March 2, 2021

Our Top Travel Items & Gadgets After 4 YEARS OF TRAVEL! – 2019 Travel Packing Guide

Good morning, Adventurers! Good morning! So some of you guys might be wondering where the heck we've been for the last week.

We have not, I don't know if we've ever gone this long without posting.

No, I think we've got maybe four days maybe five days, but never more than a week Some of you guys have heard on Instagram and on YouTube we haven't really been able to post a video because my laptop, the display went out And then I sent it off to get fixed.

It's been taking forever for it to get fixed what's really happened is the latest video is already done and edited and it was a really long and involved one and it's still on that laptop because when I edit the videos are actually on the laptop and then I've moved them off to a hard drive and back them up But there's a point where the only copy is on the hard drive So that is the copy that they have We did an oopsie.

But in the meantime, we've been really wanting to do an updated must-have travel items list for you guys So we thought maybe this would be the best time to do it.

As we've been traveling around we've actually been writing down for the last six months all these different ideas we have for the things we use the most of the things that are the most helpful that people might not have thought of we're gonna have all of these items linked in the description below so you can just click them and check them out So we're gonna break all these items up into different groups and the first group that we're going to talk about is Practical Things the type of things that you can use every day.

The first Item that we want to show you is something that you might have seen in our videos it is these handy-dandy reusable bamboo cups.

We love them.

They're so convenient because you can fill them with coffee at the airport or water You can always keep them in your day bag.

Definitely keep it upright though.

Otherwise, yeah Yeah, we've had a few messes with these be careful.

There's all sorts of different bamboo cups that you can have but we love it because that means that we're not constantly buying water bottles We're not having to take away plastic coffee containers and no straw, which is great But also it's just super handy to have sometimes you get to an Airbnb and maybe they don't have any kitchen items or any clean ones and you've got your own cup.

Pretty nice.

Yeah, we use them every single day and also they always come in the funnest little designs Yeah We got a watermelon one and then this one with little waves or something on it.

Pro tip, Find one that 16 ounces a lot of them are 12 ounces so that you can get a grande sized coffee It says right there for 50 mil 16 ounce that is the key a lot of them are 12 The next item might not be that exciting or glamorous But it has been amazing for us It is a reusable bag so that when we go grocery shopping on the road We have this it's also been our beach bag Overnight bag, all sorts of stuff.

Another item that we just use pretty much everyday we like this one because it's super lightweight And it folds down to pretty much nothing so you can just throw it in the bottom of your bag and not worry about it And we're kicking ourselves for not having one sooner.

We've used it every single day all the time.

It's great Next up is a super versatile item just like the bag and that is a towel Blanket cover up wrap all sorts of things in one.

So basically this is I think it's called a Turkish towel It's a fake one, but I use it as a swimsuit wrap.

I've used it as a blanket I've used it as a pillow on long flights.

and a towel because we don't have any real towels.

It is a towel, So it's our beach towel and then I use it as my swimsuit wrap So it's all in one and I also can fold them pretty flat so you can lay it in the bottom of your bed The next item I want to talk about is a self filtering water bottle now We used to have a couple of these that we traveled with but we lost them But they're super amazing when you have them.

There's one by this company called Grayl that we've used many many times We are absolutely in love with it We're gonna have to get a replacement for the last one that we lost but we're gonna have links to that in the description Below as well but definitely get one of those because in countries where they don't have water that you can just drink straight from the tap you can Just pour it right into this thing filter it and it's clean.

It's such a money saver, too And even when you're in the airport And maybe you don't want to drink the sink water or the water from the water fountains Just filter it right there and you're good to go.

You can you can literally dump it in a stream and then filter it and drink it Yup.

if you're so bold.

and our last practical items are Resistance bands.

I'm scared of it Beautiful.

These little suckers have been such a dream for me to have on the road I used to have a big resistance band with the handles, which is great But it was a little heavy so I switched to these mini bands But it's perfect because sometimes you're in a small space or you don't you're not staying in a place with the gym But you still want to you know Get your burn on and these are great because you can do all sorts of amazing Exercises with them or just look really cool like Eric I guess and they come in all different sizes So I think I have like a light medium and strong one and I just find Youtube videos if you type in mini band workouts, there's tons of them on there So I've been able to use these everywhere in camper vans in hotel rooms in Airbnbs outside at campsites I really use them almost every day and I love them.

A lot of you guys ask how we stay fit I don't know how I stay fit.

But that's how she stays fit.

She's using these things every day Yep, the next section we're gonna talk about are toiletries, which will keep you clean and looking good on the road First up is a very handy item that you guys might have actually seen this in our videos as well Here's the Tide to go pen because we are messy little adventurers, y'all.

He's a messy adventurer.

