May 9, 2021

Sam & Harriet Cane's home by Urban Homes

[Music] hi with Simon Harriet and we've been in our house for a few months now it's been a busy time but it's really nice now to be settled in a wee but I feels like we're actually living in our home now you know to get through that whole

board process enjoy it and then be stoked for the final product and not have any of those washable kind of yeah that's good things that we wanted or we wish that we does there's none of it we've done them as been yeah so well thought out the reasons

I'd recommend even as the quality of people first and foremost like every dealings we had with all the staff right from the word go to the date of handover was just like first-class exceptional like a real pleasure and obviously it's important that the quality of the home is

right up there and that's the first class as well so you put those two things together it's pretty much a winning combo mm-hmm I think back when we first stood on this hill there's nothing here just a bit of a rise we knew what we wanted from a

home but we don't really know how to achieve it so I'd highly recommend to get out on site early and get the urban team out there for the site appraisal they're really good at working out how to make the most of the Sun how to avoid the wind

really working with a piece of land that you've got they put the expertise and right from the start throughout the whole design process I had a few ideas and Harriet obviously had lots of ideas I suppose the way we managed to bring it to life with the urban

team or it was just through lots of conversation going back and forth with each other tossing ideas around I think probably almost these lines would have been what do you reckon what would you do if it was your home because you know it's our first time building a

home and we didn't want to make the wrong decision when you've got some almost so much experience standing right there and they can help out one of the tools we found really useful was definitely the 3d software I sometimes find it really hard to visualize so being able

to walk through your house plans in 3d was really beneficial yeah it was quite cool to be able to look at it on the iPad and move your fingers around look at the house from different views sort of brought the whole thing to life they feel so much

more real another thing we found really useful during the build was my over net even if we win away for a few days we were updated by the app so anything that was happening on site Jordan or whoever would be bring notes down so it was really good

to see that one thing I can trick me enough was going around to the urban showhomes pitching ideas from the different show homes suppose for example we knew we wanted to expose trusses but it wasn't until we went to the river Cove show home and saw the LED

strip lighting that we thought well that's that's really cool in the amount of times we've had friends or family come in and say well I really like the lighting yeah and those trusses really adds to the room like the ambience ambience nice food now I would say differently

the most favorite feature would be the open living space how we can open up these doors and have entertaining throughout yeah for you probably what closely follows there would be the Wardrobe in the wardrobe yep open water I love how the LED strip lights go on when you

walk in there looks amazing yeah I'll have lots of things I love the cedar inside all in there looks really smart obviously love the concrete shelf it's awesome the spot for the coffee machine its own little sink next door I love the concrete hearth that second lounge with

the big projector I'm loving that space at the moment yeah friends and family have asked if we'd build would open again and for me the answers differently is yeah absolutely process has been amazing and so much fun making decisions and we've got the home that we wanted yeah

we got home that we wanted in more hurricanes yeah [Music] you

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