May 7, 2021

Real Doctor Vs YouTube Challenges

– You asked for the cinnamonchallenge, you got it.

Let's go! I don't even need a spot, I'm ready! Count me down bro! – [Cameraman] Three, two, one, go! – Oh it's so much cinnamon! Oh why! – [Cameraman] Do it bro, do it! – I need to mix it.

It's the worst milkshake.

That's not the cinnamon challenge.

You gotta put the spoon in your mouth.

(intense violin music) (gentle lounge music) Let's get back to reality for a second.

Some of these YouTubechallenges are so dangerous.

Lighting yourself up on fire, walking next to a moving car.

Kiki, do you love me? But I'm more interested intalking about ones that you think are perfectlyharmless, and they're not.

– A 150 kabillion peoplehave been asking me to uh do the cinnamon challenge.

– I didn't ask her.

– What's so challenging about cinnamon? – There's a lot challengingwith cinnanim, cinnamon? – So I had this, 'cause I don't know how much you supposed to take so.

– She's gonna do a ladle full? – You just take- – Oh my God this is so bad.

– All right so here'sthe cinnamon all right? All right here we go.

– No way she's eating a ladle.

Oh my God, oh my God no! (GloZell screaming) This can become a verybig deal very quickly.

The cinnamon blocks your salivary glands so you have no lubrication.

You can't swallow properlybecause it's so lightweight, it actually can become aerosolized, you can inhale the cinnamon droplets.

If you get cinnamon into your lungs, that causes an inflammatory process because cinnamon is notsupposed to be there.

And when cinnamon is there itcan cause a condition known as pneumonia which is aninfection of the lungs, and pneumonitis which is aninflammation of your lungs.

These are serious conditions.

88 percent of phone calls inthe first three months of 2012 to the nation's Poison Control Centers were because of the cinnamon challenge.

Don't aspirate cinnamon.

(sad tuba music) Lemme explain to you why eating a Tide Pod is so bad for you.

This highly concentrateddetergent that also at times has bleach in it can literallyburn your digestive system.

Burn your esophagus, burn your stomach.

And if you have a hole there, guess what? You're gonna need emergent surgery.

It could also cause you tobecome lethargic, vomit, aspirate which means inhaleyour vomit so it goes into your lungs, which can then cause a pneumonia.

And here's something that canhappen in some rare cases, which people don't even think about.

What happens when youmix detergent with fluid, you get a lot of foam right? Well guess what, when youbite into it and there's this considerable amount of foam and if you vomit it mixes with it.

You have so much foam in your mouth that you may not be able to breath.

And when you aspirate this detergent, you're gonna get a chemicalpneumonitis which is a chemical inflammation of your lungs.

That's gonna be life or death situation all because of a dare.

Between 2012 and 2013, everysingle day there was a child hospitalized as a result ofthese Pod ingested injuries.

Please do not put Tide Podsanywhere near your mouth and if you have children at home, make sure the Tide Pods arestored somewhere very high up.

(sad tuba music) – I'm doing the condomchallenge and I'm going to stick this in my nose andbring it out of my mouth.

No its not magic, watch me baby.

– I'm not making this up, Ihave a very strong gag reflex and watching this.


I'm telling you I'm notthat good of an actor, I'm tearing up right now.

I feel like I can't watchthe video further but I'm gonna explain to youwhy snorting a condom from your nose into your mouthis a really bad idea.

A, it could trigger yourgag reflex like it's doing to me already and I'm just watching it.

If you inhale somethingfrom your nose and it goes into your mouth and ittriggers your gag reflex, you can start vomiting.

And if you have somethingblocking your mouth like the condom there, youcan choke on your own vomit.

There was actually anarticle of a case report from 2004 where a womanaccidentally inhaled a condom and it got stuck lodgedinside of her lungs, which led her lung to collapse.

How do you know that it'sgonna come out your mouth? Oh my God, I'm gagging again.

Can you just move on to the next one.

(sad tuba music) – [Announcer] It's the latest phenomenon sweeping social media.

Teens using shot glasses andbottles as suction devices for do-it-yourself lip enhancements.

Some end up with lips thatare so swollen and bruised, it looks like they've been beaten.

– What people are doingis they're taking a small object that they can putsuction into and as a result of putting tremendous pressure in the blood vessels inside the lips.

In fact the reason that thelips are a different color than the rest of your skin is because there's so much vascularity there.

Is because there's somany blood vessels there.

And the skin is obviouslya little bit thinner.

This can lead to permanent scarring and disfigurement of their face.

I'm not a person thatsays looks are everything, but if you have a scar onyour face and you got it as a result of doing somethingstupid in your childhood, you're gonna be upset about that for a very long period of time.

You can get likes and views in other ways, don't do it, don't do it, don't do it.

Don't suck on shot bottles or don't do it.