She said she used this quite a bit She always gives me a hard time I know I love wearing white t-shirts, but white t-shirts don't love food or outdoorsy things or anything So this has saved our butts so many times So hair care getting hair like this It's kind of tricky on the road and it's not practical to bring a big and hair like this a big hair care.

Actually, he does more to his hair.

So we got this little guy.

It's a folding hair dryer So it's not the nicest hair dryer in the world But it takes up such a small amount of space and it's so lightweight compared to what we used to travel with It's been really helpful.

and you can use this on the different electricity grid, so it has a switch here from 125 to 250 So you don't have to worry about blowing the thing up.

and so you can look as beautiful as us on the road Next up is an item that I use weekly almost daily.

If I'm not washing my hair.

It's my dry shampoo I just found this little sucker from lush.

It's a little expensive I think it was 7 or 10 USD, but this bottle will last me probably an entire year It's a powder as you can see you just put a little in your hand rub it together.

Put it in your hair This is a proper demo.

It's a demonstration and then you're smelling good It smells like lemons, but it also makes your hair not look oily and keeps it super fresh smells really good I love it because I get super oily hair and I look really crazy Especially like after a long flight or an overnight train ride.

This is my secret to not looking quite as a Chaotic in the morning.

The next item is something we actually have in our last travel items video But it's been so useful that we're gonna show it again guys.

These are little laundry detergent tabs We would show you how they come apart one at a time except right before this videos I was getting all of our items together.

I dropped it in water.

It doesn't like water It'll run real quick but Super useful we use these all the time when we don't have access to a washing machine and we just have to wash a few items in a sink or something All you do is get a sink of water You drop a couple of these in there usually one or two per garment Wush them around a bit and then they get clean enough.

This little sucker I still have not figured out how to say it micellar, micellar water.

I have been raving about this for years.

It is an all-in-one Facial cleanser slash makeup remover you just shake it up put it on a cotton swab.

It takes off everything including waterproof makeup this is another one if you're doing any overnight travel or If you're just in a place we've been in Airbnb where the waters been out or we don't have access to water when we're camping This is amazing because it gets you clean Without any use of water and you don't have to rinse or anything if you've done any air travel at all You've probably had run-ins with the TSA just like we have we always get busted by being over the ounce limit So one way you can eliminate that at least with a couple items is by going with bars We use bar soap and bar shampoo when we can find it Sometimes we run out we have to get this stuff in the plastic bottles But this stuff doesn't have any size or weight restrictions you can get a handy little carry case like this and then you don't have to worry about it being wet and gross.

And if you're wondering why our soap is black.

It's actually charcoal soap which we also highly recommend As a bonus, I really recommend getting a clear bag to hold all your toiletries in your liquid so that doesn't have to be in there but It's so helpful when you're going through the TSA line because they can see everything and can see all of the ounces on everything so You don't have to take everything out of your bag.

Next up, We're gonna switch gears to my favorite topic Tech and the first item that I want to show you is something that I've had for the last year it is this Handy little foam organizer, but this is not any little foam case.

What's unique about this Is that when you open it you can rip these little pieces out and make your own custom molded sections So I have custom sections for my power strip here chargers, GoPro, some other chargers, adapters it has enough room to stick a Monopod in there and all kinds of other stuff in these pouches up here.

These come in all different shapes and sizes I've kind of changed items over the year so stuff doesn't quite fit in there as perfectly anymore So I'm probably gonna get another foam insert to redo it But it really does do the trick and helps keep stuff organized when you're traveling.

Yeah, plus it's super hard So, nothing will smash it.

and coincidentally all of the tech items that I want to talk about are inside of this thing So the first one is that power strip that I mentioned What's so cool about this is that it gives you these two USA plugs, but also it gives you four USB plugs right there So we ever have to worry about not having enough ports to charge stuff and I'm always charging cameras Batteries, phones, all kinds of stuff and we never run out of ports this way We watch a lot of Netflix and Hulu while we're traveling.

So we got this big old HDMI cord.

it's not the most practical thing because it is pretty big but It gives you a lot of range A lot of times the TVs are on walls or in the corner of the room And we don't want to hang our laptop upside down or something like that.

We've had a lot of accidents doing that So we broke down and got a large HDMI cable So this is super helpful when you're Airbnb has a TV But maybe they don't have any cable or Netflix or anything like that You just hook up your laptop to it.

And then you can watch on a big screen which has been really nice for us We actually use it all the time And the last tech item I want to talk about is actually this item right here for the longest time I had a problem just managing all of my cords.

They would always get tangled and always be disorganized so I found these handy little velcro ties that you can add on to any cable no matter how big it is and they're so Cheap they literally gave me like a hundred of them in all different colors Yeah, when he said that he was ordering these I was like we don't really need that but now that we have these on all of our cords, it's been so helpful because usually we just you know, Roll it up into a ball and then throw it in our bag and they always come and Ravel or get tangled with each other And now they don't do that.

