to go and do that, it's just like, how dare you? Dude, (beep) that (beep).

(gentle music) I feel like Aimee has been knocked down so much in her past, andnow, here she goes again.

The boys knocking her back down.

It's like she finallywas feeling beautiful and thinking she was worth something, and that breaks my heart becauseI don't want her to hurt.

– I feel like such a dumb ass.

– Don't.

You have to let them know that they really hurt your feelings.

It sucks really bad thatI had to say bye to Josh.

I'm really into him, but todayis Aimee appreciation day.

I don't think Aimee's ever had, like, a day to where she could feel like the princess goddessmermaid that she really is, so I'm gonna make it my mission to make sure she has this day for her.

– Is she awake? – [Candace] Yes, she is awake.

– I feel like Aimee is in fora huge surprise right now.

I don't think she sees it coming, let alone the stuff thatwe have planned for her this afternoon and this evening.

– Attention, attention.

Princess goddess mermaid has arrived.

– [Man] Welcome to the show, good morning.

– [Nilsa] About time! – Why are you acting funny? – Good morning.

– We just had breakfast.

– Okay.

– [Man] Okay! – I don't know why my roommatesare being so nice right now.

And they had a full breakfast for me.

French toast, bacon, eggs.

Why are they being so nice? – Okay, Aimee, so wehave a surprise for you.

– [Aimee] I thought this was the surprise.

– Well, today is all about you.

– Is it?- Uh-huh.

– What are we doing? – [Man] It's a surprise.

– [Aimee] Thank you.

– [Nilsa] You're welcome.

– [Aimee] Why is it about me now? – Well, because you should see how you deserve to be treated because you are such a great person.

– Y'all, don't make me cry.

(tender music) – Aw, yeah.

– Everybody is, like, this is for you, this is for you, this is all about you.

It kind of makes me nervous.

I guess because, I don'tknow, I've never had, like, all the attention completely on me.

Y'all are making me blush.

(upbeat music) – Are we ready? – Oh, umbrella.

– [Nilsa] See you guysin a little bit, bye.

– Everything is all about Aimee.

The girls are gonna takeher to get her nails done.

We're gonna take her to a nice dinner.

We're gonna get her some flowers.

We're just gonna treat her like a queen.

We're gonna have eight people coming into y'all's restaurant tonight.

We'd like to make a reservation for 7:30, but we need the finest tableyou got with the best view.

We need the finest waiteryou got or waitress, whoever.

We just need somebody who'sgonna look good, great service.

This is for our girl, Aimee, and she's very special to all of us.

I really feel bad stillbecause of all the (beep) that happened between us, so I think this is gonna be another way for us to get back on track.

And that's got a good view, right? – [Employee] Well, the restaurant itself is in the middle of a shopping center, so it's gonna be fully enclosed, but yes, you'll be verywell taken care of.

– Okay, thank you.

– [Employee] Thanks, bye.

(upbeat music) – [Nilsa] Just take care of her.

– [Aimee] Thank you.

Oh, that's pretty, that's pretty.

Yeah, I like that.

– Yes, mermaid.

– [Candace] Yes, it's very mermaid.

– Okay, I'm gonna get it then.

I do believe in mermaidsbecause they're beautiful and they're in the ocean and they love dolphins and they're naked.

(laughing) – How does it feel to be pampered? – I feel special.

Only rich girls do stuff like this.

(giggling) (exciting music) – Here we go.

It's kind of excitinggetting flowers for a lady that doesn't seem like she's gotten flowers before from anybody.

So me and Kirk were giventhe task to get a corsage.

You know, what the hell is a corsage, bro? I never went to prom, I was homeschooled.


– [Employee] Hello, how are y'all? – [Jeremiah] How are you doing, ma'am? We are looking for a corsage.

(playful music) – [Candace] They lookbeautiful, oh my gosh.

Just be careful with them.

– My nails are the color of a mermaid.

I feel so pretty.

I just feel brand new, I feel bougie.

(exciting music) – [Kirk] I'm gonna start right now.

Y'all have y'all's appetites ready.

– [Kortni] Have you seen my skirt? Do you have a romper? Will this fit me? – Yeah.

– Okay, that's perfect.

– This whole house hasa ton of love for Aimee, and so this whole family dinner is just for us to let herknow that she is loved and everything she is is perfectly fine.

She does not need to change anything.

– I love y'all.

I'm not gonna cry and mess up my make-up.

Now I feel real special and Iam gonna look bad and bougie.

