December 2, 2020

Real Doctors Play NEVER HAVE I EVER

– [Producer] Never haveI ever pulled anything particularly strangefrom a patient's body.

– Um–(suspenseful music) (laughs) – Dr.

Jones? This is how the game is gonna work.

If we ever did whatever theNever Have I Ever states, we're gonna raise our hands, and we're gonna have to donate 100 bucks to the CDC Foundation.

By the way, we've alreadyraised over $50, 000 for them on the 100 Doctors video, if you haven't seen that, link below.

We're playing here witha very special guest, Mama Doctor Jones.

You asked me to collab with her probably like a thousand times, and we've been trying to make it happen, and it only took a COVID-19pandemic to make it happen.

– I'm Mama Doctor Jones, I'man OB-GYN, and mom to four, and I have a YouTube channel, and you can find me on pretty much every social media platformunder the same name.

– Are you ready? – I'm not really sure, but let's do it.

– [Producer] Never have I ever gagged or been visibly grossedout in front of a patient.

(both laugh)(bell dings) – All right, you go first.

– I, as a resident, the firsttime I took care of someone who had a really badpost-partum infection, it is just a smell, and Idon't know if I wanna put that on the internet or not but– – I have a thing with seeing patients gag.

So when I would insert an NG tube, it would coil in the mouthand the patient would gag, I would gag myself.

– [Producer] Never have I everbeen attracted to a patient.

(buzzer buzzes) – Nope.

– Uh-hmm.

I don't think any of us, hopefully, any of us are ever walking into a room with that ever even crossing our mind.

– What I will say, though, I have patients that occasionally, maybe if they recognizeme from social media, they'll make inappropriate jokes, and I have to always bringthem back to the encounter, like I appreciate the humor, I appreciate the compliment, and I'm not gonna lie, I've gotten good at redirectingthe conversation back 'cause it's been happeningmore and more often as the YouTube channel grows.

– [Producer] Never haveI ever pulled anything particularly strangefrom a patient's body.

(laughs) – Dr.

Jones? – Of course I have.

(Mike laughs) – Dr.

Jones is a gynecologist.

– I'm a gynecologist.

Even if we ignore the strangeness that is pulling peoplefrom people's bodies, the things that come alongwith gynecology are endless.

Anything you can imaginehas probably happened.

– I frequently, frequentlypull out pieces of cotton, and sometimes even insectout of people's ears.

– Oh, hmm.

– [Producer] Never have I ever had a movie or TV show I enjoyed get ruined because it featured somethingmedically inaccurate.

– All the time, all the time.

Isn't the whole premiseof our reaction videos? Making sure that we ruinit for everyone else, too.

– I mean, how do you notwatch someone take out a bomb out of someone's stomach inan open forest with no tools and say, oh, “I'm comfortable doing this, “I've done this before, ” when they're like a first year resident, it just doesn't happen.

– [Producer] Never have I ever doubted I would make it as a doctor.

– Definitely have done that.

I specifically remember standing in the anatomy lab duringmy first lab practical, my first semester of medical school and looking around the room at everybody writing their answers down, and thinking somebody left myapplication stuck to the back of the person in front ofme, how did I get here? These people are so smart, I am never going to make it.

– It's that impostor syndrome, right? That you feel like, wow, how am I here? And I feel like we all go through with it at some point in our medical training.

So I was in a seven-year medical program where I did a bachelor's in science and my DO degree all in one, and in order to keep in that program through the first threeyears of undergrad, you have to maintain above a 3.

5 GPA, and I remember each time Iwould get my grades back, I would be just crossing my fingers like, is this the report card that I'm gonna get where I'm gonna kicked out of the program? And every time, it was like 3.

57, 3.

68, and you would just becheering with your family that like, yes, you're still in.

– [Producer] Never haveI ever fired a patient.

– I've fired patients.

– I don't think I've ever fired a patient.

– My mom passed when Iwas in medial school, and it's a story that I tell on my YouTube channel sometimes, and when a patient camein started bringing up the fact the fact that she's communicating with my mother in the afterlife, that she's sending warm wishes.

And it was polite, but at the same time, I felt like it was crossing a line that I didn't feel comfortable with.

– [Producer] Never haveI ever had a patient name their child after me.

– Oh, I wish.

– I know, that would be, I could just quit obstetricsbut it hasn't happened yet.

– How many babies have youdelivered, do you keep track? – I don't keep track specifically but I would guess that it'sin the thousands by now? I was just telling a patientin her delivery last week, it never stops being cool to be in a room and then suddenly there'sanother person, like, it just never stops being amazing to me.

– [Producer] Never haveI ever ruined a date by sharing a gross medical story.