They stay in place and they're super easy to use you.

Just take one and then you stick the cord in here and then you can just Wrap the cord up and then wrap this around it just like that Another thing that we've been asked a lot lately is how we stay healthy on the road So that is the next topic we want to talk about so one thing we've been doing that has really helped is we got these little Immune support tablets that we take that mainly they just have vitamin C and zinc if you take them daily They really do a lot to help keep you keep your immune system healthy That's the most important thing is just making sure your immune system's healthy so you don't have to so you can't get sick as easy And you don't have to go to the doctor in some strange foreign country.

And then we have our good old first-aid kit But we have some cool items in our first-aid kit.

It's not super boring.

First up, we're getting older Sometimes we get heartburn it really sucks to be stranded in the middle of a country where you don't speak the language and have harbor and have to be Trying to figure out where to get something like Tums.

A huge help on the road.

Don't forget them I thought you said this isn't gonna be boring.

It's Tums! Okay, it's a little bit boring but they're just really practical things the next one are these little gin gins which our friend Ashley from the way away turned me on to their little ginger candies and so you can get Dramamine and stuff like That that but these are non drowsy and you can have them with alcohol But I love just when we're on a bus or on a boat I pop it right when we get on there and it seems to work really really well I get really carsick and motion sick If you don't like ginger though, you might not like these they're a little tough then stick with the the pills that you can just swallow because then you don't taste it as much but if You don't mind the taste of ginger.

These are amazing.

The next little item in our health goodie bag Is this itch relief stick.

So it's a benadryl stick when you get bit by a mosquito or scraped or whatever.

You can take this little guy Ours is looking a little haggard today.

This is pretty old, but it should stay good for a while, but you just dab it on your skin And then the itch goes away we use this all the time Especially when we're camping or in the outdoors Mosquitos just love us But now we can fight back And then we have some of your classics, you know Like band-aids which we have waterproof ones in here.

That's really helpful, you know your little antibiotic Ibuprofen.

Hello hangover, I mean, goodbye hangover We definitely always recommend traveling with some antibacterial spray I think this one doubles as we got it in Vietnam I think.

But on the back It has a picture of a mosquito.

So I don't know if it doubles as mosquito repellent I don't know but if you can find antibacterial spray or lotion that doubles as repellent go for it And if you're Allison when you travel around you see a lot of cute dogs and cute cats and you have to pet every single One of them no matter how mangy they are That is 100% why I have this and that's why this much is gone That's how many dogs and cats I've pet.

Yeah and off-camera I'm always like hand sanitizer every single time Going along with the sanitary theme I guess baby wipes were obviously once out of these but I love having these it goes with you know when my face wash my dry shampoo this and Sanitizing spray.

Those are my must-haves on a flight or train or anywhere I have to have access to them because I hate feeling gross So these are great for if there's you know Not a sink on the train you're in or the water is not working or whatever or you're just you know on a long bus Ride and you just want to spruce up a little bit.

These are great So I just realized wet wipes seems like a pretty boring thing to end on so we're gonna do a bonus one Yeah Must have games at least one game when you travel.

Our one game that we travel with is this Flux, and we actually have the zombie edition.

Whoops, upside down.

Zombie Edition, Flux.

This is a really fun game that anyone can learn in two seconds.

It obviously doesn't take up much space at all There are tons of little expansions that you can get very affordable Yeah, you can play with just two players, which is great for us.

We take it to a bar with us sometimes when we're just chilling.

So those are our must-have travel items updated for 2019 2019! 2019 it's almost halfway over Crazy or what geez? Yeah I'm sure we'll We'll do these periodically because things change but these are items that I feel we've had for at least a year now And we love them all so much I cannot imagine traveling without any of these items.

And if you have any must-have travel items of your own let us know in the comment section below and we will check them out.

Make our lives easier, Please.

And everyone else has let us know what you take on the road with you.

Everything that we talked about today We are going to be linking in the description below.

Like we said so definitely go check it out Yeah, we'll link to the exact product or similar one that's really cool.

But that's gonna do it Hopefully we resolve our laptop situation soon and we come back, be back to our regularly scheduled program I'm not gonna lie though, it's been kind of nice having a couple days off.

This guy I don't know if you guys would realize but we've been doing this for almost four years And we have never gone more than a few days without putting out a video and that's all this fellow Yeah, this is the longest time I've gone without editing a video I feel like he's freaking out so.

I'm freaking out but it's also been nice.

It's so it's weird.

It's weird emotions.

Goodbye, Adventurers! We'll see you on the road hopefully soon.

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