March 6, 2021

Phone Interview Tips – How to Prepare for a Phone Interview

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in today's video I'm going to talk abouta topic that I've been asked about constantly and that topic is all aboutphone interviews so here are four key items that hiring managers recruitersand HR professionals are looking for in that initial phone screen interview thatyou need to keep in mind and that you can work on.

The first item thatinterviewers are looking for in a phone screen is your energy and confidence.

The thing about phone interviews is that they can't see your face.

They can't readyour facial expressions.

They don't really have an in-person connection withyou and so what you have to understand is that the way that you come acrossover the phone is really important and it comes down to the tone of your voicethe energy in that voice and really how you're answering your questions.

So whenI say energy and confidence I don't mean try to sound overly happy or excited.

What I actually mean is that you should try to come across as pleasant calm andnot overly pushy so confidence actually comes from your ability to listen.

Listento the question that's being asked and allow for a short awkward pause betweenthe question and your answer you don't have to rush into giving your fullresponse right right after the question is asked and on top of that you don'twant to take too long to give your answer as well the lastthing that somebody wants to do is talk to a robot when they're doing a phoneinterview because that's the fastest way for the interviewers to lose interestand so you really have to keep it as though it's a conversation so for themost part the initial phone screen is to assess your energy and your confidenceand of course a few other things that we're going to talk about but that'sgonna play a really key role essentially you want the interviewer to walk awayfeeling wow I really liked her or him I think I want to bring them in and I wantto meet with them that is your tenshun your intention is that you wantto engage them so much though over the phone that they want to meet with you inperson now the second thing that you need to pay attention to is that youhave clear concise and articulate answers because interviewers can't seeyour face it is actually super easy for anyone to zone out when somebody'stalking to them on the phone it's easy as just going on their laptop goingthrough facebook Instagram and that is the last thing that you want theserecruiters these hiring managers these HR professionals to be doing if they'reinterviewing you over the phone so make sure you do not ramble just becauseyou're nervous doesn't give you the right to start rambling and thenshooting yourself in the foot and losing that opportunity to meet them in personI've had so many phone interviews with candidates where I would find that theyjust did not know how to sell themselves in an effective way in a really clearand concise way over the phone because a lot of the times either they werenervous and they were just telling me all different things and rhyming throughtheir whole resume to me which is not what you should be doing or actually theopposite occurred where they were just giving me one-word responses that alsoshows lack of interest on your end and therefore lack of interest from therecruiters end they're not going to be interested in wanting to bring youforward so make sure that ahead of time you're preparing your answers I knowthis sounds like something that is given but you really want to make sure that ifyou're doing a phone interview that you need to get your point across reallyquickly so ask yourself in the first 10 seconds when you're starting to give ananswer if they can already feel that there's a point that's going to be madeif you don't think that a point is being made in that first 10 seconds thenthat's a red flag for you to fix your answer reorganize it rewrite it andpractice it in a way that you can get your point across really quickly so avery specific but helpful suggestion I have for this is when you're preparedfor your phone interviews and you're practicing your answers ahead of timeyou really want to also record your voice record your voice and play it backlist to it and ask yourself if I was in thehiring manager shoes and I was listening to myself answer would I be engagedwould I be willing to listen to the end of this recording or if you are yourselfare finding that you're getting bored from your own answers then you know thatit's time to shed some fat from that answer and really make it clear conciseand articulate the third thing that phone interviewers are looking for isyour technical fit for the job so besides getting a gauge of your energyand confidence levels and seeing how articulate and clear your responses areanother key factor that hiring managers really want to know is whether you're aright technical fit for the job they want to know that you have the rightknowledge qualifications and experience to be able to do this position so youwant to make sure that the way that you answer your responses lines up to thatand matches to the position as much as possible and one of the easiest ways todo that is to identify the key words from the job description that line up toyour experience and being able to incorporate those keywords into yourresponses so if over the phone you don't sound very technically aligned with thisposition that is the fastest and easiest way for them to cut the interview shortand say you know what we can't take you in so you really have to be sure thatthis is the role that is appropriate for you but even if it's a slight shift fromsomething that you've been doing but you have the transferable skills andknowledge and experience to be able to do the job then that's how you have tosell yourself when you're giving them a rundown of what you're capable of andhow you're able to do the job and finally one of the most importantaspects that phone interviewers are looking for that a lot of people don'trealize is actually to assess whether you have a top-notch resume so I knowwhat you're thinking how does that make sense that they're looking at on myresume in detail when they would have already looked at my resume and calledme in for this phone interview well I can tell you that the likelihood is thiswhen hire managers call candidates in for phone interviewsthey're batching resumes they're taking a group of people out of a bigger groupof people and saying let's phone screen these individuals but they're notnecessarily going through a super in-depth analysis of the resumes theyactually tend to do that more so in the initial phone screen think about it thisway I'm a recruiter I'm staring at nothing but your resume when I'm talkingto you on the phone during the 10 15 20 30 minutes that I'm on the phone withyou I have nothing else to share it but generally your resume so that's theopportunity for me to really read your resume in depth and if I want to I'mgonna pick out some questions that I may want to ask you during that time in theinterview so that's actually the time as a recruiter that I get to really assessyour resume and this is not just me as a recruiter a former recruiter and nowcareer coach but I can tell you that this happens across the board in theindustry where you know you get that initial six second scan of the resumeand you say yes I want to interview or no I don't want to interview but then inthe in the phone interview is actually when you're truly being assessed and atthat point if the recruiter or the hiring manager has been looking at yourresume plus five other resumes that day and they were able to really decipherthe differences between yours and the others and they notice that yours reallyisn't up to par as much as they thought in that first six second screen or scanthen you're out of luck so you want to make sure that your resume is top-notchbecause it's not only going to take you to that first round interview justbecause it got you the first round interview doesn't mean that it's goodenough to get you into the second third round interviews and this is somethingthat is so key so you need to make sure that it is good enough to not only passthe hrs checklist but also the manager that you're going to be working for inthat next round and then perhaps even the director and VP that you're going tobe working for as well they all have their own standards for how they wantthe resume to look and they're going to be assessing you in the interview andcomparing you against the resume so there you have it my four key areas thatyou need to focus on when you're preparing for your next phone interviewso I know this video is all great for those people who are getting phoneinterviews but if you're not even getting a phone interview thendefinitely you need to be working on your resume as the number one priorityso feel free to download my 10 ultimate resume hacks cheat sheet located in thedescription box below where you'll get my tips and tricks on exactly how toimprove your resume so that you can land that next phone interview and on top ofthat 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