March 4, 2021

Recognition of the Graduates: Doctor of Pharmacy Candidates

Congratulations to the Class of 2020! Ithas been an honor and privilege working and learning with you these lastfour years as a faculty member and associate dean.

The School of Pharmacyat UW–Madison has been described as a legacy school by one of ourcompetitors.

While calling us a legacy school was meant to imply that we'renot new or fresh, we actually embrace that description.

Legacy means our schoolhas a long, rich history of developing the brightest minds to find solutions tohealth care problems.

Legacy means that we have a deep and talented pool of formergraduates who have become clinicians, researchers, leaders, and educators: alumniwho are making a difference every day to improve the health of people inWisconsin, the US, and the world.

Legacy also meansthat you are now one of them.

You are entering the world of pharmacy practice, in which many unknowns and fears exist.

You've already experienced thechallenges our healthcare system faces in the time of pandemic.

During this timeof chaos and uncertainty, you have worked alongside the health care team as acoronavirus made its way into Wisconsin.

Throughout your education and clinicaltraining you have shown resilience.

Merriam-Webster defines resilience as “anability to recover or adjust easily to misfortune or change”.

Now, I don't knowabout the easy part, but this time of crisis has demonstrated to the world theimportance of pharmacists as frontline professionals.

History has shown thatmajor events like wars, natural disasters, and global pandemics provide anopportunity for innovation.

We have been waiting for legislation to givepharmacists provider status: the opportunity to be recognizedfor our clinical expertise.

I ask you, why are we still waiting? We cannot expect tobe trusted and respected by others just because we're pharmacists.

We must earnit.

Now is the time for us to become Rosie the Riveter.

We need to roll up oursleeves, flex our mental muscles, and find innovative ways to support our patientsand communities.

I know that you have the knowledge, the skills, and the abilitiesto enter into pharmacy practice and become excellent pharmacists.

However, what is needed right now is entrepreneurship, empathy, and altruism.

These essential skills, more commonly known as soft skills, are truly essential inthis new world of healthcare.

As the youngest members of the pharmacyprofession we are relying on you to bring fresh ideas to address thechallenges within our healthcare system.

I know you are good at asking the whyquestion.

We need you to question current policies and practices in order to makeimprovements and enhance safety.

Patients need your knowledge and compassion tohelp them manage their health and well-being, and we need each other forsupport and empathy.

Class of 2020, you are well-prepared to face thesechallenges through your education and training.

The grittiness you havedeveloped during these last four years will help you to survive and thrive inthis new pandemic world.

It has been said that new graduates follow in thefootsteps of those who went before them.

While that is true, I feel that the pharmacists who are entering the profession now will bethose who create a new path for the rest of us to follow, I believe you can become these trailblazers that the rest of the worldneeds and that will be your legacy.

I wish you all the best in life andwelcome you to the profession, as the newest Badger pharmacists.

Congratulations, and On, Wisconsin! I am pleased to introduce the UW–MadisonPharmD Class of 2020.

Tara Airola Lender Alger Bonnie Arbuckle Sara Auer LaRae Bagnall Julia Barnes Joshua Becco AmandaBernarde Tori Blume Nicholas Boivin Spencer Bold Dean Bowen Miranda Bowers Sara Brady Bernard Brooks Griffin Budde Tessa Burghardt Thomas Butzer Casey Chemer Helen Chen Kelland Chen Raymond Chojnacki Grace Chung Madison Cisweski Alison Cooley Margaret Davies Ryan DeBauche Joshua DeGrave Klair Diedrick Tam Dinh Drew Dretske Justin Earll J.

Grady Easterling Paige Edwards Graham Edwardson Clarissa Fasbender Katherine Flesch Nik Friedlander Marisa Gabler Lizeth Garcia-Jennings Julia Gilbertson Penelope Gioulos Alex Glodowski Andrea Gray Megan Grimmenga Paige Gundrum Jacob Havinga Hannah Hecht Amber Heinz Michael Heltne Evan Hertel Jordan Hilsenhoff Patrick Holland Brooke Holloway Fady Isaac Gwen Jaeger Kimberly James Ashley Jelinek DevonJones Herolind Jusufi Elise Keating Bailee Kensmoe Mercedes Kile Dawson Kim Olivia Kim Anthony Knutson Trevor Konkle Jonathan Konkol Miranda Kozlicki Allison Krivanec Gregory Kuhlman Rachel Kunst Elizabeth Langenstroer Alex Le Hye Lim Lim Jessica Linderud Joshua Linn Richard Liu Stephanie Londre Kayla Marchese Katherine McBride Meghan McCarthy Courtney McGee Jalen McMartin Jodi Meyer Nelson Milbach Casey Mills Kurt Mittelstadt Ashley Moore Caroline Murdoch Jenna Nehls Angeline Ngo Kristin Niemi Gregory Norsten Taylor Orton Andrew Osterbauer Amanda Paulson Colin Pearson Alyson Prom Dakota Rau Marina Reed Kelly Rogers Ahmad Sarsour Kiera Schiavo Samuel Schieffer Jacob Schmeiser Benjamin Schmidt Justin Schwartz MatthewSeely Paige Shapiro Asha Sharmarke Lindsey Skubitz Dakota Slone Abigail Smith Justin Staubli Musetta Steinbach Austin Stolze Stephen Studinski Jinxiang Su Maralena Taube Matthew Tourdot Rachele Urbas Alexandra Vecchia Cecilia Volk Rebecca Wehrmann Sydney Whitaker Carlie Wilke Matthew Williams Seungyong Yang Jacky Yu Ina Yun Congratulations to the Class of 2020! Youdid it!.

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