– Aimee, come on! (tender music)(group cheering) – I feel beautiful, I look beautiful.

I'm walking down the stairs and I feel like it's my prom night.

Y'all, stop.

– Do a turn, do a turn! – Y'all are embarrassing me, stop! – You look sexy, girl.

– Show us how you'regonna twerk in that dress.

Yes! – So there's one more thing.

Since you're a princess goddess mermaid, we got you a corsage to puton your beautiful wrist.

– I love y'all.

The boys gave me this, is it called a croissant? Croissant? The boys gave me this croissant, and it's purple and blue and turquoise because I'm their mermaid.

They're gonna ask if I'm getting married.

– And you're gonna say hell no.

– I will never forget today ever.

I love y'all.

– [Man] We all love you too.

– You're gonna make me cry.

Today has really made me love myself.

– You're beautiful.

– Love you.

– Love you.

Titties up.

Now let's go to dinner.

(Kirk shouting) – I'm going to be a mermaid today.

– Oh, you want some glitter spray? – Yeah.

I am so, so, so, so, so, so excited.

I'm gonna try to do aback flip under the water.

Because I'm extra.

– I am so grateful that allof our fighting's over with and now I get to watchher live out her dream.

– [Both] M-E-R-M-A-I-D.

Mermaid academy! – Aimee is so excited.

Like, it is ridiculous.

I have never seen her this excited before and it makes me happy and Iwanna see her become a mermaid.

– [Aimee] Y'all, what if Istart crying under water? – [Nilsa] Well, your tears will float.

(upbeat music) – Y'all, I'm so excited.

– [Nilsa] I'm excited for you.

– [Aimee] Oh, it's just me? – [Nilsa] We're not mermaids, bitch.

– [Candace] I can't be nomermaid, I can't even swim.

(laughing) – [Nilsa] I don't have a bra on! (girls screaming) – [Employee] Hi! – [Girls] Hey! – Hi, welcome, I'm Mermaid Amanda.

I'm also mermaid supervisor.

– I'm Mermaid Aimee.

I'm princess goddess mermaid.

– This is her dream.

– Yeah, it really is.

– So when she gets done, can she put certifiedmermaid on her resume? – Yeah, she's gonna be an honorary Weeki Wachee mermaid after this.

(girls cheering) – What's an honorary? I don't even know what honorary means.

– It just means, like, any time you come here, you can say I was a Weeki Wachee mermaid.

– Oh my gosh.

– Are you guys ready to go? – [Girls] Yes.

(upbeat music) – Welcome to the Mermaid Ballroom.

– I think Aimee's gonna doreal good at mermaid school.

She's got the blonde hair, she's got the blue eyes.

She's like a fish whisperer.

(dramatic music)Yeah! (audience cheering) I'm real impressed.

I really think they are mermaids.

Like, I'm convinced, they got me.

I'm like, all right, I guess it really is mermaids out here in these streets.

(audience clapping)- That is super cool.

– Seeing all these mermaids in this mermaid show is ridiculous.

– [Aimee] Oh, she did a heart.

– But now that Nilsa and Aimee have become friends again, cool.

(audience clapping) – Whoa.

– That's so good.

– Oh, Aimee, look, aw! – [Kortni] See, she's like, “Come on!” – [Girls] Go, get in the water! – Girl, go get in the water.

– A mermaid is in the window, waving at me to come swim with her, and I start getting the sweats.

I realize I'm a little nervous.

– Aimee's gonna be a (beep) mermaid.

– She's about to be a real mermaid.

(girls cheering) – Look at her, she's so good! Look at you!(girls screaming) We got a mermaid in the house.

Princess goddess mermaidcan live up to her name.

– [Group] Aimee! – This is really a life-long dream.

– [Candace] She's doing a good job.

– [Nilsa] She is.

– I never felt more at home in my life.

This just feels natural.

I was born to do this.

(girls screaming) – I feel like I'm a parent.

Like, I don't care if my kid'sthe worst one at the recital.

I'm just sitting herelike, yeah, good job! – [Nilsa] Hey, Aimee! (girls cheering) – I threw money at you.

– You did so good.

– We could see you.

– I threw money at you.

– [Aimee] Did I do good? – Yes, yes!- Yeah.

– You really looked like amermaid, for real, for real.

– [Group] Yes.

– Even with my nose plugged? – [Group] Yeah.

– Like, with your blonde hair and your bathing suit and your tail.

Like, you're like a real mermaid.