(both laugh) – I only have to say nobecause I've been married since before I was in medical school but I've ruined a lotof my husband's dinners.

(Mike laughing) – Have I talked aboutgross things on dates where they ended badly? I don't think so.

I think that I try and keep it appropriate as much as I can on dates.

– [Producer] Never have I ever been asked uncomfortable health questionsby a stranger at a party.

– All the time.

– All day, all day.

– You could tell me literally anything as a patient sitting acrossfrom me in the office and it will never faze me, but at a party, even just a mention of yourdischarge or your problem, or a partner who had a symptom, that's just not the right time or place, I just wanted to drink my glass of wine and not think about that.

– [Producer] Never have I everforgotten a patient's name or called them by the incorrect name during a patient encounter.

– All the time.

– I've forgotten names.

– I'm so bad at names.

– Have you ever calledsomeone the wrong name? That's tough.

– I have a really big fear of doing that.

It actually, like my heart is beating fast thinking about it, I have severe anxietyabout misnaming people, so I will often not usenames if I'm not 100% certain that that's correct name, and I'm really bad at it, but what I do really often isaccidentally call the baby he or she because I can't remember from one room to thenext what their baby was.

I will say like, oh, you know, is he kicking, and mom's like, um, it's a girl.

Sorry, everybody getsto be a he right now.

– I think when I'm balancing in and out of rooms really quicklyduring urgent care, and sometimes I'm just like you, I don't wanna get the name wrong, so I'm like, how are you doing? Or can you help missushere with her issue.

– [Producer] Never have I ever made use of a storeroom like theydo in Grey's Anatomy.

– Oh, no.

– No.

– The medical scene isnothing like Grey's Anatomy.

It is so boring and sterileand honest and friendly.

– I do have a story to gowith that, that's not that but as a medical student, wewere trying to get pregnant, and we had gone throughsome infertility treatments, and I was on my surgery rotation and it was in the middle of the night, there was nothing goingon and I was required to stay in the hospital justin case something was going on, and I got a positive on myovulation prediction kit, and I went and texted the resident, “Hi, my husband locked his keys in the car “and I have to go andmake sure that he can get “into the house to get back into the car.

” I made up a story to leave.

– So you snuck out.

– I lied my way out for apositive ovulation test.

– [Producer] Never have Iever directly contradicted the advice I give my patients.

– All the time.

– All the time.

Doctors are the worst patients.

– I can't take my asthmamedicine regularly, definitely don't exercise enough, I forget my birth controlpill occasionally.

We're all humans.

– I wanna sleep sevento nine hours a night 'cause I tell patientshow important it is.

Tomorrow, I have to wake upat four, 4:30 a.


to do CNN.

How am I gonna go to sleepand get seven to nine hours? – [Producer] Never have I ever worked with a super genius teenagedoctor like Dr.

Doogie Howser.

– I mean, I've worked withbrilliant medical students that I knew were 100times smarter than me.

– Like every medical student right now.

– Yeah.

– But not a teenager.

Did you see the story a while back of the kid who had pretendedto be a physician for an extended period of time?- Yes! – He dressed up and went to a hospital or a clinic and saw patients.

– How does that happen? – I don't know.

And how does nobody thatworks at the hospital go like, I've never seen that person before, and also, he looks to be about 16.

– [Producer] Never haveI ever come to the rescue in public when someone asksis anyone here a doctor.

– No, but I've seen your story about being on the plane with the anaphylaxis.

And here's the thing, I don't ever want that to happen to me because I don't treat thosethings most of the time.

I feel comfortable doing it if it happens but it's not something I want.

However, if someone's gonna accidentally have a baby on a plane, I am set and I would bemore than happy to do that because if your baby'scoming out on a plane, it's probably gonna be avery easy, quick delivery, and then I get to say Idelivered a baby on a plane.

– Dr.

Jones, this is so funny because I'm really lateto always answering people 'cause I'm trying juggle 5, 000 things, and I've seen messages fromyou and a lot of your fans, by the way which youhave many of, always say, collab with Mama Doctor Jones, collab with Mama Doctor Jones, and I'm like, I want to, I want to, I promise it's happening.

And it took a worldwide pandemic of COVID-19 to get us together to talk about never have Iever experiences in medicine.

– Well, I'm so appreciative because since day one of me posting, people have filled my comments with that, and now maybe they'll comment on my videos and say something else.

Someday when we can dosomething other than Skype, we'll have real in-person collab.

– Highly recommend you checkout my 100 Doctors video, I literally interviewed 100 doctors, or if want a really good laugh, check out my meme playlistwhile you stay happy.

♪ And healthy ♪.

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