(sad tuba music) – Today I'll be doing thesalt and ice challenge.

And I didn't exactly knowwhat it was so I looked it up on Yahoo answers and apparently, basically what happensis you get frostbite.

– Basically what happens isyou put salt on your skin then you put a piece of ice ontop of that salt on your skin and that creates a combinationthat's even colder than the ice essentially giving youfrostbite on your skin, yes.

It's the equivalent oflighting the lighter and then holding that metal part ofthe lighter on your skin.

– [Youtuber] Keep it.

– I can't.

– [Friend] Oh my God! Is that your skin? – [Youtuber] Yeah, thatis where the ice cube was.

– That's called a burn.

Looks like a third degreeburn but we can't tell yet, we need to see what happens here.

– [Youtuber] It's weird thoughlike I can feel the skin around it but then when I like rub over it I can't feel that at all.

– Yeah because it's numbbecause of the ice sir.

In fact when I do injectionsfor people who are very sensitive I spray themwith them with some cold spray before putting the injectionin which numbs them up and they don't feel the injection as much.

You're gonna burn yourself, you're gonna possibly create an infection, you'regonna scar your skin.

Why are you doing this, I don't know.

But please do this, don't dothe salt and ice challenge.

You've been warned.

(sad tuba music) – How do you play? – So you open a bag, just open that one.

And then you put amarshmallow in your mouth and you say chubby bunny.

And then you do it again, andagain, and again, and again.

Until you can't do it anymore.

Okay, there's no room, ew your moth is so wide.

– This is actually the mostdangerous part about it, that's why I'm watching it so like.



Because of the marshmallows in your mouth, and your laughing and yourtrying to say chubby bunny.

You can actually inhaleone of these marshmallows.

And if it gets into yourwindpipe that's super dangerous, because the marshmallows socompact and it squeezes in, it can go into yourwindpipe and as a result be very difficult to get out.

Like if you have a pieceof chicken stuck in there and someone gives youheimlich, it can pop right out.

But because the marshmallowis soft and it gets sticky, it can get stuck there andyou can suffocate as a result of the chubby bunny challenge.

I've got my blindfold here, I don't actually know what I'm doing.

– [Cameraman] You're gonna eat baby food.

– Ew, what? – [Cameraman] And you're gonnatell me what flavor it is.

– First of all why do you have baby food.

How did you feel as agrown man who does not have children going to buy baby food? You sickos, this how you pickup people in the supermarket? So what do I have to do, I have to guess.

I have to guess what flavor this is? – [Cameraman] Yeah.

– Do I smell it? Ooh it smells really good.

All right Bear hold on, this is my challenge Bear.

This better be baby food by the way.

Is this apple? – [Cameraman] There'sthree fruits in there.

– There's three fruits in here? Apple, peach, pineapple.

Banana, orange, pineapple, that's not close at all! Okay I'm ready for my next baby food.

I need to cleanse my palette.

Oh this one smells gross.

Who feeds this to babies? It's all veggies, thereis no sugar in this.

Tastes like dirt, itliterally tastes like dirt.

Is this dirt, it's likea really bad potato.


Green beans, this tastesnothing like green beans.

Dude taste this.

– [Cameraman] I could getgreen beans out of that.

What, no you cannot.

– [Cameraman] Do you eat green beans? – I've had edamame before.

This doesn't smell, thisdoesn't smell like anything.

I feel like there's meat chunks in here.

Cranberry and turkey? Sweet potato and chicken Ishould have gotten sweet potato.

I feel bad for babies, I can't believe babies have to go through this.

Oh I know this smell, I'm gonnaguess it without tasting it.

See this to me smells like green beans.

Peas! – [Cameraman] Good, you got it.

– Yeah, got one.

That one actually tasted good I like peas.

I'd mess with peas.

This one's very meaty.

It's so ground up, it could be any meat.

You could tell me this isbison and I'd believe you.


Beef? Beef and beef broth, ugh.

They mess with baby food, they do something to it so it tastes different sothe babies don't know.

This doesn't smell that bad, but it's in a weird container.

It's sweet but also savory.

Oh it's making me gag so hard, I got turkey and cranberryagain I don't know.

This is not chickennoodle, dude taste this.

This has no chicken no noodle.

– [Cameraman] I think Iwould've gotten this one.

– No you wouldn't have, on what planet? – [Cameraman] It tastes kindof like chicken noodle soup.

– No it tastes like kind of death.

Okay well folks that's howyou do a YouTube challenge without hurting yourself, maybeI hurt my ego a little bit.

There's better ways to get clicks and views on your YouTube channel.

Don't resort to this kindof nonsense that's gonna put your life in danger, be smart because all I want you to do is to stay happy and healthy.

If you thought me eating allthis baby food was gross, check out me and mynephew playing with slime and doing disgusting science.

Click here for that bad boy.

(cheerful piano music).

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