– You know what, I wouldhave regretted this for my entire life if Imissed out on this trip.

– A lot has been going on in the house.

Nilsa and Gus hooked up, and last night, he told her that he didn'twant to do it anymore and he brought another girl home.

Don't dress up.

Wear comfortable clothes like me.

So me and Nilsa really needs a girls' day, and I'm gonna see whereshe stands with all this.

Hopefully, she don't give a (beep).

– [Nilsa] Girls' day, girls' day.

– Can I get acne from laying right here because all the guys, like, fart and (beep)? – I don't know.

– Because it kinda smells like fart.

You ready? – [Nilsa] Yeah, let's go.

Best friend day.

– [Aimee] And best friend night.

– And best friend night because we're not goingout with the group.

(exciting music) God, I wanna be able todo this all the time.

– Like best friend day every day? – Yeah.

– (beep) yeah, me too.

If you ever try to get backin the bed with Gus again after he's told you nomultiple (beep) times, I will tackle your ass.

I don't care if you're drunk off your ass.

I don't care if I have toskull drag you out the bed.

You ain't doing it no more, okay? Because you ain't no (beep) idiot.

You're a smart girl.

Do you hear me? Would you hear me if I slammed this mother (beep) car's brakes?- I hear you.

– Why are you crying? – Because it just hurts my feelings that I just, like, every (beep) time I put myself out there, Aimee, every (beep) time.

– You know what, that's all of us.

Every time a girl puts herself out there and becomes vulnerable, (beep) guys (beep) on 'em.

– I'm always like, why not me, you know? I don't know.

– Sometimes I wanna giveNilsa shaken friend syndrome and just shake her 'til sherealizes she's beautiful.

I want you to realize your self-worth and not think, “Why me?” Think, “Why them, why are theycrazy, why are they blind?” You know what I'm saying?- Yeah.

– If a guy doesn't wantyou, to hell with him, because you can find somebody better.

– Maybe you're my soulmate.

Maybe we need to just get married.

– Maybe best friends are soulmates and then we can just findboyfriends on the side because we don't swing that way.

– [Nilsa] We don't swing that way.

– The last time I was at Firefly, it was Aimee appreciation day.

– Oh, man, it's back.

– Let me smell 'em.

Best friend day is a little different.

(girls laughing) Me and Nilsa haven't had a bath all day.

– We look ratchet and my armpits stink.

They're gonna look at us crazy.

Cheers to girls' day.

– [Both] Cheers.

– We are gonna be backto thottin' and plottin', and we're gonna have a great night.

And you know what, when you start feeling sad or lonely or crazy, call me.

We ground each other.

– Yeah, I need to lovemyself enough to know when I'm not being treatedlike I need to be treated.

– I wanna believe her, but I also know Nilsa.

Thank you.

I go for the (indistinct), that doesn't work out.

I go for the so-called niceguy, that didn't work out.

So you know what, what do I do now? – Chug it.

(upbeat music) – Honestly, I have no ideawho I'm meant to be with.

I honestly do think Aimee's my soul mate.

She's my counterpart.

She's the other half that makes me whole, you know what I'm saying? Like, she's my girl.

– We need to get a taxi.

(exciting music) – [Nilsa] Aimee, what do you think our roommates are doing right now? – I don't care.

– Same.

I bet they're drunk as askunk somewhere, I'm sure.

Let's go (beep) in the house a little bit.

Friends are forever andboys are just temporary.

So like, when it comes to Gus, I'm not gonna let him get the best of me.

Let's continue this girls'day and drink some champagne.

– I wonder if you shot me inthe ass with it, would it hurt? – Let's find out, come on.

– I trust Nilsa witha bottle of champagne.

She's been popping bottlessince she's been five.

– Hurry up, I'm scared.

(girls giggling) – Aimee!(bottle popping) – The bitch is crazy.

– Paddle, paddle, paddle, paddle, shore! I bet no one in the history of ever has surf boarded and drankchampagne at the same time.

– World Guinness Book.

– Champagne shower, woo! Yeah, (beep)! Champagne shower, yes! – Oh, now I got too much in my stomach.

– [Nilsa] Aimee, puke and rally! (Aimee groaning) Do you need me to hold your hair? Aimee, I need you in the pool.

Let's pop another bottle.

– [Aimee] Kill me.

– [Nilsa] Aimee? – Something's wrong with me.

I threw up a whole chunk out of my nose.

