May 11, 2021

S2 E1: Let Battle Commence! | The Great Travel Hack | #MakeTheFuture

The way we travel is changing for goodand we're going to show you how.

Buckle up for a road trip challengethat proves there's a cleaner way.

Join two teams competing across Europe with only one rule: the lowest CO₂ emissions wins.

Welcome backto The Great Travel Hack.

This is Greg James.

And this is Katja.




Coming directlyfrom the Shell Eco-marathon and standing by in Mission Control, a crew of brainiacs will give each teamexpert advice and efficiency tips.

Two teams.

We have one British, one Dutch.

From the UK, Team Alpha.

We have Olympic gold-medal-winninghockey star, Sam Quek, and dancing machine, Jordan Banjo.

Let's drive.

And from the Netherlands, Team Omega.

Supermodel Loiza Lamers and adventure host, Jamie Trenite! -Yeah!-Yeah! Strong team.

Yeah, strongish.

Now, we have left four vehicleshidden around the park, so phones out, please.

Spin the roulette wheeland you'll find out where they're hidden.

We've got three.




Top of the shop.

Number one.

Where we intend to stay.

We've also putsome gadgets for you in black bags at the bottom of this tower.

So I'll meet you in Amsterdam tomorrow, 8 o'clock in the evening.

OK, so, hit the road.

But first, hit the slide.

Right, let's get it together.

What do we have here? Oh, my God! This is the cutest little bike there is.

Mega cool! -We're going for gold.

-Good luck! Losers! -Jord, is that it?-That's it.

Now, I've heard the rumours.

Electric, start it up and it doesn'teven sound like it's on.

-The engine's not on!-The engine has started.

Finally! My bum is going to be so happy.

We are off! -We're on our way to Istanbul.

-Exactly that.

I want to knowsome more about the car.

Hello, Mission Control? Tell me more.

Jamie wants the facts.

Hi, Team Omega.

Nice to speak to you.

You're driving a Toyota Mirai, the world's firstmass-produced hydrogen fuel cell car, which you know that the only emissionsare heat and water.

That's so cool.

Mega cool, right? But here is something less cool: Greg borrowed your carbut forgot to fill it up.

Are you kidding me? He's hopeless.

Greg is so rude! OK, we need to fill up.

-Let's go.

-Let's go! I'm not trying to sound cocky, but I mean, a Jag I-PACE! You're going to have to go pretty high upto top this one.

Hundred percent.

They get cocky a little bit, you know? Yeah, and even when we separated, she was like, “See you later, losers!” -Try to win, first.

-Don't trash-talk.

Show, don't tell.

And one charge can take us 292 miles.

-On one charge?-That's all right, isn't it? -They've just left London.


Just left London.

So let's give our Travel Hackerstheir first challenge.

-It's Greg.

-Oh, no! Hello, Travel Hackers.

You have 60 minutes to give free ridesto as many people as you can.

The more cleaner journeys you make, the fewer CO₂ emissions are made.

And to keep things equal, you'll both getsome help from a true British icon.

So let's share the love, and your CO₂ emissions.

Jordan! Look, it's a taxi, and it's electric.

Check it out, man! Fill the time with that classic cab chat.

Who's the most famous personyou've ever had in the back, here? It was this gold medallist Olympian called Sam Quek.

What was she like? She was nice.

She didn't tip me, but she was nice enough.

That is not me, Jordan.

60 minutes to pick upas many people as we can.

-Train station, bus stations.



-Not bad.

Taxi ranks.

Nick all the trade! Good afternoon, Mission Control.

We're after somewherewhere there's lots of people, maybe a sports eventor something like that.

We want to win this.

Oh, it's here.

Yeah, bingo.

We're there.

I think it's really cool, though.

And the rain.

I hate English summers! Oh, my God! There we go! Message from Mission Control.

“Good news.

We founda mediaeval jousting competition.

” No! “We'll send you a drop pinto the location.

” I've never picked up a knight before.

I feel quite important.

Mission Control, we found that there area lot of retirement homes in Seaford.

So maybe you can find outif there are groups, maybe, to drop off? OK, I got the pin.

Hi, everybody.

-Come in.

-Hello! Hi! Can you see our knights? -I can see 'em.

-Hi, guys.

Good day!Or should I say good knight? -Come on in.

-Can someone hold my shield? Not something you hear every day! -Are you single?-Yes, I am.

I tell you what, I've gotthe most marvellous grandson.

So guys, what do you calla candle in armour? A knight light.

-Eh?-Good one.

So you're lining up, you're looking over to the opposition.



What's going to be your war faceto put them on edge? Mine would be like.



They'll say, “You look constipated.

” Mate.



There we are, guys.

-Thank you so much.

-You are more than welcome.

-Enjoy your walk.

-Thank you, thanks.

Bye-bye! So, Jamie! We did it! Well, good luck.

-See you later.

-Nice one.

See you later.