(Nilsa laughing) Every time I throw up, Iforget to open up my mouth, so it spews out of my nose.

Puke and rally, bitch! – [Nilsa] Yeah! – I am princess goddess puke and rally.

– Let's go run naked on the beach.

(playful music)(girls cheering) True best friends chase eachother naked if they have to.

(girls cheering) – Me and Nilsa are not titties up tonight.

We're just titties out.

– Swim, baby, swim! (girls cheering) – Where's my bra?(upbeat music) ♪ Something they can never take away ♪ – Aw, my bra's sandy.

Now I can't put it back on.

♪ No matter what they tell you ♪ – Our friendship is unstoppable.

Like, that girl is my girl.

I don't feel like I could have gotten over this Gussituation without her.

– Spray it in my mouth.

(Nilsa cheering) Aimee, hold on, I spilled my champagne.

♪ Let's have another round tonight ♪ ♪ Let's have another round tonight ♪ – Never waste a drop, bitch! (crickets chirping) (Nilsa distantly screaming) – Time out, do I hear yelling? – Cannonball! – You don't (beep) screamin my (beep) house, (beep)! – I puked and rallied.

I threw up a whole onion.

– Kirk, we learned how to surf.

– [Kirk] Do it, all right.

– All right, I am not inmood to deal with that.

– I gotta peace out.

– So I see Aimee and Nilsa are in the pool and they have a bunch of champagne.

I'm gonna go put my swimming trunks on.

– Cannonball!(cheering) Oh (beep)! – [Nilsa] Tsunami, tsunami! I'm miserable.

No hot guys here.

I'm about to go stand by theroad and whore myself out to find a hot guy.

What the hell? I wore the thottiesttop I have in my closet and still can't find a cute boy.

Should I just have worn a turtleneck? – [Candace] Do you wannago find a hot dude? Come on, let's go!- Okay.

– All I need from a man isto be cute, and to be funny, and to maybe not be named Gus.

(party music) – I can't look, I can't do it.

– I can't believe that just happened! – Let's put our booth right here.

Nilsa needs a man so bad to distract her from, number one, Gus.

How do you spell “sign”? – S-I-G-N.

I decide to make Nilsa a boyfriend booth so she can get all names, all numbers.

We can write them on the back, and she can choose which one she wants.

– I love you.

(upbeat music) – Sign up to be Nilsa's boyfriend! This is Nilsa, she has big titties! – Nice to meet you, how are you doing? – How are you doing? What's your name?- Mitch.

– Do you (beep)? – I have really good girlfriends and I necessarily don't want a boyfriend, but if I wanna hang out withsomebody cute for the night, there's no harm in that.

– Aw yeah.

– What number? – Seven.

– This operation is going really well.

I mean, at this point, why haven't we been trying to set up booths in every bar in town? Wait, what's your name? – Cole.

– Cole, how old are you?- 25.

– Do you (beep)? – You're damn right I (beep).

– Nilsa gets all of these dudes signing up at the club immediately.

I was, like, dang, girl.

We probably should have been doing this whole boyfriend booththing the whole entire time.

We would have found Nilsa a man the first day we was in St.


– [Nilsa] Cole, what do you do? – I'm a personal trainer.

– I'm probably fat compared to what you usually work with, huh? – I don't think fat's a very good word.

– Can I look at your stomach? – Oh, oh my God, oh my! – Ding, ding, ding, wehave found a winner.

Cole, let's test you out for tonight.

Can you work me out? – More than you know.

– Ooh, oh my!(exciting music) – What are you drinking? – I'll just come with you.

– Just go with him.

This was actually, like, one of the smartestinventions in the world.

You're welcome, Nilsa.

– [Nilsa] I gotta peeso bad, I can't hold it.

– [Candace] Are you about to pee? Oh.

– How do I do this? – [Jeremiah] Oh no.

(liquid dripping) – [Group] Oh! – Ugh, I hear it! – This is gross.

(party music) Does she not know that that's wrong? – It smells, too.

I'm dehydrated.

– Oh my God.

– [Aimee] Hoo wee, didyou eat asparagus tonight? – Oh, it's dripping.

I'll double bag it for y'all.

Oh my God, it is so warm.

Aimee, you know how youhave them stomach cramps? You can stick that on thereand you'll feel better.

– I know Aimee and Nilsaare best friends and stuff, but like, y'all got way too close.

– [Nilsa] I sacrifice my warmpee for her stomach cramps.

– [Jeremiah] Oh, no, Idon't want to step in pee.


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