-Let's get this challenge back under way.

-Do it.

Jamie, I just got a message.

Sorry we're a bit late.

Come in, please.

Thank you.

How are you? You are very, very well prepared.


Out of the way! Careful.

We've got a challenge to win.

Sorry, is that someone's toe? Thank you.

And you all dressed white? -The uniform of the game.

-I love uniforms.

So maybe I should play it.

Did you know which knightinvented the round table? It was.



Sir Cumference! Still funny, third time in.

Thanks, Jordan.

Right, we're going to send Omegaa warning message.

One, two, three.



-Are we there, Jamie?-Yeah, you're good to go.

Yes! -Goodbye.

-Enjoy your competition.

And win! -Thank you.

See you.

-Good luck.


Bye! Nice! Right, let's get out of here.

Omega, you're going down! It's Sam with, I think, knights.



-To fight their battle for them.

-For them, yeah.

So we're going, now, to Amsterdam.

But how do you thinkwe're going to get there? Yeah, well, we have to get there by boat.

-There's also a tunnel.

-Yeah, there is a tunnel.

The first electric car.

When do you think it was built?Have a guess.

1991? 1884! Wow.

How do you go for an electric carbefore toasting your own bread? Priorities, guys! Jamie, I got a message.

A message? OK.

From Greg.

-Right, let's have a look.

-Oh, God.



“The winner of the challengeis Team Omega.

” We won the challenge! Eat that, Team England! Eat that! On British soil! Oh, my God.

“Sending you lucky winnersa little boost.

” I'm not even angry.

-Just disappointed?-I'm disappointed.

Welcome to the Channel Tunnel.

Or in French, Le Shuttle.

Look at that.

Like a glove.

We're in! -Nice video!-What? You guys just asked knightsto win that battle for you and you still lost! How does it feelto lose on your own territory? You're about to find out, in Amsterdam.

You're about to find out! Sam, you got a message.

-“Bienvue en France.


-Does that mean “Welcome to France”?-Yes.

Look at that! We're in Belgium now! Look.

Three countries.



in two hours.

-I got a message.

-Oh, really? “This is your boost.

These skills should help you win.

” Hi, guys.

Well doneon winning the challenge.

You know, I race electric cars.

This is my car in the background.

I'm going to give you a few driving tips.

Switch to maximum recuperation level and make sure you convertall the energy on the braking to electric, as much as possible.

Make sure you havea very smooth driving style.

No hard acceleration or big braking.

Make sure unnecessarypower consumers are switched off.

Good luck with the rest of your journeyand have fun! Goodbye.

I think if we follow all his tips.



I want to win from Team Alpha.

Me too.

Jordan, you do knowwho we beat in the Olympic final? -Who did you beat?-The Dutch.

Are you being serious? -They won that battle.



-But we're going to win the war.

-Fun fact time!-Fun fact time.



Tulips are actuallyfrom Turkey originally.

-I didn't know that.

-Yeah I know that.

We are in Amsterdam! We made it to Amsterdam! -The sun is shining.

-So good to be back.

There's a lot going on, Jordan, on these roads.

Trams, bikes, bikes and more bikes.

Like, what is going on? It's so busy on the road, though.

Yeah, it is really busy.

I've got an idea.

-Pull over, please.

-I'm curious what you have in mind.

-Was it a good idea or not?-It was a great idea.

Is this electric, or what? This is fully electric, and I think, in rush hour, the fastest way to go around here.

I love it.

-Look at that!-Look at the traffic, there, guys! I feel like we were doing wellCO₂ emissions-wise, but this traffic is goingto drive us right up.

I completely agree.

We got it! Come on, come on! Good work to the Omegas! We're here! -This is it!-Sorry.

Excuse me! Hey, guys! Alright! -How was traffic?-Yeah, traffic wasn't good.

Well, luckily for you, it's about who producedless CO₂ emissions.

And it was very, very close, but the winner is.



Team Omega! How does losing feel? Get used to it.

Come on.

It's only one down.

Stay positive.


Of course, the winner wins something.

You get to enjoya luxury electric boat trip with a DJ, drinks, everything.

-Sounds boring!-No, no! Just jealous.

You will have an electric boat for two.

There's a lot of trash in the canals.

And you have to scoopat least three bags out of the canals.

If we skip these two, does that countas two, because they are trash! Snap! I hope I'll meet you tomorrow, for the start of Leg 2.

Those handy boost tipsand sneaky local knowledge helped Omega lowertheir CO₂ emissions and bypass traffic congestion.

But will this victory go to their heads? They're on a boat somewhere, having fun, chilling out.



and we're here doing this.


I lost the bit.

Stop screaming! So as we say goodbyeto the Netherlands, and hello to the beauty of the Rhine, we'll discover who arethe true Rembrandts and who are the real washouts.

Jordan, have you ever beenin one place with four seasons? I know! It's so nice to be back home.

What? We're leaving already? Oh, well.



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